How Much does it Cost to develop an AI app like BetterHalf

How Much does it Cost to develop an AI app like BetterHalf?

Partner Searching App Like BetterHalf Development Cost

We are living in the digital era of technology, where most of the people look for perfection all the time, particularly in search of a life partner, soulmate or Better half. Everyone like to marry with the person whose qualities matches with his/her perfect list. So, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technology which was booming in other sectors made its entry into an Indian Matchmaking platform. Yes, its true AI/ML will help to find a perfect match for you. Isn’t it a very interesting app, where AI is helping to find out a perfect pair? So let’s have a look about the app, its amazing features, how it works to find the partner and how much does it cost to develop AI-based app.

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    About BetterHalf AI

    Betterhalf.AI is India’s First AI-powered life partner search app platform, developed for the modern independent working citizens who are looking for true compatibility partner with the serious intent of marriage. Founded by Pawan Gupta and Rahul Namdev in the year 2017, with an idea of turning the millennials of India into AI Algorithms of Love.

    Unlike the other dating platforms that engage the young users, BetterHalf AI is targeted in the age group of 27 to 38 that correlates in the seriousness of finding a life partner.

    How Do BetterHalf.AI work?

    BetterHalf.Ai is a mash-up of a targeted subset of matches with a rapid turnaround time to find a compatible life partner.

    After downloading the app, users have to complete the registration through six levels of confirmation like Facebook, personal email, phone number, work email and government id for proof. Once registration is done, overall compatibility scores are calculated based on the user’s emotional, social, intellectual and moral values. After this, user can start to search the matches with compatibility percentage and detailed profiles, and can send a connection request, when the request gets accepted can chat with the person.

    The app is provided with a unique feature where users can give the private ratings and feedback which helps the platform to eliminate the non-serious and nasty daters.

    Use of AI in BetterHalf app

    The app goes with step by step process:


    Registration process helps the platform to gather the user’s information to estimate their personality with reliable accuracy in terms of compatibility score.


    An interacting phase where the platform gets to know the user’s interest by his/her behavioural information such as click map, scroll map, time spent on matches, profile. Let us give an example of how exactly it works, a user who have visited 15 profiles and 6 of the profiles have mentioned that they like to listen to music, and if the users spend their maximum time on these profiles, then the system study that this particular user is interested in the matches who likes Music.

    Product Gamification

    In this phase, we grab the personality information by asking more personality-based questions from the users to study their nature and mindset. Then the app uses AI-based algorithm to present the qualities and personality of a person.

    Post Chat

    In this phase, the user gives the private feedback about the user after coming up with a chat/conversation. This process not only helps the app to find out the genuineness of profile but also helps in determining the person seriousness for marriage.

    This is how AI-based algorithms rectifying the user’s profile and personality based on the feedback from other users and helping the Betterhalf.AI to evaluate an accurate version of User and their personality.

    Removal of outliers or Biased Data Using Machine learning

    Once the process is done, the final step is to authenticate/rectify any data which is concluded by using the ML algorithm. Suppose if the users rate themselves in between the range 1 to 4 which is a short-tempered dimension and if the profile is marked as 7 or more than that Betterhalf applies the ML-based Rectification algorithm for improving the data.

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      How Much Does It Cost To Develop An AI App Like BetterHalf.AI?

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