Ideas to Build A Online pharmacy app development solution

Ideas to Build A Mobile App That Helps Your Online Pharmacy Business

Medicines are an inevitable part of our life, which helps to fight diseases. During the Covid-19 pandemic, it became a daunting task to get the required medicines. Since people found it challenging to step out of the house, stand in queue and get the required amount of medicines. Hence, as a result, many pharmaceutical companies have started developing mobile apps for pharmacy.

Online Pharmacy App Benefits

These pharmacy app ideashave proven to be beneficial in the following ways:

  • With online pharmacy app, businesses generate the maximum revenue and enhance customer loyalty
  • Medicines at your comfort- Customers are provided by the delivery agents at their comfort places and the best part it is available within 24 hours of booking.
  • Extra facilities- In these pharmacy applications, the customers are offered drug reference, dosage, consultations, its side effects, and medicine tracking also.
  • Chronic Illness management – Patients with chronic illnesses can easily track their medicines and can easily order until 90 days of supply instead of the 30 days in the physical pharmacy stores.
  • Loyalty – The app notifications allow the customers to gain information about discounts, reminders, and promotional offers so that to build customer loyalty and enhance make interaction easy. Customers can save time and money by also be getting medicines at their comfort places.
  • Privacy- How many of you have felt uncomfortable standing in queues and get medicines from pharmacy stores? Yes, many people find it uncomfortable to get medicines. With the help of these pharmacy apps, the customers find it more confident to get the medicines where they do not need to get medicines in person.
  • Services 24*7- The best part of these pharmacy apps is that you can get medicines at your doorstep easily without thinking about the timing of booing and its services.
  • Enhanced customer base – This online pharmacy app development solution must work with the best marketing services to enhance their brand online presence. Its online presence maximizes the conversion of first-time visitors in to customers hence making it a profitable business.
  • Contactless medicine distribution-  During the pandemic, when the human contacts were asked to be less to reduce the infection, these online pharmacy medicine apps came to the rescue. In some of the developed nations, medicines utilize even robots for delivering and issuing orders.

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    How To Make E Pharmacy App

    To resolve these issues, let us dive into features of these mobile apps for pharmacy.

    Pharmacy App features

    In terms of online pharmacy app development solution, let us list down the features in your pharmacy app.

    Based upon the user experience flow, there are four main user roles:

    1. Customer

    2. Pharmacist

    3. Admin

    4. Driver

    Customer Panel

    • Prescription- The customer needs to easily upload the prescription on their devices.
    • Ease of onboarding- The customer must find it easy to register and log into the application either by email, social media accounts, or phone numbers.
    • Search- The customers must find it easy to search for the medicines or any other facilities in terms of advanced search.
    • Information on Medicines- The app must contain details on manufacturers, price, and add descriptions of available drugs.
    • Availability of substitutes- In case, if the customer is not able to find any medicine, then he/she must find the right substitute.
    • Saving the history- If the customers want to order the same medicines, then he/they must able to order it from watching the history.
    • Tracking order- These online pharmacy apps must give information about the details of delivery and track their order with the help of these real-time push notifications.
    • A gentle reminder- Just like a goodwill speaker for our life, the app must give notifications on the medicine.
    • Secure Payments- The payment methods must be free from any fraudulent methods and must avail several payment options.
    • Customer Profile- The customer must be able to manage their profiles, delivery addresses, and their payment methods in these mobile apps for pharmacy.
    How To Make E Pharmacy App

    Admin Panel

    • Manage Inventory – This facilitates the admin’s work like, for instance, he needs to examine the expiration dates of medicines and their stock levels and manage the pricing of items.
    • Customer Management-The admin must be able to manage the status of all the orders placed and update it when the order processes. The admin must access a secure database to get connected to every customer’s information.
    • Easy Payments- The admin must be able to manage the different promos which are available in this feature and gain information about the handling of payments.
    • Reports and analytics-  It offers information about the insights gained about the analytics and reports.
    • Marketing tool- Admins can take care of every task related to marketing like manage advertising, marketing emails, and marketing campaigns.

    Pharmacist Panel

    • Interface- It is related to better console management and inventory management.
    • Notifications- The pharmacists can gain information related to the latest orders
    • Prescription- The uploaded prescription must be easily uploaded by the customer so that to get it accessible by pharmacists.
    • Offer Support- The app must offer support and maintenance in the need of customer support, which plays a key requirement for loyalty and customer retention.

    Last but not least is the delivery person which finally delivers the product to the customers.

    Delivery Person panel

    The driver must be able to easily log in to their details or their social media accounts.

    • Profile check- It offers a close eye upon the history of deliveries conducted by the Person.
    • Delivery Information- It allows the driver to make necessary changes related to the delivery status.
    • Map tracking- The delivery person must gain information about the availability of the best routes and their direction too.
    • Notifications- Information regarding the order placement, and its delivery must be offered.

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      Additional Features

      In-app consultation- In case, if the customer requires any consultation, the online pharmacy app must offer an instant consultation. This strategy can work out well when these apps work with a clinic that allows the patient to get the medicines.

      • Search- In case, if a customer needs to visit the pharmacy, these apps must have information related to the local stores.
      • Multi-language – These e-pharmacy stores must have the facility of supporting several languages, even multiple currencies, and even multi-weight features.
      • Chatbots- These have become the necessity for any business as it offers assistance in offering support to even customers and pharmacists.
      • Test bookings- These pharmacy stores offer the facility to book the lab tests at a fair price.
      • Photo recognition- In case, you own a doctor’s prescription, then it would be nice to upload it and get the medicines.
      • Recommendation Engines- A smart recommendation engine in the form of an API can prove beneficial.

      Creation of a successful Online Pharmacy app

      • Self-estimation phase- It requires information about the competitors so that they can understand their inefficiencies to offer better services. You must understand your niche audience, their basic requirements and then develop an efficient marketing plan.
      • Get the right product-Before developing the e- pharmacy application, the developers must conduct a discussion with technical and design departments to understand the functional requirements of the pharmacy application.
      • List of features-  The user’s requirements must match the application to develop the right app.
      • Prototyping- A customer is a king in the field of marketing, hence the product features must be exhibited according to the user’s end.
      • UI/UX design- An app must be user-friendly and functional to responsive to the latest UI/UX trends in the market.

      Development and Testing

      The development of server-side applications is one of the most important parts of this phase. The Android experts and iOS developers take care of the development of pharmacy apps. Various frameworks must be required during the development of these functional, and non-functional requirements.

      The testing is conducted to eliminate the bugs.

      After the app is tested several times, the developers can launch the e-pharmacy apps on the app stores.

      Important factors in pharmacy app development

      UI/UX design is a must to develop an interactive and user-friendly design.

      The mobile app must be compatible with different devices, platforms and software are so that to be functions on every platform.

      The e-pharmacy app must have certain rules and regulations to comply with sensitive information.

      The cost of develop pharmacy app depends upon the following factors:

      1. The platform of development like iOS, Android, cross-platform presence.

      2. The team of developers like Project manager, iOS developer, Android developer, Backend developer, Front end developer, UI/UX designer, and QA engineer.

      3. Set of features.

      4.The tech stack

      The Conclusion

      To enjoy a hassle-free experience, more and more customers are ordering their medicines online. Since there is tough competition between the different pharmacy app developers, you can get ideas and consultancy from DxMinds, one of the leading app development companies in India. We have a prolific team of professionals who can develop the app according to the requirements.

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