Top Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore, India

Top Mobile App Development Companies In Bangalore

Over time, mobile app development has turned out to be the most reliable solution for every sector of business. To make an online presence, most of the companies rushing towards the mobile app development company in Bangalore to get a customized mobile app solution. In this digital era, mobile apps not only serve as a tool for user engagement but also as a single catalyst for every operational requirement to a wide range of services.

The top mobile app development company in Bangalore can help you develop an app that can be a key to your success, if it is properly utilized for branding, promotions, services, and of course revenue generation. Make the best of your mobile apps if you can blend the technology and creativity for the best mobile app development. Get in contact with the mobile app development companies in Bangalore. It is one of the leading places for the giant brands of the IT sector with several great mobile app development companies. If you are searching for proficient assistance and have selected Bangalore as your destination for collaborating with the top mobile app development company to get reliable solutions, then it might be a daunting task for you.

Top Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore

DxMinds is one of the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore and has been dominating the IT sector with the largest customer base and the most amazing apps in the current market. Our primary objective is to harness the power of the web and other digital solutions by delivering the best –in –class experience. We have been consistently serving varied business segments to help them leverage the potential of technology. We have deployed successful mobile apps satisfying the customer’s requirements and offering world-class solutions. We have been developing web apps, websites, native mobile apps, cross-platform apps, and a lot more.

Our Major Service Offerings We strictly follow agile mode of development and innovative design approaches while developing end-to-end mobile apps. Here are our major service offerings:

iOS App Development

Being the best iOS apps developers in Bangalore, all our attention is focused on making your app a stand-alone among the competitors. The iOS apps we develop constitutes of all the elements that are mandatory in achieving organizational goals and milestones.

Android App Development

We ace the art of developing ground-breaking android mobile applications and our in-house developers are trained to make the most out of the least. Leveraging the latest tools and technology practices, the android app we develop is meant to take your business to a level where the app becomes manure for generating fruitful business all the year round.

Hybrid App Development

When it comes to developing a full-fledged hybrid mobile app, no other hybrid app developers in Bangalore have the bandwidth in their offerings than ours. React Native is all we make use to build an outstanding hybrid app that meets international standards and parameters.

Why Bangalore is the best for Mobile App Development?

Bangalore is well known to be the Silicon Valley of India. Also, the city is famous for its technological advancements. Of all the technology-related contributions India has offered to the world, a major chunk of it comes from Bangalore , also known as Bengaluru. Most of the multinational companies located in India have their R&D centres located in Bangalore. A wide range of innovative start-ups and futuristic ideas are born from this beautiful green city. When it comes to accessing the best class resources, Bangalore stands high among all other states in India. Availability of resources including well trained and experienced talent heads in mobile, web, and various other technology domains have made Bangalore a reputed IT domain of the nation.

Why DxMinds is the best among the top Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore?

The number of mobile app development companies in Bangalore is skyrocketing exponentially. With its wide range of expertise and hands-on experience, foldable smartphone app development companies in Bangalore like DxMinds Innovation Labs stands odd among other random developers in the city. So what makes DxMinds a standalone? Without any second thought, it’s just the clarity and quality of the projects they deliver. A project DxMinds has undertaken will go through an enormous number of a scrutiny process that makes the assignment the perfect one. Massive digital transformation is the tagline of DxMinds. They focus on level shifting the entire ecosystem by delivering an impeccable end-to-end digital solution. Team DxMinds comprises of highly talented resources who are having decades of expertise and in-depth domain authority.

DxMinds stands high among the very few technology aggregators with homegrown solutions leveraging cutting edge technologies. The company strictly follows the agile model of development. When it comes to delivering scalable and reliable mobile applications, one can simply rely upon DxMinds Innovations blindfold. Here are few points which make DxMinds stand top among the list of top mobile application development companies in Bangalore.

  • Experienced team with very good track record
  • 100+ Minds in multiple innovation Labs in Bangalore
  • Customer success is the ultimate motto
  • Agile studio
  • Unique process from the Ideation level to designing, developing and testing
  • Robust architecture to make sure the base development is strong enough to handle millions of users now or in future
  • Best in class User Experience and Interface design
  • Usability, Security and scalability are our key focus
  • Rapid development by using DX Solutions
  • Believe in long term Tech partnership to take care End to End technology related activities so that our customers can focus on what they are good at.

Our Technology Offering

Machine Learning

We help our fellow customers to come up with technically advanced machine learning solutions that make their business much appealing to their customers. Our sound skill-set in the domain is what we make use of to deliver ML services.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is trending and we are in parallel to the trend. Our entire mastery over various AI algorithms helps you deliver impeccable services to your clients thereby on-boarding organizational success and milestones.

Chatbot Development

Every business needs a virtual assistant and so is you. Our chatbot development services meet and greets customer requirement. It adds more mileage to your business, achieving the pre-set goals.

Blockchain Technology

Decentralized blockchain technology is our piece of cake. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, we develop various blockchain solutions to make your business big.


The best mobile app development technology offers the flexibility to use the same code for various mobile platforms as well as for desktops. Our team holds a higher proficiency in flutter technology along with the dependencies like Dart, and hence are renowned as the best cross-platform mobile app development companies in Bangalore.


For developing an effective android app, our proficient developers use Java technology which is ruling the android industry right from the beginning as the core android language. Our mobile app developers in Bangalore are well-versed with the most basic to the advanced level of Java, enabling us to develop the best end products.


Being the easiest programming language with the widest set of functionalities, Python is been opted for mobile app development. Our developers are well-versed with Python technology and are capable of giving the best solution with the most robust coding in the minimal possible time.


iOS platform is renowned for offering an unmatched level of security and scalability, hence our swift developers ensure coding your app in the most innovative way keeping its security and innovation hand in hand. 

React native

Our mobile app development team in Bangalore are highly proficient with react native framework allowing them to code effective apps for iOS and android platform t once without altering the quality of apps as compare to the native ones.


Kotlin is the latest technology used for developing an android app and the flexibility it offers to adapt the basic code of Java and scale up the existing android apps coded in Java makes it more efficient to use. Our mobile app developers hold a master hand on this latest technology and have delivered the most unique and successful apps using Kotlin technology.

Our Recent Works

App Development Process

We follows a unique approach by keeping customer success in mind. All of the solutions we build and the services we deliver are highly customer-centric. Each app that gets developed at DxMinds is a result of continuous efforts, dedication and hard works. We love taking up new challenges and that’s the part of our routine. The App development process at DxMinds can be differentiated to many.

DxMinds - Top Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore

Customer walks-in

This is a stage where a customer walks-in to our office physically or virtually to share their app idea with us. All they will be having is just a spark which they think can be a massive success. We welcome new ideas and love associating with fresh heads the same way we work with big fishes.



At this process, we together with our clients will be having a brainstorming session, where we discuss in detail the idea. We have a strong team of the well-experienced professionals who have years of experience working in both the business as well as start-up ecosystem. They are good at analyzing new ideas. We work closely with clients in determining the potential of their idea and works effortlessly to polish it to the core.

market research

Market Research

Right after the idea is polished and has turned out to be the perfect one, we take our customers to the next phase of app development known to be market research. Our profound team of analysts takes over this task. The ultimate aim of market research is to figure out the scope of the products including its marketability and product market fit.


Competitor Analysis

To outpace the competition and to make the product a unique one, we will follow certain strategies by having an in-depth competitor analysis. We do this to make our client products a standalone and a self-sustainable one in the market.

app development icon

App development and testing

After all the in-depth studies and researches, our highly talented team of developers, testers and QAs takes over the task of developing and testing top-notch mobile applications. We integrate the most trending technologies as demanded by the app. At this stage, our client management experts will work closely with the customers to ensure one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

app deployment icon

App deployment

Once the mobile application meets the customer requirement, it is ready to get aired. By having the checkpoints such as proper load check, app security check, etc, our team of experts, with the utmost care and attention will deploy the app into the respective stores. If it is an Android App, then we deploy the App to Google Play store, and in case it is an iOS app it gets deployed into the Apple Store.

maintenance icon

App Maintenance

Mobile applications need to be maintained in the best way possible to ensure flawless working. In terms of mobile maintenance and support, DxMinds, the best mobile apps developer in Bangalore delivers the best-in-class services. We ensure the proper functioning of mobile applications that is capable of driving huge revenue for our customers by following the best app maintenance practices.

Mobile App Development Tools and Technology Stack

The best mobile app development company in Bangalore will use the best tools and technology stacks while developing the mobile app for both iOS and Android. DxMinds use following tools and technologies such as Swift, React, Java, NDK (C, C++), Kotlin, Angular, HTML, CSS, Typescript, Cordova, C#, ASP.Net, Java, Node.JS, Angular.JS, Figma, Sketch, etc. We also make sure that every application we develop has the best architecture and coding standards. That is why DxMinds has been the Best Mobile Apps Developer in Bangalore.

DxMinds Top App Development Company in Bangalore

Our Mobile App Testing process Before deploying mobile applications to its respective stores, we test the apps thoroughly to ensure it’s a right fit product. We have a specially designed testing lab online as well as a physical lab for the same. We do several rounds of testing, manual as well as automated testing to double-check the same based on customer requirement and the size of the project. We follow several steps for testing mobile applications. They are

Functional Testing

This is the very first step where we ensure the very basic functionality features of the app such as ensuring proper working of the app features, type of the app, load control, etc. This is the preliminary testing but remains unignorable.

Device and Security Testing

Compatibility testing is carried out to figure out the performance and security of the app on targeted devices. It is under this testing that the screen compatibility and various other elements come into the picture.

Beta Test

We carry out beta testing also known as usability testing to figure out the usability degree of the mobile application. For an app to be successful, it has to have a high degree of usability factor we always focus on ensuring it.

Performance Testing

We carry out manual testing as well as automated testing and our testing experts are the best in meeting the requirements. Our testing processes are carried out in such a way that no element remains unfixed. Performance testing is carried out to ensure that the app is performing to its best and to fix all of those errors if anything is thereby the performance.


Based on customer demand, we also engage third party agencies to do Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) for our customer mobile apps.

Field and Network Testing

Field and Network testing are one of the key factors if the App is expected to work especially during the travel to rural or low network areas. In such scenarios, we do those testing to make sure users are getting a seamless experience.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Apps in The Business World?

Millions of mobile or smartphone users in the business world use these devices. These users changed the business processes by coming up with new ideas. Taking into account the current situation, more companies aim to develop mobile applications according to the demands of their companies. According to a report, the mobile app development industry earns $30 billion of revenue. Companies have realized that mobile channels are required to attract customers. New operations have been started or existing ones have been expanded via mobile web sites and mobile apps. According to a survey report, mobile apps are preferred for mobile sites. This is why smartphone apps are available to future and current customers. Many small and medium-sized businesses are taking on the mobile phenomenon, recognizing it takes more than just a mobile website to be successful in mobile solutions.

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    Here is the list of Top mobile app development companies in Bangalore:

    1. DxMinds

    DxMinds is a renowned mobile app development company having innovation Labs in Bangalore. DxMinds highlights a wide range of digital products and solutions, which can take your business to the next level. The team DxMinds consists of profoundly talented developers, engineers, architects, designers, and project managers, for they guarantee auspicious conveyance and timely delivery of Mobile Apps, be it iPhone or iPad or Android Apps. DxMinds use best tools and technologies to deliver high standard Apps for both iOS and Android.

    Year of inception: 2018

    Team size: 50-200

    Hourly rates: $25-$50/hour

    Location: Bangalore

    Services offered: product engineering and development, Re-engineering, Maintenance and support, Integration and data management, mobile app development, game app development, web solution development, team augmentation, and more.


    2. Sourcebits

    Focused on disruptive innovation, Sourcebits Technologies caters to numerous digital transformation services exclusively for its clients. It was incorporated in the year 2006. Sourcebits not only support its clients with a handful of resources but enable them in carrying out the next-generation business in a hassle-free manner. Among the best Mobile app developers in Bangalore, Sourcebits excels with its exemplary services and outstanding customer management.

    Year of inception: 2006

    Hourly rates: $30-$50/hour

    Location: Bangalore

    Services offered: Chatbot development, UX design, Data integration and management, Digital video services, app development, and more.

    3. Photon InfoTech

    Photon Infotech is an IT service provider based in Bangalore. When it comes to technology, Photon Infotech provides the best in class services. The hybrid, iOS, and Android apps developed at Photon Info Tech possess top-notch quality. Incorporated in the year of 1999, Photon helps its customers in redefining their digital strategies leveraging various trends in technologies. The main services offered by Photon Infotech are Mobile app development, Web App Development, IoT, etc.

    Location: Bangalore

    Services offered: AI and machine learning, Data tech and analytics, Personalization, Identity management, robotic process automation, mobile app development, Internet of Things, and many more.

    4. Happiest Minds

    Happiest Minds steers ventures to accomplish their business objectives and thereby helping them in having a fruitful business all around. As the leading iOS mobile app development company in Bangalore, Happiest Minds keenly focuses on deploying customer-centric products and solutions. Other than mobile app development services, Happiest Minds offers high-end consultation and delivery of various technological services such as DevOps, IoT, Data Science, Blockchain, etc.

    Happiest Minds:

    Location: Bangalore

    Services offered: digital business services, product engineering services, agile infra and security services, Internet of things, analytics, digital process automation, and more.

    5. Techjini

    Techjini is one of the top mobile application development companies in Bangalore, having years of industrial expertise and hands-on experience over various technologies. The mobile apps built at Techjini meets international standards that are beyond customer expectations. Instead of just delivering a mobile app, Techjini creates solutions, which lets every business to enhance their customer engagement rate.

    Location: Bangalore

    Services offered: Application management, cloud technology, enterprise content management, customer management, engineering services,  and more.

    6. Y Media Labs

    As one of the leading Android app development companies in Banalore, Y Media Labs delivers unimpeachable services to its clients. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and various other outstanding technologies, the solutions built at Y Media labs thrive you hard to stand apart from the competitors.

    Location: Bangalore

    7. Robosoft

    Right from various design strategies to UX/UI service, application management, and delivery, Robosoft Technologies is an international Android mobile apps development company based in Bangalore. The app developed at Robosoft is robust and scalable. On-time delivery and best customer support made Robosoft Technologies a trustworthy app development company in Bangalore.

    Location: Bangalore

    Services: Design, product engineering,
    analytics, and more

    8. Emids Technologies

    Emids is one of the top Android App Development Company in Bangalore. They develop the Mobile app for Android and iOS platforms that clients love to get their fingers moved on it over and over to develop their business. Operated by a team of dedicated and skilled app developers who have years of experience in the mobile app development field.

    Location: Bangalore

    Services offered: Robotic process automation, big data, cloud computation, Internet of things, mobile app design and development, app migration, data analytics, and more.

    9. Compassites Software Solutions

    Compassites is outstanding amongst other mobile app development companies in Bangalore, India serving its best to arrive at peak by giving technological solutions for mobile apps. They hold the team of developers, testers, designers including them in each phase of the app development process made them remain in the group of competition. The team has long periods of experience and exhibits request service for its customers.

    Location: Bangalore

    Services offered: Cloud experience, Portal development, Developers on-demand, enterprise mobility, app, and web development, and more.

    10. Trigent Software

    Trigent Software Ltd is one of the best mobile app developers in Bangalore developing innovative and user-friendly mobile apps. The company aimed to give the best solution for mobile and web applications. They hold the group of maker’s essence their imaginative deduction to build up a mobile app that encourages clients to connect more. Because of their inventive nature in building up an application, they stand themselves in one of the top mobile app development companies.

    Location: Bangalore

    Services offered: Application development, cloud services, disruptive technologies, digital transformation, infrastructure, QA and Testing, product engineering, professionals services, etc.

    11. 3i Infotech Ltd

    3i Infotech Ltd is one of the professional web and iOS app development companies in Bangalore, India, and Vietnam. 3i Infotech was rewarded as one of the best React JS development company, AI development companies with YourStory, Manifest. We also included among a group of elite digital agencies and recognized as Top Mobile App Developer in India by the clutch.

    Location: Bangalore

    Services offered: Blockchain development, analytics, next-gen digital services, and more

    12. Mphasis

    Mphasis is a top-notch mobile app development company in India, and the USA. They have professional best mobile app developers for all types of industries for various devices on Android apps development and iOS applications development. they provide services like AI, Blockchain, IoT as well.

    Location: Bangalore

    Services offered: application services, block-chain, business process, cloud computing, cybersecurity, DevOps, and many more.

    Best among the top mobile app developers in Bangalore

    DxMinds is the best Mobile App development company having offices in various cities across India, USA, UAE, Peru, and Australia and delivers unimpeachable services all across the globe. Our 100+ engineers across multiple innovation Lab build awesome mobile app products for start-ups, SMEs and Large corporates. Hiring DxMinds as your digital transformation partner lets your business independent, free as a bird, having no worries.

    Why DxMinds?

    · Expertise over various technologies

    · Robust and Scalable Apps

    · cutting edge Technologies

    · Top-Notch Designs

    · On-Time Delivery

    · 24×7 Customer Support

    · Budget Friendly


    All the above-mentioned companies are good. But in terms of focused experience, proficiency, perfection, track record and on-time delivery DxMinds Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd. is the top mobile app development company in Bangalore for Android apps and iOS apps according to some of the third party business research agencies like appfutura, top software companies, Goodfirms, etc. Get a free consultation now. For more details contact us:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    As per the researches done based on various factors like customer satisfaction rate, on-time delivery, domain expertise, etc it is found out that DxMinds Innovation Lab is the best app development company in Bangalore. For more details, drop a mail to

    The cost of developing a mobile application in Bangalore will be approximately Starts from USD 5000. The cost will vary based on various factors such as app niche, technologies used, app size, security, etc.

    Know More –

    Ideally, developing a mobile application will take no more than 6 to 7 months. However, it completely depends upon the app development agency you are associating with. Top apps development companies in Bangalore like DxMinds technologies help you avail full-fledged mobile applications in the least possible time.

    DxMinds Innovation Labs is the fastest growing digital transformation agency in the world. They have 100+ prototypes and are comprised of highly talented professionals. Moreover, they have experience associating with a wide range of MNCs, Futuristic start-ups, and global fortune companies

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