Every day a new product is being released in the present cutthroat IT world. However, only the best will survive: most start-ups break down due to a lack of investment, marketing demand, or public apathy, and the fact is that we only know about the most successful ones. Don’t you agree? So do you want to get into their list?  f yes, then remember customer interest satisfaction is the only path that is going to take you toward success. To discover what your customers want the most from your ultimate product, essentially you must focus on building a powerful minimally viable product, the main highway to make your last product viable.

MVP is less expensive than a full-fledged solution, allowing you to determine the market environment with fewer financial and time losses. This technique has led to the development of well-known companies such as Dropbox and Amazon, and it is worth exploring. 

A minimal viable product is a technique for developing a solution with a set of features sufficient for trailblazers to utilize. MVP facilitates developers in improving the product based on consumer feedback analysis. This blog will help you in developing a minimally viable product in a way that doubles your investment. 

Why do you need to consider building MVP for your product?

Basically, MVP development is the process of creating a new product with the fewest possible functionality. It plays a role in determining the overall viability of the system and conducting audience response testing.

The goal is to launch a product with the fewest features possible to obtain user responses as soon as possible. Also, early in the product development life cycle, the product idea should be validated.

Stats revealing the importance of MVP

45% of startups fail due to a lack of funds.

Startups that expand properly grow 20 times faster than those that grow too quickly.

These figures demonstrate the advantages of starting the new product development process with an MVP. There are, however, additional reasons for an MVP product development business to create a Minimum Viable Product:

– Developing a preliminary model that serves as a jumping-off point for talks and provides clear visual points of reference

– Implementing the initial concept Sharing the model with a few prospects and testing it with real users is part of the approval process. This aids in comprehending any complications that may arise with the product.

– Starting the real development process after months of improving and refining the software idea is a huge and inspiring step toward creating a fully-fledged solution.

When developing a mobile app, you must realize that the complete concept of developing an MVP is divided into two parts:

Business and Marketing: An MVP empowers a company to survey to determine the best marketing strategies and advertising platforms for the product’s progress.

Proof of concept: By creating an MVP, the company will obtain key technical insights from required programming and establish a minimum feature set, which will help them to differentiate their product

Importance of MVP to make your product a rewarding one

Evaluating the viability of a product Need to test the effectiveness of your concept but don’t know where to begin? Minimum Viable Product development will allow you to turn your ideas into reality and test their attractiveness with customers. Begin by creating a feature list that just includes the fundamental features to be integrated.

Investing less in product development. Working on the required product functionality will result in fewer operating expenditures. Working effectively on “how to build Minimum Viable Product” is very important if your budget for product development is restricted.

Quick delivery When working on MVP development, your team not only attempts to save time and money but also to develop a solution to consumer concerns (or at least, one of them).

What is the best approach for building a powerful minimally viable product?

Although MVP development is bounded by significant features, it’s vital if you start the planning before development. The challenge here is, how do you build a minimal viable product and where do you begin? 

So, let’s go into detail about the MVP development process.

When developing a minimal viable product, you need to go through the following processes. Market Research


Define the Feature List

Build and Launch

Get the feedback

Market Research 

Market research is the foundation of every successful product out there. If you don’t want to become bankrupt- Research as much as possible. Make certain that your MVP website or app is both intriguing and useful to users. Other platforms offer paid surveys, such as Swagbucks, OnePoll, Toluna, and others. They will assist you in creating a detailed portrait of your end users. Additionally, keep an eye out for your competition and extensively examine how they create a minimal viable product.

If not the best thing to do is get in touch with a leading MVP development company that has a record of delivering excellent apps with the help of MVP 

Ideate by answering

To build a pleasing MVP, then it’s super to think from your target audience’s perceptive. You as a business owner should understand your project goals and answer the following questions:

What problems does your platform help the customers to solve?

Can it be valuable to the end-user, and if so, how?

Why would they choose this platform?

If you find all of the answers, you’ll have a good grasp of the main product characteristics. After establishing the problems and pain points (as well as their solutions), you may begin developing the MVP version of your future product.

Create a Feature List

When creating an MVP for a startup, you must offer your list of features to the app development company accordingly they can filter out or suggest the best. So, for the planning step, make a list of all the desired components of your desired app.

Then, only include the features that are required to create a minimal viable product concept. MVP implies that you do not have to create complex frameworks and flashy designs all at once. Take everything one step at a time.

Build and Launch

Once all the criteria for the app development are decided, you can begin building MVP. So, how can you design a minimum viable product that will be profitable and appealing to both customers and investors? Remember that you should find a happy medium to receive a professional and succinct result.

Your MVP should not be overly functional. At the same time, it should be of high quality, with each bug demolished before avoiding failure from the start. Furthermore, it must entice customers with its ease of use while also solving their underlying concerns.

Capture the feedback 

How do you build MVP in such a way that you get favorable feedback? It is critical in the MVP development process. You can use it to draw your conclusions on other features to create or to conduct a bug search. As a result, early adopters will function as both idea generators and MVP testers.

When creating an MVP, keep in mind the most crucial rule: you should create a well-balanced product based on your consumers’ desires. Then, depending on feedback from the first users and obtained analytical data, you can continue the development flow and add more functionality.

Furthermore, be prepared to constantly develop and upgrade the launched MVP to make it the most relevant for your chosen market.

Now the interesting thing is

How Much Does it Cost to Build MVP?

Yes, after getting to know about the core topic, the next super important query that delves into everyone’s mind before and after the development process is, MVP development cost.

Don’t worry we will get you covered in everything associated with MVP development.

Let’s set the prices and timeline for the minimum viable product development.

Having delivered incredible products and customer-satisfying app development services, DxMinds keeps the relevant experience in building requested MVPs for a variety of industries.

Note that cost and time estimates are only estimates based on the uniqueness of each app, even if features are similar. Contact us for more precise information.

The front-end side of MVPs is estimated in hours using React Native.

App classificationApprox costNo of hours
Travel app$19,000-$35,000650-800
Diet/Nutrition app$15,000-$22,500450-590
Cooking or recipe app$14,500300
Weather app$5500-$7000140-180
Real estate app$20000650
Event or conference app$16500450
Bitcoin wallet app$19,000550
Marketplace app$25,000-$,40000780

As you can see, an MVP for your Startup or Business will most likely fall between $14,000 and $50,000 – most likely around $30,000. Of course, the MVP cost may be greater or lower based on the scope of work, team size, and contract type, among other factors.

Whether you’re a Startup or a Business, the MVP cost helps you test your idea before building too many features or exceeding your budget.

How the MVP development goes wrong?

When creating an MVP, you must recognize that you cannot increase your minimal viable product without addressing the hidden risks. So, let us address how to design an MVP that addresses common development concerns.

Unsuitable goals

Before you learn cycling, you must understand how to pedal and use brakes. The MVP was built in the same way. Furthermore, failure to identify goals or focusing on the incorrect problem solution will have negative effects, such as your product failing to attract customers or even passing concept testing.

To tackle this problem, you should first formulate your product concept as precisely as possible. This way, you’ll know what issue you’re trying to tackle with an MVP and what solution the described problem will require.

Not iterating enough

By developing an MVP, you successfully identified an issue. However, you should also look for alternate solutions, such as how to market goods that may be acquired at an economical price.

Research can explain this. As a result, you should identify the consumer persona your product will be addressed to, define the scenario your product should aid with, and contrast the currently available beneficial alternative with the solution you plan to produce. Your priorities can be determined and an MVP that is well-planned and sustainable can be created with the aid of this type of study.

However, keep in mind that during the aforementioned study, consumer dialogue, drawing, brainstorming sessions, and so forth shouldn’t be overlooked. Otherwise, your product will suffer from its absence.

Less feedback

How do you create a Minimum Viable Product that is appealing and in high demand among customers? You’ll never understand the users’ needs and pain points unless you ask for their feedback and get it. What should you keep in mind when gathering feedback from customers?

There is no such thing as a “magic bullet” solution. So, as you work on it, you should be able to create an MVP for a specific market segment.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you require to gather early customer feedback. At the same time, don’t annoy them by overloading them with surveys and question blanks.

How do you strike the right balance between the last two activities while developing the MVP and gathering feedback? You can, for example, divide customers into smaller focus groups when planning.

For example, you can divide customers into smaller focus groups and prepare different questions for each of them. Don’t forget to reward your users for their feedback on your MVP implementation: a month (or more) of free app use is one option.

Extreme functionality 

When creating an MVP, such excess can lead to poor UX or annoy customers. If the functions are poorly designed and serve an unpopular purpose, the data quality and client feedback will suffer.

Final Remarks

There are many more success stories that define MVP as their kick-starter element. Starting with a minimum viable product (MVP) is the best way to go, especially for product companies and startups.

We can be your MVP development partner, for successfully bringing your product concept to life. Depending on your business requirements, you can easily hire developers or an entire development team.

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