Why Outsourcing is Important for Startup Product Development?

Why Outsourcing is Important for Startup Product Development?

Starting a new venture is a great deal where you have to consider several aspects, such as business ideas, checking its feasibility, marketing, and the list goes on. In between the hustle and bustle of setting up a new organization, recruiting a team can consume a lot of time and also a finer part of your capital. Most start-up commences with an idea to initiate with a huge office and bigger team, but this approach will double up your investment capital. Recruiting an in-house development team includes renting an office space, buying the equipment required for business operations, basic amenities, and more. Hence, outsourcing product development can be a wiser option for a start-up to plan a long-term goal. It also helps the newly born business to jump into the market with the least capital and within no time.

Most start-ups have questions about outsourcing product development services and most of them keep seeking potential reasons to outsource product development procedures. Not just one or two, there are plenty of benefits to choosing an offshore product development teamWell choosing a product development team to outsource your work doesn’t mean that it will come with zero investment, but it can assist you to cut down your unnecessary expenses. Apart from being cost-effective, outsourced product development companies can serve you with surplus benefits.

When do you need to outsource your product development?

For each product development company, outsourcing maybe not be an optimal idea but can be the best option for several start-ups. There is a condition where outsourcing your procedure becomes crucial for effective, sales promotion techniques and successful business development. Not only start-ups, but well-established companies also started opting for services of offshore development centers based on certain business conditions.

A few business conditions that demand outsourcing product development procedures are listed below:

  • The requirement for the latest technology for product development
  • A team to validate your innovative idea
  • The company requires a scalable team
  • Enhanced returns for limited capital investment
  • Expertise assistance

The benefits of outsourcing product development to an offshore development team are:

In a year countless IT companies take an initiative but hardly few among those reach the desired level of success. Most of the start-ups end up with a failure and the team included in the operations of that start-up is the biggest reason behind the downfall of a company. In a present digitized world, technology is transforming business trends and objectives too. To accomplish your business goals you need more than just a team. You need a prolific talent that can push you out of the crowd and can help you bring innovation to the current market. Hiring an offshore development team can aid you with several benefits; a few of which are listed below:

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Faster procedure:

Outsourcing product development procedures are much faster than getting it done in-house. While developing a product in-house you have to start with the very initial step, which is recruiting a team that is well-skilled and experienced in the specific technology, analyzing the market, and customer’s requirements, getting the required equipment, and other product development specifications. Opting for the assistance of product development companies will set you free from all the initial procedures. Then you will be only responsible to hire the best offshore development team based on your requirement, rest of the procedures will be taken care of by your selected team keeping all the development standards high and maintaining the excellent quality of the product.

Access to knowledge and experience:

To develop software you have multiple programming languages and technologies to choose from. But thriving software development requires the latest technologies, the use of apt programming language, innovative ideas, and much more. This can be done only with experience and knowledge. If you gather a few software developers, then it will take time for them to understand each other’s work, become a team, and work together by complementing each other’s work. It will elongate your product development procedure. Instead, if you outsource the product development process then you can select a team that has worked on several software developments and has deep knowledge of developing software using the latest technologies. In collaboration with product development companies, an expert team will work with you right from the first step of your product. They will completely support you in conducting efficient market research, understanding the existing customer’s requirements, then proceeding toward the development phase. Along with the development, you will get a professional consultation guiding your product to success. With offshore product development services, you have got the liberty of outsourcing all the processes for which you lack professional assistance.


To build up a team just recruiting employees is not sufficient, instead, the employees must have bonded with them. To bring out the best output from your development procedures, your employees need to work with great harmony. If you hire a new team then bringing harmony and teamwork in between them may take longer. Instead, if you take the assistance of the offshore development center to develop your product you will get a team with the experience of working together on distinct projects for several years.

Can reach the most promising techies:

When you choose to outsource your product development then you set out all the geolocation boundaries. Now you have the world in front of you to choose an apt team for your product development. Every time you think of developing software you have different objectives to achieve, and different requirements to satisfy. Hence, the team and the technology used to develop your product must also be specific to your business idea. Your primary criteria for selecting a product development team must be their professionalism and technical skills. There are several countries like India, China, the Philippines, and many others which are renowned as the best technology innovators.

A perfect balance of cost and skills:

Either a native team or an offshore team, you have to pay their compensation. Then why not get a team which is worth paying for? By outsourcing the product development process you can avail of the benefit of choosing a team that properly fits your requirements. You can analyze the skills of the team, can check their reviews, can check their work history, and also check the quality of their services. Most of the outsourcing companies are heading towards India as they get the best skills at the least possible prices. Software developers in India are having a comparatively lesser pay scale than in other countries but the work qualities offered by Indian software developers are way higher than others. The product development companies in India serve an optimal balance between their prices and professionalism.

Requirement-based team:

Before selecting an offshore team for your product development, you must create a checklist to ensure you are selecting a team that precisely fits your requirements. The technological sector is undergoing a drastic change and is bringing unparalleled transformations in the IT sector. Now you have a wide array of technologies to choose from. Each team can’t specialize in all the available technologies. With the offshore development team, you have the option to set your priorities and choose a team that is accurately set in your checklist. Professionals that you can choose for your project management are business analysts, UI/UX designers, and QA engineers.

Abolition of micromanagement:

Owning a native team will demand micromanagement to ensure that the work is going in the right direction. You will be responsible for every development and flaw too. Your team may require your guidance and creative ideas to move ahead in your product development. If you outsource product development then the entire development will be the responsibility of the chosen team. Sharing your project idea, objective, and other related details with the product development team will be sufficient, no need to keep your continuous vigilance over the development.

Easy scalability:

Team requirements may change with the variation in product development. The scope of a development team may grow or reduce depending on the procedures implemented. With a permanent native team, you may not get the liberty to change your team size any time you want. Whether you require it or not you need to pay your entire team. But if you are outsourcing the process to the product development companies then you will be free to scale your team based on your work requirement.

In another case, if a team member leaves your team on short notice then getting a replacement within a short period having the same skills and experience as the prior one is a tough job. Instead, if you are hiring an offshore team for your product development then you need not get stressed about team changes, all recruitment will be done at your offshore development center without making any loss or delay to your work.

Application of agile methodology:

The success of an app depends on its flawlessness. An app must be developed with zero bugs but it can be developed only with regular testing. Removing bugs after complete product development is a waste of time, effort, and money too. Most of the offshore product development team offers an agile methodology for developing prominent software to ensure bug-free software within a limited time, effort, and capital investment.

What is an agile methodology?

In agile methodology, the testing is done parallel with the development. The development procedure is divided into unit stages and after each unit development of software, testing is done to ensure the efficient working of units. Then, the integration of units is again tested to check whether the perfectly developed bug-free units can work together as a component can work properly giving an efficient output. Under agile methodology, a product is developed under various phases, such as usability, exploratory, collaborative, and user acceptance.

Minimum risk:

When you start with software development, you are always running at risk of error, product initial development failure, delay, and other challenges too. When your native team is developing software for your business development then you are responsible to cover up all the flaws that occurred during the software development procedure. This may increase the risk of your business idea failure.

In case you have outsourced product development then you will be out of maximum risk factors. The team will collaborate with your company with an agreement to deliver your completed, bug-free project in the pre-determined timeline within the pre-fixed capital investment. Once you collaborate with a product development team you are free from almost risks and even you don’t need to manage your project with micro inspections.  


Increasing competition in the IT world is demanding a higher rate of creativity, perfection, and prominence. Developing a product that can place its footsteps in the market at the very initial stage of its launch widely depends on the team working on it. Hiring a native team for a start-up was a traditional method. In this modern world, businesses are demanding highly swift procedures. Hiring a native team and developing the skills required for product development is a time-consuming procedure with capital investment for various office requirements.

As an alternative, today’s modern business world started to move towards offshore development centers to get the best product development team in the least possible time and capital investment. Apart from time and capital savings, there are several benefits of hiring an offshore development team such as the expert team, access to the best technology, expert assistance for desired software development, rescue from micromanagement, faster process, and many more.

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