Prior to the advent of digital technology, applying for a loan was a big laborious task. Various facets of our lives have been impacted by technology, and financial services are no exception. The days when applicants had to complete application forms and visit the bank twice to deposit their money are long gone. Mobile loan app development service providers are now easing the process with the brilliant fusion of technology and mobile phones. The loan-lending companies have gotten involved in the race to digitize services, better meeting the demands of today’s smartphone-obsessed audience.

Users can easily apply for loans without making multiple trips to banks thanks to the practical features of online loan software.

These apps provide end-to-end services from a single platform, including loan eligibility application approval, documentation, disbursal, and many other things. In this way, these apps give users convenience & dependability while enabling online banking and money requests.

Just in a period of no time, one of the currently demanding money lending apps i.e ZestMoney has won the hearts of users by setting out the fastest way to obtain EMI without the need for a credit card.

Super interesting isn’t it?

Whether you realize or it, end-users get attracted to the concept that is both exclusive and unleash easiness in their life. And ZestMoney turns out to be the one.

Getting highly thrilled with the ZestMoney fame and its unique concept, most visionaries are coming forward to know the ZestMoney app development cost.

So why not read the entire blog to learn everything there is to know?  

Do you know among fintech companies, ZestMoney has one of the fastest rates of growth?

Zest Money specializes in providing loans to Indian customers. Since its invention in 2015, zest money has been able to build a platform that will continuously improve the lives of millions of households nationwide.

ZestMoney uses mobile technologies and artificial intelligence to engage in digital banking in order to further ensure that millions of customers can live comfortably.

ZestMoney uses state-of-the-art technology to provide most customers with affordable financing. Due to Zest’s recognition by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer this year, many entrepreneurs wanted to invest in developing mobile applications.

For those with little or no credit history, ZestMoney is the best option. It is important to understand that numerous businesses have begun receiving financial support from powerful international investors.

In this blog, we’ll go over everything you need to know about zest money before developing a mobile app.  Navigating you through the loan lending market overview, features, and app development cost of ZestMoney.

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Overview of ZestMoney

The quickest software for consumer money lending that offers EMIs without a credit card is called Zest money. Lizzie Chapman, Priya Sharma, and Ashish Anantharaman founded the business in 2015.

It is one of the fastest-growing consumer lending fintech companies with significant user participation. It is promoted as the week’s top app across a number of platforms.

Customers can use the platform to fulfill their credit needs without using a credit card. Zest Money collaborates with a number of internationally recognized merchants, including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Croma, and many more.

With the help of cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence, Zest Money offers a variety of digital sports that grow its customer base.

Present Market Analysis of ZestMoney

  • In 2021, Zest Money’s yearly revenue ranged from $50.0 to $75.0 million.
  • The zest money user base’s age ranges greatly from 18 to 34 years.
  • Statista projects that the transaction value for the Marketplace Lending (Consumer) segment will reach US$23.18k by the end of 2022.
  • The total transaction value is expected to increase by 0.63 percent annually until it reaches $23.77k by 2026. (CAGR 2022-2026).
  • The average transaction value per user in the Marketplace Lending (Consumer) segment is projected to reach US$13.73 in 2022.
  • According to a comparison of all countries, the highest transaction value is achieved in China (US$73,430.00m in 2022).

Features of Include to Build a Money Lending app Like ZestMoney

Registration/log-in: The user will register in the system by providing personal and professional information. Additionally, users can access the app by entering their email addresses and password.

Apply for a Loan: To apply for a loan, a user must select the loan amount, view the EMI, GST, and processing fees, and complete the fund transfer.

Decide on a payback period: The user will be able to do so. Interest will be shown according to the payback period’s EMI.

Calculation of EMI and interest

Using the payback period, this tool will calculate EMI and interest. Additionally, users can figure out the EMI for the desired loan amount.

Billing and payment schedule: The user can view all completed EMI schedules, due dates, and completed EMI bills here.

Variety loans: There will be a range of loan products, and users can apply for any of them. Loans may be obtained for a variety of purposes, including education, a house, travel, jewelry, and weddings.

Bank Collaboration: In order to offer the user the best services, the system will collaborate with the banks. Banks that can offer the best services will be used as the basis for the verification.


100% of the available credit card funds may be withdrawn at once. The funds will be transferred to your bank account, from which point you can use an ATM to withdraw cash.

Transactions: This will display a detailed breakdown of the borrowed funds, withdrawals, and available credit limits. Payment will be broken down into types, such as bank transfers and credit cards. This page will also show the full payment.

EMIs: This will display the current EMIs for the borrowed funds. As soon as the money is transferred, it will be added to the transactions and removed from this section. Each EMI will display full details, including the total fund, the EMI amount, the month, and the interest.

Payment transfer to bank account: Enable the user to quickly transfer the payment to the designated bank account. Additionally, users can withdraw money.

Discounts and offers related to credit card usage:

Users who choose to use their credit cards more frequently will receive greater discounts and offers.

Rewards: The user can use reward points based on their credit score. If they have borrowed money and made their payments on time, their credit score will be strong, and they will be rewarded as a result.

Secure: Thanks to this crucial aspect of the app, users can use it without concern because their data is completely secure.

Online support: Users can contact the support team with any questions; they will receive assistance shortly.

Notification: The user will receive all app and admin updates.

My profile:

The user will manage the profile where he can view and edit the registered information and manage passwords.

Admin Panel Features

Login: The administrator can use these credentials to access the back end.

Dashboard: This dashboard contains all of the app’s activity for the admin to see. It provides overall app performance statistics, including total loan amounts, users, partners, and earnings, which are further filtered based on data and time frame.

Rewards Management: The administrator will handle rewards for users who are using credit cards. Depending on their card score, users will receive rewards. A gift or bargain is a reward taxi.

Profile approval: After a user registers in the system, a verification process will take place during which the system will check the user’s submitted information, such as their PAN number, credit score, city, etc.

KYC Approval: The system will arrange for a KYC visit from one of its registered banking partners in order to gather users’ KYC documentation for final approval.

Manage Users: In this section, the administrator manages app users. The user list is viewable and can be filtered by “Register on data & date range.” The administrator can edit or remove a user as well as view the currently active users.

CMS Integration: The administrator is in charge of managing the app’s content, which can be found in both text and image forms. Any customer today needs online support in order to access the system’s assistance. A team member will help the user when they request support.

Bank Partner Management: The system will work with bank partners, and this is where you can manage which banks worked with the administrator.

Manage Earnings: In this section, the administrator is in charge of managing earnings. He can view all earnings, income, and pending funds and filter the information by date, date range, and point packages.

Manage Profile: The administrator is in charge of managing user profiles and has the option of adding, deleting, or editing users.

Loan Management: The administrator will oversee the terms and conditions for each of the loan types that users have chosen, with a different interest rate for each type.

Manage Discount & Offer: When a user swipes a card, it is recorded. Based on the recording and amount of card spending, discounts are then made available to users, and the discounts are set here.

System Credit Card: After the user has been verified, the partner bank that has approved your application will issue him a system credit card with a limit. When a user requests money, they are given a credit card limit that is valid forever and can be used whenever they want.

Manage Users: In this section, the administrator manages app users. The user list is viewable and can be filtered by “Register on data & date range.” The administrator can edit or remove a user as well as view the currently active users.

Additional Features of Loan Lending App like ZestMoney

Security Assured:

As the app deals with users’ real data, security is a crucial component of a system that draws users. To guarantee the security of the app, security certificates will be integrated into the system.

Cloud storage integration

Cloud storage will assist the system in securely and privately storing user data.

Analytics and reporting: Real-time reporting is a crucial component of the app for monitoring and monitoring data and extracting actionable and meaningful information that can be used to improve the outcomes or performance of the app.

Interest for only used amounts: This feature distinguishes the platform from others by enabling users to avoid paying interest on unused funds. When you borrow money and only use a portion of it, the interest is calculated on the amount that was actually used.

Repayment: This top feature enables users to pay back to the system, where they can return any money they haven’t used.

Major Loan Lending Apps Features

Chatbot Support

Customers who use the chatbot support feature can call the app at any time to speak with a representative and receive assistance. The answers to all of the users’ basic questions are provided by chatbots, which have human-like speech patterns.

Loan Calculator

Anyone looking to expand his commercial properties can use the loan calculator to get information about monthly payments, interest rates, and down payments.

Online support

This feature is crucial for users because they can access information from the online support team at any time. Users can access online support at any time from team members.

Bank partner management: In this section, the app’s system collaborates with banks to manage the admin’s associated banks in the system.

Dashboards: Dashboards keep you informed of all activity occurring within your app. On the basis of the data range, it is simple to separate all the fundamental statistics including total app users, total amount lent, partners, and total earnings.

Reporting and analytics: Real-time reporting is one of the key features of this type of app because it enables you to organize the data to aid in monitoring and analysis of the data to extract valuable information to improve app performance.

Push Notifications: You are kept abreast of all the most recent app activity thanks to these notifications. They serve as a reminder of any offers or significant information that needs to be brought to your attention.

Multiple currencies & Language Support:

These features are crucial because people from different countries have different currencies and are accustomed to speaking different languages. As a result, these apps must support multiple currencies and languages in order for people from those countries to use them.

CMS Integration: With the aid of CMS Integration, content in the form of both text and images can be managed.

What is the cost to build an app like Zest Money?

The cost to build a Money lending app like Zest Money is impacted by various factors.

Reviewing each of these elements is crucial when trying to estimate something. You must be aware that, much like zest money, it is crucial to hire specialized developers to build the application. You need to work with devoted developers. A few imperative factors are

Platform selection

Prior to creating an application like Zest Money, it would be helpful to choose the platform on which it will be released.

Here, you must select the platform for your application based on your budget. It is essential that Android app development costs are lower than those for iOS.

Cross-platform development is a popular choice among businesses looking to get both. 57.45% of users in the USA actively use an iOS device, compared to 42.27% of Android smartphone users.

In order to decide which platform is best for your application, you should look to hire passionate loan app developers such as DxMinds. We will direct you toward the best platform based on the requirements of your company.

The complexity of the app

Another element that has a significant impact on the zest money app development cost is the complexity of the app. As an illustration, the complexity levels of creating an app like Zest and the prices charged by various mobile app development companies are listed below.

The cost of simple app development like Zest Money(involving the basic version) may fall between $,000 to $50,00.

The typical cost of developing a mid-level Zest Money lending app (basic and few advanced features) ranges between $50,000 and $80,000.

Costs for complex Zest app development cost from $50,000 to $150,000.

3. Development Companies’ Locations

Here are the geographical factors that show that, depending on where the hybrid app development company is located, creating an app similar to Zest will cost you a little money. A table outlining the availability and hourly rates of mobile app developers is provided below.

LocationCost/per hour

Features and Functions of an App

It is important to realize that the complexity of features and functionalities has the biggest impact on how much it will cost to design an app same to zest.

The cost of building a money lending app increases as more features and functions are added. The extensive features you’ll give your hybrid app development company to include in your application will also increase the time it takes to build it, which could increase the cost. In order to reduce the cost of development, you should restrict the features and functions of your app.

Considering all the above factors the cost to build an app like ZestMoney may range from $30K-$100k


Today’s consumers, spoiled by the on-demand economy and constrained by the pandemic’s restrictions, yearn for more services they can access from the comfort of their homes. Due to this, a lot of lenders are feeling the need to create fintech applications, specifically a loan application that enables on-demand cash lending.

Are You Interested to develop Custom Loan Lending App like Zest Money?

The project is still largely reliant on the mobile app development company, though. Therefore, it is in your best interest to look for someone who has the necessary expertise and experience in developing cutting-edge FinTech products.

At DxMinds, we are familiar with the challenges of developing in-demand mobile applications in a matter of months. Question our heritage? View our case studies and portfolio.


What are the processes involved in loan applications?

Lenders and borrowers may directly negotiate the terms of a loan, such as interest rates and repayment schedules, on the basis of their equality as parties. After running a security check, the platform approves the borrower’s loan application.

How long will it take to develop my loan lending app?

A minimum viable product (MVP) can be made in just one month if necessary, even though it takes 3–4 months to establish a loan app. Because there is more development involved in the finished product, it takes longer. Once the development task is complete and QA has given its approval, the app will be delivered to you on time.

How much does it cost to create a loan lending app?

Depending on the features you require, the cost to develop a loan lending app can range from $15,000 to $84,000.

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