How Much does it Cost to Develop a Movie Ticket Booking app like TicketNew?

How Much does it Cost to Develop a Movie Ticket Booking app like TicketNew?

How Much does it cost to develop an app like TicketNew?

Movies are the core entertainment industry in India, where peoples prefer watching films in the theater. The advanced technology has arrived in a quick environment that leads to many changes. Transforming from traditional to modern methods, waiting for a long time in queues for hours to take tickets is no longer of concept now.

The mobile app technology has changed the ticket booking industry into the next level in a great space. The future of expansion in ticket booking is done with mobile apps. The audience can book tickets from mobile apps by using an internet connection, as they can select cinemas on multiplexes based on the locations. The online ticket booking app changed the way of booking tickets nowadays, the app contains advanced features, cost, and much information about films.

Developing a mobile app is not a complicated task for expertise app developers. If you are seriously looking to know about how much does it cost to develop an app like ticket now? DxMinds came with a solution to provide an answer for users looking to know the exact cost details.

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    About TicketNew

    TicketNew is one of the largest online movie ticket-booking app headquartered in India and providing services in major cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi etc. Before peoples are waiting over a long time on weekends to obtain film tickets. Now the entire process was changed with the mobile app. Peoples started booking tickets online from a comfortable place of living through mobile apps.

    This app allows users to book movie tickets online, and can even view the showtimes, movie reviews, etc. The app slowly becomes very famous and reached 50,000 download across India. Every month users utilizing app,  more than 30 million bookings for a month and serving more than 350 cities across India.

    DxMinds Technologies is a global mobile app development company specialized in developing ticket-booking app like We build high-class mobile apps similar to ticketnew for both Android and iOS with high-standard UI/UX designs and seamless features.

    Features Involved

    • Simple Signup
    • Advance Filter
    • Films Listing
    • Shows Details
    • Rating and Reviews
    • Real-time Booking
    • Payment Gateway
    • Now Playing
    • Upcoming Movies
    • Customer Support

    How Much does an app like TicketNew Cost?


    The app development cost of TicketNew arrived with a two major platforms and costs vary on two platforms such as iOS an Android. Building an app for ticket booking services need to develop an app on both platforms because of the target audience involved. The comparison of Android app comes with less cost to iOS app development. Peoples book films from different platform as it covers all type of audiences.

    Advance Features

    The mobile app development like ticketnew comes with key basic features that enable users to book online tickets, can create profiles and payments and GPS tracking, etc. The cost of app development like ticketnew varies on the type of features integrated within the mobile apps.


    TicketNew apps come with simple and attractive designs that mean user-friendly designs for users. However, developing an app like ticketnew varies on the type of design you choose that engage more users within the mobile apps.

    App Size

    As we add more features and tools, the size of the mobile app enhances the cost of the application. The cost development of an app like ticketnew varies on the size of the mobile app. The more size of an app requires more databases involved for images, film description and rating, reviews, etc.

    Developer Team

    Developing a mobile app like ticketnew needs skills, experience and this type of app charges vary from company to company. To get the best quality of ticket booking app like ticketnew, choose top mobile app developers, as they can provide a better solution for your custom needs.

    How much DxMinds cost to develop an app like TicketNew?

    Based on the above factors, features and technologies involved can determine the average cost of app development like ticketnew. The cost depends on multiple reasons and elements.

    DxMinds Technologies is a leading mobile app development company in India, specialized in developing famous apps like ticketnew., We take care of entire development process from idea creation to promotion of mobile app in the app store.

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      However, a mobile app with reasonable features is concerned and ranges from $15000 to $52,000.

      There are some more factors require to be analyzed while having an app idea of building an app like TicketNew. You must create basic features that will influence user engagement. If you want to know, the exact cost details send requirements to get a free quote.

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