During the worldwide lockdown brought on by the pandemic, pharmacy apps gained a lot of popularity. People decided to buy medications online to lower the risk of spreading the Covid 19 virus because there were so many cases of it. Because of this, the number of daily active users on pharmacy apps like 1mg has increased by 50%. This accelerated the growth, advancement, and acceptance of online pharmacy app development. The demand for the creation of applications like 1mg has increased dramatically. The cost to develop an app like 1mg has become a popular search among entrepreneurs who were looking to develop a similar business.

The Healthcare app development is advancing quickly, and as internet users, we are witnessing the new norm of ordering prescription drugs, nutritional supplements, home medical equipment, and even scheduling health check-up tests through a healthcare app like 1mg. Many users now consider these apps to be a blessing

This is only one angle of healthcare apps. On the other hand, if we talk about the business, then healthcare equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and medicine manufacturers are making good money thanks to these apps.

If you are aiming to build a full fledge Pharmacy app like 1mg then it’s imperative to have a basic understanding of the 1mg app features, Pharmacy app development process, and cost

The creation of these apps requires two things: an idea and a pharmacy mobile app development company. By creating an app, mobile app development companies assist healthcare businesses in marketing their goods and reaching the appropriate audience.    

Therefore, if you’re curious to know how to create an on-demand medicine delivery app like 1mg and how much it costs to develop a 1 Mg app, then keep reading this interesting blog.

Market Analysis of Healthcare Apps like 1Mg

It is necessary to read some key statistics about healthcare apps and their development before moving on to the next sections of this blog. So let’s explore it in more detail:

  • By 2025, the global market for digital health will be worth approximately $660 billion.
  • The eHealthcare market will reach $38 billion by 2025.
  • The use of smartphones and tablets for healthcare consultation, online medication ordering, and other similar tasks is the main factor driving the market’s growth.
  • The telemedicine industry will generate $459.8 billion in revenue by 2030.
  • The number of healthcare apps on the Google Play Store increased to 65.3 thousand by the fourth quarter of 2021, and this trend is continued into 2022.
  • By 2026, there will be 3.30% of users of e-health apps.

Business Model of Online Medicine Delivery app like 1 Mg

The largest digital healthcare platform in India, 1mg, allows users to upload prescriptions to purchase medications. Users can also book lab tests, speak with doctors, and purchase healthcare supplements, including Ayurvedic drugs, as well as schedule doctor consultations.

 Tata Digital Ltd bought a 55% stake in it in June 2021, and as of that time, it is known as Tata 1mg. Allopathy, homeopathy, and Ayurvedic medicines are among the numerous healthcare products it offers.

A wide variety of personal care products are also offered, including those for pet care, baby care, hair care, senior care, elderly care, sexual wellness, skin care, and pet care. When thinking about developing a healthcare application, you can take into account all of these categories.

The best way to gain a thorough understanding is to investigate the business models of apps like 1mg. So let’s find out what it is.

Online Pharmacy Delivery Of Medicine

Making medicines easily accessible to everyone is the main goal of online medicine ordering and delivery. Users can easily purchase common medications while using the 1mg app. Contrarily, only after uploading a valid prescription from a doctor can prescribed medications be made available and delivered.

Healthcare Lab Testing

Lab tests are ideal for having the best health. You can either choose the lab test plans offered on the 1mg platform or submit the prescribed tests.

Products for Personal Care

We cannot imagine our lives without personal care products. Our skin and hair need to be taken care of as a result of a busy lifestyle and pollution. With this goal in mind, 1mg offers a range of personal care products and makes a profit.

Healthcare Subscription Plans

Users can select their preferred subscription plans at any time, which also enables them to save money. Numerous advantages are available to users, including free health monitoring and priority handling when ordering medications. Additionally, there is also premium customer support available.

Medical Consultation

Finding a doctor to consult with can be very difficult at times. However, you can quickly find them with an app like 1mg. You can choose your doctor on the 1mg Healthcare platform by reading ratings and reviews left by previous patients.

How Does a Pharmacy App like 1mg work?

You need to have a basic understanding of the app’s functions before you start building it. Do you understand how a specific online pharmacy app like 1mg works? Every online pharmacy app has a few key components, though. Let’s review the main ideas.

1) Sign up

An app’s first action is to prompt the user to enter personal data such as name, address, and contact details as well as any daily medications they take. This assists the website in gathering user data for an improved user experience.

2) Uploading a prescription

The user must upload a prescription for any necessary medications after registering. The pharmacy then confirms the prescription to determine whether it is or is not on hand. Following verification, the user can select the medications they desire and place their order. Not all prescription medication orders need to be filled. A simple process makes it easy to order medications online.

3) Delivery

The delivery process starts as soon as the order is placed. The delivery of the medications to the user’s location is possible depending on your business model. The delivery aspect is completed by features like selecting an address, entering multiple addresses, and automatic location detection.

4) Payment

The users of every online pharmacy app have access to a number of payment options. There are numerous methods available to make the payment process simpler. Using apps, credit and debit cards, wallet-based accounts, and cash on delivery are a few of the most widely used methods.

Features to include in 1 MG like Health care app development

The market offers a variety of healthcare apps with the corresponding features. Common users are the target audience for digital healthcare apps. Offering a range of features that make it simple for users to access the app will help achieve that.

Let’s read about the essential features of e-health apps. Getting assistance from a skilled healthcare app development company is always advantageous because only they can give you the right advice.

Features for User panel

User Profile Creation

This enables the app to gather basic user information, aids in data storage and enables safe user login. The logging process can be finished using a verified identity resource, such as a mobile phone number or email address.

Quick search

Users can quickly search for the necessary medication using this feature. Search suggestions generated by machine learning algorithms speed up the procedure.

Details about the Medicine

Users should be able to view all the information regarding the prescribed medication. Prices, product specifications, and the manufacturer’s name are all included. By providing more information, you build user confidence and pique their interest.

Substitute Suggestions

If the needed medication is out of stock, the app should offer suggestions. However, patients should consult their doctor to confirm the various medications.

Product comparisons

Consumers should be able to compare various medications to select a superior alternative.

Upload Prescription

Users can save time by directly uploading the prescription rather than typing the names of each individual medication.

In-app purchases

It is incredibly helpful right now. The customer and delivery person have less interaction.

Track the Order

Today, it is simple to provide users with real-time updates about the location of the product thanks to the use of GPS.

Pop-Up and SMS Notifications

Notifications make it simple to inform users about new offers and discounts as well as the availability of necessary medications.

Cancellation option

In the event that a product is defective, customers should be able to cancel or return it. If the payment has already been made, there needs to be a refund policy.

Reminder for doses: Users love this feature. Users can set reminders to take their medications.

Multi-platform compatibility – A 1 mg-like pharmacy app should be adaptable and usable on various platforms, including Android, iOS/iPhone, and the web.

Feedback – User opinions and reviews assist the website in enhancing user experience and gaining the confidence of actual users. Sales from a platform can rise as a result of positive feedback.

Admin Panel


Just like users, administrators should be able to securely log in and change their passwords as necessary. In the dashboard, the administrator can view analytics and manage users.

Customer Support

In the Admin Panel, there is a different customer support dashboard. Here, they can designate a team to address the inquiries and provide feedback.

Order management

Information on the inventory, storage space, and fresh orders can be found here. This makes it easier for the company owners to stay informed about the medications that need to be quickly stocked.

Supplier management

Lists all of the suppliers you’ve contracted with, along with names, addresses, phone numbers, and details of previous orders.

Price management

Enables administrators to offer customers discounts and promotions based on supply and demand trends in the market.


Notifications about orders, feedback, and inventory should be sent to the admin team.

Management of complaints – Enables administrators to quickly view and handle all user complaints.

Medicinal Panel

Login – With the help of this feature, pharmacists, retailers, and store employees can log in safely.

Checking of prescriptions – A pharmacist should be able to examine the prescriptions uploaded by users to determine whether or not they contain all of the necessary medications. They can also suggest alternatives thanks to this.

Order management – This feature enables the management of orders, returns, and refunds by the store staff. It enables the retailer to determine whether or not the order has been delivered.


Makes it simple for the store staff to charge each order.

Shipping and delivery

When an order is prepared for dispatch, the staff assigns it to a courier service partner and updates information regarding the courier service’s name, the delivery boy’s name, the tracking number, the distance traveled, and the package’s weight.

Contact Admin

The store can use this to get in touch with the admins with any questions. A support system for the vendors must be enabled.

Delivery Panel Features

Login – The delivery panel should have all the driver’s pertinent information, such as name, phone number, and address, for the record.


A notification should be sent to the delivery person each time a new order needs to be delivered.

Route tracking – This makes it easier for the driver to find the customer’s location.

Having quick conversations with customers- Allows the driver to easily contact the customers.

Delivery status – The delivery person is given the option to mark each order’s delivery status as delivered, delayed, or denied at delivery.

Feedback – After every order, this feature enables the delivery person to get feedback on how they performed.

High-tech features of the Medicine delivery app

To make the app more convenient for users, the best online medicine app should also offer advanced features. Unique, contemporary, and futuristic features can help you stand out in the crowded market and after the pandemic while also edging out the competition. Listed below are a few features you can use in your online pharmacy app:

In-app Consultations

A good online pharmacy app will let users schedule appointments with doctors or connect right away with a specialist. Cool, isn’t it? Indeed, it is. Because many medications cannot be ordered without a prescription, having this feature aids the user in completing the order.

Lab Test Bookings

Through your app, you can give users the choice to book diagnostic exams or lab tests at a lower cost. You will be able to create the best health app by including this feature.

Multi-Language Support

The ability to support multiple languages would help your app become universal. Make your app convenient for users worldwide by adding features like multi-currency and multi-weight unit converters.

Local Store Search

A customer may occasionally need to go to a pharmacy to learn how to use a product or to urgently purchase a medication. They can use this feature to look up nearby stores.

Chatbot Support

 In today’s world, almost every app or website offers chatbot support. This makes it possible for customers to contact customer service right away. AI-enabled chatbots have advanced significantly over the past five years. It’s amazing and engaging to comprehend the customer’s sentiment and respond with context.

How to Build a Medicine delivery app like 1 Mg?

Researching and Analysing other apps

Learning about the 1Mg app’s features is the first step in creating a comparable app. Look into the services it provides. Look for user feedback or reviews of the app. This will enable you to determine if 1MG is lacking in any areas that the client requires. Knowing what is on the market and what needs to be delivered is crucial.

Decide who your app’s end users are and what they anticipate from it to begin. Create a solution that would satisfy the end-user based on their needs.

Create a basic plan and structure

Start developing a basic app layout after creating a thorough plan. Examine the features you want in your app and the type of business model you are using. With the assistance of a technical team and design professionals, discuss your strategy for developing a medication delivery app.

Build a Prototype

For testing purposes, many app developers distribute a prototype of their app to a select group of users. This enables them to gather feedback and determine the kind of response the app will get once it is released. You can get valuable feedback in this way, which will save you time and money and enable you to create a better app for your users.

Back-end and aesthetically pleasing UI development

Creating an app requires paying close attention to how appealing and user-friendly the interface is. Create a user-friendly interface by utilizing the most recent UX/UI trends. The process of development must include backend development. For this stage of the procedure, hire a specialized healthcare mobile app developer.

Data Protection Regulations

Every on-demand medication delivery app must adhere to data security regulations. This app must abide by the data protection laws and regulations of the region it serves because it handles sensitive data, such as payment credentials.


Many on-demand delivery apps make money by generating revenue from the app. Users can pay for premium services to achieve this, or your application can show advertisements. You can make money off of your app by adding in-app purchases and gamification.

Testing and Maintenance

To ensure that an app is functioning properly, it must be tested. Your product should be thoroughly tested to eliminate bugs, frequent crashes, slow loading times, and technical issues. If you want to deliver medications like 1 mg, you should also hire professionals to maintain and regularly update your applications.

How Much Would It Cost to Develop a healthcare app 1MG?

We can divide apps into three categories: Basic, Advanced, and Premium, depending on their size and functionality.

A Basic 1 Mg app development cost is between $4000-$15000

An Advanced Medicine delivery app development like 1mg is between $10000-$20000

A high tech Online Medicine delivery app development like 1 mg is more than $25,000

You could spend up to $200,000 on an advanced-level native app that is built from the ground up for a particular platform. The development cost will be somewhere between $30000 and $35000 for a hybrid app that functions flawlessly on Android, iOS, and Windows.

But bear in mind that these are merely projections. The cost of developing online medicine delivery apps rises as a result of several important factors. Naturally, your app development costs will rise if you incorporate complex and resource-intensive features. The following list of elements has a significant impact on app development costs:

App size: Whether your application is small, medium-sized, or large

Type of UI/UX design: MVP, Basic, or Polished are the three UI levels.

User registration and accounts: The login options for Facebook, email, Google accounts, and Twitter drive up development costs.

Social engagement:

Core programming will be needed to provide a message board, chat room, and forums, or for commenting, sharing, or referring.

User admin pages:

Compared to regular users, app admins require more capabilities.

Performance Monitoring:

To monitor and maintain the expected level of performance, complex logic, APM tools, and API calls are needed.

Usage analytics

Utilize analytics to track user experience and behavior by integrating business intelligence and analytics at the enterprise level.

CMS Integration: CMS integration in pharmacy app development

Multilingual Support: Multilingual support for e-pharmacy app development

Any 1mg clone app development now must include the aforementioned features.

However, their implementation will call for a skilled group of designers, developers, subject matter experts, and business analysts.

How to Select a Medicine Delivery App Development Company?

There are a few things you should look for in a potential technology partner.

The experience and client base of the company comes first. Always go with a company that has a proven track record and extensive experience in mobile app development. In addition, look for a technology partner who can provide app marketing, maintenance, and support. You will be able to easily handle periodic needs such as app updates, fishing errors, and optimizing user experience based on initial user feedback and response.

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Hope this article’s information will be useful to you as you consider developing an online app for the delivery of medications like 1 Mg.

We’re available to answer all of your questions if you have any further questions about how to make an app similar to 1mg. A quote from us is also available. Contacting one of our experts is all you need to do.

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How Much Does App Support and Maintenance Cost?

Our fee is extremely reasonable and in line with market norms. There is no place for speculation or false information. We operate with complete transparency so that you are aware of every dollar spent.

How much does developing a 1mg App clone cost?

Any app has many moving parts, let alone an online medicine delivery app.

Each scope varies based on the requirements and needs of the client. Once we are certain of your precise requirements, we are better able to calculate costs for things like time, resources, and technology stack. Within one working day, you can receive an estimate. For the best price as per industry standards, contact one of our experts.

Do you have any prior ePharmacy app development experience?

Of course. We have assisted several vendors in setting up an online store for their products. We now have a better understanding of the medical delivery ecosystem thanks to our experience.

Additionally, we have partnered with numerous large pharmaceutical companies in the technology space and assisted them in embracing digital transformation in critical sub-domains like inventory management, logistics, and transportation, inventory tracking, centralized billing, etc.

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