In the modern world, businesses are getting connected with the IT services offered by microservices providers and this excellent bridging is resulting in a revolutionary transformation in various business sectors. Traditionally, the IT sector and other business industries were diverse spectra and the rapid growth of technology bought these diversities to the same platform. Now, most of businesses started onboarding the digital platform but still, there was a void for imperfection. Even a slight downtime of the online business platform was pushing a lag in the business operations as it brings a pause to the entire business. The downtime of an online business was the biggest issue, and microservices architecture providers in India are serving as the perfect solution for all these problems.  

Now the question must be “What are microservices?” 

Microservices are the technology that can segregate functionalities, such as storage, computing, networking, and more. Top microservices companies in Bangalore will help you in adding agility to your software development. Using these services, components of the software can be deployed independently and make the software development process more agile and efficient. There are myriad benefits of using microservices in software development, such as faster development, excellent scalability of the software, enhanced maintenance of the app, and more.  

Microservices seems to be a new word to you but you have been using it daily. Almost you are surrounded by applications using microservices, such as Netflix, PayPal, and more. Now, every business is facing huge competition regardless of their industry and is facing pressure to beat their competition and stand out with the most outstanding end-user experience. This incessant competition is compelling businesses to adopt microservice in their software development.  

How businesses are leveraging the potential of microservices in their business solutions? 


It is a competitive world where the very day comes up with a new trend and disrupts changes. With traditional monolithic software development, scalability was a bit tedious job. Now, microservices architecture providers in India are giving an option to businesses to enhance their scalability with lightning speed and adapt to ongoing changes easily and rapidly. As microservices are a group of independent components serving an architectural ecosystem that can scale up the required field of software without interfering with other features.  


Each business is incepted with a distinct idea and hence the requirement will also be distinct. If one part of your online business module is developed with PHP then the other may require a latent of Java. As microservices allow each unit of software to be independent, hence it offers the widest array of flexibility to the microservice architecture developer to develop various business models based on the requirement of technology.  

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    Business transformation deployed by the microservices: 

    Customer experience transformation: 

    • Understanding customers: 

    Understanding your customers is very crucial for the business to serve a personalized solution to the customers and enhance the quality of services delivered. Microservices help you to understand your customers and market segments in-depth and help them in promoting their brand more effectively. 

    • Business growth: 

    The best example of microservice for business growth can be seen in the financial sector. With microservices, finance-based companies are developing mobile/web-based solutions allowing your employees to serve more personalized solutions to your customers by integrating the best interacting solutions.  

    • Customer touchpoints: 

    Interaction with the customers is the most vital aspect for a business to retain its customers and hold them for a long duration. Microservices is allowing the developers to integrate an easy-access chat solution into the software. The best example of the customer touchpoint is using social media channels in the banking sector, where customer can just ping their issues or complaints and get a perfect solution without reaching out bank directly.  

    Business operation transformation: 

    • Digitization of process: 

    Traditional workflow is getting influenced a lot by the emergence of modern technologies and transforming business procedures. With microservices, companies can automate their process and make them more scalable and efficient.  

    • Performance management: 

    If you are willing to track your performance then you have to keep a detailed eye on the insights of various aspects, such as customers, products, and other demographics in real-time. Microservices is allowing companies to integrate their expertise in internal as well as customer-related procedures.  

    Business model transformation: 

    With the best microservices architecture providers in Delhi, India, etc., companies are not only changing their functions but also they are redefining the way they were interacting within the company and with their customers. With such services, now businesses are capable of evolving their limitations and expanding their activities.  

    • Digital products: 

    Before the emergence of the digital world, almost all companies were using traditional ways of operations with only physical products. With rapid technological growth, now almost all businesses are capable of serving digital products. Using digital mediums, companies can share content on a global platform.  


    If you are willing to integrate segregation into your business operations to add more efficiency to your business model then you must incorporate the potential of microservices into your software development process. Several microservices architectural providers in Dubai can help you in enhancing the performance of your app. There are numerous benefits of microservices for which most businesses are compelled to add it to their business software, such as greater productivity, improved efficiency, improved and interlinked operations, etc.  

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