Top 10 Best Online Medicine Delivery Apps in India

Top 10 Best Online Medicine Delivery Apps in India

With the rapid growth of the internet and mobile apps, there is a surge in demand for medicine delivery mobile app. Gone are the days when people used to stand in a queue to get quality medicines, especially with the growth in online medicine apps. These apps deliver the medicines at your doorsteps within few clicks. All you need to do is to install the app and get the ordered medicines.

In this tech-savvy era, there are start-ups and growing entrepreneurs which come up with the idea of creating an online medicine delivery mobile app and run them successfully. In metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, folks prefer to opt for the best online medicine apps in India. As a result, with the growing demand, the competition is getting increased.

Advantages of online medicine apps:

If you are looking out for advantages of online delivery medicine app, you can go through the following advantages:

For Customers

The availability of medicines at reasonable rates,

  • the attractive offers,
  • the promo codes,
  • the availability of medicine at your doorsteps

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    For Pharmacies
    • They can make an online presence.
    • The stores can manage their inventory digitally and get helpful reminders and notifications on expiry dates.
    • Offer different campaigns and attractive discounts.
    • Attract new customers and reach new geographical locations.
    • Offer a great level of customer satisfaction.
    • Advantage of refill your requirements.


    Premium mobile phone screen mockup template

    1mg is one of the most popular online medicine delivery apps in India available in the Android Play store and Iphone’s App store with more than 10 million downloads.

    1 mg Technologies Pvt.Ltd was started in the year 2015 by Prashant Tandon, Gaurav Agarwal, Vikas Chauhan at Gurgaon Haryana, India.

    It offers services to Indian cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and a lot more. 1 mg lets you buy medicine online and have a talk with the doctor at the time of requirement. You can get information about the medicine dosage, side effects, and other details about your medicine with the help of this online medicine delivery app.

    It has set up successful partnerships with local pharmacies to fulfill customer requirements. The best part of this app is that once you enter your requirement, in case if it’s not available you can get the alternatives also.

    1mg allows you to get detailed information about the medicine, its dosage, its side effects, and other relevant information. You can order every kind of medicine like Homeopathic pills, Ayurveda herbs.

    Features of 1mg:

    1. You can get a 20% discount on every service.
    2. It offers services in around 1200+ cities.
    3. You can get personalized suggestions from doctors online.

    App downloads- 10,0000+

    User Rating -4.4/5

    Website –


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    Practo is a leading medicine delivery mobile app that offers a medicine ordering service along with doctor consultation also. Being a trusted name in the field of online appointment booking and adding reviews domain, it lets you upload your prescription so that it can conveniently refill the medicines. The best part of Practo is that it remembers your last order and makes it available according to the requirement.

    This online delivery mobile app lets you get an online consultation, search diagnostic center to get the tests done, and even get medicines from a pharmacy store. 

    Practo was founded in the year 2008, situated in Bangalore, Karnataka. The founders Abinav Lal, Shashank ND initiated the idea of developing Practo to develop an online portal on which the patients can seek consultation and even get the medicines at the same time. The company has launched its online medicine app across 100 cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Luck now.

    Practo includes more than 1 lakh+ registered doctors and 50,000+ hospitals and clinics in this platform to assist patients to connect with the doctors virtually. The best part of this online medicine app is that it delivers medicines within 48 hours of the order placement.

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      Key Features:

      1. Avail 20% discount on the services.
      2. Get online consultation 24*7.
      3. With a single app, you can maintain your health records.

      Number of downloads – 5,000,000+


      User rating -4.5/5


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      Netmeds online medicine delivery app is operated by Dadha Company since 1914. In the year 2020, Reliance Industries acquired it to increase its operations across India. The company is planning to expand its myriad of services even to remote locations and make it available anywhere in India. It was founded by Pradeep Dadha in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

      Netmeds let customers get easy access to a wide variety of healthcare products in a hassle-free manner. The additional services are doctor consultation and Lab tests. In case if you have a medicine slip, then also you can upload it and get a discount of 15% on the medicines.

      Features of Netmeds

      • Get a consultation with the doctor online and get a consultation for free.
      • Get detailed information about medicines and various healthcare information.
      • The customers can easily book a different test online and access medical reports.

      App downloads – 5,00,000+

      User rating -4.3/5

      Website –

      Pharm Easy

      Premium mobile phone screen mockup template

      Pharm Easy is one of the leading online medicine delivery apps which is successfully operating in various cities around India. It avails the medicine and other healthcare products at the convenient reach of customer’s doorsteps.

      This online medicine app also unveils an option to get the tests done at diagnostic centers in more than 40+ cities around India. The best part of Pharm Easy is that avails the medicines at your doorsteps within 24-48 hours.

      Pharm Easy was founded in the year 2015 by Dharmil Sheth, Mikhail Innani under the name of Axelia Solutions Private Limited in Mumbai. The app is popular in the famous cities of Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and a lot more.

      In the case of PharmEasy, you can purchase healthcare products from leading brands in India like Dabur, Nestle, ‘Patanjali, Abbott, etc. It offers services in around 1200 cities and 22000+ pin codes in India. The customers can also get health check-ups, blood tests were done at diagnostic centers, and also free check-ups too.

      Features of PharmEasy

      • PharmEasy offers a subscription plan to get the benefits of easy cashback, zero convenience fees on every order.
      • If you want to make a refill in your medicines, then you can easily do it.
      • Get minimum 15% discount on the products.
      • The tracking is done to get the return in an easy manner.

      App downloads – 10,000+

      User rating –4.4/5


      Apollo Pharmacy

      Premium mobile phone screen mockup template

      Apollo Pharmacy is one of the reliable names in the domain of healthcare and medicines. It owns several hospitals and pharmacies. After gaining fame in the field of the healthcare industry, consultations, and a lot more, it started as an offline store. Apollo Pharmacy sells every kind of medicine and healthcare product. After offline stores, it has now started in online medicine delivery apps.

      The best-in-class features of Apollo:

      1. You can seek consultation with your doctor via Email, Video, or Voice

      2. It offers the functionality to check medical records.

      App downloads- 1,000,000+

      User rating -4.3/5

      Website –


      Premium mobile phone screen mockup template

      Medlife is an emerging online medicine delivery app in India that offers the fast delivery of medicines within 2 hours. It offers a holistic approach towards the availability of affordable healthcare facilities in India. It has leveraged the functioning of the health industry by bringing doctors, pharmacists, phlebotomists, and consumers under a single unit. It offers a hassle-free way to save yourself from waiting in long queues or even visiting a doctor.

      Med life started its operations in the year of 2014, to offer affordable healthcare services. It was founded by Tushar Kumar and Prashant Singh. It offers services in every major Indian city including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and others.

      The customers can seek Medlife to order online medicines, get doctor consultation and lab tests for which the sample is collected at your desired location.

      It offers a gamut of services starting from baby diapers, baby healthcare products, wellness products, and a lot more.

      The features of MedLife:

      • You can avail of medicines, OTC products, doctor consultation, and diagnostic tests at the convenience of your home. It offers a 50% discount on different medical products.
      • You can avail of medicines, OTC products, doctor consultation, and diagnostic tests at the convenience of your home. It offers a 50% discount on different medical products.
      • You can avail of medicines, OTC products, doctor consultation, and diagnostic tests at the convenience of your home. It offers a 50% discount on different medical products.

      App downloads: 5,000,000+

      User Rating -4.3/5

      Website -


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      MediBuddy is a proficient online medical delivery app that offers health checkups, lab tests, online medicine delivery, and doctor consultation. It offers a gamut of services like online appointment management, raising and tracking claims, insurance benefits, hospital search in the network area. The live tracking option has been a lifesaver since it helps to track the current status of the medicines delivered.

      Medibuddy is fastly growing as the best online medicine app. It offers a hassle-free manner of payments so that the customers can make the payments easily. There are various options to search for the medicines according to the requirements.

      Key Features of MediBuddy:

      1. You can avail the ordered medicines since it covers an extensive network of hospitals.
      2. You can claim your health insurance online.
      3. Track your claims online in realtime.

      App downloads- 1,000,000+

      User Rating -3.9/5

      Website –

      MedPlus Mart

      Premium mobile phone screen mockup template

      MedPlus Mart is one of the foremost online medicine delivery app in India which promises to deliver the medicines within 6 hours or 1 day and about 2-3 days in most other places. It offers medicines, babies, personal care, healthcare, and other products. It also allows to upload the doctor’s prescription, select the required medicine and add it to the cart.

      It was founded to reduce adulteration and offer the best quality of medicines and healthcare products. Since medicines are available with high adulteration, hence MedPlus wanted to make a big revolution in the field of pharmaceuticals.

      MedPlus was founded in 2006 in Hyderabad to bring transparency to the functioning of the pharmaceutical industry. It is currently operating in 300+ cities, and across 1500+ offline stores in India, Med Plus proves to be the second-largest pharmacy chain in India. MedPlus offers authentic medicines, great discounts, and high-quality service to the customers. It gives the eligibility to customers to purchase a great number of medicines from the authorized MedPlus store. Unlike other online medicine apps, you can place the order and get the notification instantly once it is ready.

      Why people select MedPlus:

      1. Customers can easily rely upon the authenticity of the quality of medicines.
      2. You can store every household requirement from it.
      3. The medicines are offered at the customer’s doorstep.
      4. The function of adding the prescription letter helps the customer to get the medicine.
      5. If you want to make an order again, then you can seek MedPlus.

      Features of MedPlus:

      • You can order general products, OTC products and get medicines online.
      • You can utilize Flexirewards to get a 35% discount on every medicine

       App downloads: 1,000, 000+

      User rating – 4.5/5



      Premium mobile phone screen mockup template

      BrownPacket is a MedTech company that delivers health care products within 60 minutes. All you need to do be to upload the prescription and offer the necessary delivery details. 

      Once you place the order, Brown Packet delivers the medicines within 2 hours to 48 hours of placing the order. You can avail of discounts of up to 22%.

      Brown Packet was founded in the year 2016 by Abhishek Kumar, Ekta Ranjan. Gaurav Kumar and Vinayak Thakur.

      Features of Brown Packet:

      1. You can receive your medicines within 2 hours to 48 hours after placing the order.
      2. You can get a 22% discount on medicines.


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      SastaSundar, the recognized online medicine delivery app offers authentic medicines at the best possible rates. It offers services to around 16000+ pin codes in different states of India.

      It utilizes Artificial Intelligence to offer relevant information depending upon the health profile of the customer.

      It offers myriad services in three main verticals like Pharmacy, Diagnostics and Wellness.

      Best-in-class features of Sasta Sundar:

      1. You can browse via products/medicines and other healthcare products.
      2. You can configure every family member’s details in one place.
      3. Avail the facility of making appointments with doctors online.
      4. Get the purchase of OTC products of various famous brands.

      App downloads – 1,000,000+

      User Rating – 4.6/5



      These online medicine ordering apps have taken a big lead in India. With more and more people becoming dependent upon mobile apps, these online medicine apps are never going to step back in the field of medicine.

      These online apps offer quality medicines, tests, offer discounts at your fingertips, hence folks have started getting the help of them to make it a hassle-free task to get medicines and even the consultation.

      More and more pharmacies are moving towards the idea of developing their online medicine apps. These apps help pharmacies to outstand in the market. If you are also considering a plan to develop an online medicine app, then get in contact with DxMinds, the leading mobile app development company in India. Their expert team has hands-on experience in the field of the mobile app development area and does the medicine delivery app development. Have an idea? Mail us your requirement at

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