Top 5 React Native App Development Companies in Bangalore

First of all, let’s discuss what is react native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework which supports every API available on Android and iOS. React native app development is rapidly growing in the industry for developing mobile apps, instead of building app in different platforms like Objective-C or Java you can put it in a single platform called react native using JavaScript and can be used for both the android and iOS. React native speeds up the development and saves time as well as money. Its free of cost, developers can make use of all its frameworks and libraries without paying anything

Some of the top companies and brands that uses react native in their business

  • Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram- Top social media application.
  • Netflix – the biggest paid video-streaming service.
  • Yahoo! – the mail client in React.
  • Sberbank -Top most company located in Russia.
  • MedLife -Its an online medicine delivering app used in India.

Why do companies prefer react native in their business?

  • It is Community-driven, means it combines the advantage of mobile app development with power and agility of the native React environment.
  • It’s very much Easy to Learn and Easy to Use.
  • It has reusable elements which can be used again and again. This means a huge saving in companies’ time and cost.
  • You can have control over the release dates as both the Android and iOS can be released on the same date.
  • React Native provides extremely smooth animations and many frame work designs.

There are few React native App development Companies in Bangalore, who has expertise in building react native Apps for iOS and Android.

1) DxMinds Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd.

DxMinds Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd. headquartered in Bangalore and have its branches in California, USA is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Bangalore with a strong team of React Native developers in Bangalore and several successful React Native apps to its credit. It has developed many apps for startups and large corporate. The company involves different platforms in the development of applications like iOS, Android and Windows. DxMinds does faster development within the specified timeline, and have a diversified team consisting of React Native experts who have depth knowledge about the technology. This company develops apps which are highly efficient and competitive with others in app development.

2) CronJ IT

CronJ is a technology consulting firm with video analytics, Supply Chain IT solutions and product development as a key focus area and resource provider for Node.js, Angular.js, React.js, Python and Golang located in Bangalore. It develops Web Application, Mobile Application using Hybrid or native platform and Custom Software Development handling global clients. They do React Native Apps Development for Android and iOS.

3) Codebrahma

It is a leading company located in Bangalore. Their team is experts in designing and developing applications in different platforms like iOS, Android, React JS, ReactJS Native, Vue JS, Rails, Salesforce, NodeJS, AngularJS.This company has been one of the early starters in the app development with React Native framework, and this is precisely why it boasts such a huge team of expert and experienced React Native App development company in Bangalore

4) DigiFutura

It’s a leading technology located in Bangalore. There technology leaders that bring a fresh perspective to problem-solving. They strictly follow the agile methodology for developing the products with the affordable price tag. They are passionate, knowledgeable and committed to providing our customers the best possible services and solution.

5) GeekyAnts 

Incoporated in 2006, Bangalore based technology company,Geeky Ants focuses on web and mobile app development. They are well known creaters of web and mobile applications.They uses technologies like
GraphQL , Angular Node, React, React Native, Firebase, , and many other technologies. It is all about building industry leading software products, delighting their customers, and giving back to the developer community.


We hope you got a better idea on List of React native App Development Companies in Bangalore. Hereby completing some of the Top 5 React native development companies in Bangalore in 2019. As being the leader of cutting-edge solutions for mobility we proved as the best company in the list of top 5 React Native app development companies in Bangalore. If you are looking for Mobile apps for your business you can reach DxMinds Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd.which provides React native App development services at affordable cost.

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