How Much Does it Cost to Build an Educational App Like Meritnation

The rapid growth of technology has influenced our lives in every aspect of life. Whether it’s personal or business enterprises, Technology is addressing our lives smoother and more effectively. People across the globe are indulging in the mobile app to perform their day-to-day tasks. As of now, several businesses practicing the benefits of Technologies to run their business operations.

The education sector is one of the fastest-growing industries, which is also holding the advantages of technological change. In this digital era, Educational/E-learning apps are getting popular day by day. So we can also say that an Education app or E-Learning mobile Application is a boon for our growing society, So most Tutors, universities, colleges, and schools are entering the E-Learning segment so Entrepreneurs are looking for How much it Costs to Develop an E-learning app like Meritnationin order to enhance the E-Learning experience.

Do You Have an Educational App Idea?

    Lists of Top 4 E-learning Mobile Applications:

    About Meritnation

    Meritnation is India’s largest online E-learning platform for students with over 1,000,000+ downloads. Meritnation has millions of student customers across 9 countries.

    Meritnation is a trending student learning app that allows you to learn through videos! You can also customize according to your standard here. Unlike Extra marks, however, they have covered only the main’ topics, such as physics, chemistry, biology, math, and economics.

    Apart from that one can also get previous years’ question papers, notes, and videos. You can also take tests, the solutions of which are also provided. If in doubt, there is a dedicated section for asking questions–where all your doubts will be clear.

    Company Type: Private Headquarters: New Delhi, IN

    Founded: 2005    Funding and Investors: $11.4 million {Info Edge}

    The main Competitor of Meritnation in the E-learning segment is BYJU and Vedantu.

    Meritnation Super Tab price and features:

    Meritnation Super Tab is a super convenient study device that brings you the best of both worlds — online content and offline resources bundled with tablet convenience. It comes in the range of Rs 42,190.

    • Offline Study
    • Live classes
    • Revision Notes
    • Homework help
    • Test practice
    • Study material

    The major factors promoting e-Learning or online education apps {Meritnation} include:

    • Increase Learning Ability
    • 24×7 access
    • Easy Accessible
    • Lost Cost
    • Effective Education Solutions

    Features of Meritnation App

    The features of meritnation app are classified into 3 stages:

    Basic features

    • User Profile
    • Review and Rating
    • Activity Feed/ Newsfeed

    External Features

    • Otp Reading
    • In-App Messaging or calling
    • Connect To Third-Party API

    Advanced Features

    • Geolocation
    • Parent Connect
    • In-App Camera
    • Push Notification

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      Technologies used for Meritnation E-learning Web and Mobile App Development:

      1. Cloud Integration: Recently, with the growing technology change, everything is changed we are moving towards online storage alternatives which include cloud storage and many more features like Firebase. Cloud environment used in AWS {Amazon Web Services}.
      2. AR&VR: AR is one of the most important and advanced  technologies used in mobile applications, with the help of AR you can implement Artificial graphics  into the physical environment

      Whereas, VR is a bit costlier than the AR App and also not easily available for people. Virtual reality creates an enhanced User experience.

      1. Payment Gateway: It is useful to use the payment gateways for in-app purchases. Several payment methods are used to pay for in-app purchases. Such as Debit/Credit Card, PayPal, Net Banking, stripe & Braintree
      2. Mobile Technologies: Android, React JS, Java, Ionic, Swift, and XCodeare used to develop mobile applications.
      3. Database: The database used in Meritnation mobile app would be Mail Chimp IntegrationMongoDBMYSQLFirebase, etc.
      4. Web technologies: Using the latest technologies such as Laravel, and CakePHP, developing a website in WordPress will make it easier when you open than on the browser.
      5. UI/UX: HTML5, CSS, Photoshop, Sketch, etc. are used to design the UI model for a Mobile Application
      6. JavaScript Framework: Angular JS & NodeJS are the main JavaScript framework used in e-learning mobile app development

      Factors that Decide the Development Cost of Meritnation like App

      The cost of meditation app development depends on the complexity and size, other than that the location also plays an important role in deciding the development cost of the App. The cost could vary depending on the different zones, here are some of the per-hour rates of the development company based on the geo-Location.

      1. United State:$110 to $230 per hour
      2. Eastern Europe: $75 to $150 per hour
      3. 3. India: $30 to $50 per hour

      The breakdown-cost of developing such a Mobile app at DxMinds Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd is graphed below:

      • UI/UX design (60 Hours Approx. – $2000 to $3500)
      • Technical documentation (40 hours Approx. – $1000 to $1500)
      • Front-end and Back-end development (400 Hours – $15,000 to $ 25,000)
      • Testing (80 Hours Approx. – $2000 to $6000)

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        After calculating the above cost, the approx. cost of developing an E-learning Mobile app can be outlined. A sound-performing app with limited features may cost  $12000 to $35000 for a single platform, the charges can be extended up to $50000 in case the mobile app is developed with extra added features and functionality with high-quality standard


        DxMinds has been developing top e-Learning Solutions and completed projects for educational organizations and businesses across the World. We also leverage our strong technology and expertise to assist our customers with the changing Educational trends and requirements.

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