Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai UAE

Top mobile app development companies in Dubai, UAE

Mobile has become the most essential thing in the world. In the current scenario of the pandemic, where people have become very dependent upon the mobile for each and everything. People have started depending upon mobile applications. Irrespective of the business size and their type, enterprises are looking out for a mobile app development Company in Dubai. A mobile application is symbolized as a representation of a company’s branding. App users today prefer highly personalized mobile apps that are phenomenally functional and aesthetically pleasing. There is a great pool of companies that create great apps, making it challenging for aspiring app entrepreneurs to find an ideal mobile app developer offering user-centric solutions.

Businesses today that need mobile app solutions mostly seek developers that have authority in the required domain. But they also look for app developers in Dubai that can develop a solution for all major platforms and devices such as Android, iPhone, and iPad.

We have become committed to helping service seekers search for the right technology partner and has curated a list of highly competent Dubai mobile app development companies providing cutting-edge Android & iPhone app development services.

Here is the list of the best Dubai app developers prepared by us, complete with research, rankings, and reviews.

Mobile application development company in Dubai

DxMinds is one of the reputed mobile application development company in Dubai has dominated the mobile application sector. With immense years of experience in the field of mobile application development, the skilled team has deployed a great number of successful mobile applications.

For a decade, we have been a reliable partner in the field of mobile application development to serve various business segments covering various segments and helping them upscale their business. Throughout our journey, we have developed versatile mobile applications on various platforms by utilizing advanced technology. Our primary aim is to develop customized mobile apps that satisfy the customer’s requirements and offer world-class solutions. We have been developing cross-platform, native mobile apps, web apps, and a lot more to satisfy the customers.

Our major mobile app development platforms We have shown our expertise in developing the most scalable solutions on various mobile platforms. With each type of app development, we have shown a higher level of proficiency, creative approach, and user-centric solution. Being the best mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE, our major offerings are listed below:

iOS App Development

DxMinds is renowned as one of the best iOS app development company in Dubai with its outstanding capabilities and a world-class team of mobile app designers and mobile application developers. It offers amazing customized iOS apps that meet the customer’s expectations.

Android App Development

Planning to search for an android app development company in Dubai? If yes, you can stop your search here by joining with DxMinds. Being a leading mobile app development company in Dubai offers a great blend of perfection and technology in their android apps. Android app development has become quintessential in every kind of business in this era. It works wonders for your business if it is customized according to the requirements. Get in contact with us if you want to convert your idea into reality.

Cross-platform app development

In this era, our mobile application development services offer a full-fledged cross-platform app development. We utilize state-of-the-art techniques to develop cross-platform apps that allow one coding to apply to all the platforms without altering the quality or the performance of the app. Our team of skilled developers has immense knowledge of technologies to develop the customized apps according to their requirements.

Web apps

We offer completely customized web apps that are developed like a basic website but possess the qualities of native mobile apps. Our developers design these apps with a higher level of responsiveness, capable to fit all types of screens without degrading the quality or performance of the app.

Why consider Dubai for choosing a mobile app development company?

Dubai has become the great hub for mobile app Development Company and is famous for its great contribution in this field. The mobile app development companies in Dubai maximize your market reach and offers an engaging user experience for your customer. Since mobile applications have become a chief component of user engagement, hence many businesses are becoming dependent upon mobile application strategies to generate more business and create a digital presence.

Why DxMinds is preferred as the best mobile app development company in Dubai?

Dubai is a great talent pool of mobile app development companies and each of the companies will have its proficiency. Hence to find the best one according to the requirements, you might find it a daunting task. DxMinds has proven to be a reliable mobile app development company in Dubai. We are a big bunch of talented and expert app developers in Dubai who are always looking for the next big challenge of developing a great app. Our team has great years of experience in the changing trends of the technological world which helps us to stand out from others.


Our resources have always proven great in their expertise and proficiency in mobile app development and have always been an outstanding experience. The objective of our great and skilled resources is to craft amazing apps that have meet clientele’s experiences.


Your search for a reliable mobile app development company in Dubai ends here at DxMinds. This is where everything revolving around mobile app development happens under one roof.

We have listed down several potential reasons which makes us stand out:

  • Highly proficient team
  • Experience in developing the most robust and outstanding apps
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Unique ideation and successful development strategies
  • Top designers for creating best-in-class an engaging user-interface
  • The app focused on security and scalability
  • Robust architectures
  • Swift development
  • Hassle-free communication with customers
  • Affordable services

Top mobile application development technologies used by our professionals:


Being an open-source technology it offers mobile app development at reasonable costs.

It offers an open-source library with ready to use codes.


Being a high-level and general-purpose programming language, python is considered the most preferred technology to start with ease-to-use and ease-to-deploy options.


If you want to upscale your business with an advanced version of Java, then Kotlin is a great platform to start with. It is a great language fully compatible with all Java-based frameworks to upscale the benefits of android development at a mobile app development company in Dubai.

Blockchain Technology

It is a digital ledger having the capacity to keep the data with the greatest security. Either you are dealing with money transactions or need to keep your customer’s data securely, blockchain development can help you make a decentralized digital ledger that can be accessed from anywhere avoiding the alteration of any value of the log.


If you want to develop an amazing app, Flutter proves to be a great cross-platform UI toolkit. Our team of professionals has great knowledge of the latest trends and technologies. Flutter offers great flexibility to utilize a single code for different platforms.

React native

React Native combines the best parts of native development with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React Native proves to be advantageous since a team can maintain two platforms and share a common technology- React.


Our developers are highly equipped with the Xamarin technology to develop the most scalable and highest performing cross-platform app. Our developers also hold an upper-hand on the technical dependencies to develop a prominent app with xamarin. We integrate the latest backend services potent to cater to your business ecosystem.

Our Recent Works

Proven Mobile app development process incorporated by our experts:



Once an idea is generated, it becomes an important task to put in every efforts to do a proper market research and find out the validity of the project. At the mobile app development company in Dubai research stage is meant to discover new ideas but also to come up with a list of requirements which are required to fix the idea and development.
Following are some of the processes which must be handled smoothly to finish the development work:
• App Objective
• Target audience
• App USP
• Platforms
• Competitor analysis
• Timeline
• App marketing and maintenance

maintenance icon

App Support and Marketing

After the successful deployment of the app, marketing must be done. Once users start downloading the app, issues start popping up. For resolving these issues, a great level of maintenance must be done to resolve the issues.

app development icon


It offers a glimpse of the functionality of the app. It delivers a great understanding of the visual interface, user experience, and the app’s great flow of work which is mostly expected from the finished. It proves beneficial for understanding the visual interface, user interface, and the app’s work of flow. /p>


App development

This part includes the actual realization and coding of the app. The development stage at the mobile app development companies in Dubai includes multiple activities such as establishing the development environment, the preliminary testing and creating the desired app according to the customer’s requirements.

This stage of app development also requires developing code and configuring the environment for three parts-back/end server, APIs, and the mobile app front-end.

app deployment icon


This stage of development deals with the quality of the app and gives an idea about how good or bad the app is. It is mostly carried out to test the defects in the app and to resolve them. If the defects are left unresolved, the malfunctions can prove to be disadvantageous in the future. This phase is mostly accompanied by the development which is aimed at resolving bugs.

Before the app is published in the app store, it is deployed within a selected group of people to get genuine feedback about the app. Submitting the app in the play store requires to be done with the preferred guidelines of the respective app store.


App Design

The success of the application depends upon two important factors such as user interface and design. UI and  UX are the catalyst factors of the mobile application. UI design speaks about the visual appearance to the user, whereas the UX DESIGN speaks about the different aspects of human interaction with the app. The design must be engaging and interactive to enhance the user experience of the users.

The design stage includes:

Information Architecture and Workflows: The mobile app development companies in Dubai follows the information architecture including the framework in which the data, interface, and functionality of the app are specified on a prior basis. Before establishing the design, the technology stack must be finalized. The platform of the app must also be designed.


It deals with the user interface design which offers a visual indication of the app including the keys, icons, layout, and other essential elements of the app. It also offers a visual indication of the app and depicts the salient features like the size of the elements.

Style Guide and Mock-up

The style guide proves to be a great element in the appearance of the app in respect of standards, usability, and consistency. Standardization of UI elements, UI frames, and end-to-end experience of the app are some of the factors which defines the specialism at the top mobile app development company in Dubai. Mock-up of the app development deals with the app’s visual design.

It mostly demonstrates the functionality of the app such as the workflow, architecture, aesthetics for successful high-fidelity mock-ups, Adobe Photoshop and Sketch are the most popular tools.

For a business, having a mobile application can take its efficiency and productivity to the next level. But one of the main challenges business owners in Dubai faces is to figure out the right mobile app development agency in Dubai, UAE. To sort out this problem and to hire the best agency to give life to your mobile app, we have prepared a list of the top 10 mobile app development Companies in Dubai UAE. Right before diving deep into the list of mobile apps, let us see more about mobile apps and their impacts on our socio-economic conditions.

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    Top mobile app development companies in Dubai are listed below:

    Dubai is a great hub for top mobile app Development Company in Dubai, but if you want to join hand with a proficient team you need to join hands with a reliable company which serves you the best-in-class mobile apps. To simplify the challenges of searching for a great mobile development company in Dubai, we have enlisted you down a great list of top mobile development companies in Dubai:

    1. DxMinds Technologies Inc

    DxMinds is a great reputed mobile application company in Dubai, offering world-class mobile apps across the globe. It is a renowned company in the field of mobile application development. Been in the industry for more than a decade, DxMinds is an outstanding mobile application company in Dubai that has deployed successive mobile apps. Our team has a certified proficient team of skilled and experienced professionals who have immense knowledge in advanced technologies. We have always given importance to understand the customer’s requirements to craft the mobile apps as per your requirements.
    Year of Commencement: 2008
    Completed projects: 500+
    Team Size: 200+
    Location: San Francisco, Dubai, Australia, Peru, Bangalore (Dubai)
    Services offered: Mobile app development, website app development, offshore development center

    2. Emirates Graphic

    A leading digital agency in Dubai with immense experience in the field of mobile app development, design, and digital marketing stands out from others. It has served its mobile application services in varied fields such as education, hospitality, business services, and other eCommerce sectors. Their main focus is to satisfy the customers and deliver the customized mobile apps beyond their expectations. Their expert team understands the user expectations and puts their complete efforts into bringing their dream app into reality.

    Year of Commencement: 2013
    Completed projects: 300+
    Team Size: 100+
    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Services Offered: Web design and development, mobile app design and development, digital marketing services


    3. Branex LLC

    Building a mobile app is a difficult task unless you select the right mobile app development company which can help you make your business stand out. They have talented coders and developers who are focused on the work and deliver the projects on time. They help organizations leverage emerging technology to collect beneficial data and commute innovation.

    Year of Commencement: 2005
    Completed projects: 250+
    Team Size: 100+
    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Services: Web Development, Branding and vision, mobile app development, digital marketing services.

    4. OpenXcell

    A leading mobile app development company in Dubai with its outstanding capabilities and the world – class team of mobile app designers and mobile app developers. Their expert team has immense knowledge in the field of the latest technologies and the advancements in the features. Customer satisfaction is something they adhere to. If you want your idea to get converted into a revenue- generating business app, then you must get in connection with the team.

    Year of Commencement: 2009
    Completed projects: 350+
    Team Size: 100+
    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    5. Cubix

    A leading mobile app, games, and enterprise software development company with an expert team in the development, customization ,and integration of complex and advanced web and mobile-based solutions. Having experience of over 8 years in the mobile application domain, they have consistently worked for varied clients which include individuals, start-ups ,and organizations.

    Year of Commencement: 2005
    Completed projects: 350+
    Team Size: 100+
    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Services: Mobile app development, web design, and development

    6. Swenson He

    Recognized as the leading mobile development, our passionate team of skilled professionals who design and develop the world- class apps. We consistently deliver superior results by focusing on clientele’s requirements and offering them the best services. Being a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, it offers excellent services to companies across the globe.

     Year of Commencement: 2007

    Completed projects: 350+

    Team Size: 100+

    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


    Website: Web design, Web development



    7. MobiDev

    MobiDev is a great innovative mobile app development company in Dubai offering exemplary and efficient mobile apps to clienteles across the world. Their expert team has offered the right combination of modern AI solutions with mobile and web apps to help businesses achieve business goals. A customer-centric approach is something they follow to adopt technologies in a better way.

    Year of Commencement: 20
    Completed projects: 300+
    Team Size: 300+
    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Services: web design and development, mobile app development

    8. RipenApps

    RipenAps was established to help entrepreneurs, start-ups bring their idea into reality by giving assistance in developing mobile apps. Their passionate team has developed a keen interest in understanding the latest advancements in the field of mobile applications. So far, they have deployed 150+ successful projects across the globe.

    Year of Commencement: 20
    Completed projects: 150+
    Team Size: 100+
    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Services: App development, Web technologies, UI/UX design, Quality assurance


    If you want to get in contact with a great technology partner, then SPEC INDIA proves their best in the domain of mobile application. It ensures start-ups create innovative products and empower the existing business with the digitalization of their core processes according to the customer requirements. Their team has set strict timelines to finish the work on time- this is one of the great quality which sets them apart from others.

    Year of Commencement: 2014
    Completed projects: 150+
    Team Size: 250+
    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Services: app development, latest technologies, machine learning, product engineering

    10. NMG

    Being one of the leading top mobile app development companies in Dubai delivers world-class mobile apps. Their expert team works on advanced technologies to help business leverage their revenue. Their expertise has helped several clienteles with the right solution to convert their ideas into multi-million dollar reality.

    Year of Commencement: 2014
    Completed projects: 150+
    Team Size: 50+
    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Services: custom software development, mobile application development, e-commerce development, user interface design

    In UAE there is a huge boost in smartphone adoption, which increases the demand for mobile applications. Mobile app developers in Dubai changing how the business in the UAE works these days. Let’s have a look at the surprising benefits that attract more and more business to digitalization.

    Our mobile app development testing process The tests are conducted to ensure the quality of the app. The top mobile app development company in Dubai conducts several tests based on various real-time conditions to develop a flawless app.

    Functional testing

    To make sure the proper functioning of the app under various real-time conditions, functional testing is conducted to develop an effective app.

    Security testing

    Screen compatibility and security measures of the app is tested after it is installed on the smartphone.

    Beta Testing

    After the app is successfully deployed, the beta testing is conducted to check the app's feature, its usability by the users.

    Performance testing

    The performance tests revolve around the testing of the performance of shoes across all platforms, especially the cross-platform apps.


    Ensuring a third party for the vulnerability assessment, ensuring the robustness of the app development is the most important task.

    Field and Network Testing

    To test the app’s performance under various changing networks and different locations to ensure the usability of the app even during traveling from one place to another

    Load testing

    To check the performance of the app when it undergoes a heavy load of users simultaneously.

    How much does it cost to hire mobile app programmers in Dubai?

    Cost is one of the most important things which needs to be estimated on the prior note by professionals while developing a mobile application. The cost of the mobile application depends upon several factors- the platform on which the mobile application is developed, the number of features, the technology utilized. And the most important thing is the selection of a team, which consists of passionate developers and designers.


    The cost of mobile app development varies from company to company and is also based upon your requirements. Every requirement can be added or deducted to a great extent. Hence we have listed down the average standard rates of mobile app development in Dubai.

    The average cost of mobile app development in Dubai can range between $15000 to $50000 and the cost varies depends upon the type of platform, technology, and professional’s experience which you are selecting. You must select a reliable mobile app development in Dubai to get a customized app according to your requirements.

    A mobile app with simple features can be developed in approx. …hours which includes the complete app development from converting a simple idea into a reality. The average development timeframe can vary from 8 to 10 weeks depending upon the requirements.

    Cost estimation of a mobile app is listed down:

    Simple app with least features:$8000

    Medium complex app with least but creative features : $15000

    Most complex apps with great innovative features: $20,000

    The above-listed price is an estimation of the price that depends upon different types of app development. If you want to get in touch with the exact cost of mobile app development, you must directly give your requirements to get a customized app.


    Mobile application development has become the biggest necessity for enterprises to leverage their businesses. With the onset of digitalization in the whole world, there is a great demand for mobile app development among several enterprises.


    Searching for the best mobile app development in Dubai? If yes, you can stop your search here by taking a glance over the listed mobile app development companies in Dubai.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and are actively looking for the best app development companies nearby you can consider DxMinds Technologies. They have proven track records of developing successful mobile applications. You can contact DxMinds at

    The cost of developing mobile apps varies from developers to developers. However, economical app developers in Dubai like DxMinds Technologies help you develop high-grade mobile apps at the lowest possible price.

    Android mobile applications are gaining huge traction as it is the most reliable and economical operating system. Also, the scope of Android mobile applications is increasing daily. Associate with DxMinds Technologies, the top android app developer in Dubai to give life to your app idea.

    On an average scale, one has to spend approximately USD 5,000 to 50,000 to hire an app developer in Dubai. The cost may vary based on the app niche and requirements.

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