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Turnkey and co-owned project Services

We are DxMinds, your Turnkey partner overseas. We extend our hands to help you take the project to the next level with our highly flexible turnkey engagement model. We have access to more than enough resources to make your project a full-fledged one. With our expertise and hands-on experience we deliver your projects that are highly cost-effective and parallel to the market standards.

What exactly are the turnkey and co-owned project models?

Turnkey and co-owned project model is also known as a fixed cost engagement model, where the vendor company goes ahead developing the project on a preset cost that is based upon mutual agreement. It is a very traditional approach to project outsourcing which exist long way before. This model is just more than outsourcing that the vendor company has to deliver the project within the defined time and budget. No additional cost will be incurred other than the cost mentioned in the contract. The entire project will be differentiated as various milestones, upon completing which the payment has to be made. Turnkey and co-owned project model works the best for projects that are small, mid-sized, and are possibly consuming less development time. It allows business owners in enhancing their bandwidth and having their hands on top of the entire project.

DxMinds- the best Turnkey and co-owned engagement model company

At DxMinds, we even cross the borders to keep up the promise made. We work on client projects as we work on our own projects. We offer the best prices and timing for successful project delivery. Our team comprising of highly talented individuals who are in parallel to the latest trends and happenings in the technology space revamp the conventional practices and processes to come up with a full-fledged digital product. We are keenly focused on delivering digital landscapes leveraging the best real-world application of the latest technologies.

Why choose the DxMinds Turnkey and Co-owned engagement model?

· Fastest growing digital transformation company

· Highly flexible and customizable engagement model

· Fully designed to meet client requirement

· Access to a wide range of talent pool

· Cutting edge technologies used

· Grass-root level digitalization guaranteed

· Real-time project monitoring

· On-time product delivery

Revamp your business leveraging our engagement model

Of all the turnkey and Co-owned engagement model companies that operate overseas, the one which the customer finds productive is DxMinds Innovation Labs. Leveraging our skill sets and expertise we fabricate custom-tailored solutions that go beyond your expectation. Our dedicated team of resources works exclusively for you regardless of the time zones, round the clock, hustling like anything.

Our Turn-On

A range of execution models

Managed T&M, Turnkey, Outcome-oriented

Several execution options available

Onsite, Nearshore and offshore

A tool-driven project management approach

Agile management tools, Project, and test management tool

An Experienced Team

Experienced project managers, Business analysts, Solution Architects, Developers, designers and support team

A well-defined delivery methodology with a repository of catalysts

Tools, scripts, templates, checklists, frameworks, and libraries.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have designed our engagement model in such a way that our client never miss to get the most out of it. Also, we help them in diminishing the project development cost.

We love undertaking challenging yet innovative projects that come in our definition of an ideal one. For more details, you can get in touch with us.

Our customer relationship team will get in touch with you to ensure that the project is delivered on time. We work keenly to meet deadlines.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the DxMinds office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

It was a great pleasure to come into partnership with DxMinds. I appreciate their attention to details and their creativity in bringing my idea to life. I am so thankful in the ways they supported me in making this dream a reality.

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Founder & CEO, Preventera

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