How Much Does Doctor Appointment Booking App like Zocdoc Cost?

Advancements in technology have always brought much good in our lives. The increased usage rate of smartphones and related gadgets has paved the way for the rising demands of mobile applications and mobile application development companies all across the globe. It has transformed almost all verticals of our lives right from taxi booking to online food delivery, grocery delivery, services, and even doctor appointment booking.

In this article, we deal with a mobile application that allows its users in booking appointments of a doctor based on their requirements that too without any hassles and bustles. We will discuss in detail about the app, its features and the cost of developing an online doctor booking mobile app like Zocdoc. So let’s dive deep into it.

The need for an online doctor appointment mobile application like Zocdoc

There were days in the earlier times that the patients and the one accompanying them has to wait for hours at the hospital or clinic to get the appointment of a doctor. Conventional ways demanded the physical presence of an individual for making an appointment with a doctor. This was a tedious job and resulted in the patients in investing a lot of their time, energy and efforts on the process. Even doctors find it hard as they could hire one or two resources in coordinating and organizing the process of booking daily. It was at this time that online doctor appointment booking app like Zocdoc gained traction and is helping both the parties by offering seamless and hassle-free ways, following the pathways of technology. An online doctor booking mobile application like Zocdoc will help both the parties in streamlining the process.

Zocdoc- Offering a wonderful scalable business model

Zocdoc not only help doctors and patients in booking doctor appointment but also offers an exemplary and highly scalable business opportunity for entrepreneurs. It’s a high revenue-generating business model. Large numbers of entrepreneurs are doing proper researches to come up with the new and trending idea in the area of online doctor booking mobile applications like Zocdoc, Practo, Otboo, Setmore, Healthtap, etc. The interesting point pops us as we saw the result of a survey which is done among a particular range of population and they prefer that an online doctor booking mobile application will do good for them. It is highly reliable and better for them as they find it convenient.

The top feature that an online doctor booking app like Zocdoc demands

An online doctor booking mobile application like Zocdoc, Practo, etc. demands certain features. Let us see what they are in detail:

· Patient account

Patients need to create an account on Zocdoc for proceeding with the functionality of the application. While creating the account, they need to provide further details such as name, age, gender, blood group, height, weight, and related data that regards to their medical condition.

· Doctors account

Doctors need to create their accounts on the mobile application for the patients to find the hospital and clinic. They need to provide various features like their name, specialization of their industry, consultation timings, charges and various other features that are appealing for the patients.

· Advanced search bar with filters

The search bar associated with the mobile application allows its customers in carrying out the highly efficient and productive search with various search filters integrated into it. Users can carry out hassle-free ways of searching by making the best use of filters like filtering of doctors based on their specializations, location, ratings and reviews, consultation timing, consultation fees, etc. This will help them in finding out the right doctor for the right requirement.

· Consultation and booking

Once patient figures out the right doctor of his/ her kind based on the various search parameters they can go ahead with booking the appointment. They can choose their most convenient timing from the time slot and can confirm the same.

· Review and Rating

Once the booking is confirmed and the consultation is done, based on their experience with the doctor, they can rate them on a scale of one to five stars. The more the rating is, the better will be the consultation of the doctor. The rating made by the previous patients will be visible for the futuristic patients and it will be based on these reviews and ratings that they will go ahead with the booking. In their reviews, other than consultation experience, they can mention the hospital condition, infrastructure, etc which will be helpful for the upcoming patients as well.

· Telemedicine

Telemedicine refers to the consultation of a doctor even without his physical presence. It is made possible with the latest application of technologies like HIPAA integrated video conferencing systems. It is also known as telehealth using which the doctors can even consult patients who are located in remote areas or in such areas that are hard to access.

· Check-In

The app allows the users to check-in when he is at the doctor’s place.

· Enhanced payment system

The application offers an enhanced payment system to the customers. It allows them to pay either online or pay as cash. It is completely up to the customer’s will and wishes.

· Booking reminder

As a reminder for the booking, the app keeps on notifying its customers of the booking time regularly. The notifications will be sent to the patient’s registered mobile number and email address.

Technologies that can enhance an online doctor booking app like Zocdoc

· Artificial Intelligence in an online doctor booking mobile application

The best usage of various artificial intelligence solutions can enhance the productivity of your online doctor booking application, In an event where the patient is confused about which doctor to consult, artificial intelligence integrations can help them by suggesting them to the right doctors based on the data they provide. Artificial Intelligence along with machine learning is capable of doing wonders in the medical industry leveraging online doctor booking mobile applications and it is taking out lives to the next level, eliminating all the hustles and bustles that existed.

· Cloud computing

As technology is getting expanded it is offering many contributions to the medical industry and cloud computing is the latest example of that. By making use of deep learning and big data, cloud computing systems are offering the best services to an online doctor booking mobile application by offering enhanced security to the data.

· Blockchain Technology

Integrating Blockchain technology into the frameworks of an online doctor booking mobile application can decentralize the whole process and can streamline the day to day operations. It can make the entire mobile app ecosystem free from hackers and other malware attacks, thereby adding more security to the process.

Factors affecting app development cost of Zocdoc, Practo, etc

The demand for developing an online doctor appointment booking mobile applications like Zocdoc, Practo, etc are skyrocketing because of the profitability they offer. Another advantage that increased the demand for doctor booking mobile application is the scalability they offer. It offers a high degree of scalability. Nowadays every entrepreneur is in search of identifying the app development cost of an online doctor booking app like Zocdoc. There are a lot of factors that determine the development cost of a doctor appointment booking app like Zocdoc. They are:

· App Platform

This is one of the major factors that determine the Zocdoc mobile application development cost. Android and iOS are the major mobile application platforms that are widely been used across the globe. Developing a mobile application for both the platform increases the app development cost. One can try going for a hybrid mobile application which offers them both iOS and Android mobile application simultaneously.

· App development company

The cost of developing a Zocdoc mobile application depends on the mobile application company you are hiring for the process.

· App features

Additional features that need to be integrated on the doctor booking mobile application enhances the app development cost

· Technologies used

Technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud storage, Blockchain technology, etc can be integrated into the doctor’s appointment booking mobile application. It enhances the app development cost.

Cost of developing an online doctor appointment booking app like Zocdoc, Practo, etc

We have seen the factors that affect the app development cost of a mobile app like Zocdoc. Based on the factors mentioned above, the cost of developing an online doctor booking mobile application like Zocdoc, Practo, Otboo, Setmore, Healthtap, etc will be around USD 10,000 to USD 60,000. The price may vary based on the requirements and additional features that need to be integrated.

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