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Logistics App, Software Solution

Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) prior aim is to offer a complete end to end service for transporting goods across the globe. If LSPs desire a winning business, then they have to turn out to be completely digitized and offer a consistent, online experience to customers who prefer a quick and simple way to move goods via land, ocean, or air.

DxMinds leverages its masters in offering DxLogistics app development solutions either on-premise or in the cloud to the users across various industries. 

We understand how challenging it is to manage logistics especially when it comes to transportation, so to overcome that, DxMinds offers the best logistics solution which can be customized for each retailer’s business needs. 

We purse enterprise mobility techniques that can provide advanced management abilities and can expand the sales of getting flawless orders.

About DxLogistics

DX Solutions

DxLogistcis a complete unified logistics delivery mobile app development solution encourages you to manage the fleet, routes, shipment details, drivers, goods, and much more.

Customers depend on their logistics partners to transport their goods and packages from one place to another. A booming on-demand logistics app solution addresses the needs of the growing logistics industry.

An On-demand DxLogistics app solution empowers the users to book consignments advance from their smartphones whenever they require it. Additionally, it offers realtime updates about their shipments.

With a Dx logistics, transportation, and trucking solution manage your delivery business accurately, create and grow lifelong customers.

Our solution is a feature to provide real-time tracking of your fleets and workforce in a single map interface. Additionally, it manages delivery routes and speeds up the process in a cost-effective way


Subcategories In DxLogistics

Freight Management Solution 

Our smart and automated logistics app development solutions offer an outstanding platform to manage, maintain, and grow your freight business within a short time.

Transport Mobility Solutions 

With the innovative on-demand transport application, streamline all your mobility services and diminish unwanted expenses

Fleet Management Solutions

Your business may be initiated with a handful of vehicles, however, it may be multiplied in huge quantity. Effectively manage your complete fleet with our robust solutions from fuel management to realtime tracking of fleets.

Delivery and Dispatch Solutions

Observe on-time dispatch and delivery services with our best in class solutions, designed and developed to serve all your business requirements.

Warehouse Management Solution

Save money on undesirable storage and lift complete efficiency with the farsighted warehouse management solutions

DxLogistics Serve

for Top Industries

Courier and Parcel Delivery 

DxLogistics solutions help in streamlining your daily tasks including managing and automating pickup points, enhancing speed, accuracy, and on-time deliveries.  


Implemented with functionalities such as smart inventory management, warehousing, product packaging, transportation/delivery, and considerably more productively. 

Transport Providers 

Enhance and manage your transportation business flawlessly with our advanced and profoundly robust trucking, fleet and logistics solutions. 


Manufacturing businesses without logistics support is difficult to visualize. Our specialized tech services help to raise proficiency and speed of output.

Pharma and Medicine  

With the unified dashboard, operate all business activities including medicine catalog, medicine agents and representatives, logistics, and more.

Financial Institutions and Insurance 

The financial sector aims for reliable and secure transaction solutions from an ethical logistics app. Our amazing highlights offer speed and security consistently! 

Food and Beverages 

The food and dairy industry requires clear cut planning and setting up the correct logistics support. Do it flawlessly with our stunning delivery and shipping solutions


Top Modules

Customer App


Users/shippers can sign up the application with their telephone number and email or sign in via social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. 

Select Vehicle Type 

As per the transfer dimensions, users can pick the type of vehicle that best suits their mobility prerequisites. 

Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA) 

After confirmation in booking, the users will see the estimated time of arrival of the truck to their given location.


Users will be updated with the most recent alerts via push notification, SMS, and email. Updates incorporate booking confirmation, ETA and more.


The shipper application is included with numerous mainstream payment gateways coordinated with various payment techniques such as credit/debit cards, in-application wallets, and others. 

Save Address 

The users can save their address where the deliveries are consistently picked up and dropped off.

Book Now 

Opting the kind of vehicle and affirming the pickup and drop off location, users tap “Book Now” for beginning the service instantly. 

Schedule Trip 

User can book the delivery services for a later on by furnishing complete details such as date and time, destination, location, and other mandatory details before confirming.

Rate and Review 

After delivery of the consignment, users/shipper can rate the service on their experience. They can also provide feedback as per their preference and knowledge 

Email Invoice 

Customers can get detailed invoice receipt including all the vital insights about the service-related cost via email.

View nearby Trucks 

Depending on the user’s location and kind of vehicle chosen they can look the nearby accessible trucks in real-time to oblige their logistics needs.

Fare Estimation 

The most highlighted feature enabling users to see the complete fare estimation for the service they select. 

In-App Calling 

The user can personally connect with the allocated driver through the in-application calling and messaging highlights 

Cancel Service 

The user can cancel the logistics post-booking. A small amount might be deducted before refunding according to service policy

Driver Details 

The app aid users to get complete driver details including his/her ratings, experience, and other important details 

Trucker/Driver App

Upload Documents 

Drivers can upload all the required documents via the app. The document type will be according to asper the choice of a service provider.

Select Vehicle Type 

Drivers can pick the vehicle/truck type they will be requested for. The data will reflect on the user’s screen while searching for the preferred vehicle. 

Acknowledge/Reject Requests 

Because of the driver’s choice, they can either accept or reject service demands. On the chance that he/she concurs with the trip request, they will track the pickup details in real-time. 


The well-known feature shows the drivers with start to finish navigation from the pickup to drop off location without any error.

Revenue details 

The application enables drivers’ view revenue details for each trip and commission added or deducted by the administrator as per the company policy.

Accessibility Toggle 

Drivers can affirm their accessibility through this feature. They will get shipper request, they can confirm the availability via an app. 

User and Consignment Details 

Drivers previously or in the wake of accepting the request can see the customer and consignment (to be transported) details 

View Rate Card 

The driver can see the rate card that is set and given by the service administrator. This helps drivers while checking their earning and profit. 

Cancel Trip 

Drivers can opt to cancel the trip by choosing the proper reasons as listed in the app service company. They can even give extra inputs for cancellation. 

In-App Calling 

Drivers can directly connect with users via in-application calling and messaging features


The drivers get updated on recent service requests including trip requests, pickup/drop location, and more using pop-up notification, SMS, email, and others. 


The application offered in various local languages tackles drivers’ correspondence concerns.

Admin and Dispatcher Panel

User Management 

Administrators can screen and manage the users via a ground-breaking administrator board. They allow the driver, produce the receipt invoice, send updates, and significantly more. 


Administrators can allocate various sub-administrators to help them with supervising the business. Sub-administrators access can be expanded or constrained easily. 

Managing and Tracking Trips 

With the robust and smart administrator board, manage and track every logistics trip real-time without a glitch. They can see the details on consignment, drivers, current location and many more.

Rate Card Management

The administrator can set, modify, and deal with the rate card for every driver and vehicle simultaneously.

Manage Complaints 

Manage clients and drivers complains of a scalable dashboard and improve your service offerings easily. 

Manage Drivers 

Allocate ride demands dependent on driver accessibility and oversee dispatch requests for the complete fleet. 

Oversee and Track Revenues 

Screen, track and deal with the complete revenue cycle consistently. The administrator can either manually deduct profit for each service or automate the entire procedure. 

Manage Trip History 

The administrator can see the trip service history of both the shipper and the driver through the tailor-made panel.

Produce Billing and Invoice 

Asper the offered services, the administrator can either manually produce the bill and invoice and offer the customer or streamline the whole procedure. 

Fleet Management

Manage and track hundreds to thousands of vehicles via the admin dashboard. Administrators can provide maintenance as per their choice.

Set Multi-Stop Routes 

Admins can set various stops for the vehicle while in travel to the destination. This incorporates stacking extra consignments that utilize space on the truck. 

Membership Plan 

For often users, admins can offer a week, monthly, or yearly membership plan that guarantees proceeded connection and turns into a dependable salary source.

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Remarkable Advantages for your Business

Enhance supply chain management

With our customized and robust logistics solution deal with your supply chain management, inventory, and transportation services effectively. 

Track in real-time accurately 

Logistics and mobility businesses can build their efficiency with improved vehicle management and tracking.

Engaging communication 

Great business depends on amazing communication and interaction with service seekers and providers. Our solution assists you with meeting that mark easily. 

Successful methodologies 

With the exact transportation solutions, come up with exceptionally compelling business techniques to grow your business reach.

Exceptionally Cost-Effective 

With the inclusion of mobile technology, fleet management processes like time management, route enhancement, departmental handling of a task, support, and maintenance, warehouse management will be streamlined and automated. It will assist with diminishing fuel usage and develops a viable communication to improve efficiency. 

Better Visibility 

Top Logistics app developers in Bangalore offer an app that improves visibility over a company’s whole supply chain. It additionally empowers the businesses to track and trace fleets, record driver driving behavior, and question drivers after deliveries are completed. Hence it saves and money misspent on tracking and tracing.

Expanded Automation 

Fleet management tasks can be streamlined and automated with mobility solutions in real-time. When the enterprise get furnished with the fleet management apps they can reduce manpower and delivery time 

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    Logistics App Development Process We follow

    Gathering Requirement

    Our app experts get familiar with your business goals and suggest perfect solutions.

    UI/UX Design 

    Because of the client’s plan and desire, we being the #1 Logistics app development company in Bangalore plan the ideal UI/UX (UI/client experience) that satisfies, attracts business and user’s needs easily.


    The well-organized prototype offers an amazing business idea. Because of customer inputs, the result can be improved further.

    Application Development 

    The application builds for all platforms including the main features for smooth execution throughout the entire way.

    Quality check 

    The application experiences various quality tests and security checks to ensure the app is bug-free and performing securely.

    Application Deployment 

    The robust and customized logistics app is deployed on all driving mobile (iOS and Android) and web platforms.

    Support and Maintenance 

    Our talented support and maintenance team helps you after post-launch. We guarantee your application performs fantastically forever.

    On-demand DxLogistics App Solution Supports Offers Complete Package
    • User and driver iOS app
    • User and driver android app
    • Robust Admin panel
    • User and Driver website
    • Quick implementation
    • Multi-payment gateway integration
    • Multi-language integration
    • GPS tracking
    • Google maps integration
    • Consignment tracking modules
    Why DxLogistics App Solution?

    Our DxLogistics solution offers complete growth to your Logistics Management Solutions. It furnishes analytics data and provides real-time tracking benefits. It offers nonstop monitoring and tracking of each activity of workforce individuals and vehicles. 

    • Improve efficiency plus productivity 
    • Cut operational costs 
    • Drive operational effectiveness 
    • More prominent Inventory Visibility 
    • Eradicate repetitive procedures 
    • Improve user service 
    • Increase safety and security 
    • Access critical information insights 
    • Key Financial Indicators 
    • Proficient supply chain
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