How to build a successful online office food delivery business

How to build a successful online office food delivery business

Which is the most exciting time at the office? No guesses, yes, it’s lunchtime, and just imagine you forgot your lunch. The very first thing which pops up in the mind is ordering food online. Food ordering and delivery is not a new online business idea; however, it has evolved with technology coming into the forefront. Over time, many startups have started their service based upon grocery delivery, food delivery, and a lot more.

Easy, heavenly, luscious, and mouth-watering food available at your door-steps? Who will desire to get more? The food satisfies the cravings, and the best part is that it is available at reasonable rates.

Stats prove that the expected revenue from the online food delivery industry by 2024 is going to increase by $1.82 billion. Not only the millennials, but almost every demographic segment is a potential customer. There are many food delivery business ideas that cater to the industry standards.

Since the food delivery business has dominated the market share, hence you can work with several ideas. The food industry is a kind of business that can never bring you down since it deals with one of the most essential things to be present on earth. For instance, if you open any snacks stall near an office, that place turns out to be a great spot for all the colleagues to have tea, talk and discuss, and a lot more things.

Take any country, any state, any city, or any street, we will find an average of 2 to 3 food shops. It can be vendors, kiosks, small shops, juice bars, cafes, diners, or even full-fledged restaurants.

Food business flourishes in any corner; hence, augmenting it with your delivery ideas will be profitable. Hence investing in workplace lunch delivery service business is always a win-win situation.

Boring meals always upset any office worker. Bringing delicious food to any office becomes a hassle-free. These online food delivery businesses offer great delicious food at reasonable costs. This is the reason why many people are investing in the office delivery business.

To know more about the successful ideas behind online food delivery, you should understand the basic ideologies behind the successful operations of the home delivery business model.

From different web services to deliver homemade tiffin to the right person at the right time to deliver delicious delicacies from your preferred restaurants, online food delivery services are now able to cater to every food needs. These online office food delivery restaurants fill the void between busy professionals and delicious food from nearby restaurants.

There is a wide spectrum of food delivery apps that deliver homemade food to your office, but only a few become successful after following the food delivery business. These myriad apps have emerged as the movers and shakers of the food industry with boundless possibilities for growth, expansion, and revenue. 

To earn the maximum profits from this business, you need to implement the following business model. Let us take a glance at some of the key features to gain a better understanding of the market.

The Underlined online food delivery business Model

Around the globe, the vast majority of food delivery services mostly offer region-based portals ranging from the large ones that offer services to a major section to the delivery services that cater to online food delivery business to a single state or region.

Stats prove that around 42% of the customers have agreed to avail online delivery services for their office food requirements. On a global scale, especially in countries where the majority are middle-class people, the popularity of the food delivery apps demand is on the rise.

Let us list down the reasons for the Indian online food delivery services whether running their food services through mobile apps or website:

  • Mobile apps have dominated the digital ecosystem in several ways and within a single touch, the professionals can prefer a myriad test of popular cuisines and cosmopolitan tastes.
  • Mobile apps play a major role as a lifestyle factor for the majority of the population and

 high-speed access to mobile web and smartphone devices for a considerable population.

  • There is competitive pricing aggravated by promotional offers and discounts on special occasions tempting the professionals to order food online.
  • Since there is a great demand for fast and timely food delivery, the professionals prefer to get the workplace lunch delivery service business.
  • There is a great variety of top-notch restaurants which serve delicacies with reasonable price tags which tempt the professionals to access food from online food delivery business.

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    A home delivery business model

    To implement a successful online office food delivery business, it becomes a quintessential task to create an effective model for online office food delivery services.

    Here is a breakdown of how things work in the food delivery app business plan

    Before jumping into the business model, let’s cut to the chase and know how to create an online office food delivery business in simple stages:


    Step1: Do the market research

    If you have decided to initiate an online food delivery business, don’t forget to research your target market.

    Get information on basic questions such as:

    1. Know where do you want to start your office food delivery service?

    2. Identify and understand the competition in which area?

    3. What will be the cost and what they offer?

    4. You can decide the area in which you can serve your services and the timing of food delivery.

    You can ask your niche customers regarding their food preferences and how frequently they would like to order food and how much they are willing to pay.

    Step 2: Craft a Business Plan

    Based on your research on customers and their requirements, you can strategize your business plan. For instance, the following information must be considered:

    The cost of your food ingredients.

    • Packaging
    • Cost of delivery charges
    • Transportation cost and insurance
    • Business license
    • Catering license
    • Registration of your business in the state register
    • Get different resources for delivery
    • Mobile application
    • Website

    Step 3: Work with restaurants and get the resources from wholesale owners

    If you are planning to initiate the food delivery app business plan, then you must get the resources from the wholesale owner such as raw vegetables and other ingredients at reasonable costs.

    On the other way, you can collaborate with the hotels and restaurants in the nearby region, which can deliver the food as soon as the food is ordered.

    Step 4: Marketing does the magic

    Before exposing the online food delivery business to the market, craft a great solid marketing plan.

    Offline marketing like distributing ads, banners creates a great impression among the potential customers.

    Advertise your business on social media platforms. Ensure that every worker is aware of the online food delivery app.  You can join hands with the famous restaurants and hotels which deliver delicious food on time.

    The online food ordering business model

    Since the people working at the office feel lazy to move out and have lunch, the food delivery app business plan works out magic. So, the people must set a menu for the complete day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    1. Prepare menus for the complete day with special offers like “menu of the day” “special dishes” to makes the users tempt.
    2. The user needs to fill in some basic information like their preferred dish and location for the drop-off.
    3. The users must get notifications regarding the day’s menu by the food delivery app.
    4. The app needs to require to select the “menu of the day” and the additional requirements.
    5. Online digital payments help the users to make the payment hassle-free.

    What is the Business model of online food ordering business model?

    Find the partner to associate

    To build innovative food delivery ideas, you need to get in collaboration with some reliable partners who have been in this food industry for a long. These partners have immense years of experience in making a successful business. You can list down the following partners in your business:

    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Bakeries
    • Food outlets
    • Technology partner
    • Beverage companies
    • Legal partners

    The Resources you will require

     Any food delivery app business plan can run successfully only when there is a great resource of a skilled and experienced team.

    The team not only consists of delivery people, technology experts, marketing and logistic team.

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      Finance department

      Operational offices and vehicles for delivery

      Who will be your niche audience?

      The professionals who have no time to prepare food

       The professionals who want to try something new in a meal

      The companies and employers

      The professionals who have rotational shifts and don’t prefer to prepare

      Cost development

      Many factors need to be considered when planning the budget.

      • Cost of office rent
      • Employee’s salary
      • Transportation cost
      • Online food ordering business model
      • Marketing and promotion costs
      • Legal expenses
      • Procurement cost

      How can you earn the maximum benefits from the workplace lunch delivery service business?

      Once you have decided to implement your innovative food delivery ideas, the first concern which must be considered is the profits.  There are several sources of income you mark your cities to earn the maximum profits.

      Your Target audience: If the margin of commission from a restaurant, then you can reap the maximum benefits from each order completion.

      Strategic partnerships: When people who have a food delivery app business plan, want to register in a platform, you can earn a handsome amount of money from them.

      Advertising on Website and app: Make use of Google Ads, which can be helpful in advertising on the website and app. Google can advertise and you can earn revenues to make the maximum benefits.

      Promoting other restaurants: Once your workplace lunch delivery service business becomes a success, you can promote partner restaurants that deliver delicious food.

      Website Features

      What is the first you prefer to see when you approach any service provider? Yes, it’s the website. People prefer to go through the website, see its services, check the reviews and then rely on it.

      The same thing is getting practiced in the workplace lunch delivery service business. With the growth in the food delivery service, there is a great demand for the website development

      The competition among the different online food delivery businesses prefers the online food delivery services with great navigation, UI/ UX, and smooth user experience. The online food delivery services boast beautifully design, highly customer-centric websites that make food ordering a pleasant experience.

      Let us discuss some of the great features which the explains how to start an online food delivery business in India


      “The first impression is the last impression”, hence the home page is the first page where customers gather the first impression about your business brand and the food ordering experience. Homepage design needs great designs and the following requirements:

      The website must have sign-in/sign-up followed by the search option for restaurants and their preferred food.

      To make the customers go lip-smacking about the food, the main body of the homepage under the search field, should contain various exclusive food dishes and special delicacies.

      Make use of attention-seeking taglines such as “Hurry Up! get your favorite food delivered in minutes.”

      Incorporate a location picker feature at the top of the home page as these service features based upon the customer’s location.

       On the home page, allow the customers to edit the location of the delivery.

      The “How It works”

      The food ordering apps can be utilized by even a layman or an inexperienced person, hence it is required to give them a hassle-free experience. A “how it works” section should help them understand it and order their favorite food online within a few steps. The following topics can help you out:

      1. How to order food and utilize filters to search for their favorite food?
      2. How to use filters and apply the discount coupons, extras, and freebies?
      3. How to make the selection of your favorite restaurants within the nearby location?
      4. How to track the delivery and talk with the support team in times of emergency?
      5. How to make the payment? What kind of payments are available?

      Customer reviews, testimonials

      A customer is always treated as the king in any business, the service provider can offer the best-of-the-class services to make them happy. Hence their genuine reviews matter a lot in determining the business. Hence the website home page must have a section in which the customer reviews can be presented.

      Food listing

      More than the basic requirement, the food can fill a person’s heart. The catalyst of the food delivery app business plan is the wide range of food options representing the diverse cuisines they offer. Having exposure to the list of various lip-smacking and delicious food varieties is the biggest impetus for most customers to opt for an online food delivery business. Hence, priority must be given to listing the food.

      1. ” A picture is worth a thousand words”, hence the listed food items should offer an exquisite and appealing look.
      2.  Make use of high-definition images that attracts a customer and makes them order it.
      3.  Each food listings must have veg and non-veg options.
      4. Every food must be presented in the right order from the soup, starter section to the main menu with the right names.
      5. You can add some of the delicacies as the “best seller of the week” and the “most delicious food”  or add the “most favorite”
      6. You can allow customers to customize food by changing the ingredients or other food items.

      Key Sections

      Like the other apps, it must also have a payment wallet, where the customer can add the payment details, add money into the wallet, fill the KYC norms and bank details.

      You must also have options to show order history, order details, the delivery date, payment options, order status.

      The customers must also have an option to give reviews of the delivery, both positive and negative. In case the food is not delivered on time, the customer can contact the support team and resolve the issues.

      As soon as the food gets ordered, the customer must be able to track the delivery person by observing the GPS and the estimated time to get the delivery.

      The search option must have different options based on different cuisines, different order timings, different ingredients, discount offers, and other promotions.

      The mobile website of the food delivery app business plan must be available over GPS location so that the order can be easily tracked after it gets placed.

      How to make your workplace lunch delivery service business stand out?

      To make your business best among the various competitors you must only approach the experienced the food delivery app development company. It must have a great website and app which gives the best convienent way to order the delicious food.

      • No compromise of food quality standards
      • Promotions and offers on weekly basis
      • Promo coupons and freebies
      • Feedback and reviews
      • Customer loyalty program
      • Add the “meal of the day” or “the delicious delight” “yummy-go –lucky” in the app
      • Book full week meal in advance
      • Get in partnerships with the realiable restaurants to increase sales
      • Adhere to On-time delivery
      • Delivery charges must be lenient

      How to develop a successful food delivery app

      For developing a successful food delivery app business plan you need to include a great number of features. When the customers start coming to your a dedicated and native mobile app always help them stay connected and give your business more sales opportunity.

      An online food delivery business must have the above-mentioned features. To the additional benefit, you can add four different interfaces like admin, customer, delivery person, and the connected restaurant.


      The online food delivery business is going to prosper in the upcoming years as their business is getting the maximum online digital presence in the metropolitan cities to the small cities. Various online food delivery services are still focused on promoting their business in the big cities, but still, there are small-scale online food delivery service providers who offer the most delicious food at reasonable rates on time.

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