Top Mobile App Development Companies in India

The mobile app development sector is receiving the highest interest from businesses, regardless of the industries they belong to. In recent years, India has gained a leading position among the countries offering mobile app development services and has been accredited as the hub for the top IT companies providing excellent application development services. There are a plethora of companies offering extensive mobile app development services. With every successive year, India is emerging out as the ruler with all range of IT companies including start-ups and also well-established ones. With the exponentially elevating number of smartphone users, the requirement of mobile app development is also increasing very rapidly intending to increase the ROI by capturing the worldwide customers.

India is renowned for having a pool of talents well-versed with the latest technologies having unmatched skills as compared to the developers of other countries. Either you compare the developers of India based on technological use or the cost offered, Indian mobile app developers have always been the most preferred solution for all businesses. The mobile app development companies in India ensure a flawless app that is also superior in features and unique in appearance. Most of the Mobile application development companies in India have been crowned as the best companies around the globe.

Are you also looking for the best option that can give life to your business plan and can serve you with a mobile app solution that completely compliments the business requirements? Are you seeking the best mobile app development companies in India but listing down the best companies is becoming a tough job for you. Then you are on the right page, here we have listed the top mobile application development companies in India to make your job simpler.

List of top 10 mobile app development companies in India:


DxMinds Innovation Labs

With the best app solutions in the world, DxMinds is ruling out the IT sector and has been considered the best mobile app development company in India. The company is been serving the IT sector forthe past decade and in the meanwhile, it has earned a huge count of customers. Either big or small, all types of businesses are taking the assistance of DxMinds Innovation Labs to get the best solution atthe most affordable prices. The professionals housed by the company are highly skilled and well-equipped with the latest tactics and technologies used for app development. They have attained expertise in developing apps on various platforms that include iOS, Android, and windows too. With a team strength of five members, the company was started in the year 2008 and now it has been expanded to the count of professionals of 200 plus. The professionals in the team are chosen by following a rigorous interview process to serve the top-class services to the clients.

Year of inception: 2017

Employees: 200 plus

Hourly rates: $18-$30/per hour

Location: India, Dubai, U.S.A, UK




Prismetric is one of the most well-known mobile app development companies in India having its subsidiary offices in the USA and Brazil. It offers the most promising and exciting services helping various business development sectors to generate and maintain an online presence with the most effective mobile apps. The company is renowned for serving a wide range of mobile application development services in India and also in offshore countries. They own a team of excellence with the most potential team members highly skilled with the leading mobile app development technologies and working to serve their clients with 100% satisfaction. The company is empowered with 80 skilled professionals and keep a vision to satisfy customers with the most customized solutions.

Year of inception: 2008

Employees: 50-200 plus

Hourly rates: $25/per hour

Location: India, U.S.A, UK


Consagous Technologies LLC:


It is a business-centric mobile application development company based in India and having a subsidiary office in the USA. The commencement of this company is dated back to the year 2008 and the ultimate objective of this organization is to serve the most promising and user-friendly solutions helping various businesses to thrive over in their industry. The company has an excellent history of working with great brands and giving the most thriving solutions to them keeping their business objectives as the major point of concern. The professionals of this company have expertise in developing the most promising apps on various mobile platforms with rational solutions.

Year of Inception: 2008

Employees: 50-200

Hourly rates: $ 25-$50

Locations: India, USA, Australia


Evon Technologies:

The company is headquartered in Dehradun with a team of potential and enthusiastic team members having immense knowledge and experience in mobile app development. The company has got professionalism and proficiency in offering state of the art tech consulting and development services. They are assisting well-established as well as start-ups to on-board the digital platform and get into the competition of the worldwide market. The company is renowned for offering the most affordable prices with the highest performing apps. The company has incurred popularity in offering technology consultation, product engineering, marketing, and quality assurance. Either you require cross-platform app development or native mobile app development, they are at your assistance round the clock.

Year of inception:2006

Employees: 50-200

Hourly rates: Upto $25

Location: India


CMARIX TechnoLabs:

CMARIX TechnoLabs

CmarixTechnolabs is one of the leading brands in the software development world and has been serving various business sectors with highly efficient apps helping them to get online visibility all across the world. It is the best mobile application development company in India with a team of 150 professionals, highly efficient, and prolific in various app development technologies. The company has been expanded its existence to various countries and now the count is reaching 46 countries. The company has tailored more than 250 projects for various business domains. The outstanding creativity and amazing features have ever won the business sector and made the app one of the most thriving solutions among available ones.

Employees: 50-250

Hourly rates: $20-$25

Location: India, USA, Germany


Cumulations Technologies:

Cumulations technology has made a specific place in the mobile app development industry and has proven its expertise every time with the most creative and amazing ideas. The company has already established its presence and expertise in India and the USA. The professionals of this organization have attained a leading position in developing android and iOS apps with the most potential cloud-based infrastructure. The company has delivered myriad apps to assist various business domains based upon various latest technologies. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects for our professionals and believes in delivering the most customized solutions.

Employees: 10-50

Hourly rates: $20-$25

Location: India and USA


XcelTec Interactive Pvt. Ltd.:

XcelTec Interactive Pvt. Ltd

XcelTec is one of the leading mobile app development companies in India with a team of professionals, excelled in various mobile app development technologies and tools. The company is renowned for offering the most promising and customized solutions all across the world. The professionals housed in this company are proficient in developing iOS as well as android apps. To develop a scalable solution completely oriented to your mobile platform. The firm has gained fame among big and small all types of companies and various business domains too. The company serves end-to-end service for mobile app development in India that ranges from the ideation to deployment of the app making it a successful solution for the business to build their online presence.

Employee: 50-200

Hourly rates: $25-$50

Location: India, UAE, USA, Australia, Nigeria


Green Apex Technolabs LLP

Green Apex Technolabs is an India based mobile app Development Company renowned for serving end-to-end mobile app development services in India. Not just mobile apps but the company has gained prominence in developing top-class web solutions too. Each professional working with Green Apex Technolabs has a professional history of working with the tech giants and also has mastered the latest technologies to serve an incredible solution compatible for your business domain and productive for business objectives. If you are looking to bring a technological shift to your business ideas, strategies, and objectives then Green Apex is the right choice for you.

Employees: 10-50

Hourly rates: $20-$25

Location: India


Benefits of hiring mobile app developers in India:

In recent years, most of the business giants from various corners of the world are turning towards India and have gained the best mobile app development services. There are a plethora of benefits which has been making India the one-stop solution for availing mobile application development services. Few benefits of hiring mobile application developers from India are listed below:

  • Cost to benefit ratio: Indian app developers have been proven much cost-effective when compared to other app developers available all-round the globe. The prices offered by mobile application development companies are highly competitive and affordable compared to western countries.
  • Talent pool: When it comes to mobile app development, talent plays a very crucial role in developing a world-class app having top-notch and amazing features. The Indian developers are renowned for having a master hand over various latest app development technologies. They offer the most promising app development standards capable of delivering the most efficient apps.
  • Versatile timing: Each country has a different time zone making huge differences in the working hours. But Indian developers offer the most customizable services round the clock to facilitate all the companies from all across the world to opt for the services of developers without facing any time constraints.


Indian developers have been attained a prominent role in the app development sector all-round the globe. Every sector has been benefited from the most effective solutions offered by professionals. Are you also willing to get the best assistance fromthe best mobile app Development Company in India? If you are seeking prominent assistance then we have listed top companies renowned for offering excellent services. Get hitched with these companies to find out your perfect partner who fits all your requirements.


Why select a mobile app development company from India?

India has been ranked among the top countries for serving the best mobile app development services. The most affordable prices and high-quality standards make the country more promising and preferable for all the companies to get the best solutions.

What type of mobile application development solutions can be expected from Indian developers?

Indian developers have attained proficiency in developing all types of mobile apps based on various platforms. Indian developers are highly equipped with the latest technologies and also have proficiency in the latest tools to serve the most top-notch mobile apps.

What is the mobile app development process opted by the Indian developers?

To attain proficiency in mobile app development, process plays an important role. Indian app developers opted the best process in which developers penetrate the business ideas and conduct a deep analysis over the relevant market to understand the app requirements and then plan, design, and develop an app that exactly compliments the requirement and gives the most promising solutions to the businesses.

How much does it cost for developing a mobile app?

Mobile app development costs can vary based on your requirements. The chosen team, technology, and mobile platforms have the greatest impact on the development cost. On average, the hourly cost of a developer in India ranges between $20-$50.

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