How Much Does an Online Classified Mobile App like Waseet Cost?

How Much Does an Online Classified Mobile App like Waseet Cost?

How much does it Cost to Develop Classified App like Waseet?

Classified mobile applications are trending like anything as it acts as a platform that connects buyers and sellers from different part of the community. It is with the help of mobile applications that online classifieds were able to flourish much more than they thought. Digital transformation has played an important role in determining the success of online classified mobile applications.

Waseet, the leading online classified mobile application is one such example of how smartphones and mobile applications have impacted business growth. The huge success of the online classified mobile application like Waseet has prompted business owners in redefining their thinking of developing an online classified mobile application like Waseet. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the in and out features of online classified mobile applications like Waseet. We will also discuss the app development cost of classified app Waseet. So let us get started.

More on Waseet- the online buying and selling mobile application

Waseet is a market place which mostly deals with buying and selling of commodities like cars, real estate, services, engines and mechanisms, crafts and contracting, Furniture and household essentials, electronic devices and related gadgets, Animals and pet supplies, Family and health, jobs and services, classifieds and much more. The app operates in various regions of the middle east and delivers exemplary services across 12 countries like Iraq, Syria, Saudi, Doha, Palatine, Amman, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Al Ain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, etc. The app offers a hassle-free experience for the customers in listing the products they want to sell online, where they meet potential buyers in carrying out a business collectively.

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    Need for an online classifieds mobile application like Waseet

    The need for a mobile application like Waseet in the current tech-savvy ecosystem is much appreciated as users find it easy to use mobile applications. Conventional ways of running a classified store demanded huge brokerage and involved a lot of friction and hurdles in between. Right after mobile applications were introduced to the frameworks, more transparency and convenience were added to the business. An online classified mobile application like Waseet is not only helping customers in making good deals but also is offering a scalable and revenue-generating business model for entrepreneurs.

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    Advantages of having an online classified mobile application like Waseet

    · Hassle free ways of buying and selling

    · No Third-party involved

    · Zero brokerage and convenient fees

    · Wide range of customer outreach

    · Enhanced advertisement management system

    · Buy and sell anything in just a fraction of a second

    Key features of an online classified mobile application like Waseet

    There have to be certain mandatory features that an online mobile application like Waseet has to uphold. We are going to see in detail all those in and out must-have features for an online classified mobile application.

    · Sign In/ Sign Up

    A user needs to create an account on the mobile application to experience the features offered by an online classified application. He or she can make use of their email id, mobile number, social media handles like Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, etc. to register an account on the mobile application. Right after the registration process has been done, they can make use of the user name and password to sign in to the app.

    · Profile

    This is a comprehensive area where the users can have access to their private details like username, password, communication details, email id, addresses, etc. They can make use of the edit option to make necessary updates and changes for their details

    · Interactive dashboard

    The app should behold a highly engaging and interactive dashboard that prompts the users in being the regular users of the mobile application. The mobile application should have an attractive and eye-candy user interface and should offer the best in class user experience.

    · Product listing

    The app must have the mandatory feature of listing a product users need to sell on the mobile application. They can add images, complete details, features and characteristics of the products.

    · Interactive search bar

    The app should have a search bar that lets users in entering the exact keyword for which they are searching. This helps them in carrying out searches having high productivity.

    · Filters

    Filters have to be integrated into the frameworks of the mobile application as they will allow customers in sorting out the right product they are looking for. Filtrations can be done based on products, types, names, characteristics, etc.

    · In-app communication

    In ap communication offers uninterrupted ways of getting in touch with buyer and sellers. Users can directly call or message the sellers in an event where they want to know more details of the products they are about to purchase.

    · Rating and review

    Rating and review option will help the customer in judging the products or services which they have availed. The ratings will be on a scale of one to five stars where a single star stands for disappointment while five stars are the best compliment one can ever have.

    · And much more

    A lot of features can be integrated into an online classified mobile application like Waseet which helps in enhancing customer engagement and traction. More the number of features, the higher will be the rate of increase of users.

    How much does it cost to develop an online classified application like Waseet

    Demand for an online classifieds mobile application is increasing rapidly. Entrepreneurs are actively looking for mobile application development companies in developing an online classified mobile application having top features integrated into it. They are also eagerly looking forward to the costing part of it. When we are talking about its costing part, we need to consider a lot of factors. Some of them being the mobile application platforms, in the sense whether it is an android application iOS application a combination of the both, location for which the application is been developing, size of the application, technologies used, user interface and user experience, app security, app maintenance, third party API integrations, etc. However based on these features, the cost of developing an online mobile application like Waseet will be around USD 10,000 to USD 30,000. The price may vary based on various integrations and prerequisites.

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    DxMinds Innovation Labs- the best mobile application development company for building an online classified application like Waseet

    DxMinds Innovation Labs is a leading digital transformation and online buying and selling mobile application development company having high expertise and domain authority in developing classified mobile applications for businesses varying from micro, small, medium o global fortune companies. DxMinds Innovation Labs has a huge client base spread across the globe and the mobile applications developed by DxMinds meet international standards and parameters. Mobile applications developed by the pioneers among top app development companies, DxMinds Innovation Labs are capable of enhancing the client engagement rate thereby generating huge sales and revenue for your business.

    Why DxMinds for developing the classified mobile application like Waseet

    • Fastest growing digital transformation company
    • Agile model of development
    • Scalable and reliable mobile applications
    • Innovative products and solutions
    • Cutting edge technologies

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