How Much does it cost to develop an app like Just Dial Sulekha?

How Much does it cost to develop an app like Justdial / Sulekha?

How Much does Classified app like Justdial / Sulekha Cost?

We have seen many classified websites were witnessed for many true success stories surely with apps like Justdial and Sulekha, etc received with more engagement from users. The apps become one of the largest classified sites for companies and users, which they have developed one solid platform to make meet their requirements in selling and buying products and services.

The classified apps like Justdial and sulekha contain the most powerful strategies and attractive advanced features, which become simple for users to post their requirements in the app. If we consider advanced technology sulekha has become a local search engine provides an advanced search for users to look at local services and products.

Now everything becomes online because of advanced internet that changed the advertising world forever. Online advertising becomes an important factor for a business to get visible for users front. On the other hand, competition has come for all classified apps, apps like just dial started in 2008 and now operating with more than 40 categories and become a local search engine.

JustDial is one stop solution with exclusively attractive purchasing activities. The company has strong local business data that helps companies to get inquiries on provided address and contact details of the business.

Sulekha launched at 2007 connecting buyers and thousands of service providers through solid digital platform with domain and IP knowledge. Sulekha allows users to post their required services, as users can edit their ads applying edit features. In addition, users can get notified and calls from concern companies based on data provided.

According to statistics, there are almost 85% of all business are utilizing classified sites to get more inquiries and current figures show that they are more demand for classifieds websites and apps. One of the significant reasons for tremendous growth is that fact that classified apps like sulekha and justdial offers the most effective solutions for companies and provide effective ads for users. These empowering advanced apps for business become an advertising tool to reach out to the customers widely.

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    Classified App Development Cost like Justdial/Sulekha

    Due to more demand for classified apps like justdial and sulekha and most of the business peoples are looking to know the exact cost details about developing an app similar to justdial and sulekha, you have to take consideration to know the estimation of cost to develop an app like sulekha, justdial.

    So how much does it cost to develop a classified app like sulekha, JustDial?

    The cost of an app like classified services providers needs to include many factors such as choice of the platform ( Android and iOS) and selection of native and hybrid, selection of the best features and choosing the best budget-friendly plan of a mobile app developer and etc.

    Essential Features of classified apps

    • Registration

    Apps like Justdial registration comes with OTP confirmation features , this feature verifies and confirms the user phone number valid or not . The classified apps charges depend on the basic features like easy registration through phone number OTP validation.

    • Profile Creation

    In the next step, the user can create or edit profiles so that users can start posting their requirements in addition, as users have the option to edit all the personal details, display picture and bio and more.

    The estimation cost to create an app like Justdial to implement profile creation takes approx time about 45 to 54 hours and charges may vary on that time taken.

    • Chatting feature

    Once users complete the profile they can post requirements and later can get instant inquiries through the inbox. The users can chat with companies if they want to clarify any doubts.

    At the same time, it is very significant to see the messages received from concern business. Similarly, classified apps like sulekha consist of getting messages to their individual phones and can respond instantly.

    The development cost of app like sulekha comes with messaging feature that takes more than 90 hours and charges depends on time taken to develop.

    • Advertising a business

    User can post their concern ads to their respective business can upload images, videos , where it is the most important features to post their products and services within the classified apps like sulekha and JustDial.

    As far, developing features to upload images and videos need unique skill both for Android and iOS platforms and take approx 120 hours to 200 hours that include integrating with concern tags of their business keywords and phrases.

    • Advanced features

    This is the platform consists of images, videos, and text such it allows users to notified with push notification feature and set location.

    if you want to enable the push notification, it is very important for the server to get connected with cloud for storage with account privacy.

    The cost of development of apps like Just Dial and Sulekha requires more time about 95 to 125 hours and charges may depend.

    • Advanced Search Option

    Through search options, users can search their products and services,  as they are familiar with searching with companies names, business names and through category.

    Implementing search option takes time about 70-90 hours by using the latest technology with keyword suggestion and charges vary on the technology used.

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      The Cost estimation of app development like Justdial/sulekha

      It is very hard task get to know the exact cost details about how much does it cost to develop a classified app like justdial and sulekha, where it depends on various needs and requirements such as app development company, UI/UX designs, geo-location of company and advanced features Implementation.

      Basically, the cost of app development is decided based on per hour has taken that offers the total cost of creating an app that takes more time for implements.

      The hourly price tag is also mattered and depends on the location of the company. For instance, approximately the cost of developing an app such as justdial and sulekha would range around $10,000 to $50,000.

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