Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in India

Top Trusted Mobile App Development Companies in India – 2020 Updated List

We all belong to a world where millions of people rely upon technology for accomplishing their day to day tasks. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all are the beneficiaries of technology that a life without it would be beyond our imagination. Even though we are talking about technology, we ought not to ignore smartphones and mobile apps, which act as an interface that made a huge role in making technology possible.

Impact mobile applications and app development companies in India 

Companies are investing quickly on mobile applications as they have realized its true potential and would prefer not to pass up a basketful of opportunities. Especially in a country like India where the majority of its citizens are smartphone users, a digital revolution by making use of smartphones can have an enormous impact, even in the lives of the common man. Also, most of the Peoples looking for Mobile app development companies in India develop their own business with their application. This is one of the main reasons why enterprises are busy hiring the best mobile app developers in India for their mobile application development process.

Mobile applications to enhance your business growth

When you have a deep look at the companies that have flourished beyond borders, you can easily figure out one thing in common. Every enterprise that has got tons of traction to its business will be having a digital presence as well. And, when we speak about digital presence, we talk much about mobile applications rather than social media or any other platforms. Mobile applications were a perfect replacement for websites, which lack so many things and prevented businesses from getting more attached to the customers. As websites have got so many limitations, mobile application filled those gaps and helped businesses generate tons and tons of revenue and sales.

As customers are becoming mobile, they are fonder of using smartphones and related gadgets. This resulted in many companies turn to focus more on the same. And for this purpose, they found mobile applications are the perfect tool. With mobile applications comes much power. From a customer engagement perspective, mobile applications are far better than normal websites. The features facilitated by mobile applications such as promotional activities, video ads, banner ads, and all regularly attracted customers on to their platforms.

Mobile applications for the good of every business

The way we imagined how a business should work has got completely erupted. With the introduction of mobile applications, remolded are the structure, skeleton and conventional ways of businesses. The opportunities offered by the mobile application to a business are many. It helped them in generating leads, nurturing leads, and even converting them into the potential prospectus. The mobile application extends helping hand in sales and marketing of a business that too in the least possible cost. Marketing, as it was one of the most expensive domain business has to face, since it is mandatory to reach out to potential clients. The mobile application lets a business owner run a various degree of marketing activities with the help of mobile applications. Thus mobile applications are transforming businesses and taking them to a level where it can generate enough fortune for the owners. Top iOS and Android App development companies in India are helping micro, small, medium and even fortune companies in developing high-grade mobile applications thus enabling them in forming a firm foundation among their potential customers.

Mobile applications- making the impossible possible

The mobile applications built by the best android and iOS app development companies in India make it sure that their applications are fine enough to support a business in day to day operation. On a high level, even the purpose of a mobile application is even the same. The purpose of an enterprise or entrepreneurs in developing a mobile application is to make sure that it should be capable of providing enough inputs for the company to flourish. Every business across the globe are very much aware of the fact that having a mobile application for their business is like having a magic wand in hand. Mobile applications help your business in making the impossible possible.

How to figure out the right Mobile app development company in India

In India, from an enterprise/ entrepreneur point of view, the hardest of all tasks is to figure out the right mobile application development company. As every app developer in the nation claims itself to be the best, choosing the right one among them is a tedious job. So, it is intending to help the ventures out there, we have decided to come up with a list of best mobile application development companies in India…and after various rounds of sorting out and filtering, we ended up having a list of top 5 mobile apps development companies in India.

So what makes our list of best 5 mobile application development companies in India trustworthy?

Well, a very normal question…so, as mentioned above, we have carried out several rounds of filtration process to figure out the top mobile app developers in India.

Factors taken into account for finding the top mobile apps development companies in India are

  • a detailed company portfolio analysis based on various metrics
  • based on IT firms, Good firms, Top developers and ratings
  • rate of customer satisfaction
  • Quality of the apps developed
  • Products and solutions offered
  • Values brought on to the table
  • App development cost
  • Word of mouth etc.

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So let’s have a look into the list of best mobile app Development Companies in India.

1. DxMinds Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd

DxMinds Innovation Labs is purely a digital transformation and Top mobile app development company in India. The company was founded by Mr. BhabaniSankar Jena to deliver unimpeachable services in the area of digital transformation. DxMinds is offering its services all across the globe. They have got a couple of highly customizable unique solutions that can help any enterprise in scaling up their business along various verticals. The agile model of development that meets industry parameters makes DxMinds the pioneers among Indian mobile app development company.

Exceptionally talented engineers, project managers and developers at DxMinds strive hard to meet customer requirements above their expectations. Other than India, DxMinds has its corporate offices in the USA, UAE, Peru, and Australia. Offering unique app development services, DxMinds is standalone among mobile app developers in India.

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Areas of Services:

2. Astech Solutions

Astech solutions are one of the leading webs and Mobile App Development Companies in India. They are known for their versatile designs and high-end mobile apps. Right from 2008, the year of incorporation, Astech solutions are delivering unimpeachable services to the clients. Major services offered by Astech solutions are:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Cross-Platform Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Chatbots etc.


Incorporated in the year 2000, Hurix delivers top-notch services for Indian enterprises and start-ups in the area of mobile app development. The app developed at Hurix possesses a high quality that it can enhance a company’s sales and revenue. The various services offered by Hurix vary from cloud to android, ios, and hybrid mobile app development. Hurix is one of the finest mobile application development companies in India by offering unimpeachable services to clients.


Access to a wide range of technology and resources is the true potential of the Richest soft. The company was founded by Mr. Ranjit Pal Sing in the year of 2009. They come up with various products and services that help enterprises in generating more business and revenue. The apps developed at Richest soft are capable of engaging customers and taking them through the funnel to convert them into leads, giving them a primary position among the best apps development companies in India. The primary motto of Riches soft is to integrate all the latest technologies in whatever mobile application they are building to enrich the user experience, thereby converting them to potential prospects.

Area of Services:

  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Website Development
  • UI/UX Designing etc.

5. PubNub

Delivering quality services all across India, PubNub takes enterprises to the next level, leveraging their unique services and products. The various services offered by them include app development, IoT, cryptocurrency development, etc. the prime aim of the company is to maintain a trustworthy relationship with clients by delivering quality app development services across India and they are one of the leading ios and android app Development Company in India. By making use of the high-end mobile applications developed by Pubnub, the best apps development company in India, one can easily take his/ her business to newer heights, which in turn give them exposure to a wide range of potential clients.

Find here listed some of the Best Mobile App Development Companies in india


OpenXcell is one of the top-rated App Development Company in India with offices in USA and India Head office in Ahmedabad. Company more into products and high-end services in mobile and website development.The company having 10 years of experience in providing quality mobile app development, web and e-commerce development services.

Services Offered:

  • Blockchain Development,
  • Mobile app Development
  • Software solutions,
  • Web & ecommerce,
  • Testing and Q&A and more.

.Smarther Technologies

Smarter Technologiesis one of the specialized Top Mobile App Development Company in India. We are expertise in mobile app development and website development services. The company was started in 2011 and it has developed more than 200+ mobile app projects to its clients across the globe. Evolving apps for diverse business verticals, including e-commerce, healthcare, Finance, Real estate and more.

Services Offered:

  • Android app development
  • IoS app development
  • Website App development
  • UI/UX designing etc.

.Hidden Brains InfoTech

Hidden Brains is one of the leading top-rated mobile app development in India. The company is one of the business solutions for developing your custom software through high-quality integration, development, safety and quality assurance. Hidden Brains provides startup mobile application projects level of customer companies worldwide. The company founded in 2003, the promise of its quality development to successfully deploy.

Services Offered:

  • Web & Mobile apps
  • Ecommerce development
  • Bigdata services
  • Chatbot development and more

.Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystems is one of the best, engaging and app development companies in India. The company founded in 2011. Developers Hyperlink Infosystems is competent to integrate other innovative technologies into the application.

As the company is to have 9+ years of experience in developing mobile applications, the company has full exposure in the development of all types of applications for several platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. The company has worked with 1200+ businesses which include startups, enterprises, small and medium scale, and agencies. The company is known for the most innovative mobile development and engaging and Web applications. Hyperlink Infosystem offers various customized services.

Services Offered:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Web & Ecommerce Development
  • Mobile Gaming and more
  • ERP consulting and SI
  • IT Strategy consulting


Appinventiv is one of the specialized best mobile app development companies in India, the production of mobility solutions from end to end, cross-platform, iOS and Android and Windows mobile application development solutions for various start-ups and brands licensed globally. A delivered more than 300 projects since it started in India in 2014. The expertise in the design and prototyping storyboard application that develops their ideas best brands of good applications to excellent.

Services Offered:

The above-mentioned companies are good app development service providers in India and one can avail the best services by hiring them.

Still, if we are asked to sort out the list on a further basis, with a customer satisfaction rate of more than 80 percentages, DxMinds Innovation labs are our top pick from India.

Their exposure and expertise in the area of technology can help one in getting world-class digital transformation services.

Why DxMinds Innovation Labs is the best rated mobile application development company in India

There are several reasons which make DxMinds the toppers among the best mobile app development company in India. Starting from the very first reason, DxMinds has got an outstanding team, which enables them to easily overcome the hurdles a Mobile app development company in India faces. Moreover, they have access to a wide range of resources which in turn is capable of developing solutions of any kind. The next point of DxMinds being the best app developer in India is their hands-on experience over various trending technologies. A company can survive If and only if they are easily adaptable to new changes in technological space. This one is also an added advantage of DxMinds Innovation Labs. High accuracy in the delivery of outstanding projects and hundred percent customer satisfaction rates also made DxMinds one of the leading iOS and Android app developers in India.


Hire DxMinds Innovation Labs, the pioneer Mobile app development company in India to convert your app idea into reality and start giving life to your dreams. The lively mobile application developed by DxMinds helps your business in gaining huge traction from each nook and corner, thereby making your app a shining star in the respective play store.

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