Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Sharjah

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Sharjah

Mobile App Development Companies in Sharjah | Hire App Developers

Today smartphone has completely taken the world within its stride. Innovative mobile applications are redefining mobile phones with more powerful, useful and full of fun with each day passing. Now we are at a highly competitive business world and the E-business turned over a new leaf to business, business organizations implement technology to create a competitive advantage in the business environment.

In the Middle East region, Sharjah is an attractive trade and investment destination for global brands that looking for an opportunity in the city’s rapidly evolving tech industry. In today’s E-Business trend professionals form Sharjah need to equip the right technology trend that will be transforming business models across different industries.

It is proven that mobile apps are the game changer for business owners. In Sharjah mobile app market is growing faster than a beanstalk and hiring the best Mobile App Development Company in Sharjah may sound intriguing.

Here in this article, I tried to bring the best possible information about the forefront of Mobile App Development Companies in Sharjah who can provide high performing enterprise software solutions.

The List Of Best Top 10 Trusted mobile app development companies in Sharjah

DxMinds Technologies

DxMinds is the leading custom App Development Company in Sharjah having a global presence in the USA, India, Australia, and UAE. The Company offers robust and scalable mobile app development services on Android and iOS platforms across different industry verticals like Banking, Education, Health, Gambling, Game, Legal, Logistics, Media & Entertainment, Public Sector, Retail, Sport, Travel & Hospitality, etc.

DxMinds introducing four new platforms for business, DxTravela, DxAutomotive, and DxBasket. –DxBots create AI and NLP powered intelligent catboats.

DxTravela – Offers the best travel portal development services to grow your travel-related business online.

DxBasket – Provide the best on-demand eCommerce platform for your business.

Key Services

  •  Mobile App Development Services
  •  Chatbot Development Services
  •  Artificial Intelligence App Development Services
  •  Hybrid App Development Services
  •  AR VR App Development Services
  •  Block chain App Development Services
  •  Web App Development Services
  •  Progressive Web App Development Services
  •  React to Native App Development Services Employees

Key Clients

Sixt, QRiE, Flatworld Solutions, Exam Next, 8 Fit Workout, Rakuten, Second Source, APIT, Veggies Cart.

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    OpenXcell is the best Mobile Application Development Company in Sharjah offers since the year 2009. The company holds a qualified team of engineering expertise from iOS & Android app development is completely focused on providing the best mobile and web app development services to its clients.

    Key Services

    • UX/UI Design
    • Programming
    • DevOps
    • Maintenance
    • QA & Testing
    • APIs Development
    • Web Apps

    Key Clients

    Orderhive, Byju’s, hubble, GlobalFit Anywhere, Controlcast, TracPrac, etc.

    Royex Technologies

    Royex Technologies is a global technology company mainly strives to create successful and efficient business mobility solutions as well as websites. The company is equipped with a team of highly talented app developers and designers. The company is founded in 2013 and till now they successfully delivered more than 300 projects for the clients in Dubai, UAE and other Middle East countries. The comprehensive project management methodology and keeping its clients up-to-date throughout the entire app development process make the company one of the leading Mobile App Development Company in Sharjah.

    Key Services

    • Mobile App Development
    • Website Development
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • ecommerce Web Design
    • Custom Application Development
    • Mobile Apps Marketing
    • Block chain Development

    Key Clients

    Alsharqiya, Abu Dhabi Culture and Tourism, Moto zone,d4u, Federal-youth-Authority,JAD Taxi.


    Cubix is the creative Apps Development Company in Sharjah build industry-leading digital products leveraging modern technologies. The company specializes in app development since 2008 with the most skilled, trained and experienced app developers in the industry and also work with your budget without compromising on the quality.

    Key Services

    • Mobile Application
    • Block chain Development
    • Augmented Reality
    • Business Intelligence
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Big Data
    • Web Development
    • MVP Development
    • SharePoint

    Key Clients

    Foodly, Curious, Sedelle, Hictic, Time Forge, Bright Farm.


    Mobulous is one of the top Mobile Application Development Companies in Sharjah paved a long way by serving the best mobility solutions to more than 400 brand. The company helps a business like both start-ups and big enterprises to add value to their brands. The client-focused approach and also incorporating the client at each step of app development made the company one of the first choices among entrepreneurs.

    Key Services

    • Mobile App Development
    • Web Development
    • Software Development
    • App Designing (UI/UX)
    • Web Designing(UI/UX)
    • Testing Services
    • Digital Marketing
    • Ecommerce Development

    Key Clients

    Idols Fashion, Now Grocery, Viet Social, Snedy, Voweloer, etc.


    Celadon is top among the List of Mobile App Development companies in Sharjah provides mobile app development services for large companies and SMEs, start-ups and even individuals. Highest qualities and genuine recommendations are given about the timelines as well as costs are the best qualities of celadon.

    Key Services

    • Mobile App Development
    • AI/ML Development
    • Web App Development
    • MVP Development
    • UX/UI Design
    • QA

    Key Clients

    Endurance Horse Riding Application, Big Data Management System Frontend, Construction Risks Management software, HR Software MVP, etc.

    Neologix Software Solutions

    Neologix is a top-ranked Top Mobile App Development Company in Sharjah focus on mobile app development service and gets your app developed to your specs. The company has 14+ years of experience in app development and has a team of talented 150+ app developers and designers. The technology stack used by Neologix is ColdFusion, .NET, iPhone, Android, Umbraco, Magento, Ionic, SharePoint, etc.

    Key Services

    • Web design and development
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Mobile App Design and Development
    • Content Management System
    • E-Commerce Services and Solutions
    • M-Commerce
    • Database design and development
    • Ethereum Application Development

    Key Clients

    Cartoys,, Sharp, Mashalot, Hellocabs, Member centrel.


    Xiom is the leading IOS App Development Company in Sharjah creates and deploys mobility solutions and has served clients of all types for both new ventures and big brands. Years of experience in app development help Xiom to evaluate and select the best mobile app technology trends that match your particular business and project.

    Key Services

    • Web development
    • Mobile App Development
    • Software development
    • IT consulting services
    • Quality analysis and testing

    Key Clients

    Fitfix, Notch, Spooner,Lunch served, Juvly, Campcrate .


    Branex is the top-notch Android App Development Company in Sharjah provides outstanding app development services for business productivity. The company developed enterprise level simulations and solutions various industry verticals. An expert team implementing a new level of innovative technologies to helps you to enhance your digital experience.

    Key Services

    • Website Development
    • Branding & Design
    • Mobile App Development
    • Digital Marketing

    Key Clients

    The launch-pad,K&D,Almas,Becon,Ascs,Masaar.


    Ajath is one of the top ten iOS App Development Company in Sharjah provide quality services to all types of business. Thecompany have experience with most interesting projects with international clients.

    Key Services

    • Consulting
    • iOS App Development
    • Android App Development
    • Web development
    • Hybrid App Development
    • Digital Marketing
    • Wire framing
    • Product Lifecycle

    Key Clients

    Al-Ain Saudi Arabia, Beezy, PikNDel, HealthOptim, Medivarsity, Shoaut.

    The rapid technology growth changed whole the world with lot of advantages. UAE also has witnessed the drastic technology changes, now mobile app development is the fastest growing industry in UAE.In the economy of Sharjah Mobile App Developers in Sharjah plays an important role. Since we live in a digitally smart world, there had been a significant rise in the usage of smartphones and more than 80% people are searching for services and products through mobile apps, so a great online presence will bring your business to the next level with the following benefits.

    • Business Exposure

    The number of smartphone usage is constantly on the riseand users spend more time online. So investing for an innovative mobile app will increase the visibility of any business.

    • Customers Loyalty

    Mobile app is a window to the personal lives of customers, ithelp retailersto offer easy-to-use, engaging, and personalized shopping experience to customers.

    • A Direct Marketing Channel

    As a direct marketing channel mobile apps help business to reach the potential customer quickly about the product, service, or company directly to the customers.

    • Increases Sales

    Mobile orders, Push notifications,Loyalty rewards,Social referrals,Mobile reservations,Event RSVPs,GPS coupons and Newsletter signups are some the different ways to increasessales through mobile apps.

    • Better Customer Service

    Mobile Apps will keep the customers informed 24/7 about your businesswill drastically improve their overall experience.

    • Improving Brand Awareness

    A valuable mobile app will be a best platform for your business marketing, a well created app can increase your audience and also retain the customers. A simple and attractive logo or slogan allow users to recollect your business when they are in need of your products or services.

    • Anytime and Anywhere Accessibility to Customers

    Mobile apps will open a business world without boundarieshelp easily reach to your targeted clients or customers.


    Mobile apps bring all the information you need on your fingertips. Above all is the established Mobile App Development Companies in Sharjah. As each and every one gracefully adapting trending technologies for success the competition in app development market is high and also so many start-ups are coming up day by day.So while choosing your digital transformation partner you have to do a deep analysis about their effective services and clients reviews, ratings and previous completed projects.

    DxMinds Technologies is the leading Mobile App Development company in Sharjah is ready to be your digital transformation partner with great business mobility solutions using trending technologies like Machine Learning (ML), ArtificialIntelligence (AI), Internetof Things(IoT) etc.

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