How Much does it Cost to Develop an App Like Zillow / Trulia?

The advanced stage of operating a business is making everything easy for customers and companies, as companies are reaching the audience through mobile app development. And Customers are finding things simply by clicking on the Smartphone. This type of mobile app is meeting the demands of business in every sector.

One of the businesses making huge income from buyers and sellers is real estate. Modern days of doing business are more in this digital space that probably surprised everyone that arrived with mobile applications.

Everyone from big cities to small villages searches for property, houses, apartments and renting homes, etc. It almost happens for everyone in the region and this made it easy to find out what really want from real-estate agencies with the help of mobile apps. The Top mobile app development companies in Bangalore created some advanced strategies in building mobile apps for their customers helping end-users to filter and refine the search in what they are looking for.

One of the famous real-estate mobile apps Zillow making a huge income by providing advanced features in-app that drive more users to utilize it. Zillow is a truly successful mobile app platform for searching and locating the property from their preferred location.

Its reputation can define by the fact that it overhead years ago. Zillow has enhanced nearly every person in the real estate industry that comes with huge database storage for buyers to register their requirements and sellers to list their properties such as homes, apartments, plats, etc.

About Zillow Inc

Zillow Inc is the fastest growing real-estate property vendor started in 2006 by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink former Microsoft executives and founders of Microsoft spin-off Expedia, and Spencer Rascoff, a co-founder of  In initial Zillow, a media company started generating revenue by selling ads on its website and later the company announces its reputation to start a real estate search engine for US persons.

Zillow started a partnership with Yahoo in February 2011 and created the largest real-estate advertising network that helps people to find renting homes and properties with the help of the Zillow Rental Manager Website.

The Company developed a mobile app that enables renters to pay rent online to their owners directly by payment feature. The company charges transaction fee when using credit or debit cards to pay their property owners

The Zillow company holds 110 million users in the US market and the mobile app helps to estimate the home valve for each area-based it can access appropriate public data to provide basic information on given house details such as square footage and bedrooms available and washrooms etc. Users can further know modern calculations of houses if there was a notable variation made, such as a newly refurbished kitchenette. Zillow presents an application programming interface (API) and developer support network for their customers. Zillow app developer network has created a mobile application for iOS, Android, iPads, Blackberry, and Windows devices.

How Much Does it cost to develop an app like Zillow? How to make an app like Zillow?

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    Essential Features of Zillow App Development Cost

    First, it is essential for you to understand the significant components that go into creating a mobile app like Zillow in Dubai and how it makes beneficial for your end users. This is how you will be able to maintain a strong stand in imagining and building the app and be able to perform most of it in a secure manner. Below are the features that made Zillow popular and influenced many other businesses peoples to build an app like Zillow

    Advanced Search Filter

    This is certainly one of the key features of a mobile app. The stronger the user experience is, the more sorted and responsive your search occurrences are. Studying its search features, in particular, is essential for a business that presents the most relevant data required. Involve all necessary search parameters such as region, type of home, facilities, and cost range, and additionally break them into advanced search alternatives to allow customers to dig them down to the most relevant information as needed.

    Property Listing

    The Zillow mobile app came with advanced features for listing business properties such as home, and apartment images visually and graphically helping users to get know more about property location, facilities, and descriptions by choosing to display them in Android and iOS platforms.

    This can achieve by utilizing SDKs for diagrams and designs. This will not just provide you to install maps and images of properties but also add street views and places sourced by Google. This feature is extremely interactive and expensive to users and this experience has been supported by inspection for Zillow listings over app stores.

    Push notifications

    App Development Cost like Zillow depends on features involved within it, as one of the features Push notification helps users to identify the new offers or new properties listed in the apps. For the seller, it helps to get notified of any buyers showing interest in listings. This type of feature helps the business to get more engagement with the brand regularly. Based on location marketers have a better chance to communicate with customers by sending mobile notifications to end-users.

    Live Chat

    App Development Cost like Zillow involves live chat features it helps users to locate rented houses then it allows users to chat with support if users proceed with any problems in related searching property or any technical. This type of feature comes with expertise skills that will do more engagements from users to use real estate mobile apps. As per the recent report, 56% of app user engagement will be more with live chat features that can offer double business sales and can enhance interaction.

    Payment Integration

    The users can make a payment that helps to pay at any time and anywhere with their mobile apps connected to the internet. It enables customers to seamlessly purchase and sell properties easily and securely without having physically over cash on hand or swipe cards. The development of mobile apps like Zillow enables users to pay securely and reduces the risk of theft from having cash. A mobile app like Zillow contains a huge database that helps to store user information and secure it by not saving credit information.

    How much does it cost to develop a Real Estate app like Zillow?

    The development cost of a mobile app like Zillow depends on many factors like the location of the company, experienced app developer, requirements of projects and customization and advanced features involved in it, and many more. As per the cost breakdown of each factor, the rough estimation of developing an app like Zillow/Trulia can range from $25000 to $70000 based on different functions and features.

    Creating a real estate app need a lot of expertise and experience to build and most often the cost depends on the number of hour’s project takes, functionality, and the latest technologies implementation. Often most of our customers ask us to provide a detailed cost breakdown for app development cost in India, Cost is not clear and most of the mobile app development companies can’t tell you an exact cost. We DxMinds a leading mobile app development company in Bangalore decide the app cost based on project requirements and time taken. Our team of dedicated and qualified app developers who are creative and unique in skills can create customized real estate mobile apps for your business.

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