How Much does it cost to develop an app like LIKE VIDEO?

How Much does it cost to develop an app like LIKE VIDEO?

How Much Does a Video Maker App like LIKE VIDEO Cost?

About LIKE Video APP

Like Video is a new incredible 4D video editing app where you can create awesome videos with music and super cool special effects. It is India’s top free video-making app. With LIKE you can create hours of visual content and can share it with your friends, family, and even all across the world on the social media platform. You can also watch and comment on other awesome videos from creators.

This Viral app has taken the Android/iOS stores by storm by generating millions of downloads on both platforms. Since its launch, the app has become very popular and a favorite among users and has already crossed 200 million downloads. Today almost everyone is looking for a start-up idea to create an impactful music app like LIKE video.

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    Features of LIKE App:

    Create 4D effects in Videos:

    Using the 4D magic feature, users can create a video with different 4D magic effects like Zoom, Fly, Minify, zoom, etc.

    Create/ Edit Video using Visual Effects:

    Using this unique feature, users can create a new or edit existing video by adding new and special effects like Laser Eye, Ice Butterfly, Heart, etc.

    Enhance Daily Moments

    Using mixed special effects, you can transform your daily moments into innovative videos with effects like Dazzled,2 Mirror, etc.

    Create Lip Sync Videos

    LIKE app contains a big list of music from all genres/Languages, so you create Lip Sync videos too.

    Click Selfies with Beauty Effects

    Click super cool images with 300+ emoji stickers and face filters anywhere and anytime.

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      LIKE Video App Development cost

      Developers consider several aspects before developing an app like the LIKE app:

      App Platform: Mobile video app like LIKE cost depends on the chosen platform on which you want to develop an app viz Android, iOS, or Windows.

      User Interface: It’s the main and attractive factor that developers must provide by designing a creative UI/UX design. It is the combination of the look and feel of the app, which means how your app interacts with its users.

      App Features: The cost to make a video app like LIKE depends on the advanced and basic features that an app holds.

      Latest Technology Applied: App development cost like LIKE video depends on the type of technologies like AI, Chatbot, and Blockchain technologies implemented within the app.

      Keeping all the facts in mind the development cost for an app like LIKE video varies around $10000-$30000.If you are looking for developing a music video maker app, then approach DxMinds Technologies, a leading and advanced mobile apps development Company in Bangalore, which has a team of professional mobile app developers who can develop the best mobile apps with advanced technology.

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