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Internet of Things, IoT is the next level interaction between devices, objects or even humans connected to the internet, gaining high popularity these days. IoT enables the users to connect with anything, which is connected to the internet from any part of the world. DxMinds Innovation Labs, the leading IoT app Development Company in India having presence in USA and UAE is delivering high quality end to end IoT services to our customers.

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What is IoT?

Internet of things; as the name clearly sounds, it is the network of devices or things connected to the internet. The devices can be a mobile phone, a music player, a digital camera, a TV or even a vehicle. Even it can be institutions like home, hospitals, resorts, companies. Whatever it is, IoT connects everything and everyone. The communication can be in the form of human-human; human-things or things-things. These interconnected things can be accessed and operated from any part of the world. IoT enables devices to interconnect, communicate and transfer data among other connected devices.

Let’s make things clear with a simple example. Let’s say, on the way to office from his house, Mr. Sam forgot to switch off the air-condition. If his air-condition is IoT enabled and both his Air-Condition and mobile phone are connected to the internet, Mr. Sam can turn off the air-condition from any part of the world using the application installed on his mobile phone.

What is IOT
Advantages of IOT

Advantages of IoT

  • Easy monitoring of devices
  • Energy saving
  • Cost saving
  • Increases productivity
  • Industry Automation
  • Economical

IoT in your business

In the current scenario, IoT is occupying lion share of the marketplace, thereby increasing business values. IoT can increase the productivity and efficiency of businesses. Since IoT reduces manpower, most of the companies prefer IoT. It is capable of modifying and transforming business processes to a different level where complex problems find the easiest and better solutions. It’s an undeniable fact that, after the arrival of IoT, majority of the business operations are simplified. IoT is that technology which helps businesses to target their potential clients and enhances the overall customer experiences. Let us briefly assess the fields IoT is applied.

IoT in Health care

IoT is playing a vital role in the medical field. IoT enables the physicians to have real time monitoring of the patient’s condition with help of connected devices and thereby saving lives of many. Long back it was impossible to connect medical equipments to the internet. This scenario was changed after IoT came in to existence. Now the equipments can easily access, assess and quickly transfer the patients’ records to any connected devices.

IoT in Agriculture

Farming is one of the most important areas where technology should pay high focus to. Condition would be unbearable if the farming sector has not given enough attention. With this on mind, technologies in IoT have been extended to serve the farming sector. Smart agriculture was such an innovative initiative. IoT is used in smart farming to figure out the weather reports, crop life, cattle health, quality of soil etc. By the application of automation in agriculture, the time and manpower spent for irrigation and related activities were reduced, thereby giving more profit to the farmer.

IOT Development
IOT Services

IoT in Wearable

Wearable are those technological devices which are worn on human body. Some examples of wearable are wrist watches, trousers, Shirt, Glass, Shoes etc. These wearable with the help of IoT serves different purpose such as fitness tracking, entertainments, access of smart phones etc.

IoT in Supply Chain

With the help of IoT, many tedious tasks were simplified. IoT helps in tracking shipment of goods. Inventory management is the main area of logistics which uses the full potential of IoT. The automated Wi-Fi robots can quickly scan and identify the products from the inventories in no time, while it’s a time consumption process if humans were assigned.

IoT in Smart City

Villages are being converted to cities at a rapid rate. To meet the new demands and necessities, proper city planning is required. The IoT helps cities in meeting their requirements. Smart Traffic signals are one among such application. It enables to control the city traffics, thereby avoiding congestion.

Technologies Used in IoT

  • Wireless protocols
  • Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Smart
  • Zigbee
  • Z-Wave
  • Lora WAN
  • 6LowPAN
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cellular
  • Cloud and Mobile App
Internet of things

Our IoT services

The IoT enabled devices and gadgets require a mobile application to carry out the operations. DxMinds, the best IoT app development company, is composed of well versed app development team who have hands-on experience in developing IoT applications for digital products, thus delivering high quality services to the clients.

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