How Much Does it cost to develop a loan lending app like Kreditbee and Paysense? In today’s day and era, when almost all that you want is available by few clicks on your smartphone, you can get anything from your groceries and transportation to even food and clothes it's nothing unexpected that even bank and financial services are getting up to speed. The banking industry is developing rapidly and successfully thus its services.

In any case, taking a loan is still considered to be a long and tiring process. To help individuals with this long process loan lending app such as Kreditbee and Paysense from Top loan lending app development company India are being built which offer a simple and systematic process replacing the hectic schedule of heavy paperwork, standing in a queue, waiting for long hours or compromising his privacy. These applications diminish the physical efforts of visiting the bank and they likewise lessen the time taken for such process.

Mobile loan apps have remodeled and advanced the banking and loan sector.

Loan lending app development is a foremost solution for processes like eligibility of loan, loan approval, process documentation, disbursal of the loan amount, and more. These apps advantage users by enabling them to bank online and request the loan. Instant loan apps like Kreditbee and Paysense can be utilized for several kinds of loan applications, for example, personal loans, business loans, home loans, and so forth.

Modern non-banking financial companies are introducing mobile apps into their solutions to improve customer accessibility, convenience, and to ensure consumer desires and satisfaction.

This blog highlights the most interested and demanding queries of the customers

“How much does it cost to develop loan lending apps like Kreditbee and Paysense?

How to create a loan app?

How much does it cost to develop a loan lending app?

Cost and Features of Loan lending Mobile app development?

How to build Mobile loans lending apps like Kreditbee and Paysense?

How to develop a loan lending application?

How to create a personal loan app?

Instant Loan App Development Cost?

Personal Loan App Like Kreditbee, Paysense Making cost?”

DxMinds the top mobile app development company in Bangalore assist you in developing loan/Money lending mobile apps with advanced and unique concept plus features and technologies

About Kreditbee

KreditBee is an Instant Personal Loan platform for self-employed and salaried users, where they can apply for a Personal Loan beginning from ₹ 1,000 up to ₹ 2 Lakhs according to their want and requirement.

The documentation required is extremely less, and the whole process – beginning from registration on an app to loan disbursement doesn’t take over 15 minutes. The app process is totally online, and upon approval, the money is quickly transformed into the bank account of the user.

Regardless of whether users haven’t taken a loan earlier, or don’t have a credit card, they avail loan benefits with KreditBee. The app offer loans in different ticket sizes and repayment, to suit all your financial wants.

More often, these come up without warning and can be anything such as emergency medical problems, paying your EMIs/bills, and so forth. Regardless of whether it’s something you need for yourself, like a vacation, booking concert tickets, or online shopping that is the place the app comes in!

Knowing this facts bank and financial businesses got attracted towards the app and eager to create a loan lending app like Kreditbee.

About Paysense

PaySense offers instant loans from ₹5000 to ₹500,000, with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on the loans between 18% to 36% (on a decreasing balance basis) + a limit of 3.5% processing fee on the principal loan amount. These instant loans are given for a span of 3 months to 60 months.

Paysense app is ranked amongst the top 100 fintech innovators in the world according to KPMG and H2 reports.

Around 5 Million+ users have installed and using the Paysense app for urgent personal loan purpose providing loan facilities such as Instant personal loan, Salaried loan, Vehicle loan(New car loan, Used car loan, Tow wheeler loan), Consumer loan(Mobile loan, Laptop loan, Washing machine loan, Camera loan and more), Marriage loan, Travel loan, short term loan, Medical emergency loan and more.

Additionally giving one of the quickest online loan approvals to Indians for personal loans, PaySense lets its users enjoy such as favorable circumstances Affordable interest rate, Convenient and moderate EMIs,2-minute loan application process Paperless documentation, Loans accessible for those with low financial scores and Automated updates and EMI deduction.

Being aware of the beneficial facts of Paysense app,non-financial companies are considering to build an instant Personal loan app like Paysense.

How does Instant Loan app work? Working Model of Loan lending app

Here how Kreditbee and Paysense Money lending app works

  • Sign up with your personal details either through Google or Facebook
  • Check the personal loan eligibility 
  • Give KYC documentation such as identity proof(aadhar/PAN/VoterID),address proof(aadhar/Utility bills/Rental agreement),income proof(bank statement) and more
  • Provide bank account details
  • Get instant approval of loan in your account

Features Features of Loan lending Mobile app Development | Features of Instant Personal loan apps


Entry into the app where users can register or login by providing personal/professional details such as Email-id, password and more.

Apply for loan 

Users can apply for an instant loan, for applying loan user need to follow a couple of steps like money amount selection, view EMI, GST, Processing fees and complete fund transfer.

Set Payback Period

Users as per their want, they can choose the payback time duration, depending on payback period EMI, Interest will be shown.

EMI, interest calculation Tool

As per the given payback time period EMI, interest will be determined(calculated) by this tool. Users can likewise calculate the EMI for the requested amount of loan.

Payment schedule and Billing 

Here the user will see total EMI schedules, due dates, completed EMI bills.


This will display the complete history of the fund borrowed, Withdrawal, available credit limit. Payment will be isolated by the types i.e credit card, bank transfer. The complete payment will likewise show up here.


This feature shows the ongoing EMI’s of the loan have been borrowed. Once the fund will be paid, it would be eliminated from this section and included in the transactions. Each EMI will be displayed with complete data like a total fund, EMI amount, month interest.


Cash can be withdrawal 100% in one go from the credit card. The money will be transferred in a bank account and from there a user can withdraw cash by accessing ATM.

Transfer payment to a bank account

Empower the user to transfer payment in the registered bank account in a couple of minutes. User can likewise withdraw the money.

Discount and offers on Credit Cards usages

Allow user to pay with credit for everyday requirements, how much user will utilize the credit cards, will get more discount and offers.

Reward Points 

User can use reward point’s premise on the credit score, if the user has borrowed money and paid on time then the credit score will be high and depending on that user will get rewards.

Different Loans

Users can get access to multiple loan types, they can apply for any category of Loan. It can be taken for education, Travel, Gold, Vehicle and many more.

Partnership with banks 

The App system will work with different banks to offer the best services and solutions to users. The verification will be done basis on banks that give the best services.


This is the most crucial feature of the app, where user’s data is confidential, protected and secure.

Online support

Helps user to contact for any query with the support team through chat or by calling,the support will be offered within a short time.

My Profile 

User can manage the profile where they can view and edit registered information or password.


User will get offers, discounts, and other updates through an app or by admin.


The administrator can log in into the back end with login certifications.


Admin can get all the realtime data on the application through this dashboard. It gives total details of app performance, like an absolute number of the amount lent, total users, total earnings, which further sorted based on data and data range.

Manage rewards 

Admin holds the power to manage rewards for users who are utilizing the credit cards. The rewards will be offered to users depending on card score it can be a reward cab or gift or deal.

Manage discounts and offers

At the point when the user swipes the card it would be tracked and dependent on the tracking/number of spending, card discount will be offered to users and discounts will be set here.

Profile approval

Once user register into the app, the verification process takes place where the detail given by the user will be analyzed by the system such PAN number, credit score, city and more then the user profile gets approval.

KYC approval

The app will schedule a KYC visit from system registered banking partners to gather users KYC documentation for last approval.

System Credit Card

At the point when the user will be verified, he will get a system credit card with a limit from the partner bank that has authorized your app. When the user will apply for a loan, the user will get limit in a credit card that can be utilized whenever with no time validity.

Manage Users 

Here admin deals with the app users, like the user list. They may see the active users, include new users or edit/remove a user.

CMS Integration

Admin is monitors and manages the app content, both as text and image form. Online support is important for any customer today; wherein users can find support from the system. 

Bank partner Management

The app is connected with multiple bank partners so which banks teamed up with admin, will be managed here.

Manage earnings

Admin is capable to manage profit at this segment, he can see complete earnings, income, pending money; it can likewise be filtered by date/date range and points packages.

Manage Profile

Admin is capable to manage user profiles, and he may decide to include/delete/edit users.

Loan Management

The administrator will manage the loan types that have been chosen by the users as the terms & conditions, the interest rate will be distinctive for various kinds.


Security is a significant aspect of the app system that grabs users as the app deal with real data of users. Security certificated will be incorporated into the system to safeguard the application security.

Cloud Storage integration

Cloud storage will assist the framework by storing user data with the end goal of security, privacy.

Reporting and analytics

Real-time reporting is a significant part of the app for arranging data into instructive summaries to screen and analyze data.

Interest for only used amount

This unique feature encourages a user to pay no interest on money that hasn’t been utilized. In case you have borrowed a measure of money and user half fund, at that point the interest will be determined on the used data.

This extreme feature permits the user to repay the framework where the user will have control to return the money that not been utilized.

These are the advance technology features that influence the development cost of personal loan apps like Kreditbee and Paysense.

Chatbot support

Chatbot support is offered to the users who empower them to call the app whenever to find a solution to their inquiry. Chatbots sounds like a human and has answers to all the essential inquiries of the users. 

Loan Calculator

Information identified with monthly payments, interest rate, and payment is given to any individual who is looking to enhance his business properties.

Push Notification

These notification keep users updated with all the most of the ongoing activities of the app. They remind you about any offers or significant stuff.

Multiple currencies and language Support:

These choices are essential as individuals from various nations have different currencies and interact with different languages, so with the goal for them to access these applications, it should support Multi-currency and languages.

Our Loan Lending App Development Services

DxMinds the leading Loan lending app development company in Bangalore India helping the Fintech startups, financial institutions, banks, and non-banking financial companies to implement a loan lending app or Instant personal apps solutions that enhance customer experience, enhance profits and overall speed in digital transformation.

Steps followed by DxMinds for app development:

  • Ideation 
  • Research
  • Design and development
  • Testing
  • App launch
  • Support and Maintenance 

Our Development Model for Loan lending apps

Fixed Model: 

  • Not flexible 
  • Fixed deadlines and Budget
  • Milestone based payment
  • No setup fees
  • No hidden cost 

Hire Developers: 

  • Get a dedicated full-time developers team 
  • No hidden cost
  • Specific hours monthly production
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay for measurable work
  • Low cost
  • Highest authority
  • Long term commitment

Time and Material: 

  • No hidden cost
  • Requirement based working hours 
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work 
  • Low risk
  • High flexibility
  • Iterative process 
  • Hire developers 

Setting OTC(Offshore Development Center)

  • Solution for Hiring and recruitment process
  • Provide a skilled based team as per your requirements 
  • Choose required teams such as Programmers, Testers, Project Managers, Designers and more
Cost Analysis

The cost to develop a loan lending app or Instant personal apps like Kreditbee and Paysense range from $10k-$90K by considering important factors such as developing regions, app features, app platforms, app design, app technologies and more.

DxMinds the leading mobile app development company in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and India delivers quality driven loan lending app development services with a blend of advanced trends and technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

In terms of user-friendly app design, unique features, client reviews, Portfolio and many other features DxMinds hold the position of Best Personal loan app developers in Bangalore India.

Asper DxMinds the Loan lending app development cost of Kreditbee and Paysense ranges from $10K-$90K estimated with respect to development region, app technologies, trendy app features and more.

According to DxMinds the cost to develop an instant personal loan app/loan lending app falls from $10K-$90k by examining important factors such as app design, app size, app functionalities, and more. Want to know the exact price as per your requirements then connect DxMinds on

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