Cost of Developing an App like Droom

All businesses are transforming with emerging technologies and entering into digital space that every business owner is looking to convert into mobile apps. One of the industries is a huge demand for providing has arrived with the latest technology of mobile apps. Some famous apps like Cars24 and olx are getting huge revenue through mobile app development.

As we already discussed in a previous blog post about the app development cost of Talabat? Now due to our customers, demand, and market research analysis, we are getting more inquiries about how much it cost to develop an app like Droom ( classifieds, Automotive, B2B, E-Commerce Platforms, Marketplace) This article will surely help readers to get the exact break-down cost of developing an app like Droom.

Today, we are going to talk about “Droom” to find out how much it cost to develop a similar app like Droom. To gain a full understanding of how much it cost to develop a clone of Droom.

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    About Droom?

    Droom is the first and foremost mobile marketplace to buy and sell used and new automobiles. It is also the 3rd Largest E-commerce company. Droom acquires 65% market shares of the online automobile industry. It has in-built technology tools to build the whole ecosystem around us. Droom is a Singapore Holding Company with head offices in India and the United States. The company has till now raised close to 120 Million dollars.

    Services provided by Droom:

    1. The platform provides the users with four marketplace formats i.e. B2C, C2C, C2B, and B2B.
    2. It offers a wide range of sections from bicycle to plane with all automobile services such as insurance, loan, and warranty
    3. Droom mobile application uses data science to create the trust of the users at a large scale.

    Key Features of the Droom Mobile App:

    • The features allow users to explore a wide range of New and used bikes, cars, scooters, etc for sale
    • Droom.  provides certification services like OBV premium reports analysis, and ECO inspection analysis report by Droom which helps users they can take the right decision without any hassle
    • Check the appropriate market price of the vehicle with the in-built “OBV” algorithmic pricing through the mobile application.
    • Customers can now check any vehicle history in the “Droom history” section. This feature allows nearly 200 million reports of registered vehicles in India.
    • Droom Credit provides a loan within a couple of minutes for used automobiles.
    • Now, customers can sell their vehicles within no time in the Quick Sell section.

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      How much does it cost to develop an app like Droom?

      Seeing all the factors in breakdown cost, a medium price to create an app by expert agencies is $151,450, according to a Clutch survey. Online E-commerce app development ranges a price tag between $200,000 and $350,000 for an app with dozens of features.

      While the average cost range stated by Mobile app development companies is $100,000 – $500,000. But no need to confuse – small apps with few basic features could cost between $10,000 and $50,000, so there’s a chance for any type of company.

      Usually, the cost of developing a mobile application ranges greatly from total zero to remarkably expensive prices that could reach up to millions.

      Factors that affect the cost of app development may vary according to the Different developer prices, project complexity and the amount of time it takes to build an app would also affect the cost of development. The cost to make a mobile app depends on the following aspects:

      • The niche of business (mobile game, business, social networking, lifestyle, etc).           
      • Platforms for development (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc).
      • Based on Advanced UI/UX Design (basic, individual, custom).
      • Several pages/sections need to be included.
      • Advanced features & technologies used to develop.

      Development cost rates worldwide?

      • Northern America – $50 to $250 per hour
      • Australia – $50 to $200 per hour
      • Western Europe – $40 to $170 per hour
      • Southern America – $20 to $100 per hour
      • Eastern Europe – $15 to $75 per hour
      • Asia{India, Middle-East} $10 to $50 per hour

      Whom to Hire – a Freelancer or an App Development Agency?

      Usually, there are two options for customers:

      1. Software Development Company
      2. Hire freelance developers

      Choosing a professional development company would surely be a bit expensive choice but if you compare the reliability is much better. Because the developing team would assist you to get the best app from your ideas.

      Let’s check out the advantage and disadvantages which could adversely affect your business.

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        Advantage of hiring an app agencyCons of hiring freelancers
        All in one placegood app development companies have full team, everyone you want. No need to look for developer, designers or app testers individually.find them allUnlikely freelancer don’t provide full development team
        See what you pay forportfolio, project development estimation and hourly rates, you can get every detail before paying.No control on ProjectNo project manager available to control the project, so be ready to organize the team, deadlines and budget
        Discipline and skillorganizations assure that employees do their work on time and do it properly.Communication gapLack of communication gap between team members

        Factors that Decide App Development Costs Like Droom?

        • Are you going for the Hybrid app or the Native app?

        Native apps are that application which is being developed for a particular platform i.e. developed for Android platforms, and it is native to Android.

        Hybrid apps are that which you use in your daily life. They can be considered as the merged power of native apps and web apps.

        Native apps need more time for development but once made, are very fast. They bring a great user experience. On the other hand, hybrid apps don’t take that much time to develop. On the other hand, hybrid apps don’t take that much time to develop. But their speed will depend mainly on the speed of your user’s browser, so they are slower than their native equivalents.

        The development cost will be higher for the development of Native apps and lower for the Hybrid apps.

        • For which platform are you developing the app?

        Whenever you are looking to develop an app for your business, you must possess some platform in your mind before. Do you want to develop it for iOS, Android, or Windows?

        Every platform has its development complexities, which require a different development cost and type of work for different platforms.

        iOS platforms are comparatively cheaper than Android when it comes to development estimation. The apps developed for iOS reach out to financially stable customers. Thus, this platform can help you generate higher profits compared to others.

        You must know that Android has a higher market share. Thus, your choice of platform will depend on the idea of your app and it will be a vital deciding factor in the development cost of your app.

        • What will be the core features and functionalities of your app?

        The features and functionalities that you are going to develop for your app will also design the cost structure of the app. As you can think, the more the number and complexity of features and functionalities, the more will be the cost of development.


        DxMinds holds efficient mobile app development experts who provide advanced technologies to build reliable apps as per customers’ requirements.

        The development of a similar app like Droom completely depends on many factors that diversify the time and project requirements. Developing applications like Droom need a lot of experience and expertise and companies should prefer top E-commerce apps Development Company for this type of service.

        We are the leading Mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia. Being a leading mobile app development company, we are capable to develop a complex project similar to an app like Droom, Talabat, etc.

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