Top Mobile App Development Companies in India

#1 Mobile App Development Companies in India

The trends and advanced technologies in the mobile app development domain are associated with new tactics, strategies, and process remodeling. The year 2020 is likewise seeing the new trends, asking mobile app development companies in India to adopt digital technologies to stay with the market’s pace.

Smart and digital mobile solutions by mobile app development companies India emerge and the client’s perspectives change with time, which at last influences the projected growth leaving the Indian mobile app developers with complex and advanced scenarios to adapt. Top mobile app development companies of India work from various locations of the world serving clients with the best of their skills and qualifications.

India is one of those countries that establishes pioneer and Top Mobile app developers. Thus, to empower such companies to great heights, in this blog we have drafted a list of Top Mobile application development companies in India.

Before going into the list let’s see

Which is the Best Mobile Application Development Company In India

DxMinds Innovation Labs is a Top Mobile application development company, Android app development company, iOS app development company in India. DxMinds is a digitally born company that emerged with innovative ideas. We have a trustable team of skilled developers and designers who providers 100% quality and uniqueness in app development.

Our services cover all the digital transformation trends such as Native app development, Hybrid app development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Blockchain technology, IoT, AR/VR/MR, iPad app development, eCommerce app development, Android app development, Business app development and more.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies In India

Let’s look into the list of Top Mobile app development Companies In India

1 – DxMinds Innovation Labs

DxMinds Innovation Labs is purely a digital transformation Trusted Mobile app development company in India. The company was founded by Mr. Bhabani Sankar Jena to deliver unimpeachable services in the area of digital transformation. DxMinds is offering its services all across the globe. We have got a couple of highly customizable unique mobile app development services and solutions that can help any enterprise in scaling up their business along various verticals. The agile model of development that meets industry parameters makes DxMinds the No 1 Mobile applications development company in India.

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    Exceptionally talented engineers, project managers, and developers at DxMinds strive hard to meet customer requirements above their expectations. Other than India, DxMinds has its corporate offices in the USA, UAE, Peru, and Australia. Offering unique app development services, DxMinds is standalone among mobile app developers in India.

    We hold top android, iOS and react native app developers in India. DxMinds offers out of the box and attractive app designs that stay in the market for a long time. We are roaring in every industry such as Travel, Ecommerce, Automotive, Game, Dating, Lifestyle, Education, Health, Fitness, Insurance, Public sector, real estate, and more domains.

    DxMinds CEO Believes in “Let’s Grow Together and Boom Together” with Our Innovative Minds-Technical excellence-Measurable outcomes.

    We love tuning into your app concept, ideas, and making them successful. If you are looking for digital app development feel free to connect with us through email or by calling.

    Areas of Services:

    • Android, iOS, Windows Mobile App Development.
    • Hybrid Mobile App Development.
    • Artificial Intelligence.
    • AR/VR/MR.
    • Chatbot Development.
    • Blockchain Technology.
    • Internet of Things etc.

    2 – Scnsoft 

    ScienceSoft is an IT Consulting and Software Development Service company. Having begun as a small, AI product company, and turned to IT services in 2002 and since the time they have helped non-IT associations and software product companies to expand the business and rapidly win new customers.

    They are specialized in CRM, Enterprise Resource and Process Management, eCommerce, Data analytics, Information security, DMS and other fields with technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Big data, Internet of things, Computer Vision and Augmented and Virtual reality.

    They handle complex business challenges fabricating a wide range of custom and platform-based solutions and offering a far-reaching set of end to end IT services.

    At ScienceSoft, they trust in a personal approach to deal with each client and project. Acquiring transparency, automation, and dynamic surrounding, they pick the development process custom-made to your specific business needs.

    They are proficient in developing the apps for android, iPhone, iPad, and other frameworks Hence, the company considered being the Best Customer Centric app development company in India.

    Area of services:

    • Software Development.
    • Testing and QA.
    • Application services.
    • IT consulting. 
    • Managed IT Services.
    • Infrastructure Services.
    • Help Desk Services.

    3 – Intetics

    Intetics creates and builds powerful technology teams centered on software development, IT support quality assurance, and data processing. The company designs advanced mobile app solutions for business, communication, social networking, and entertainment.

    Their technology ability covers iOS, Android, Windows, Phone, and Blackberry devices. Intetics developers skilled in the Mobile web with a major focus on HTML5 solutions. The app developed at Intetics possesses a high quality that it can enhance a company’s sales and revenue. They are known for their versatile designs and high-end mobile apps.

    Intetics is one of the finest mobile application solutions companies in India by offering unimpeachable services to clients.

    The competency areas are Customer Relationship Management, Resource Planning, Supply chain management, Business process management, Production process management, Native Mobile app development, Cross-platform app development and more .

    Area of Services 

    • Mobile app development.
    • Business application development.
    • Full-stack web development.
    • Big data and Business intelligence development.
    • Software testing and QA.

    4 – Oxagile

    Established in 2005, Oxagile the best has made the route from a promising tech startup to a developed software vendor serving more clients around the world. Their powerful knowledge around 30+ verticals and business spaces makes them a go-to as tech partner in helping organizations run at their best.

    They empower dynamic businesses to transform, scale, and achieve the upper hand, through the master delivery of innovative, customized software. The company rich, data have driven solutions to help associations and individuals around the globe to perform all the more viably and accomplish better outcomes.

    The services run the extent of analyzing your business needs to offering persistent software support.

    Areas of Services 

    • Managed Software Engineering.
    • Application development.
    • Software Development life cycle.
    • Quality assurance.

    5 – CFCS web solution

    CFCS (Computer Frontline Consultancy Services), headquartered in Delhi, India, is an IT centered company devoted towards creating and offering IT and web empowered solutions for its clients. 

    CFCS adopts a customized strategy to its client’s requirements of web designing, web development, customized software, SEO, eCommerce, web maintenance, and implementation. Their quality is a significant level of customer retention. 

    Their applications cover a full scope of business necessities including HR, customer relations management, sales/administration/cost monitoring, e-survey, warehouse management, inventory control, and specialized industry needs, among numerous others.

    The company hold a primary position among other best Web development companies in India.

    Area of services

    • Software development.
    • Web designing.
    • Web development.
    • SEO.
    • Mobile apps.

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      6 Openxcell

      OpenXcell is a leading software company based in New York, with headquarters in America, India, and Ahmedabad. The company was founded in 2008 and is renowned for its innovative products and high-end services for mobile and web technology. The business has 10 years of experience in the creation of mobile applications, online services, and e-commerce services.

      Openxcell delivers services for Blockchain, mobile apps, web & e-commerce, testing, and Q&A, etc. The headquarters of the company in Ahmedabad India as well as the production center in the United States.

      Areas of Services 

      • Software solutions
      • Mobile app development
      • Blockchain Technology
      • Web & eCommerce development

      7 – Hidden Brains

      Over the years, Hidden Brains has worked strongly to deliver more than 5,000 projects to 31 branches worldwide. The company has made a good reputation on the web app development market, following quality and strict timelines. They are known for their personalized websites, which offer unforgettable customer experience. They have developers who are an expert team of professionals with an experienced in creating something exceptional but easy to use in PHP and other programming languages.

      Areas of Services 

      • Web & Mobile apps development
      • Ecommerce development
      • Bigdata services
      • Chatbot development

      8 – KonstantInfosolutions

      KonstantInfosolutions is a leading mobile app development company in India and it was established in 2003. It is aimed at providing quality services to startups and established businesses of all kinds. It knows the areas of iOS, Android, and HTML, in particular. The Company has experts who are competent to develop quality apps for Apple iOS. Its focus is on providing customers with high quality cross-platform, native, and HTML5 mobile app solutions. The company is known to give clients who have selected their mobile and web development services continuous assistance and assistance.

      Areas of Services 

      • Mobile and Web Development
      • Cloud computing
      • IoT App Development
      • Wearable apps development

      9 – Tvisha Technologies

      Tvisha technology is worldwide and has partnered since its initiation with its customers in the USA, Europe, and Australia. The expert team is extremely qualified to create high-quality, first-class iOS applications. Easy and cost-effective solutions are provided which helps the business of our customers to grow.

      Tvisha Technologies gives priority to customer satisfaction so that it can grow as the customer does. Tvish technologies have become one of the leading top mobile app developers in India.

      Areas of Services 

      • Mobile & Web App Development Services
      • Ecommerce Application Development Services
      • Custom Mobile App Development Services
      • Enterprises App Development Services
      • Digital Marketing Services

      10 – Fueled 

      Fueled is a specialized app development company in India. The company offers mobile app development, AR / VR, Blockchain, Chatbots, and many more, CRM, ERP, CDP, Web Development, UI, and UX Design. They have served companies worldwide and their main customers are MGM Resorts International, 9Gag, Harvard, Verizon, Crunchbase, and so on.

      DxMinds Major Service Offering

      Android app development 

      We develop, design, and launch trend-setting android applications for android devices, supported viably with best in class UI, and feature-rich functionality. We provide android UI/UX design, Android Wear development, Android App Integration, Android game development, Enterprise android apps, Custom android app apps with technology stack Java, Kotlin, C, C++, Python and more.

      Hire our top android app developers in India for efficient android app development services and solutions.

      iOS app development 

      Our creative, tech-savvy, and robust iOS app is built with technical ability and visual precision. DxMinds dedicated, full-stack, and remote iOS developers build iconic and business-centric apps using advanced technologies.

      Hire Top Indian iOS/iPhone app developers for building interactive iPhone and iPad apps.

      Hybrid app development 

      We, at DxMinds, fabricate most exceptional hybrid apps utilizing programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, and so on. We have served many customers and have completely satisfied them with our services. That is the reason we rank among the best hybrid mobile app development company in India.

      App Development Process Followed by DxMinds

      DxMinds app development process is streamlined into different phases which are as follows

      Strategy and Consulting 

      You create your idea, DxMinds #1 app Development Company in India assists you with developing it, and together we come out with a demanding app. Transparent communication between the clients and service providers is the key to a successful app.

      We start this process by examining in-depth capabilities and goals. At this stage, we become more informative to know your desires, app concept, resources, competitors, and more.

      We gather all the project related requirements and information from you and turn it into a broad venture plan. Based on that, Our Development team makes a technical graph that deals with all the projects related to milestones or breakthroughs.

      You can even hire our android, iOS developers based on your requirements.

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        Design and Branding

        We make a set of prototypes for your project. When authorized from your end, these visual wireframes will fill in as a quick source, the general look of your project, deciding a model for your app innovative execution. 

        We carve the app outline that blends the latest UI and UX designs. 

        We, among the top mobile app developers in India, we create a wireframe to understand how to interface the classes, features, functions, databases, and other specialized stuff with one other. 

        In the wake of characterizing everything and interrelating each screen, we start with the coding process. 

        Our development is an iterative procedure where we roll out with the back end and front end coding process.

        From iOS, Android, Windows, or Cross-Platform, our flexible development team has the right skills to transform solid thoughts into an inventive reality.

        QA and Launch

        Before launching the app to its particular stores, we test the applications altogether to ensure the app is bug-free. We have proficient QA testers who are capable of doing quality testing. We employ a different kind of testing such as manual, automated testing, beta, performance testing dependent on customer requirements, and the size of the project.

        Support and Maintenance 

        Mobile application updates are important for the success of any small, medium, or huge estimated businesses. 

        DxMinds the best Android apps developer in India  will assist you to enhance and update your application focused on client information and their business requirements. 

        Using the latest adaptable technological innovations and programming platform, we center continuously on how well your application platforms act in the real world with actual users.

        Engagement Models DxMinds follow

        Time and Material 

        This is model is used when the resources and time can’t be evaluated forthright, at the beginning. For a project that has a future evolving scope and continually updating requirements, our Time and Material model is perfect. With T&M, you accomplish the greatest scope and budget flexibility while paying just for the resources utilized.

        Hire a Developer Model

        As an experienced Mobile app service provider in India, we understand your business concerns towards having a managerial authority over the development process. So, we present to you our ‘Hire a Developer’ Model that let’s hire dedicated Mobile app developers based on their skills and business requirement. This model further gives 3 options that feature your necessities and demands such as Full-time hire, Part-time hire, and Hourly hire.

        Fixed Price

        This model is appropriate to clients who have all around organized processes to gather requirements, scope, deliverable and other criteria for the project. As you provide us an idea, app concept, scope along with the deliverable and acceptance, we being best Mobile application development company in India execute and launch the project on a fixed-cost and billing basis.

        ODC (Offshore Development Center)

        In this model we offer you a team of developers who works for your company, they can work from the part of the world. We provide you different services in this model such as  Building a software development team from start as per your requirements and needs:

        • Project-based development.
        • Testing services.
        • Arranging and setting up a separate ODC for clients.
        • This effective model assist the company to own its development team remotely.

        How to Find the Right Mobile App Development Company In India?

        If you want to achieve incredible heights in online business, then reaching top Indian app developers encourages you to hit success point.

        There has been an enormous change in the way of doing business in the recent couple of years. The correct type of mobile app can grow your customer’s base exponentially, thus expanding your ROI.

        It is important to grasp Mobility Solutions to transform your business efficiency and revenue Regardless of whether it be banking, food, eCommerce, retail, beauty, and style, or whatever else, you need a smooth and user-friendly mobile app to grab the market and attract more users to your business.

        In India, from an enterprise/ entrepreneur point of view, the hardest of all tasks is to figure out the right mobile application development company. As every app developer in the nation claims itself to be the best, choosing the right one among them is a time-consuming job. So, it is intending to help the ventures out there, we have decided to come up with a list of best mobile application development companies in India…and after various rounds of sorting out and filtering, we ended up having a list of top 5 mobile apps development companies in India.

        So what makes our list of best 5 mobile application development companies in India trustworthy?

        Well, a very normal question…so, as mentioned above, we have carried out several rounds of filtration process to figure out the top app developers in India.

        Factors taken into account for finding the top mobile apps development companies in India are:
        • a detailed company portfolio analysis based on various metrics.
        • based on IT firms, Good firms, Top developers and ratings.
        • rate of customer satisfaction.
        • Quality of the apps developed.
        • Products and solutions offered.
        • Values brought on to the table.
        • Word of mouth etc.

        One-Stop Destination for all Trending Mobile Application Development in India: DxMinds 

        DxMinds innovation labs is a premier mobile app development company in India, USA, Peru, UAE, and Australia offering quality based mobile app development services across the globe. We are a proven digital tech partner. DxMinds has got an outstanding team, which enables them to easily overcome the hurdles a Mobile app development company in India faces.

         High accuracy in the delivery of outstanding projects and a hundred percent customer satisfaction rates also made DxMinds one of the leading iOS and Android app developers in India.

        Why DxMinds?
        • On-time delivery.
        • Robust and digital app solutions.
        • Amazing look and feel of a design.
        • Budget-friendly.
        • Hire experienced, dedicated and skilled based developers.
        Frequently Asked Questions
        Which is the best mobile app development company in India?

        According to client reviews and other facts such as on-time delivery, appealing design, advanced technologies, etc DxMinds stand out to be the Best Mobile app development company in India. For more quires, connect us on

        How Much Does it cost to develop a mobile app in India?

        As per the top Indian mobile app development company i.e DxMinds the cost to develop an app in India starts from $5000 depending on some important facts such as app concept, app niche, technologies, app design and more
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        How Much time will it take to develop a mobile application in India?

        Precisely developing a quality-based mobile app the company may require 3-7 months. However, it relies on the app development agency you connect with. But Top Mobile application development company in India, DxMinds assist you to develop trending app within the less time.

        Who is the best app developer in India?

        In terms of quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction DxMinds holds the best app developers in India. You can even hire the dedicated android, ios and hybrid app developers from DxMinds depending on your requirements.

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