How Much Does an App Like Cost?

The travel and tourism industry has shown constant growth year-over-year and is now considered one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world.

Nowadays, the question, of how to develop a booking app for the tour and travel industry is trending among diverse groups of people. The success stories of big players like Airbnb and have accelerated the growth of travel industries with phenomenal growth. This is why hospitality professionals and many start-ups and entrepreneurs started wondering how to create travel booking mobile apps for their businesses.

Want to Develop a Mobile App For Your Travel Business?

    About connects people to unique travel experiences across the globe. In July 2005, the company was acquired by Bookings Holdings and then, it cooperated with Active is the best travel app company, launched its Hotel and lodging mobile app on 4th February 2011. The company provides online travel services including international holiday packages, hotel booking, etc. The company holds nearly 25 percent of the market share of the hotel booking segment. As a leading venture, acquired Evature Technologies Ltd. is available as an app on Android, iOS, and Windows phone platforms.

    Key Features of the App

    • Customers can Book, hotel rooms with just a single tap
    • Now, customers can view their booking details, make cancellations, and much more
    • It provides the option to save card details for hassle-free Hotel-booking experiences.
    • Pay through credit card, debit card, net banking, or integrated My Wallet

    The success of 

    • 100 Million+ downloads
    • Revenue $12.5 Billion in 2017
    • Unique price model

    Add-on Features of

    • Beautiful image gallery
    • Appealing the ‘Book Now Button
    • Social Media Integration
    • Real-Time Booking
    • Safe Payment Options
    • Currency and Language Settings

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      Cost Deciding Factors of  App like

      Travel booking app like comes under the database category app, which requires a robust backend and interesting design. Below are the factors that determine the real cost of the application.

      • Choosing the right app development platform: The development costs of Hotel booking apps/travel booking apps differ from platform to platform. It would cost less to develop a hotel app on the iOS platform, the iOS app requires only a few devices to be compatible, but it’s not the same for Android. The hotel booking platform for Android costs relatively higher than iOS.
      • Choosing the right UI/UX design: User-Friendly experience and an attractive user interface are required, which ensure the success of your app. However, adding visual components, graphics, as well as other user-friendly interface functionality may increase the cost of development. For your ticket booking app, a simple yet impressive design and data-encrypted mobile app are required. All of these features can raise the costs of development, but they can create a better impact.
      • Location: The hourly rates are different in several countries. For example, Indian app developers would charge around $10 to $50 per hour, whereas Australian app developers may cost around $50 to $200 per hour. The variation in rates will surely reflect on the app’s development cost. We would advise asking for a free quote with basic functionality and features of the travel application development. You should also consider the app development company profile before assigning the project.
      • Complexity: Let’s consider a scenario in that you want to include mobile wallet functionality in your travel booking app. Through the implementation of a mobile wallet, you can accept several online payments and would also provide the customer with a better user experience, thus it can increase the complexity of the app development process. Therefore, the cost of travel booking apps with these complex features would be higher than that with simple payment gateway features.

      How much DxMinds charges for the development of an app like

      The online travel booking app can attract many people if it has an appealing interface and user-friendly features. You can get a high return on investment with this type of application in the long run. It will also help you to build your brand reputation in the global market.

      At DxMinds, a Top Travel app development company has the proficiency to deliver the best solution for any travel industry-related app development.

      Technology Used by DxMinds:

      • Mobile app development: Android Kotlin, Android Java, Objective C, Swift C, and React Native.
      • Web Development: Python, PHP, Node JS, Angular, Dot net, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5
      • Database: MongoDB, MySQL, Amazon Aurora, Firebase, Dynamo DB, Couch DB, Maria DB, SQL lite, Oracle.
      • Advance Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.

      While travel booking app development costs like would range from $20000 to $50000 and the cost depends on many factors as mentioned in this article.

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