How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Doctor Appointment App?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Doctor Appointment App?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Doctor Appointment App?

Mobile app technologies have changed a lot in the manner organizations do their businesses. This additionally applies to medicinal services. Mobile applications gain prevalence in the healthcare/medical industry as they make life simpler and help patients and specialists to improve better.

Have you at any point been stuck in a hospital waiting room for quite a long time? Or on the other hand have you waited to stand by long to get a doctor’s appointment? We wager, you have. In the present dynamic and digitalized world, individuals incline towards booking physical check-ups online by means of medical appointment booking app.

At whatever point if you consider about an On Demand Doctor App development, the main thing that rings a bell is: How much does it cost to develop a Doctor appointment App? Obviously, you are correct in light of fact that spending money matters the most for any business.

Don’t get panic, this blog from Top HealthCare app Development Company has covered the fundamental aspects of an on demand doctor app, its features, benefits and app development cost to make your business best.

Popularity of Online Doctor Appointment Apps

The comfort that online medical booking applications offer has gotten an exceptional demand for the healthcare class from all the various associate partners of healthcare domain, therefore making it a significant part of the healthcare mobile app technologies.

As per IHS, the quantity of doctor’s virtual consults will be increased by 2020. This demonstrates an extraordinary demand in mhealth apps regardless of where you live. Here are the some main advantages of Doctor Appointment apps.

For Doctors

  • Online Presence(24/7).
  • Enhance Patients base.
  • Professional healthcare advice in any remote and urban areas.

For Patients

  • Online access to the best specialties as per the requirement.
  • Know about experience ,expertise and other information about doctors.
  • Save time and cost.
  • No waiting queues for doctor appointments and advice.
  • Instant Chat, audio and video call option.

Famous Apps for Online Doctor Appointment


Practo one of the prime online healthcare application of India, giving best medical solutions whether it’s finding an appropriate doctor , taking quick appointment, scheduling diagnostic test or acquisition of medicines online at your doorsteps.


  • Doctor Consult
  • Help Screens
  • Find and Book
  • Blogs
  • Search
  • Online Purchase medicines


Zocdoc is the beginning of a superior medicinal services for you. Discover a doctor, book on appointment same day arrangement and quest for specialists that match your medical insurance plan. From a dental specialist, to a physician, book the best specialists and get care on interest.

  • Online appointments
  • In app Remainders
  • Google maps for finding doctor location
  • Patient related search where patient can find right consultant


Book Doctor Appointment quick and easy on otboo and get live status of Queue. Otboo is remarkable applications for doctor appointment booking that gets constant live status of the queue and give alert on your turn.

  • Simple registration
  • Search doctor in your area and as per the convenient time slot
  • Filter doctors by ratings,prices,Distance and gender
  • Review booking, and Get E-ticket booking details via SMS

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    Key Features to Integrate in Doctor Appointment Apps 

    In the tech market, there is a wide scope of mobile apps for doctor appointments offering different range of features shifting from basic mobile applications to complex stages. In any case, when in doubt, such apps comprise of two sections — for patients and for doctors which are connected to one another by means of admin panel.

    For Patient Section:

    • Patient Page
    • Sign in/Sign up
    • User profile
    • Appointment Booking Option
    • In app call/video call option
    • Doctor location tracking option
    • Payment Option
    • Review/Feedback
    • In app Tracker for Prescriptions and medications
    • Safe and secure health records

    For Doctor Section

    • Doctor Page
    • Doctor Profile
    • Appointment status Check option
    • Accept/Reject option
    • Chat or video call
    • Online Prescription

    How to Make Money from Your Doctor Appointment App?

    You have to discover influencers in the healthcare industry, publicize the advantages of your application, and offer them a free posting. Start with few specialists and approach them for referral. Proceed until you arrive at a significant number of healthcare specialist.


    You can give specialists and medical professionals the choice to take month to month or yearly memberships, which would give them access to x number of patients. Inside your medicinal services app, you can either give them the alternative to contact a boundless number of patients like what or make various patients insightful membership model.

    Online Marketing and Advertising strategy

    Market and advertise your app on different online marketing platform such as Forums, websites, and social media channels.


    You can give the specialists and healthcare associations the alternative to demonstrate their names on the highest point of your healthcare mobile apps as a major aspect of your Sponsored program. In the sponsored section, you can offer them more noteworthy videos or photographs than the customary users.  We can tell, users are progressively open to paying extra on the off chance that they are getting higher visibility than the others on the stage.

    On demand Services

    In spite an advanced revenue stream, you can join various service benefits through your doctor appointment booking mobile application. Services like at-home blood and urine sample collection, medicine delivery, and so on can be added to make your application an all-around healthcare solution provider while getting yourself an extra wellspring of income stream.

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      How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Doctor Appointment Booking App?

      You should have a perfect vision and identify who is your intended audience is and what solutions your app ought to provide. Each organization has its particular necessities, objectives and explicit strategies so application developers and designers must recognize what you need to get toward the finish of the development pipeline. Your objective is constantly an effective, easy to use and applicable medicinal application.

      Now let’s have a discussion on main query i.e How Much Does It Cost To Develop Appointment App

      DxMinds,the top Health care app develop company estimate the app development cost by considering various factors such as:

      • App Design
      • App Platform
      • App Features and Functionalities

      You make your Doctor Appointment app highlighted through advance technologies which are:

      Doctor Appointment Booking Chatbot

      Our master Chatbot developers assemble Chatbots that can be an ice-cream scoop on your cone. With Appointment Booking Chatbot Development, empower patients to book appointment with specialist in conversational simple steps. At the point when patient starts conversation, Chatbot will check schedule and help patients with accessible slots booking.

      Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

      Doctor booking applications utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to a great extent for making search increasingly accurate and relevant. What happens is that the general users don’t have the foggiest idea about the specialization names like Neurologist or Oncologist yet what they comprehend is nerve/brain specialist or Cancer expert or on occasion they make questions in more layman terms like specialists for obscured brain, and so forth. For the situation like this, DxMinds integrates the amazing technology of NLP or Machine Learning in the framework, where your app can coordinate the patients to the correct specialist effortlessly.


      Blockchain will help to acquire every information in one decentralized framework which may be open for the individuals who have the access to it. Likewise, the patients, from with your side of medicinal  application for patients will have the option to check their insurance details before booking a regular appointment – something that will enable them to associate with just those specialists or clinic that are a piece of their insurance umbrella.

      However if you are in plan for Doctor Appointment app, the best healthcare app development companies can charge you the range from $15k-$50K for basic Doctor Appointment app ,if you are looking for advanced and innovative features like Video functionalities and other features it would go around  $100,000 to $150,000.

      In case if you have app idea and looking for right partner, then approach DxMinds and get free estimation with cost.

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