Mobile App Development Cost in Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria is a country in west Africa. It has many Natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. If we talk about tech space then Africa has become the fastest growing tech market & Nigeria is contributing more into this. In other words, we can say that Nigeria has become unofficial capital. Nigeria is also known for its hotbed for startup execution in West Africa and strategy point for the Silicon Valley. Nigeria has become a potential magnet for venture capital. The mobile revolutions have unshared in an interesting and popular era for business nowadays. By considering, mobile trends can kill the website use in future or tomorrow’s future of work would be in small devices rather than bigger one. It’s easy to carry and friendly to use. Serving your business into a small packet would be one of the future business strategies. With all explanations, developing a mobile application for your business is now creating money generator loop for any business. Based on reports, there have been total around 197 billion app downloads in Year 2017. That download numbers has been increased in next year and it keep growing. Prediction has been announced from another online tech news web portal that It could be crossed more than 352 Bn in mobile applications downloads. Now it’s worth discussing the cost of mobile development in Nigeria. I will be discussing today in my blog how much does it cost to develop mobile apps in Lagos, Nigeria orwhat would be the charge of mobile applications development in Nigeria, West Africa.

To be Honest, there is no magic or any exact cost anyone can tell to create a mobile application in Lagos, Nigeria. But we can create a rough figure of the cost of mobile app development in Lagos, Nigeria. It 

There are so many factors which define the estimated cost of mobile app development such as platform, UI/UX, Feature-to-Feature. Apart from this their dozens of factors will be for mobile app development cost. I will be summarizing in my blog more about mobile application types, factor & features in brief so that you will understand the complete funnel of mobile app development and the cost to create mobile apps in Lagos, Africa.

Types of Mobile Applications:

If we want to categorize apps into types then there are 3 types of mobile app available in the market.

  1. Native Mobile Apps
  2. Web Mobile Apps 
  3. Hybrid Mobile Apps 

Let’s discuss each one briefly.

Web Apps: –

It’s a mobile friendly website or you can say it’s a mobile version of a website. Nowadays if your business carries online space then it’s important that your website should be mobile browser compatible. But If I will guide you from a user point of view then having only a web app or mobile friendly website is not at all enough to give you insightful results in your business. It could be the brand presence of increasing the sales for your business. You have to change your business according to consumer behavior. Now consumer behavior has been changed to 180 degrees. Users like most internet things to be on mobile devices from Entertainment to Business deals. It’s very clear that customer prefer mobile application compare to mobile website. 

Native Mobile Apps: – 

A native app will be built for any particular OS it could be either IOS or Android. which can be downloaded from App Store/Play Store.

This type of Native App provides the perfect user experience.

If you have a plan that your user can access your mobile application from a different store then you should create two different separate versions of your apps.

Hybrid Mobile Apps 

It’s much easier to build. Here I will be explaining you why. It can be developed by using only programming language. You can operate a single developed app on a different platform. It will provide the same function and same user experience. It’s one of the popular and game changing move for your business.

Mobile App Development Process:

Why your business requires a mobile application

It may be one of the silly questions asked in business terms. Everyone knows the benefits of using mobile apps in your business. It can be one major factor to acquire more customers in your business. I will be listing out below a few other factors as well.

  • Mobile apps increase your value to customers
  • Mobile apps increase customer engagement
  • Mobile apps increase brand recognition
  • Mobile apps are another sales channel
  • Mobile apps are tools to provide actionable customer data

1. Mobile apps increase your value to customers

An application is the most impactful way to embrace mobile because of it’s sheer value to your customers.

2. Mobile apps increase customer engagement

You are giving value to your customers is one thing. But getting engagement for your business is next level. Mobile app can enhance the customer engagement.

3. Mobile apps increase brand recognition.

The more customers will use your app, the more they will buy from you. It’s an excellent way to keep your brand fresh in their minds.

4. Mobile apps are another sales channel

It’s also one direct marketing tool which means less hustle with higher conversions.

5. Mobile apps are tools to provide actionable customer data

You can collect your customer information and easily capture consumer behavior. At last your customer data in everything for your business.

Which factor can make attractive apps?

What type of feature you should keep in your app and what makes a great wave in your business. I will explain a few important factors which can boost your business. If you can consider before creating a mobile application for your business.

  • Your Mobile applications Need great design
  • Require a stellar idea that serves an unmet need
  • Your Mobile Apps need connectivity
  • Your Apps need the “sticky” factor

What Affects Mobile Application Costs?

When you start to build a mobile app for your business, you can assume the exact cost of your app with your hired software development company at the right off the bat. There is no exact rate list & it keeps changing with feature demand. But the Developers team can help you get an estimated cost to develop a mobile app in Nigeria.

  • Feature 
  • complexity of Product Design 
  • Number of platforms 
  • Back-end Infrastructure 
  • App Administration
  • Location and structure of a team

What is the cost to develop a mobile app in Lagos, Nigeria?

How much does it cost to make mobile apps? Before I jump into the pricing I will try to clear one important question regarding mobile app development is that all mobile applications are not equal and every app takes an individual amount of time to get ready. 

Hence, a basic app can be built in 500-600 hours whereas a medium complexity mobile application may take 700 hours or even 1000 hours too. Time can be defined based on the app feature and functionality. Your time taken by developer to create your mobile application in Nigeria will define the cost of mobile app development in Lagos, Abuja, Ikeja, Calabar, and Abeokuta, Nigeria.


In this blog we have discussed the type of mobile applications, revolution of mobile technology & benefit of using mobile apps for your business and price factor for your mobile app development. Now still if you have doubts about the cost of mobile app development in Lagos, Nigeria then you have top asked question in your chart. So, it’s very open and clear that everything in the world has price tag. The cost of mobile app development in Nigeria would be around from $5000-$25000. DxMinds Innovations Labs is one of the best mobile development companies in Lagos Nigeria which can help you with the best estimated cost of mobile application development in Nigeria. If you are looking to develop your mobile app for your business then Kindly drop an email at

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