No person on earth has not used the food delivery apps in this tech-savvy world.  Well, many people cannot imagine their life without these food delivery apps. When you don’t get any ideas for dinner, these food delivery apps have become life savior. Due to these recent trends, they have gained great importance for a bigger audience.

Why food delivery services are on the rise?

The preferences of people and the way people order and consume food have changed completely in the last years. Nowadays people prefer to consume their favorite food at their comfort places. Now the consumers have shifted from traditional phone ordering to a digital web and ordering food within few taps.  Here when the on-demand food delivery apps came into the picture, where they give access to order food at any time online and make payments without any interaction. Fast delivery, pandemic situation, sumptuous meal, more convenient options are some of the factors which have made this food delivery app development to be more important. Let us dive into the development stages of a food delivery application.

How to make a food delivery app in India?

Building a feature-rich food delivery app development for your business requires the following steps:

1. Market analysis

It is the prominent phase of the development of a food delivery app. Conduct market research to understand your target audience, under its competitor analysis, and get the latest food delivery trends.

2. Select the right business model

Select the right business model according to the requirement:

The order only model

The order-only model notifies new orders to the restaurants. An optimized web portal and mobile app services replace the stereotyped model. When a customer places an order by utilizing the website or mobile app, the restaurant will get a notification about the new order request. According to the food availability, the delivery agent allocates the food to the respective restaurant.

Order and delivery Model

It is one of the famous delivery models, where the service providers get a request from the customers and then send the orders to the eateries and utilize their network to convey orders to the independent couriers. There is not a requirement of investing in resources for food delivery and arrange vehicles that are good for restaurant owners. Under this model, order and delivery platforms manage logistics for food joints, restaurants, and delivery services.

MVP model

The complete food delivery app development cost process is divided into smaller time segments called sprints. Under this model, less time and money are required in developing features which are not necessary to achieve app goals. You can launch your product to market faster.

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    Genuine Feedback and maintenance

    In this competitive market, the food delivery app development needs to get genuine users’ expectations and requirements so that the app can be improvised. Every app requires constant maintenance. According to the market requirements, the app may go through some changes to meet the requirements, follow the competitors, latest app trends.

    Follow these steps for a successful food delivery application

    1. Integration of powerful must-have features in your demand food delivery app

    Following is a list of apps that the food ordering platform must have like customers, drivers, and restaurant owners. Let’s dwell on its features:

    features in your demand food ordering platform

    Customer’s App

    Search filter-It offers the user to explore restaurants, cafes, bars by location and cuisine. You can also make changes by adding more filters like restaurants, dishes, favorite cuisines. It makes food ordering a hassle-free task.

    Placement of order- How can you allure your customers? Yes, by making some tasks like the placement of order within few clicks. Offer them initiative navigation which leads them to check -out once their work is finished. You can give them a function of ” add to order” functionality and then finally to the check-out and payment process.

    Real-time tracking- The customers must get to know how much a driver takes time to reach. It helps in gaining confidence in the food-on-demand service.

    Payment Options- Safe payment option is something quintessential to gain customer’s trust hence don’t forget to integrate your food delivery app. Allow users to pay by credit/ debit card and various multiple payment options.

    Real-time availability- This feature allow users to check the availability of tables in different restaurants with the help of food delivery apps. Ensure that they can book the space within few clicks.

    Review and ratings- A food delivery app can function properly only when the customers give their genuine reviews. These reviews help the food delivery app to improve rise their services.

    Delivery person app:

    Sign up or log in– Any person first checks the food delivery app development profile through the social media channels like Gmail and Facebook. Make the login procedure a hassle-free task so that a driver can also easily register in the app.

    User profile – The driver’s complete profile must be updated like name, email address, contact number, photo, and other important information, the delivery agent must keep his profile updated.

    New offers notifications- Whenever the new offers or discounts are available, the delivery person must get in notifications. 

    Multiple deliveries- At the time of multiple deliveries, the driver must be able to respond to every request which is nearby to other delivery locations.

    GPS integration- GPS integration is a must for the delivery boy to make a last-minute delivery and even for on-time delivery in case, he needs to find the shortest and fastest routes to reach the user location. It is beneficial in helping him reach the correct destination based on user requests.

    Admin Panel

    Monitoring Performance– With the help of the admin panel, drivers, deliveries, and their scheduled or canceled orders related to customer panel and driver panel need to be monitored.

    Order Management- For the timely delivery of customers, you need to streamline things like managing every activity right from placing the order, contacting the nearby order, schedule orders.

    Real-time Updates- The customer must always be in the loop hence the real-time updates and notifications about the driver and restaurant owner are important.

    Payment and commission management– The customers must find it easy to make payments, commission rates and manage it directly from the admin panel with every single partner and make payments.

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      Restaurant Panel

      food delivery app development cost

      Managing orders

      These features allow restaurants to update order status and give relevant information about the hotels. Users will get updates like ” XYZ restaurant has accepted your order” which offers an approximate delivery time based on distance from their location.

      Accounts and Management

      Under this feature, the respective restaurants can manage the financial transactions and accounts.


      The order updates, the orders which are getting prepared, completed orders, and the amount collected on each order, which helps restaurants to take further options.

      Restaurant Profile

      Based on the availability of products, the restaurant owners can make changes in the prices and food listings. They can add products, edit the menu using these app features.

      Acception or Rejection of an order

      The restaurant can accept or refuse an order based on the availability of food items.

      Special offers

      The food service providers must promote the latest deals, discounts and enhance customer service.

      Track report

      The payment details must be updated to restaurants.

      Order Reports

      The restaurants can get the reports of the performance of their business to take further actions.

      How much does it cost to develop a food delivery app?

      The fully functional food delivery app development costdepends upon:

      1. Type of app- native, hybrid or cross-platform

      2. Application (one hybrid or one native app)

      3. Functionality and features to be included

      5. The development team(the count and experience of them)

      6. The ability of specialist who takes the responsibility of specialists

      The Conclusion

      Have you joined the race? Yes, since the delivery industry is dominating the market, you need to develop a great food delivery app that has the right business and marketing strategy to outshine among the others. 

      The marketing strategy along with the right restaurant partners, delivery agents, and the right audience who prefer to get food delivered at their comfort places are some of the strategies of a successful business.                                                                                     

      The other important thing is to create a great food delivery app is to make sure it is flawless otherwise consumers might find it difficult to utilize. The payment and route availability must be checked. In case, if you are looking for a team that develops top-quality food delivery apps, then contact DxMinds. They have the right team of required experience in undertaking the responsibility of food delivery app development of your choice.

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