Top 5 Mobile app development companies in Dubai UAE

Dubai stands high among the list of fastest-growing cities in the world. It is this Dubai that witnesses almost all advent of technological advancements and real-life applications. Thus Dubai has not only become one of the prominent business hubs but also is now a well-known digital ecosystem. Digital transformation in Dubai is heading at rocket speed.

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world and there are multitudes of opportunities left behind in Dubai for an entrepreneur to explore. All an entrepreneur has to do is to figure out the right opportunity and get the maximum out of it. Mobile applications are at the front line of making digital transformation happen in Dubai. Mobile applications are the best adaption of technology and are playing an insatiable role within every business, regardless of their size, industry, and services offering. Mobile applications act as affable reminders to drag customers once and back to purchase your products or services, by accomplishing new achievements in sales and increasing the revenue.

For offering excellent services to their customers, all of the leading Mobile App Development companies in Dubai are competing with each other, showcasing their best products and services in terms of go to the market strategies. As mobile apps are much reliable and convenient, its significant demand in the Dubai market has paved the way for the rise of several iOS and Android apps Development Companies in Dubai.

For a business, having a mobile application can take its efficiency and productivity to the next level. But one of the main challenges business owners in Dubai faces is to figure out the right mobile app development agency in Dubai. To sort out this problem and to hire the best agency to give life to your mobile app, we have prepared a list of top 10 mobile app development Companies in Dubai UAE. Right before diving deep into the list of mobile apps, let us see more about mobile apps and their impacts on our socio-economic conditions.

List of Top Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai, UAE

If you are thinking to build a mobile application for your business, the foremost thing you have to do is to search for the best mobile app development company in Dubai to deliver your project. The efficiency of your mobile app will have a straight impact on your company’s efficiency in achieving targets and meeting customer expectations. Hence it is mandatory to hire the best app development company in Dubai, UAE that has the ability to understand your requirements to deliver an impeccable app.

Selecting the App Development Companies in Dubai was a tedious and tiresome task. But not anymore. So, here goes the list of top mobile app development agencies in Dubai.

DxMinds Technologies

DxMinds Technologies is the leading and fast-growing iOS, Android, and Hybrid mobile app Development Company in Dubai, headquartered in Silicon Valley of USA and has corporate offices in UAE, India, USA, Peru, and Australia. Being one of the top digital transformation partners, the main goal which DxMinds sticks on to is the on-time delivery. DxMinds keenly focus on developing high-quality mobile applications, which meet the customer needs by working in parallel with advanced technologies and trends. DxMinds serve as a trusted mobile app Development Company with high-skilled professional developers and designers who have got hands-on experience in developing high-grade apps on popular platforms like Android, iOS, Hybrid, and Windows. Various service offerings by DxMinds Technologies are:


Services Offered:

•    Android, iOS and Windows App Development

•    Hybrid app Development

•    Chatbot Development

•    AI, Machine Learning and data

•    Blockchain Technology

•    Web Application Development

•    Internet of things (IoT) etc.

Advansoft Dubai

Advansoft Dubai is an app development agency in Dubai that provides unique creative experience to its users in the digital world. This leading Mobile app development company in Dubai isfounded in 2010 andis flexible enough to meet immediate client requirements. Advansoft has lots of experience in dealing with various technologies and has well-trained architects for developing tremendous applications. Mobile app development, Custom web-based solutions, Content Management System, E-Commerce solutions, etc is some of their major service offerings.


Incorporated in 2015, Appinventiv is a reputed Android App Development Company in Dubai UAE that adopts the latest trends in technology to bring life to client ideas. They help startup ventures and cooperate with companies in building their own mobile application. From the idea of building an application through the execution and delivery, they enable a full mobile app development cycle that meets regular customer requirements.

Branex Dubai, UAE

Branex, the leading mobile app development company in Dubai, keenly focuses on offering the finest services in developing high-quality mobile apps. They build flexible mobile applications that are stable, convenient to use, and are highly robust. At Branex you get more specific and absolute services in detail with high credibility and ROI.

Ingic Applications

Ingic is constantly focused on delivering a robust, scalable, and reliable mobile application that is parallel with technology. The solutions built by Ingic meet global standards and parameters. Team Ingic is comprised of highly trained professionals who are well versed with new trends and concepts in the domain. Their main goal is to deliver mobile apps that have a powerful impact on the Dubai market. Other than mobile app development, they offer services in digital marketing as well.

Hyperlink Info Systems

Hyperlinks act as one of the finest mobile app development service providers in the entire Dubai UAE area, especially in Dubai. The mission of the company is to bestow outstanding services to its clients. Highly talented architects, engineers, and project managers at Hyperlink relentlessly work towards a single mission of successfully delivering your app. The various services offered by Hyperlink Info Systems include mobile app development, Android app development, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, etc.


If you are looking forward to developing a high-end mobile app, Devicebee is the right choice. Having huge hands-on experience and high proficiency over various mobile app development technologies made DeviceBee one of the finest android and iOS app developers in Dubai UAE. High-end services offered by DeviceBee include Mobile app development for various operating systems, Augmented Reality app development, etc.


Incubasys bring high-end mobile apps to life leveraging the latest technologies and trends. The client list of incubasys comprises highly reputed institutions including the Government of Dubai as well. Incubasys extends its high-end services to iOS and Android app development, top-notch game development, web development, etc.


Royex is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Dubai, UAE, and IT solutions service providers in Dubai. Royex serves companies varying from small, micro, and medium enterprises in availing high-end mobile app to scale their business. Apps developed at Royex holds a high potential that it can bring huge traction to one’s business.

Ajath Infotech

The iOS, Android, and Web applications developed by Ajith Infotech, a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE leverage various technologies to make your app stand apart. These apps not only possess a stunning user interface but also offer them an outstanding user experience. Other than mobile app development, Ajath provides high-end consultancy services as well.


Xicom is the leading mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE is equipped with a team of highly qualified developers, designers and project managers will provide high performing mobile app solution to their clients in order to gain maximum traction with their target audience. The company is following a customer-centric architecture for the mobile app development process to create an app that what the customer really demanded.


Pyramidions is a leader in developing innovative mobile apps based on the client’s requirements. Being the fastest growing company among the mobile app development companies in Dubai pyramidions offer services like web development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, AR/VR app development, enterprise solution, blockchain app development, etc.


360technosoft is the best mobile apps development company in Dubai has provided the best mobility solutions to organizations in the diversity of verticals, education, healthcare, entertainment, etc. In the list of best mobile app development companies in Dubai 360technosoft is there in the top 5 as they realize the client has different app development needs, for a startup MVP model is the best and for an established company a full-fledged app with all the top features.

In UAE there is a huge boost in smartphone adoption, it increases the demand for mobile applications. Mobile app developers in Dubai changing how the business in the UAE works these days. Let’s have a look at the surprising benefits that attract more and more business to digitalization.

Benefits of having a mobile application

Mobile apps act as the best tool to carry out an interaction between a business and its clients. So, as an entrepreneur or as an aspiring individual, one should be pretty much aware of the fact that how impactful mobile apps can be for their business. Mobile apps not only help business in attracting potential clients, but it enhances the business in gaining a huge amount of traction. In a tech-savvy world, apps play an important role in determining the success of a business. Now let us see a few of the advantages of having a mobile application for your business

Direct communication channel

Mobile apps allow businesses to carry out one on one communication with their customers. The communication can be about product launches, new services, promotions, offers, discounts, updates improved features, etc. Direct communication with the customers will help businesses to understand what exactly does the customer needs and allow them to stay on top of the market requirements.

Increases customer loyalty

In this tech-savvy era, where customers love the effortless and personalized experience, they prefer mobile apps over any other alternatives. Delivering personalized experiences to the customers prompt them in being your loyal customers. Thus the role mobile applications play in increasing customer loyalty is crucial and holds huge potential.

Brand awareness

Mobile apps are the best way to increase brand awareness. Having a mobile application is like having an increased brand value. It helps you in building some of the finest brands and helps you in taking it to the next level.

Improve customer engagement

Every business finds user engagement as the biggest challenge. A perfect mobile app is the best tool to enhance user engagement. Mobile apps allow customers to connect with businesses instantly and also increase business visibility.

How to choose the best mobile app Development Company in Dubai, UAE?

Benefits of Mobile app development

Multiple mobile app development companies in Dubai are offering services to businesses and enterprises and the count is skyrocketing at a high rate. For an entrepreneur, the challenging part arouses, as he needs to figure out the best app development company among them. And figuring out and hiring the right app development company for availing high-end enterprise solutions is a herculean task.

There exist several criteria for finding the right app development company. In this section, we are going to figure out some of the key aspects one needs to keep in mind that can help him in identifying the top mobile app development companies in Dubai that are quite capable of delivering high-grade mobile applications that are eye-candy and can generate more sales and revenue.

· Reviews and rating matters

Before hiring an app development company in Dubai, one has to make sure that the company has got enough reviews and positive feedbacks from its customer base. By having a deep interaction with its clients, you will get to know about all of its pros and cons. You probably have to do a bunch of research. But trust us, it’s worth it. Make sure whatever research you are doing, do it well and good enough.

· Relevant experience is the key

Another important aspect that needs a high degree of consideration and attention is the hands-on experience and expertise, an app development agency has in the area of mobile app development. It is important to handover the task to someone who can meet your requirements and fulfill your necessities. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time, money, and energy. Experienced mobile app development companies in Dubai will offer high-end services that are worth considering.

· Company with professional ethics can do wonders

Not every business ideas are the same and it will never be. As an entrepreneur, one needs to host a deep discussion including all the business aspects, business models, and strategies to the app developer as it enhances the app traits. By doing so, make sure you are sharing these credentials with someone who maintains all the levels of professional ethics that the chances for your idea to leak out are null. The next time you hire an android or iOS app development company in Dubai, do not forget to sign a non-disclosure agreement, violating which they are breaking the agreement and have to give you a penalty.

·On-Time delivery

Any app has to be delivered at the right time, chances are there that someone will come up with the same idea as of yours. Also, it will affect the promotions and branding of the product. So on time delivery plays an important role in determining the success of an app. Hire someone whose track record is as perfect as their delivery time and meets the community standards and parameters.

·Trusted QA and Test Measures

A mobile app has to be tested using the latest tools and best practices to maintain its security aspects. The users will not warm welcome an app with errors and bugs, even though it possesses high graphic designs and user interface. So while developing mobile apps for their business, entrepreneurs should make sure that the app follows the upgraded guidelines and benchmarks. As a product, it should satisfy all the parameters of Quality Assurance, automation, and testing measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and are actively looking for the best app development companies nearby you can consider DxMinds Technologies. They have proven track records of developing successful mobile applications. You can contact DxMinds at

The cost of developing mobile apps varies from developers to developers. However, economical app developers in Dubai like DxMinds Technologies help you develop high-grade mobile apps at the lowest possible price.

Android mobile applications are gaining huge traction as it is the most reliable and economical operating system. Also, the scope of Android mobile applications is increasing on a daily basis. Associate with DxMinds Technologies, the top android app developers in Dubai to give life to your app idea.

On an average scale, one has to spend approximately USD 5,000 to 50,000 to hire an app developer in Dubai. The cost may vary based on the app niche and requirements.

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