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Mobile App Development Cost in Bangalore We are the top mobile app development company in Bangalore India offering full-cycle mobility solution from start conceptualization to final launch of the app in play store.

How Much Does it cost to develop a Mobile App in Bangalore?

In today’s Mobile Phone world, no one can imagine their life without possessing their phone. While communication is a mobile phone’s primary function, now mobile apps have opened up a world of unimaginable possibilities making everything fast, quick, and smooth than ever.

Mobile phones’ key benefit is their portability; you can carry them with you everywhere you go. With the development of mobile apps, the smartphone has become further smarter providing the service industry a new look.

With mobile app development, businesses now reaching the target audience in a speeder way, understanding their mindset and behavior towards their products /services and modifying steadily to give the best to satisfy their end-customers desires.

Believe it or not Present and Future is a Mobile app for people and businesses. No matter how well are you doing but if you don’t build it, then your business is going to leave behind the modern requirements resulting in a huge loss.

According to research, around 50% of all online traffic today originates from mobile devices, making optimization for mobile devices no longer optional but rather essential. Additionally, a lot of firms elect to have their mobile app developed to guarantee a native user experience and expanded market penetration. Building a Mobile app is like gaining a magic magnet from which you can attract the smartphone generation.

Thus, which city do you need to prefer to make a Sterling Mobile app in India? Of course, it’s Bangalore.

Why elect Bangalore for Mobile App Development?

Bangalore is known as India’s “Silicon Valley.” Its growing reputation as the Indian IT hub indicates the direction it is taking. IT companies employ almost 45% of the 2.5 million IT professionals in Bangalore. Furthermore, the city forecasts the country’s remarkable export development in the information technology industry.

To meet the increased expectations, the best mobile development companies in Bangalore typically employ highly advanced cutting-edge technologies to improve their services. To meet the increased expectations, the companies seek the use of highly improved cutting-edge technologies to improve their services

So How Much does it Cost to Build a Mobile app in Bangalore?
DxMinds experts have compiled a list of many indicators that can be used to decode mobile app development costs in Bangalore. Because mobile app development is done in stages, each stage is considered a milestone in and of itself.

The Supreme Factors that Influence the Cost of Building a Mobile app in Bangalore are

App Platforms

Each platform is distinctive in its way and can include a range of unique features.
The cost of developing an iOS app in Bangalore can range from INR 5,00,000 to INR 8,00,000. While Android app development in Bangalore can range from $5000 to $40000. Other platforms, in addition to these two, include React Native ($15-$25), Xamarin ($20-$50), and Flutter ($1000-5000).

Live code, accelerator, and other platforms are other examples. The truth is that mobile app development costs in India are highly influenced by the platform you choose. The mobile app development company you hire will make you understand each platform's significance and guide you in choosing the relevant platform that suits the requirements

App Features / Size

The complexity of your app's features ultimately impacts the mobile app development cost. Some apps are simple to design and contain basic features.

However, more expensive apps have more complicated functionality.

To increase their user base, most apps now offer extra features. These kinds of features aid in increasing traffic and conversion rates.

All apps typically have features like user logins, profile pages, search, chat & messaging, payments, etc. However, complicated features like geolocation, advertisements, sensor usage, offline mode, etc. Naturally, these are more expensive and require longer to develop.

Kind of App

Based on the characteristics and the technology they employ, apps can be divided into three categories.

Native applications: These applications were made exclusively for a single platform. Because they operate on system specific, they are referred to as native iOS apps or native Android apps. As a result of their non-exchangeable features and functionalities, the codes cannot be reused.

Web Apps: More people rely on online applications than websites. These applications contribute to enhancing the user experience. They are reachable through web browsers and are capable of carrying out all tasks on the user's interface. Compared to native apps, where customization is not a concern, development costs are lower. The cost to build web apps in Bangalore probably starts from $500 to $5000.

Hybrid Applications: The creation of hybrid apps requires giving them a native appearance while also including capabilities from both native and web apps. They may prove to be cost-effective and may be swiftly built and loaded. The app development cost of a hybrid app in Bangalore can fall anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000.

Charges for Development Team

Relying on a reputable mobile app development company in Bangalore will help you get things done faster and correctly. Each team member is crucial in leveraging their knowledge in discovering challenging solutions. The cost of putting together the ideal team varies from one company to other. Outsourcing development is often less expensive. As a result, many businesses believe that mobile app development costs in Bangalore are lower than in their home nations.

Maintenance Cost

These are inescapable costs that every company developing an app should factor in. This stage typically costs up to 15-20% of the original cost of developing the software. New apps must be updated regularly to remove problems and improve functionality. . Hosting databases, code optimization, bug patching, and other vital responsibilities fall within this category.

Which Business Model Is Best for Mobile app development? There are three different Business engagement model. Most of the clients get confused in choosing the business model for their app.

Fixed Price

In this model the app development cost is estimated by considering the features, functionalities and UX/UI design required for the app.

Time and Material

Here the cost is calculated by examining the number of hours spent and app development tools and technologies used.

Dedicated & Advanced Team

In the dedicated team model, the development cost in Bangalore is calculated on the number of resources employed in the project.

Standard App Development Process to Follow

Creating a mobile app entails a series of phases that take it from the concept stage to a polished product packed with features that add value to the end-user.

DxMinds - App Development Methodology and Benefits

1) Planning and conceptualizing:

This is the initial phase in the app development process. It entails gathering information through numerous sources, such as market research to evaluate what the competition is doing and conducting customer interviews to set a better vision for it and its design goals. The goal of this phase is to determine the feasibility of the app’s initial concept by studying and double-checking whether there is a market need for it.

2) Prototyping:

We take a concept, build a minimum viable product around it, then test it to determine if it works in practice. The emphasis is on’minimum viable’. This means that utility comes first, followed by user friendliness and overall design. Consider it a technical concept that is being tested. An excellent example is determining whether it is possible to link functionality X to a third-party service Y, what the optimal strategy is, and whether any complications arise along the way.

3) User Interface Design:

It is an asset component of any mobile app development project since it connects the app’s functionality to an interactive interface while attempting to execute it in the most user-friendly manner possible.

To achieve this purpose, we must consider if we grasp the best user flow, element hierarchy, and so on. What distinguishes some apps in the marketplace from others? The goal is not to recreate the wheel here; rather, it is to model the whole user experience after the greatest examples available.

4) Development:

This is the stage at which the developer begins developing the final version of the app utilizing various technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Certain frameworks, such as PhoneGap and the Ionic framework, can be used if deemed required or advantageous. The goal here is to create the finest possible version of the app based on the fully-functional mockup, but with polished visuals, pristine code-optimized UI and UX, and so on.

5) Testing:

This stage involves running your application on numerous devices such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, and Blackberry 10. The objective is to observe how it behaves on multiple resolutions and devices to iron out any bugs or display inconsistencies. If there are any bugs, they must be fixed before deploying the app. An experienced app developer will design a simplified set of test cases to run through and determine if the app passes them or not. This is useful when adding new features and needing to re-run all the tests to see if anything breaks.

6) Deployment:

Deployment involves launching your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store so that people may download and install it on their devices. Every time you decide to release a new version of the app, you must go through the review and approval procedure once more. To increase your chances of success, your developer should have fixed all issues and displayed inconsistencies in one of the preceding steps.

7) Maintenance & Updates:

This is an ongoing process in which you must update your mobile app regularly to keep up with the current trends and technology while also ensuring its security. To prevent slipping behind your competition, it’s critical to listen to your users’ input and implement the additions they’ve requested, as well as address any difficulties they’ve raised. The top mobile development companies in Bangalore will keep an eye on this and ensure that your app remains compliant and operates well even after it is released.

Which App Design is good for Mobile App Development? There are three trending app design i.e Skeuomorphism, Flat and Material design


As far as UI and website architecture, skeuomorphism is the method that is intended to imitate the physical world objects. Will not go in detail, recall Apple's old interfaces with its realistic textures, Luminosity, and best effects.

(apple’s recommended design follow apple’s guideline)

This kind of design is blended with multidimensional elements. In simple words, it makes to feel like the objects are lying on a single surface

(Google recommended design)

Combines both skeuomorphism and flat designs and follows google’s guidelines and principals.

How much does it Cost to Build a Mobile app in Bangalore? A variety of factors mentioned above influence the final cost. It depends on who develops your app, how it is developed, and what you want your app to do. A mobile app development company with years of experience in developing a successful mobile app may be the ideal solution for you.
The average cost to build a basic mobile app in Bangalore starts from $5000 and goes beyond $10,00,000 if the complexity of the app gets increased.

Let’s understand the cost and development time of popular niches of apps:


Approximate cost

Development time

Enterprise app development cost in Bangalore


4-8 months

Health care app development cost in Bangalore


2-9 months

Elearning app development cost in bangalore


2-9 months

Social app development cost in Bangalore


2-7 months

Cab Booking App  development cost in Bangalore


2-6 months

NFT market place


2-9 months

Mobile commerce development cost in Bangalore 


2-8 months

Media streaming app development cost in Bangalore


1-8 Months

Mobile games app development cost in Bangalore


2-8 months

Food aggregator app development cost in Bangalore


1-8 months

What Influences the Mobile App Development Cost In Bangalore? The important factors that influence the cost of developing an app in Bangalore are

Ground Work/Research 

Proper researches are to done before app development. This research includes the collection of data as much as possible, implementing and executing the right database, competitor analysis, working model, and so on. The more the research and groundwork, the higher will be the app development cost. 


The platforms you choose directly influence the app development cost in Bangalore. The cost to develop an app depends on the number of platforms you opt for.

Apps are built on different platforms depending on the audience. If the audience is android users, building an Android app will be the best option. IOS apps are needed when the users are more of apple devices. Going for hybrid or cross-platform apps will be the right choice if the customers are both iOS and Android users. Hybrid apps can be run on multiple operating systems and can help one save some penny who is looking to develop both IOS and Android separately

Customization of Design 

User experience and user interface are the key components in determining the success of an app. ignoring these things can cause huge harm even to the business. Creating a basic and simple layout won’t cost you more, however, when you pick the unique app interface design, the cost increases for the project.

Structure of the team  

DxMinds the leading mobile app developers in Bangalore include experience and skilled key members in the structure of the development team 

Features and Functionalities Breakdown of app development in Bangalore by type of app and features

Simple Mobile App (Basic Functionality App)

Simple mobile apps mean an app that is aimed to provide basic information. An app without any tech integrations, third party integrations, and API integration. The simple app integrates UI components, basic features, simple filters, and map markers.

Example: Dictionary, quotes apps

“What is the simple android app development cost in Bangalore?

According to DxMinds the leading app development company in Bangalore, it may go around from $5K-$10K and take approximately 2 months to develop.

What is the simple iPhone app development cost in Bangalore?

The cost to develop a simple iPhone apps as per DxMinds may range from $5K-$10K and take 2 Months”.

How much an eCommerce or Database was driven android app cost in Bangalore?

Database-driven Android App development according to DxMinds may cost from $10k-$40k, which may take 4-6 months for development.

How Much a Database Driven iPhone app cost in Bangalore?

Database-driven iPhone App is from $10k-$35k, which may also take 4-6 months for development in DxMinds”

Database Driven Custom Functionality App

Database-driven mobile applications may contain highlights like user information, product list, payment gateway integration, combination with APIs, and a backend server. Model: Any eCommerce application. 

Cost Breakdown of Database Driven app in Bangalore.

Fully Dynamic App

Fully Dynamic app is an advanced Database Driven mobile app with high and advanced functionalities, technologies and specification

Example: Twitter, Facebook, Flipkart

How Much Does a Fully Dynamic android app cost in Bangalore?

The fully dynamic android app development cost in Bangalore varies from $50K-$80K and may take 6 to 12 months to develop asper the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore such as DxMinds.

How Much Does a Fully Dynamic iPhone app cost in Bangalore?

The fully dynamic iPhone app development cost in Bangalore also varies from $50K-$80K and take 6 to 12 months for development.”

App Support and Maintenance Cost APP maintenance is the process of enhancing, editing, and updating app features and technology. Usually, some percentage of app development cost will be charged for app maintenance and support. The last thing that will influence the cost of building up an application. In the vast majority of the cases, the app maintenance cost in Bangalore may represent 15% to 25% of the first cost of development.

App Maintenance Incorporates
  • Updating of code. 
  • Bug fixing.
  • New features development. 
  • Improving performance and stability. 
  • Including support for the most last OS versions

    Cost Analysis

    With our expertise, knowledge, and experience in the app development industry, the average cost to develop an app in Bangalore vary between $20K – $90K as per the above-mentioned facts.

    Final words

    The key is to identify the perfect development partner. Outsourcing to India can be cost-effective if done correctly.

    Whether you’re a well-established business or a fledgling startup, you can rely on our top-tier mobile app development firm to create the ideal app. 

    We produce the most personalized, interactive, and intuitive user experiences, whether it be android app development, iOS app development, or hybrid app development. DxMind’s mission is to provide the app development consultancy that best meets your company’s needs and addresses all of your problems. Experts try to boost business productivity by streamlining business operations, integrating important functions, and integrating critical functions.

    Clients no longer worry about the mobile app development cost in Bangalore after consulting with us because they know we’re competitive and the best in the business. Clients of different sizes, industries, and locations rely on us for their app development needs. If you need assistance with your app, please contact us immediately for software advice. We are here to listen to your challenges and goals and provide you with the solutions you require at the price you desire!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can approach organizations that offer mobile application development services if you to hire mobile app developers in Bangalore. You should be cautious when selecting a mobile app developer in Bangalore because many companies claim to be specialists but may not deliver on their promises. As a result, before finalizing a contract, you should always verify a company’s portfolio and customer ratings.

    The cost to build a mobile app in Bangalore falls between $5,000 to $20000.

    This is a major concern, and the answer is dependent on a variety of factors, including the scale of the project, the features requested, whether you agree to hourly or project-based pricing, and the country in which your preferred mobile development business operates.

    The cost to develop an android app differs from $15k-$90k as per the complexity of the app.

    To reduce the startup app development cost, you consider phase-wise development and begin with important features required at the start and then keep updating after generating revenue. But never compromise with the quality while reducing the cost.

    Android app development takes longer time than ios because the code is written in java language which requires more coding, android emulators are slower, Hence android app development is costly.

    This is determined by the app you intend to create and the amount of customization required in design and development. You might look at internet forums where other people have discussed their experiences with various companies they have worked with. You can also request an estimate from your chosen app developer in Bangalore. Statistically, it takes between 3 and 9 months to produce a professional mobile app in Bangalore.

    Assume you want to hire a development team. In that instance, comparing them will be even more important because they have various tasks and may take longer to complete the assignment (some may take less time than others, but their speed can also depend on their skill level, availability, and level of expertise).

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