How Much Does it Cost to Develop Multi Service App Like Dunzo Want to develop an app like Dunzo and to know the cost of development then you are right place.

Business models transform with time, sometimes because of changes in the market and sometimes due to the advent of technology, resulting in a rise of new trends and innovations.

The rise of the on-demand economy has transformed the traditional business model at a high range over the last few years. From hailing a taxi to getting a spa massage, purchasing groceries to ordering food, buying medicine to leasing furniture, the on-demand applications from top on-demand app development companies in Bangalore have made our life simpler than before. Smartphones are the main reason for this on-demand delivery business model.

Ecommerce business is evolving quickly.

This change is explicitly being seen in on-demand delivery businesses. The credit for this change ought to be given to the introduction of a creative concept called Hyperlocal

The hyperlocal system is the next level for the eCommerce industry. Additionally, it empowers to target the customer’s nearby area and produce huge revenue from them.

Are you looking forward to develop an on-demand delivery app like Dunzo? Here is some useful information which will help you throughout the journey.

Incorporated in 2015, Dunzo is a hyper-local delivery service provider that makes use of a mobile app for customer interaction. It was founded by Mr.Ankur Agarwal, Mr. DalvirSuri, Mr. MukundJha, and Mr. Kabber Biswas.

Currently online grocery delivery app Dunzo operates in seven major cities in India viz. Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Right from its first day of launch as a Whatsapp group to an AI fused mobile app now, food delivery app like Dunzo is solving the deep local discovery and fulfillment problem of People. This was the key factor that determined the success of the app. As the report says, over one million orders are placed on Dunzo each month. Moreover, Dunzo was the first start-up in India which was funded an amount of USD 12 Million by tech giants Google.

How Does it Work Working Model of Dunzo

The working model of this Bangalore based task management company is quite simple. Users, who have access to the Online packaging services apps like Dunzo can avail the Dunzo Services. The app lets the users place their orders along with the specifications. Soon after the order has been placed, one of the nearest delivery executives gets this task assigned to him. He then carries out the activities as per specifications. An image of the commodity that’s been delivered is sent to the user for confirmation. Once the item is confirmed, it will be delivered at the location mentioned.

The mobile app connects its users to the nearest delivery person to get their tasks accomplished. From restaurant orders to groceries, pet supplies, and medicines, Dunzo delivers anything and everything to its users, making their lives hassle-free.

So, let’s have a look at the main features of  Dunzo clone

Picking & Dropping the Packages From Point to Point

Packages of any kind, let it be a document, Tiffin box or even a vehicle key can be sent via Dunzo.

Vendor to-do lists to strike off the tasks once done

The app comes with a unique To-Do list created by the users for the vendors were the vendor can strike off the tasks upon completion.

Buying, Repairing & Home Services

Buying goods from a local vendor, repairing a clock, or any kind of home servicing was made easy after the launch of Dunzo.

Multiple Payment option for Customers

Dunzo lets the customer chose the most convenient method of payment such as cash, UPI, etc.

AI-Enabled Chat Assistance

Artificial Intelligence enabled Chatbot is integrated into the app to increase productivity and customer service.

Food Order Services

Dunzo can deliver food of your favorite kind from the restaurants you choose.

Offers and Discounts

Dunzo regularly provides offers and promotions for its users to increase the user experience.

24x7 Service Availability

You will be assigned a delivery executive to serve your need 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Interactive User Interface

Dunzo boasts an attractive user interface that is designed creatively.

Enhanced App Wallet

There is an inbuilt app wallet with which the users can make their payments.

Tracking of the Order

The status of the order placed on Dunzo can be tracked using GPS.

Gift Delivery

Surprise gifts and greeting cards to your dear ones can be delivered with the help of Dunzo

Features Unique Features of Our Dunzo Like App Development Services


A fast and simple sign-up process with email/ phone number or social media accounts.

Delivery details 

Complete delivery details about your package. 

Pick up location

Enter the location from where you need your package to be picked up. 

Drop off location 

Enter the location you need your package to be sent to. 

Pin location

Often utilized location can be pinned for simpler use. 

Task deadline

Set a time and date before which you need your task to be finished. 

Customer Support

Customers can connect with the staff to address any worries or queries. 

Track delivery

Track your delivery package in real-time.

Contact delivery executive 

Connect with your delivery executive whenever. 


Get updated on the progress through different mediums, for example, Email, text, and more.

Multiple payment modes

Enable your users to pay hassle-free with different payment modes. 

Refer and Earn

Boost customers to get the message out with rewards for referrals.

In this section we being #1 Hyperlocal app developers in Bangalore we integrate below features to develop an On-demand delivery app like Dunzo.

View Request 

Delivery Executives can see the complete requested deliveries and tasks.

Acknowledge Request

Delivery Executives can decide to accept or reject the task request

Start Task

When the delivery person acknowledges the task, they can start on it immediately. 

Cancel Task 

The Delivery Executive can cancel the task when they decide to. 


The route and other route related details are sent to the delivery official. 

Delivery path

A carefully spread out way helps delivery executives if there should be an occurrence of multiple tasks. 

User Signature

The Delivery Executive gets the client’s signature to recognize the delivery. 

Task History 

Delivery Executives can see the complete delivery history from here. 

Edit profile

The delivery person can edit their profile details from this edit page.

Informative Dashboard

Furnishes the delivery executive with all the important details and more.

Push Notification 

Delivery Executive gets real-time push notification through different channels. 

Customer Support

Delivery Executives can contact customer support if there should be any inquiries or concerns they have.


Record the existing and new one’s delivery executives.


Administrators can make a team and grouping of staff, making it simpler to manage activities. 


Administrators can view the status of allocated tasks using this highlight.


Administrators can view the history of tasks assigned for the delivery executives anytime.


Agents are the mediator among executives and the administrator. Monitor all your agents. 


Administrators can be assigned to various zones to manage the tasks easily. 


The administrator can schedule future deliveries to execute their tasks efficiently. 


Administrators can send notification and updates to operators, delivery agents, and customers. 


Administrators can improve the routes of all their delivery officials for quicker delivery. 


Staff is reviewed on a few criteria’s and the outcomes are sent to the administrator. 


Admins can deal with their own and other staff individuals’ profiles smartly.


Administrators can view and contact every one of their customers from here. Helpful for promotions and connecting.

Our on-Demand App Development Services

The trend of the On-demands economy is transforming the lives of individuals. Nowadays users depend ordering online as they don’t have time for purchasing the products from the store. Presently numerous businesses are looking to offer on-demand services for users based on their requirements.

Some businesses are fascinated by Hyperlocal model of Dunzo and looking forward to developing a similar app like Dunzo

Building up an On-demand mobile app is valuable for your business from various perspectives. 

DxMinds the top on-demand app development company in Bangalore offers a high end on-demand mobile app that provides a significant level of functionality and is additionally innovative. With a variety of advance features like payment gateway, real-time tracking and push notification, DxMinds on-demand app development services help not only in building a platform, through an on-demand application but also grows your business by providing a smart and advance shopping experience to your customers

We have a talented team of on-demand mobile app developers to understand and serve your business requirements. Take your business higher than ever with on-demand applications that can be accessed by the users anytime anywhere.

Our demand app development services for various industries We offer on-demand app development services for different verticals. Business visionaries/entrepreneurs are understanding the power of on-demand applications, because of which on-demand applications have become the standard in every industry.

Food, Beverages and Grocery

This is the most famous sector for creating on-demand applications. Restaurants, Hotels, and even dinning halls choose an on-demand food delivery application to provide comfort to their app users for ordering their delicious dishes or booking a table quickly. 

Grocery delivery app development is another part of this section. It empowers application users to order groceries and other household products and get everything delivered at their doorstep

We provide an on-demand food delivery app development services and enable you to come up with a user-focused business model. 

Home Services and Utility

We build an on-demand application that provides an opportunity for users to hire skilled people for managing household chores and fix the problems like Leakage and damage to furniture.

Logistics and Transportation

On-demand delivery apps can be developed for transportation and logistics service providers to deliver a package starting with one place than another. Such applications permit customers to move parcels anytime and anywhere.

Beauty and Salon

Get salon and spa services from the comfort of your home with On-demand app development services.


We commit ourselves to On-demand app Development

We inhale on technology. We pick the top and latest technology to make the best on-demand app like Dunzo. Cooperating with the best technology providers and considering the latest trends, our master’s on-demand app developers conduct a brainstorming session to generate new ideas to choose how the application will work and what resources will be required to make an effective and faultless on-demand mobile application. We use the latest updates, rather than the standard tools, to give amazing yet ground-breaking on-demand app development services. 

Expert Team of Professionals 

Our team has rich involvement with creating quality mobile apps as well as engaging UI/UX designs concerning your business necessities. 

Associate Clients Hassle Less 

Our on-demand mobile app developers help in redefining and executing effective techniques for the connectivity of your online mobile customers. 

Unmatched Quality 

Our demonstrated app development methodologies stay up with the latest technologies to elevate your business for better goal-oriented service.

Phenomenal Performance 

With the blend of amazing procedures and flawless business value, our dedicated developer works consistently to deliver remarkable applications.

Cost Analysis of Dunzo Like App The cost to develop a Dunzo like App depends on various factors such as

Application complexity

Mobile applications categorized depending on its complex nature they are Simple, medium, and high end. 

The simple version of a mobile application costs you less compared with the other two. In this way, pick as per your on-demand dunzo app development features and functionalities

Application Platform

As the number of platforms expands the cost to develop a Dunzo similar app will additionally increment. 

It altogether relies upon the business owners on what number of platforms they need to begin, in case you are start-up better to go with the single platform

Application Development Team

It is the cost deciding factor of app development. So pick cautiously. The team required for the on-demand dunzo like app development Project Manager.

  • 2 - Requirement analyst.
  • 1-2 Web developers.
  • 2 - QA engineers.
  • 2 - Android application developers
  • 2 - IOS application developers
  • 1-2 UI/UX designers
Developers Team Location

Aside from the firm you pick, their location likewise influences your on-demand delivery app.

  • Developers in India:$20-80/hr
  • Developers in Eastern Europe:$30-150/hr
  • USA Developer cost $50-250/hour 

By examining the above factors

The cost to develop an app like Dunzo ranges from $8K-$50K.

Hire DxMinds Technologies, the best mobile application development company in, Bangalore, Mumbai, and other major cities in India to develop an app like Dunzo. DxMinds is the perfect place when it comes to visualizing your app idea. DxMinds has got proven track records on working with start-ups to Fortune 500 Companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to On-demand multi-service app development like Dunzo,DxMinds is #1 On-demand hyperlocal app development company in Bangalore offering effective app development methodology which helps in taking your business to the next level

The cost to develop a Dunzo like app varies from $10K-$50K, as it is a multi-service app that includes rich features and functionalities and available on platforms such as android, iOS, and Web. In Europe, America, or any western countries the cost varies $80-$200 per hour. However, in India, the cost to develop an Online packaging app like Dunzo may go around from $80-$130

It’s an On-demand transportation and delivery service app. You can opt for more types of services as per your business requirement and goal. The list of services offered in Dunzo app are Restaurant orders, Daily Grocery, Fruits and vegetables, Apollo pharmacy medicine supply, Send packages, Meat and Fish, Pet supplies, Health/wellness, Gifts and many more

You can generate income by advertisement banners, app commissions on the service request and more

Unlock your full potential in Multiservice app development by connecting with DxMinds who offers the best streamline approach for building a perfect multi-service app. Our app developers are armed with the latest technologies in the roust on-demand sector making your business unique from competitors.

Depending on back end complexity of the app and platforms you opt such as android, iOS and Web, and advance technologies the on-demand service app like Dunzo may take around 5-8 months.

We are here to work with every business or industry. Regardless of what your ideal model is, how big or small your business is, and how you wish to enter the on-demand industry, DxMinds have your back to help you. Our on-demand experts have broad involvement with taking a shot at various use cases.

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