How much does it cost to develop an app like UrbanClap? Want to develop Marketplace app like Urbanclap and to know the cost to develop app like Urbanclap then you are right place.

Mobile apps have turned out to be playing a vital role in our day to day life. It has enhanced our way of living by offering the best possible services that meets our regular requirements. The last few decades have witnessed industries level shifting their operations to digital spaces and in making it happen, mobile apps have played a key role. Today, we are at a point where anything and everything is made possible just in a matter of a click. Thanks to mobile apps and the top mobile app development companies in making this happen.

Home services are a vast area that covers domains like a salon, cleaning, electronic and electrical repair, etc. Conventional ways of meeting the daily home services requirements were so hectic that one needs to invest a quality amount of time in getting things done. Things have changed drastically right after the advent of mobile applications. With its enhanced bandwidth, mobile apps are offering end-to-end home services to the customers, flawlessly.

UrbanClap is an on-demand home service mobile app that mainly operates with in the premises of Indian cities. At UrbanClap, you can find all of the urban lifestyle services listed. Founded in 2014 by AbhirajBhal, Raghav Chandra, and Varun Khaitan, it serves as the best platform where users can hire professionals to get the services delivered right at their doorstep without compromising a bit on their precious time. The app features to search the services based on location, budget, and various other metrics so that customers find it convenient to search the services in nearby areas.

UrbanClap is one such app. If you don’t have time for your lifestyle services and want to get services delivered at your doorsteps, you can hire Urban Company formerly known as UrbanClap, one of the most popular local service apps that were introduced with an intention to make things easy for busy urban users. The app has become a massive hit as it is capable of eliminating all the stresses from the life of its users and making it an easy-going one. UrbanClap is helping its founders generate potential sales and revenue, and is known to be one of the fines profit-making machines. As an entrepreneur, you may be eager to know what UrbanClap App is, How UrbanClap has become so demanding in India, and why start-ups are in search to build a clone app like UrbanClap, the cost to develop an app like UrbanClap, etc. To answer your queries DxMinds Innovation Labs, the top mobile app development company, has come with a blog that describes everything about the UrbanClap app, from features to its app development Cost.

How Does it Work Working Model of UrbanClap mobile app

As we have seen, the UrbanClap business model operates by having a mobile app integrated into it. It has the customer app, vendor app, and admin app. leveraging the customer app, the users can avail all of the services that are listed in the app and the services will be delivered right at their doorstep. The app hosts numerous services listed on it such as Salon, cleaning and pest control, Ac Service and repair, Appliance repair, Electrician and plumbing services, Carpenter services, massage services, painting services, disinfection services, yoga services, fitness services and much more. Even at the time of global pandemic Covid-19 caused by the attack of the Corona Virus, UrbanClap is operating in a hassle-free manner by adopting all the precautionary measures and by following government orders.

Services delivered at your doorstep
UrbanClap delivers services at your doorstep by making it a perfect match against your way of living in urban life. All you need to do is to book the service on the app for the professionals to get it done for you.
Wide varieties of listed services
All you need to survive in a lifestyle where you struggle to find time for each and every activity is an impeccable home service mobile app like UrbanClap. A wide range of services is listed in the app, that you can avail it in a seamless manner. The app has never missed out on a single service that can turn out to make your life hectic, living in an urban area.
UrbanClap Insurance Protection Program
With every service, you book on the UrbanClap mobile app comes to insurance coverage of up to 10,000 that help you cover any damages caused to your property at the time of service. To avail of this service, you have to make your payment online and operate under various terms and conditions.
Interactive discounts and offers
The app delivers best in class experience to the customers by providing them loyalty programs like discounts and offers, which in turn help the organization to enhance the user experience. Also, it helps UrbanClap in generating random users to frequent users.

Features Unique Features of UrbanClap Like App Development Services

· Sign Up/ Sign In

In order to avail of a unified and personalized experience, the users need to have their accounts registered on the app. They can make use of their mobile number, email id or even social media handles to successfully complete the registration process. They will be provided with the login credentials that can be leveraged for logging in.

· Dashboard

The app holds an attractive and engaging dashboard that prompts the users to perform dome action. The dashboard has a wide range of services listed on it, which the users can choose based on the requirement.

· User Profile

The user profile is an exclusive area for the user to access his personal account. The user profile comprises access to various involvements like help center, gift card, etc.

· In-app wallet

The app has an in-built wallet for the users to add cash. They can seamlessly use this amount to settle bills. The transactions carried out on the app are highly safe and secure. The app also has other ways of payment modes like cash on delivery, payment using debit, credit cards, etc.

· Loyalty program

The UrbanClap mobile app allows users to earn potential revenue and rewards by referring the app to their friends and family. This helps the app founders in reaching out to a wider set of the audience thereby making the conversion of more leads to customers possible.

· Search bar

The main feature of an app like UrbanClap is the search bar. It has to be highly intuitive and innovative. The founders have to ensure that the search bars are helping the users to land on the exact services they are looking for. Also, it should suggest users the services they wish to avail of.

· Booking Details

Users can avail in and out details of their booking activity including the past and present bookings under the booking details menu.

· Review and rating

Based on their experience hiring UrbanClap professionals for accomplishing their tasks, the users can leave feedback and review. It will help out the officials in identifying the gaps which need to get bridged.

· Easy and Simple Registrations

· Login with social media

· Advanced Search filter

· Feedback option

· Chat and quote history

· Payment history

· Multiple Payment options

· Data Security and safety

· Sign In/ Sign Up

Just as the customer app, the vendor app also comes with a login option. Vendors can provide relevant details to get inside their accounts.

· Service listing

The vendors, based on their area of expertise can list out the services they deliver. At the time of listing, they have to provide them in and out details including cost of the service, service areas, and much more.

· Client location access

The app has to have a feature that allows the vendors to access the customer location in a seamless manner. This will eliminate all the hassles and bustles that exists in between.

· Payment Details

Under this section, the vendor can have access to the details of the payments made to him including the customer details, date of transaction, the amount transferred, and much more.

· Quick registration and login

· Profile Analysis

· Various rate plans

· Replay to Customers Feedback

· In-App chat with customers

· Updating the services

· GPS Location Tracking

Service rating and charges

The admin app has the entire authority overall happenings within the app. It will allow the relevant individuals to have their hands over each and every activity carried out in the app. The main features an admin app should possess are:

· Content Management

· User Management

· Vendor Management

· Payment Management

· Review Management

· Data Analytics and real-time reports

· Control Panel and much more

Admin app Advantages

· Advanced CRM and CMS

· Backup and Restore feature

· Cloud Hosting

· Work, Records Bill, and Payment history

· Backend notification control

· Map Viewer for clients and associates

· Global access

· Price and Subscription plan management

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Cost Analysis of UrbanClap Mobile app Factors affecting the app development cost of UrbanClap mobile app

App Platform
Developing an app for a single platform is not enough, you have to target multiple platforms to reach maximum customers and react native is cross-platform for both iOS and Android and offers the best features and functionalities.
App Design
DxMinds consider trendy, impressive, and eye-catching user interface because the design of the app matters a lot.
Technology Used
We consider advanced technology to make your app to run flawlessly. Technologies like Chatbot, Blockchain, AR/VR, etc will give special effects to your app.

Selection of Proper Payment Gateway

To make the app more convenient for users DxMinds the app development company develops the app by including proper Payment Gateway which enables the customers to make the payments directly from the app and facilitates to pay directly using their credit card and debit card

Depending on the factors mentioned above the cost of developing an app like UrbanClap will cost around $10k-$30k

If you are in search of a digital technology partner for developing a clone app like Urbanclap then DxMinds is the best preferable option. Hire our developers for building an app within your time and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the current situation, there is a huge demand for an app like the UrbanClap. Urban life has made the lifestyle of its residents a hectic and tedious due to a large number of reasons. In such a situation, finding the right vendors to fulfill their requirements is practically impossible. Apps like UrbanClap fits perfectly into this scenario by enhancing its bandwidth.

The rising demand for a home service app like UrbanClap is because of the advantages it facilitates.

On an average scale, it will take up to six to seven months for developing an app like UrbanClap.

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