How Much Does it Cost to develop a Real estate app like Bayut?

How Much Does it Cost to develop a Real estate app like Bayut?

Did you know that 1 in 4 people use a mobile real estate app to search for, buy, and sell properties online? Since smartphones have developed, real estate has grown to be an even more lucrative industry.

An all-time high in the popularity of online property searches has led to intense competition in the real estate market.

Finding a property is never simple. Your list of requirements might not always satisfy all of them. For this reason, finding an online application that can help you with all these problems is very helpful for people looking for property.

Market reports indicate that a staggering 95% of real estate firms have websites with property listings.

Building a website, however, is only a very small step in the face of such intense competition. If you want to stay competitive, your real estate business needs a unique mobile app in addition to a website.

In order for users to download and use your real estate mobile app, it must stand out from the crowded app stores.

This Bayut app is user-friendly because it really aids those who have been looking for a property for a long time without finding anything. The real estate app Development Company always tries to create apps that can be a really efficient service.

This is an online property search app that provides a platform that makes it much easier and saves a lot of time for property seekers. This application is responsible for providing effective services, and users can rely on it completely.

The creator of real estate apps always strives to build apps with dependable features and verified information for users. The developer of real estate apps strives constantly to create apps with dependable features and verified information for users.

Are you waiting for the ideal proposal to build a real estate app like Bayut?

With the limitless options available today, determining the ideal cost for developing your real estate website and mobile app can range from very affordable to very expensive. Working with the top app development companies in UAE such DxMinds makes sense for your own company, despite the fact that anything in the middle makes it difficult for you to determine a reasonable budget.


The first real estate marketplace in the UAE, Bayut brings together tenants, buyers, and sellers in one convenient location. By going above and beyond and only providing a directory of available listings for rent and sale, Bayut has taken on the responsibility of being the most reliable source for “every real estate thing.”

The resources that Bayut offers provide seamless solutions to every query a potential end-user might have in the UAE.

In contrast, Bayut is the most reputable real estate website and mobile app with over 2.8 million visitors each month and roughly 1200 agencies listed on their platforms as a result of their dedicated efforts to fill this void with value-added service and features.

Additionally, Bayut is now the most well-functioning tech startup, strengthening its position in the global market, thanks to investments totaling $160 million from renowned investors like the KCK group and Exor.

Therefore, the Bayut app’s out-of-the-box features could greatly simplify your life if you are still debating making your first property investment in the UAE or planning to launch a new business.

Real Estate Mobile Apps: Definition And Types

Let’s first define what we mean in the context of real estate apps. The good news is that you are not forced to limit yourself to a single type of software solution. Look around you; there are many participants in the real estate market, including vendors, tenants, landlords, agents, etc. As a result, your real estate app can provide solutions to issues for various users or in various stages of the process. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Renting/House Hunting Apps

When you think of real estate apps, this one is probably the first kind that comes to mind. This property listing enables searching for lodging using particular criteria, such as address, region, city, neighborhood, etc. Apps that use multiple listing services (MLS) must work closely with them. These are databases that list all of the lodging options that are currently on the market.

Real Estate Agents’ Apps

These apps are tools that assist real estate agents and brokers in providing their services. These could include virtual 3D tours of the apartment, communication between agents and clients, documentation, and property management. Such software can be extremely beneficial in terms of reducing paperwork and simplifying processes.

Real Estate Investment Software

Real estate investment is a growing industry. Potential monitoring purchases are in high demand among investors and agents. However, there is one requirement for such apps: they must be highly customizable.

Must-Have Real Estate Bayut like MVP Features

MVP stands for a minimum viable product. It means that this product has a limited number of features and was created in a limited amount of time and effort. However, the term “viable” implies that such a product must perform the app’s core functionality and allow early adopters to achieve their objectives. In the case of a real estate app, these should be simple features that help users find suitable housing.

Here are some features you might want to include in your real estate app

Search Filters

The first step in a real estate app is to use a search engine.

Additionally from simply providing an engine, it is preferable to ensure that it has well-structured filters to make the search more engaging and faster. This is especially important for mobile users who use the app while on the go (in queues, taxis, transport, etc.).

Filters such as:


Property type


Year of constructions


Map Integration

Without a map, it is difficult to envision a real estate mobile app. The good news is that it is simple to give. Creating your own map solution is not required. Instead, you can incorporate a ready-made map solution from third-party suppliers like Google Maps or Mapbox.

Admin Panel

The administrative panel is a further component that ought to be a part of your MVP. The panel specifies who may add or remove listings, manage the listed properties, or obtain applicant reports for rental properties. Developers can rejoice because they are not required to create an administrative panel from scratch. As an alternative, you can incorporate an existing solution, modify it to meet your needs, and change the design.

Chat Solution

Instantaneous communication is also crucial when looking for housing. Instead of calling a realtor, your user is more likely to message one in a chat. You make finding the real estate object more difficult by having someone call. Therefore, a chat feature is another one that must be included in your real estate app.


With integrated databases of property listings to heaven, it’s impossible for an app to skip it, especially for realtors. Because they can quickly locate listings in a location that matches the search criteria they have been using, users find this to be useful. Typically, MSL systems are used by these simple sorting apps.

Book a Review

The ability for users to view the window of time for apartment reviews online will also make their lives much simpler. Making a call would no longer be necessary, greatly increasing the likelihood that a user would schedule an appointment.

Social Media Integration

Unsurprisingly, real estate agents can easily share their property listings on their social media channels and profiles, attracting interested parties. Property seekers can simultaneously transfer the listing of the property to their accounts to solicit input from friends and family before deciding whether to make a purchase.

Mortgage Calculator

Here’s a quick mental calculation home buyers may occasionally need to determine whether they can afford the property they have their eye on. There is no room for errors with a real estate calculator app for a mortgage.

If you believe it will help your app, you can also include an interest rate calculator in it.


It’s a great way to personalize your app to include registration. Users’ search parameters or their favorite products may be saved when they create an account and placed in a “Favorites” box.

The registration feature, by the way, is a lot simpler to implement than it first appears. It is not necessary to start from scratch, in fact. The user’s email addresses, contact information, or social media accounts can be used instead (Facebook, Google Account, or Instagram).

Featuring 3D Models

With the integration of AR and VR, users can create this fantastic feature. This feature is crucial for apps where you’re trying to draw investors, like ones for real estate rehabilitation.

Push Notifications & CRM Solution

CRM is a great tool for realtors to better understand how people use their apps when it comes to real estate. They can decide to wait for future versions of the app from CRM to be improved and thoroughly tested. The additional customer interactions made possible by push notifications, on the other hand, result in quicker sales.

Customer Support and Lead Management Panel

Depending on the app’s sole function, this will be a place where users can go to customize their search, manage listings, arrange tours of the properties, and lots more.


It’s Smart

Ask them to make the app smart before deciding on app development in Dubai.

You must be wondering how a smart app functions. Yes, it does resemble Bayut.

Let’s find out how!

The Bayut app fits with Smart Dubai’s goal to make the emirate the happiest and most technologically advanced city in the world, in addition to offering a variety of properties to buy and lease across the UAE with just a touch.

So, these are a few features that the Bayut app provides for you:

For a seamless experience, streamline your results based on the area, the date and price posted, and the popularity.

Make your search more specific by using filters for location, neighborhood, cost, number of beds, and more.

You can browse property pictures from the comfort of your home.

While riding the Dubai metro or going on a date with your significant other, present all the necessary information about a property on a single screen.

Add your favorite to the list, plus lots more

It may directly dial the listing phone number.

Finally, it will message any prospective client with all the information about a property.

A Reliable Choice

Millions of unique users have tested the Bayut app since its 2014 launch and some of them have provided feedback. The app has undergone numerous updates for a better, faster, and more enjoyable user experience over the past two years as a result of the feedback and review feature’s extensive feedback.

It Is Simple and Free To Download

While it’s true that the best things in life are never free, Bayut breaks the mold by offering a hassle-free, 100% free download on the App Store and Google Play.

It includes the entire of Dubai.

In addition to covering all of Dubai, Bayut also covers the rest of the UAE.

All you need to do is specify a few details, such as property type, location, the number of rooms and amenities, etc., and the app will take care of the rest, whether you’re looking for a bachelor pad in Jebel Ali or a luxurious villa in Rashidiya.

Simply put, it gives you access to tens of thousands of listings from companies like Better Homes, Driven Properties, First Choice, Here To There, PH Real Estate, Fortune 5, Engel & Volkers, Splendours, and so on.

The emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Sharjah, and Ajman are also represented on Bayut. Additionally, each listing includes a wealth of information such as amenities, a nearby location, a property index, and much more.

Certainly sounds impressive!

What are you still holding out for?

Hire the top mobile app developers in Dubai, your pocket-sized friend, to get started right away if you want to stay ahead of the competitive trajectory in the real estate sector.

A Real Estate App Development In 5 Steps:

The process of developing real estate apps has finally come to an end. First, every step in the process of creating a mobile app is the same:

Research, development, launch, iteration.

The creation of real estate apps does, however, have some unique characteristics that set it apart. This section will discuss the difficulties that arise at each stage of creating a real estate mobile app.

1) Find your Goal

You can’t create your app in a vacuum. Your product is probably going to fail even if you manage it. You must choose which user issue the product will address if you want to prevent this result. For that, you should:

Choose the market you want to target; identify the target demographic;

Find the user’s pain by researching the market.

2) Consider how you’ll stand out.

How are you different from them should be a question you ask yourself after conducting market research and meeting your competitors in person. What makes you unique from other companies in terms of features, details, or services? What is your basis for belief, in other words?

The problem is that your product shouldn’t be singular. But perhaps being unique is not your strongest suit. What if the value of your product is determined by its accessibility? Or perhaps you offer a seamless operation that none of your rivals can?

Take your time and consider it!

3) Assemble the listings

Any real estate app’s main focus is listings. These are ready-to-integrate apartment and home listings or databases of real estate information. Listings are crucial because you need to have something to offer your users when you launch a real estate app.

The good news is that adding listings to your app is simple. The unfortunate news is that it’s not always possible because not every market has MLS. However, some markets that you enter have unique broker communities that oversee such listings. In this fortunate case, you can collaborate with them and call it quits.

However, occasionally there isn’t a single database available. You must independently collect the database in these circumstances.

There are a few additional factors to take into account in addition to the listing:

How will you update your database of listings?

Are users able to upload their products? Or are listings restricted to agents only?

Will administrators or moderators be present on your platform to verify the legitimacy of the offerings?

4) Assemble a group of experts

Working with a new concept makes it alluring to fall in love with it. You think about your new product before you go to sleep, and you think about its functionality when you wake up. Unfortunately, it is difficult to question something you are madly in love with. You might eventually learn that there is no market for your product.

You need a pool of product team members who can test your idea with actual users if you want to avoid this situation. You can only move forward with the development phase after the idea has been confirmed. A group of developers is also required in this situation.

The good news is that you can combine product managers and programmers into one team while working with a product development studio.

5) Create MVP

The idea is validated by you and your product team before the development phase begins. Every day matters in the development of startups. Building a simple, quick-to-build version of your product is essential for MVP. However, you must consider how your product might scale up in the future and modify the architecture accordingly.

You can get assistance from the product development studio at this point. You can put your idea into action with their assistance within a few months. The Web Architect specialist will also monitor the architecture of your product’s scalability at the same time.

What is the cost to build an app like Bayut?

A property listing app like Bayut costs between AED 20,000 and AED 50,000 to develop in Dubai. We can create your app for a very low cost while taking your budget into account. However, if you have specific requirements for your app, we can provide you with an accurate cost estimate. Our skilled mobile app developers in Dubai are dedicated to offering our customers affordable mobile app solutions that increase their revenue.

It won’t take longer than 8 to 12 weeks to complete an Android, iOS, or website development timeline for the application’s roughed-in features.

Before it is ready to be delivered to customers, an app typically goes through five steps. The five phases are research, ideation, design, testing, and delivery. A talented team of developers must work tirelessly through each of these stages to maintain the app’s uncompromised quality and bug-free status. You will undoubtedly need to pay skilled professionals with extensive experience creating mobile apps for Android and iOS handsome salaries.

Why DxMinds Technologies?

Since its inception, DxMinds has delivered over 500+ successful projects for clients all over the world. We have an excellent development team that includes both young and experienced campaigners. Our performance over the last few years has helped us become a leading mobile app development company in Dubai. You can learn more about our mobile app development expertise by reviewing our portfolio and client list. When you’re convinced, send us an email at

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