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Hire Dedicated Mean Stack Developers in India

Do you need software that offers consistent performance with excellent features without compromising any quality? MEAN stack is the apt technology for your business requirement. Are you seeking a team with proven excellence in MEAN stack development? Hire dedicated mean stack developers from DXMinds with the assurance of promising app development and creativity in one solution. Our Mean stack development team comprises of top professionals holding experience of several years and dedication to work. Our Offshore mean stack development team assists you in empowering your business applications with the most effective MEAN stack technologies.

We have worked with various business sectors worldwide and have served them effective solutions for their businesses using Mean stack. Our experts have a master hand in writing server end as well as client end codes ensuring the highest performance apps which are robust, secure, and scalable too.

MEAN stack is now thriving over the technological world for developing the most creative web solution with the highest performance. MERN is a combination of four potent software development technologies and is an acronym that stands for MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js. it forms a complete stack for software development.

With our MEAN stack developers you can avail:

Hire Dedicated Developers

    Proficient and Dedicated MEAN stack developers at your assistance:

    • Master hand on programming languages:

    MEAN stack is a compiled form of four potential programming languages and our Offshore mean stack development teamis highly skilled with all the four programming languages that include MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js.

    • End-to-end solutions:

    We are renowned for serving swift, scalable, and highly scalable web and app solutions, maintaining excellencein the architecture, designing, developing, and deployment of the end solution.

    • Database development:

    Developing MEAN stack apps will require a large database capable of handling all the inputs, hiring our Mean Stack programmers will make sure to develop and maintain the large and complex database.

    • Issue management:

    Issues are common during developing a product with innovative ideas and exclusive designs. Our team is well-equipped with the technologies used in MEAN stack development and are potential enough to manage every issue occurring during software development and also skilled to turn the challenge into an opportunity for extensive app development.

    • Consultation

    Consult us to hire dedicated offshore MEAN stack developers and we will refine your project requirement matching profiles and provide you the exceptionally experienced MEAN Stack programmers.

    Our prominent Mean Stack development services to expedite your business growth:

    Mean Stack Web and Mobile App Development

    Developing a web or mobile app using Mean stack technology requires comprehensive knowledge about JavaScript, Node JS, Angular JS, JSON, MongoDB, and many more technologies. Our team holds a master's hand on all the above-mentioned technologies with several years of experience. Hiring our dedicated Mean stack developer can assist you in developing an excellent web and mobile application infused with superlative features and incredible creativity.

    Mean stack CMS Development

    Need a cost-effective but flexible CMS development using Mean Stack? Hire offshore MEAN Stack developers at DxMinds, skilled at building stunning, easy to understand, and engaging CMS for small, mid, and large scale businesses. We offer highly scalable web solutions adding liberty to customize or alter it anytime based on your business requirement.

    Mean Stack API Development

    MEAN Stack offers flexibility to develop RESTful API servers with perfect harmony between the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and MongoDB. Our MEAN Stack programmers are enthusiastic to create profoundly upgraded, adaptable, and robust API for your business.

    Mean stack eCommerce development

    Ecommerce requires high adaptability. MEAN is a blend of JS and No-SQL platforms that gives excellent flexibility for any up gradation in the future. Hire MEAN Stack developers from DxMinds to boost your e-commerce development with a cutting edge and scalable solution.

    Enterprise development with Mean

    Need an enterprise solution with rich features customized to fit your business requirements? Hire remote MEAN Stack developers from DxMinds proficient in Enterprise applications development that is economical, versatile, and run flawlessly across devices

    Mean stack web hosting

    Want to host your Mean stack web app? Let our MEAN Stack professionals assist you with the web hosting. Our professionals will be at your assistance round the clock with a detailed eye on your hosting to make the services uninterrupted and hassle-free.

    Mean stack Migration, Development, and Integration

    We offer end-to-end MEAN Stack development solutions. Either you need migrating, developing, or integrating a module to your software, our prolific MEAN Stack developers are always at your assistance ensuring a prominent solution for your requirement.

    MEAN support/Maintenance/Testing

    Ensure your web and app solutions are excellently performing with our experts. Dump all troublesome tasks for support and testing. Hire our accomplished MEAN Stack developer and stay calm.

    Why choose Mean Stack for software development?

    In the presentday, we have myriad software development technologies that serve various benefits but also have some flaws. Each technology has its pros and cons, hence incorporating all the potential attributes in one website using one technology were an impossible task. MEAN Stack offers a complete package of web, mobile and desktop app development solutions within one technology. MEAN Stack compile four topmost preferred software programming, i.e. MongoDB, Express, Angular JS, and Node JS. MEAN Stack is renowned for its versatility and is used for comprehensive and feature enriched software development.

    Single language use: With MEAN Stack you can develop front end and backend using the same JavaScript. Node JS included in MEAN Stack allows the developers to use JavaScript at both the end.

    • Security: MongoDB and Node JS offer extended support to boost up the security of web solutions during high traffic.

    • No SQL: Working with MEAN Stack you don’t face any issue with the migrations, as the NoSQL nature of MongoDB assists the developer to quickly alter or change the data without any delay.

    • Open Source: Developing an app on MEAN Stack will help you cut down unnecessary software development expenses. MEAN Stack is an open-source and offers a huge library to build dynamic applications.

    • Better Performance: The use of the same programming language at the client’s as well as the server end helps the software to work faster. Another positive aspect offered by the Node JS is event-driven architecture making your web solution faster and high preferment.

      Our flexible Hiring Models

      DxMinds have the best talent pool with proven expertise in MEAN Stack development. We are renowned worldwide for offering extensive and incredible development services. Being one of the top Meanstack developer’s services providers, we have designed and presented the most flexible engagement models to empower various businesses with the most proficient development team, regardless of their geo-locations. According to your project concept or requirements, you can choose the best-fitted model and enjoy the incredible service.

      Whether you require building the product from scratch or want to extend the in-house team, hiring MEAN Stack programmers will satisfy your requirements.

      Dedicated Team

      Our developers work as an extension of your team or as your dedicated team. You can even ramp up or ramp down depending on your project needs.
      -Pay only for the amount of work done
      -No hidden cost
      -Monthly billing

      Time and Material 

      Our simple to start and pay-as-you-go model ismostly applicable for agile development where requirements may change as the project proceeds.
      -No hidden cost
      -Requirement based working hours
      -Pay only for no of hours worked

      Turnkey Co-owned Project

      You can choose this model when you have specific project requirements, scope and cost is decided on mutual agreement  
      -Milestone based payment
      -No setup fees
      -Fixed budget

      Hire Dedicated Mean Stack Developers - DxMinds

      Why Hire Mean stack developer from DxMinds?

      DxMinds offers rapid and on-demand mean stack developers to satisfy the development team requirement of various business industries. We hold and handpick the most skilled developers who have already accomplished and delivered top projects in their careers. With us, you can any time scale up or down your team based on the requirements.

      Strong coding

      Our Dedicated Mean Stack developers execute method is short, clean, and fully functional code which is easy to understand and maintain with best-in-class tools.

      Rapid deployment

      Our MEAN stack web development team understands your requirements and ensure to develop and deploy your web solution in the given time frame.

      Out of box services

      Our offshore mean stack programming engineers and developers team build unique solutions by thinking artistically that empowers us to come to you with out-of-the-box services

      Technical Expertise

      Our MEAN stack programmers have an average experience of 3 years in working with all the four technologies used in MEAN Stack and keep themselves updated with modern versions.

      Guaranteed Outcomes

      Our team of Mean stack developers is highly focused on the quality aspect, and in every development cycle they deliver first-class quality outcomes in the specific industry

      Your project your team

      At DxMinds, you get an opportunity to interview every mean stack programmer and developer you hire. In case if you are not happy with their performance, you’ll get another replacement for it

      Frequently Asked Question's

      The cost to hire a dedicated Mean stack developer to differ in terms of experience and other factors. The normal price to hire mean stack developer starts from $15(varies from developer’s experience). Contact us directly with your required skill details, our sales team will give you the best pricing.

      According to the project size and different requirements, we present you the flexible engagement models those are:

      • A dedicated team of developers
      • Offshore development center
      • BOT(build-operate-transfer)
      • Time and Material 
      • Turnkey Co-owned project(fixed)

      there is no fixed time to mention, as it entirely depends on your project complexity, size, and other technical aspects.

      Yes, you will have complete access to the mean stack developers which you hire from us. They will work dedicatedly on your development project only. You can freely communicate with them in your convenient platform which may be through mail or call.

      It offers outstanding performance. Node. js, the core of the MEAN stack, is known for its extraordinary accomplishment. As indicated by various benchmarks, innovation beats top backend programming languages.

      • Total control on your development project
      • Hiring a dedicated team of MEAN Stack developers ensures you with 100% quality assurance and reduces the risk 
      • You will get a dedicated project manager that deals with your project
      • And finally, the MEAN Stack developers be the part of your team

      Yes, of course. We understand your concern and commits to keep your project details and code confidential by signing the NDA document

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