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Offshore Development Centre in India

We are DxMinds Innovation Labs, the best Offshore Development Centre in India. Our mission is to associate with global businesses in setting up a perfect ODC centre in India. The offshore development centers we host are designed to deliver the best outcomes to our prestigious clients. The diversified services we offer in the domain of ODC helps our clients reinvent their operational models in the best possible way. The offshore development centers we host are just an extended version of your business overseas, working in parallel to your organizational norm and regulations.

    Why need of an offshore development centre?

    Businesses are turning out to be more competitive than ever before and profits margins are narrowing. Massive intervention that ensures no loss in the quality of services and products delivered is required to excel in all domains. These requirements have paved the way for businesses aggressively switching on to offshore development models. Offshore development is the practice of setting up a business centre overseas, so that businesses can deliver precise services that enhance their profit margins with no compromise over the quality aspects.

    offshore development center

    India for setting up an offshore development centre

    To be in parallel to the trend, global businesses are now depending up on countries like India, which are rich in its resources. This led to the rise of offshore development models and India being the hub for setting up offshore development centers. A nation like India is known for its access to diversified resources and technologies that enhance the demand for setting up offshore development centre in India. Also the government rules and regulations in India are adding more value to the offshore development models. Cost of living, readily available resources and infrastructures, booming economy, employment flexibility etc are the other major factors that prompt businesses to choose India for setting up their offshore development centers.

    DxMinds - the best offshore development centre in India

    Being the top offshore development centre in India, DxMinds Innovation Labs help you set up a full-fledged, yet your extended version of organization here in India. Our mission is keenly focused on imparting the best offshore models to our clients that are not only flexible but are in parallel to the client rules and regulations. We are in a journey towards driving growth for our client business by the best usage of our ODC engagement models. The offshore development services we deliver are impeccable and address the precise requirement of our clients. We follow a customer-centric business model, where in we ensure progressive business growth across the value chain.

    Offshore development process at DxMinds

    At DxMinds, the pioneers among offshore development centers in India, our affinity is towards helping our customers in setting up offshore development centers in India leveraging the best possible ways. Our ODC model upholds huge potentiality and easily gets blended to your organizational frameworks. We are you, situated overseas. We supply you with the best resources with flexible employment contracts, so that you don’t have to waste time on exploring the talent pool. Our resources works seamlessly and tirelessly to meet your goals. They work remotely for you, ahead of time zones, available 24×7, leveraging the latest digital practices, without you even investing a single penny on the employee training programs. Our highly trained top level executives manage those resources in such a way that you precisely get what you really wants.

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    Our ODCs are not just oursourcing

    If you got hooked up with outsourcing and offshore development, you got it wrong. The offshore development services we deliver are more than outsourcing. In outsourcing, you are just hiring a third party agency to complete your project, where in you have limited control over the agency, where in our offshore development center offers you the complete authority for you to control the team working for you meaning our ODCs are more flexible and profitable even than outsourcing. Being the top offshore development company in India, we are committed towards meeting your requirement and collectively work towards achieving your goals and milestones.

    Outpace your competition; enhance the profit margins leveraging our ODC models

    Our ODC frameworks are designed to meet and greet your business requirements. By having an association with us, you are open to diversified opportunities where you are treated with the flexible engagement models, technology integrations and best pricings integrated. You can just sit back and relax whilst we hustle for you.

    • Access to the best talent pool

    The wide access to the best talent pool helps us serve you better and this sets you free from all limitations and liabilities.

    • Better training of resources

    We train the resources to meet your standards even without your concerns.

    • Best pricing in the town

    Our pricing strategies are so dynamic that we charges economically and budget friendly for the outstanding service we deliver.

    • Flexible employment contracts

    We supply you with resources that are having flexible engagement contracts. You can hire our resources per projects, even if it’s a short term one.

    • Zero capital investment

    With our ODC, come many advantages. You dint have to spend much on your capital investments, as we have all the infrastructures readily available with us.

    Extended offshore development Centre model services we offer

    • Custom Software Development
    • Web Application Development
    • Mobile app development
    • Quality Assurance, Testing, and Maintenance
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Blockchain Technology
    • Augmented Reality
    • Virtual Reality
    • Mixed Reality
    • Chatbot

    Tools and Technologies We Use

    offshore development center in india folow tools and technologies

    Our Offshore Development Models

    Fixed Cost Model
    1. Pricing part of the project is fixed prior to development.
    2. We deliver the precise services on time.
    3. Perfect fit for small and mid-sized projects
    Dedicated Team Model
    1. Our team comprising of highly talented professionals will be reserved right for you to complete the project.
    2. Ideal for a long term and large volume projects
    3. You pay for the resources
    Time and Material Model
    1. Cherry picked for projects that dmenads indefinite time for completion
    2. Pricing will be charged on an hourly basis and material cost

    Highly customizable offshore development services from DxMinds

    We deliver custom fabricated ODC services for our clients that fits perfectly for their business requirements. Our resources works as your extended set of employees, who can be deployed onshore, offshore and near shore, works with hundred percentage of commitment towards the successful completion of the project.

    Why choose us?          

    • Custom tailored a solution that meets your business requirements that meets your organizational norms and standards.
    • A team that works in a seamless manner round the clock, no matter what.
    • No language bar helps you in having your hands on top of the entire phase of developing the project.
    • Capability to afford offshore projects of any kind; small, mid and large size
    • Imparting unmatched offshore development services since the very first day of incorporation
    DxMinds for developing an offshore development center

    Unmatched services, round the clock

    We love serving our customers in the best possible way. Our unmatched yet innovative offshore development centre services are all you need to have a breakthrough. We will take you throughout the journey that let you experience the freshness of what it is to have your extended workforce overseas.

    Frequently Asked Question

    No. Outsourcing is when you hire a third party agency to complete your project. In offshore development model, you have an office setup overseas. You can monitor, manage and decide how the workforce has to work for you.

    DxMinds offers the best ODC models that are highly flexible and innovative.

    There is fixed cost model, time and material cost model, and dedicated team model. You are free to choose the model based on the type and size of your project.

    Yes. They are very much profitable. It lets you free from all constraints that narrows your profit margins and help you run a profitable business model.

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