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Android mobile applications have turned out in being the potential game-changers in this tech-savvy era. Businesses, regardless of their size, structure, and industry are sticking on to enact android applications to their operational frameworks to get rid of the hassles caused by following the conventional patterns and processes.

We are DxMinds Innovation Labs and we help you hire the best Android app developers to add more value to your business. We deploy the right talents based on your requirements and the ones who is capable of elevating the project further than your expectation. Our developers come with profound experience, working over numerous numbers of Android projects.

Hire Dedicated Developers

Full-fledged Android app developers right for you

Figuring out the right talents can be always tedious, especially when it comes to developing top-notch Android mobile apps. A mobile application not built well can have the worst impact on business than not having an app. So, it is with the intention to help enterprises out there we are supplying with well-versed android developers for hire. These dedicated Android programmers will help you in making your project idea an outstanding one.

Android app development services our resources offer

Smartphone Android app development

Android smartphones are gaining huge traction from the global community and the app that focuses on Android smartphones can help businesses flourish like anything. We help you hire the best android app developers so that you can avail of the best Android apps for smartphones. These apps can boost your customer traction, enhance their retention rate, help you stay ahead of the competition, and much more.

• Tablets Android app development

Hiring top Android app developers from our talent pool takes your business far more and beyond. Our resources develop a full-fledged android app that meets and greet your requirement, no matter what. They serve you with their best so that it can have a good impact on your business. The Android apps for tablets our resources offer you to increase your business visibility and turn your complex business challenges to potential opportunities that can add value when it comes to scaling your business.

• Wearables Android app development

Wearable gadgets supporting the Android operating system are trending in the market like anything. To make you parallel to the latest happening in the tech space, our resources leverages state of the art technologies to come up with profound android apps for wearables. Hire certified Android programmers from DxMinds to experience digital transformation in real.

• Android TV app development

Android televisions are disrupting conventional products in the television manufacturing industry. Televisions have turned out in being smarter than ever before. We help you hire well-experienced Android developers who develop futuristic apps for televisions.

Why Certified Android app developers from India?

• Reliable

Android app developers from India are highly responsible and dependable. They put forward a high degree of responsibility and commitment toward achieving milestones. They are highly passionate about accomplishing projects with a high degree of accuracy.

• Budget Friendly

Hiring certified android app developers in India is economical as there is easy access to pretty much-talented resources. One can avail services from top-notch developers at reasonable rates when compared to the developers from any other part of the globe.

• Resourceful

By hiring Android app programmers from India, you are getting exposed to a wider range of tools, technologies, and best industry practices. This can enhance your entire project idea, thereby elevating it to the next level of development.

• Young and talented

Android app developers from India are highly skilled and talented. They are the best when it comes to bringing out the most from the least. They make the full utilization of resources accessible to them.

Industries we cover

Our flexible Hiring Models

To add a high degree of flexibility to the resource hiring process we offer, we showcase a wide array of engagement models that go parallel to our customer requirement.

• Offshore development center

Our ODC engagement model is designed in such a way that the customer finds it highly efficient and it adds more value to their business. It helps take the business to the next level, onboarding a high degree of digitalization and futuristic innovation. Under our ODC model, we help you set up an extended version of your work place overseas. Also, we help you onboard precise resources that are capable of meeting your requirements, where we monitor resources and their performance. Under this model, you are given ultimate authority in managing the resources but need not worry about their training payroll, and various other activities. You sit back relax, and we will take care of it.

• Turnkey and co-owned projects 

Turnkey and co-owned projects are also known as fixed cost model. By choosing this model, you can go ahead availing full-fledged android app development services as per the previously agreed pricing structure. The cost will be fixed and no variations to it will happen. The main advantage of our fixed cost model is that we never fail to meet the deadlines and deliver the project with the utmost level of attention paid to it. The payment process of this model is highly flexible and will take place upon completion of various milestones.

• Build Operate transfer

Right from setting up the infrastructure to amenities and hiring resource, our Build Operate Transfer engagement model really make you free from all sort of stress and offer you a high degree of relaxation. Under this model, we ensure that the system is operating in its full swing thereby ensuring zero complications to it. We also transfer the ownership of the full unit upon client requirements.

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Frequently Asked Question's

We supply resources to meet end-to-end Android app development requirements. From analysts to developers, testers, designers, and project managers.

We offer you the advantage of scaling up and scaling down of resources as per the project requirements. We have a highly flexible engagement policy.

We uphold three engagement models, ODC, BOT, and Turnkey. The pricing of resources varies with the type of engagement model you choose.

The delivery time of a project depends upon factors like app complexity, team count, etc. However, we try our best in meeting deadlines.

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