How Much does it cost to develop an app like Dropbox?

Have you ever thought of visualizing an app like Dropbox? Hire DxMindsthe top Mobile App development Company who are the pioneer in developing international standard mobile apps.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a popular app where you can save, store, and share files. It is invented with the intention to reduce the stress in your work by bringing all files to a unique platform, making it simple and easy to use. For you to share the files with other users safely, DropBox can be made of. Some major advantages of Dropbox are mentioned below:

Save, Share, and Access files, anywhere, anytime

With the app being installed, it is possible to access the files anywhere, at any time. Files/Documents can be shared from a computer, phone, or tablet with individuals or the Public by appropriate folders.  Changes made to the files are automatically synchronized in all other devices.

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With Dropbox, sending huge-sized files is made extremely easy, It allows automatic saving/synchronization of the files without using any browsers even to people who don’t have a Dropbox account.


With the help of Dropbox security features, it is easy to identify exactly who accessed your files. Dropbox allows its users to remove the data whenever the phone is lost. This data can be recovered later on. It offers the best solution to back up the files, that too in a safe and easy way. Sharing of files can be done either privately or publicly by utilizing the Dropbox privacy features.

Want to Know the Dropbox App Development Cost?

Want to Know the Dropbox App Development Cost?

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Key Features of Dropbox App are:

  • File sharing
  • Automatic organization & backup.
  • Any device accessibility.
  • File storage.
  • Link-sharing via email, chat, or text message.
  • Online backup & file recovery.
  • Manually set bandwidths.
  • Branding management.
  • File & version recovery.
  • Team folder manager and few more.
Key Features of Dropbox App
Dropbox App Development Cost Mobile App Development Company

Dropbox App Development Cost

For businesses, there may be a necessity to have storage space for collecting files in a single platform that is safe and secure. Just like other apps, the charge for developing the Dropbox-like app depends on the number of features and storage space that needs to be included. DxMinds, the leading Mobile App Development Company can be your tech partner in designing the best featured Mobile apps on each and every platform. For the app like Dropbox, the cost varies approximately from $15,000 USD to $200,000 USD based on the selected features. Should be there any inquiry, write to us to get a free quote:

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