It is a digitized world where every business is an onboarding digital platform to expand its visibility all across the world. Especially digital platforms are acting as a boon for the products-based companies and are helping them to take their product store online. E-commerce app development has been opted for by all product-based businesses, regardless of their sizes. The thriving e-commerce sector brings several new opportunities for startups and enterprises. These feature-rich e-commerce mobile app development has made a significant change recently. To meet these challenges in a cost-effective manner, enterprises have started harnessing the power of mobile apps. Before stepping-up, the digitized world, the biggest questing that almost all entrepreneurs face is how much does it cost to develop an eCommerce mobile app? The cost of e-commerce development can greatly impact the budget of a company. If you are also struggling to find an appropriate answer for the same question then you are on the right page.  

To make an online reputation, many enterprises are getting dependent upon the Android native app version of their eCommerce to outshine as a brand, it makes you wonder if your business might need an app as well. Since you’re here, chances are you already know why you need to understand the cost to build an eCommerce mobile development app.

That’s why we’re here to provide you with an in-depth look into the whole e-commerce app development pricing process for your Android app. Without further ado, let’s dig right in:

Basic features of e-Commerce mobile app development

Effective marketing:  An e-commerce mobile app development cost in India must be cost-effective to meet every customer requirement. Moreover, it enables the customers to save money.

Data Collection- To determine the e-commerce app development cost e-commerce app development company always requires the user’s mail id and social media account information along with their contact numbers. Hence the e-commerce companies can get valuable information about the customer.

Interactions- An e-commerce app can be the best way to interact with customers and their reviews can help them improve rise. These apps let your customers ask queries or any doubts on a 24*7 basis and get information about Ecommerce mobile app development costs.

The e-commerce app development company makes an e-commerce mobile app development cost in India in -line with your business model, thereby assisting you to enhance the brand visibility. E-commerce apps with personalized experience can be a great tool for effective communication with customers.

Many people give a thought about developing an e-commerce app, but these business people have no idea about the cost of eCommerce development. Let’s dive into this matter:

Several factors are involved in the cost-estimation process of the Android e-commerce app, and the actual cost itself is calculated in hours.

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    Visual design costs

    The wireframe is the visual architecture of your app which includes the physical layouts, arrangements of pages, icons that decide the appearance of the app e-commerce mobile app development cost in India. For instance, while constructing a building, the plan must be done to get an idea. The blueprints for your app development which is vital for the next step of your app development.

    Depending upon the complexity of the app, it should take between 1-2 hours per unique screen and 20-30 minutes per subordinate screen.

    Wireframe design: $700- $2500

    UI costs

    After deciding the wireframe of the app, the UI can be done which decides the complete appearance of the app. The UI design affects the cost to build an e-commerce mobile development app.

    An attractive interface always proves to be a beneficial investment. A well-designed UI interface is something a person loves about the app.

    Typically, an average app with no custom and complex screen can take up to a time of average 87 hours of UI designing, and if there are custom screens with several complex elements involved then it requires 210 hours of designing.

    Total cost for UI design: $300- $17,500(cost differs between regions)

    UX costs

    If you own an eCommerce app, this UX part is something that we cannot ignore. The conversion rate is the most important part and UX  is that part of the app where most people often skim on.

    An optimal user experience offers a meaningful and effective experience for the end-users if it is properly designed. These factors gradually enhance the engagement rates.

    The UX app flow may vary depending upon the interactions involved in a project and the complexity of the app. These factors let the designer spend a sufficient amount of time in designing. On average, the design of an app requires 30 hours of work. On the other hand, if the app design and functions are increased with eye-catchy and appealing features, then it might take 200 hours of sleep also.

    Total cost for UX design: $100-$16,800 the cost varies between different regions

    It’s a daunting task to get the e-commerce mobile app development cost without the entire visual design stage costs. Other factors include the complexity of the design requests includes the creation of custom icons or unique animations. But to help you down, here are the usual costs for a visual design of your app:

    Basic App

    Wireframe- 14 hours

    UI design- 14 hours

    UX design – 5 hours

    Average App

    Wireframe- 56 hours

    UI design- 87 hours

    UX design- 28 hours

    Complex App

    Wireframe- 140 hours

    UI design- 200 hours

    UX design- 210 hours

    How much does it cost to develop an ecommerce mobile app

    Development cost

    This part does not require very much explanation as it is the part that affects the overall costs. The eCommerce mobile app development cost varies with the type of team you are working with. The app development stage will be handled by the dedicated team of developers which is further divided into a different team of back-end developers, from-end developers, and testers.

    Various factors are involved depending upon the complexity of the app and its features. For a simple e-commerce app with basic functions such as app search, shopping cart, order placement, payment information, the total mobile app development cost estimate in India varies between 600 and 900 hours.

    You can dive into the real world development time:

    App search: 90 hours

    Messenger: 110 hours

    Shopping cart: 74 hours

    Push notifications: 80 hours

    Share capabilities: 40 hours

    Database and Infrastructure: 20 hours

    Payment system integration: 103 hours

    Of course, the above-discussed features cannot be included in the e-commerce app, but this price is pretty close to an average e-commerce app. If all these features are taken into account, the e-commerce mobile app development in India can range up to $12,000 to $ 25,000 for the development phase of the e-commerce app development and it can increase up to $50,000 for an e-commerce app with complex features.

      Testing and deployment costs

      After the development is done, the testing phase is done to ensure that the e-commerce mobile app is free of bugs. To ensure the app’s stability and usability, it must go through a series of webs apps.

      If your app is a small one, the testing and deployment can be done with the assistance of a small number of users. But on the other hand, if it is a large app that has different advanced analytics and performance management, it can make you assist a large group.

      If you own a basic app, then it would cost around 40 hours, and for a complex app, it would cost around 500 hours.

      Total costs for testing and deployment :$800- $35,000

      Additional costs

      Various additional costs are included in the development of your e-commerce app development cost. Various minor and legal costs are involved such as the license costs, equipment costs as well as the app’s maintenance costs.

      App Store costs

      Don’t you agree that the Google Play store is a great platform for an app to get the maximum online presence and downloads? Why not, as it only makes you pay a registration costs of $25 to upload their app on the Google Play store. Additionally, it also charges an extra 30% for their service. This fee can be minimized to reduce 15% for subscription-based apps.

      Maintenance Costs

      The eCommerce app development cost cannot be estimated since the e-commerce app costs always require continuous updates and maintenance.

      It’s really hard to make an account for the e-commerce mobile app development, which generally accounts for 20% of the total cost of development for maintenance every year.

      For a brand that their names known consider app marketing as a great form of marketing strategy as they understand the customers mostly review their app to get the business.


      • Core features set
      • Basic designs
      • Cost: $30,000-$45,000
      • Time- 2-3 months


      • Additional features
      • Functional user interactions
      • Cost: $60,000- $100,000
      • Time- 5-8 months


      • Features -packed
      • Engaging user experience
      • Costs- $120,000- $250,000
      • Time- 9-18 months

      E-commerce mobile app development cost in India

      Android app development costs can vary depending upon the features and the variation in size. Moreover, e-commerce app development takes a longer time than iOS.

      The average costs for developing an effective app for Google account costs for $40,000 to $200,000.

      E-commerce websites include these standard features:

      • User Login
      • User profile
      • Product search
      • Product list
      • Payment gateway
      • Checkout process

      In addition to these basic features, there are some advanced features as well:

      • Online chat
      • Wishlist
      • Payment options
      • Offers push notifications
      • Product filters
      • Availability of Filters
      • Social media integrations
      • Instagram like photo-feeds
      • Easy Navigation
      • Customer reviews and ratings
      • Google Analytics for statistics
      • Universal linking
      • Synchronization of the website with business app
      • Registration process
      • Booking calendar
      • Real-time order tracking
      • Cart
      • Menu
      • Activity or news feed
      • Intercom support
      • Crash report or reporting
      • Secure data travel
      • In-app calling or messaging
      • Connect to third party API
      • Ping, Invite and earn feature for offering coupons
      • Augmented reality view
      • Easy checkout

      A beneficial advantage to help you reduce the e-commerce app development

      beneficial advantage to help you reduce the e-commerce app development
      Simple Registration

      This feature enables the user to login via social media profiles or email accounts through this process so that customers can save time as compared to the risky process of registration.

      User Interface

      User Interface is something that users interact with UI controls, features, content, and functions.

      Push Notifications

      Push notifications are something that pops up on a device that informs the customer regarding the discounts, offers to the users directly in their app.

      Advanced search

      The search option helps customers to get the required products by typing the product keywords in the search option as it helps to save time spend in navigation.

      The Conclusion

      Considering all these above-mentioned factors, the approximate cost of eCommerce app development ranges between $25,000 to $150000.  The level of the eCommerce app development depends upon the level of complexity, development duration, and selection of the team.

      It is always better to get in contact with a reputed mobile app development company to get a clear idea about the “How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce app”.

      DxMinds is a leading mobile app development company situated in India, San Francisco, Dubai, Australia, New Delhi, Mumbai. We build a feature-rich eCommerce mobile app to help your business boost your online presence. If you can come up with a user-friendly, feature-rich eCommerce app idea, then you can simply contact us at and our dedicated team will get back to you.

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