How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Helo

Helo is a social networking and content creation mobile application that was operating in India. Helo was exclusively built for India by Helo Holdings. The app has turned out to be a huge success and was able to gain 40 million users nationwide. The main feature that has made the app a huge hit is that it supports 14 local Indian languages including Assamese, Bengali, Telugu Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Rajasthani, Tamil, Haryanavi, Punjabi and Hindi. The app allows its users to stay in regular touch with the latest news, trending topics, music, videos, entertainment, Whatsapp statuses, Dance, Movie clips, jokes, and memes. Also, the app allows the users to share these content with their friend circles in a seamless manner. Users can send connection requests to their friends and families with the help of the Helo App. It also allows the users to carry out hassle-free communication with the other Helo users. The posts that pop up in the Helo app are meant for fruitful discussions, where its users can comment on their views on particular topics, help them post unique videos, create polls, and even allows them to share the content on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, the app got banned in India due to some legal issues, which has created a potential gap for Indian app development companies to come up with developing a similar app like Helo.

How Does it Work Working model of Helo app

Helo app is simple and less complicated that even a small standard kid can use it easily and that the main reason why the app has turned out in being a massive hit. The working of the Helo app is quite simple. Right after creating an account on the app, the users are warmly welcomed to the world of a wide range of opportunities where they are exposed to a wide range of quality content. It is innovative yet futuristic. The reason why users are still searching for an app like Helo, even after it got banned is because of the impact it had on the Indian markets. Multiple local language support has helped the app in reaching out to the rural areas of India.

Exclusively designed and built for India

The Helo app is exclusively built for the India market by analyzing the taste buds of Indian users. The designs and UI of the app are built in such a way that it is much appealing and meets the requirements of users based in India.

Regional Language support

As the app is uniquely designed to meet Indian market standards, it does support multiple Indic regional languages. This paved the way for the app to reach out to the potential markets in depth.

Quality content

The app is enriched with quality content all the way. It even allows the users in becoming content creators by allowing them to upload and share content on the app. This has helped the app is becoming so popular and successful.


The app offers end-to-end privacy to its users and their personal data. This has prevented the app from scammers and hackers who executes various data breaching activities.

Stunning UI/IX

The app looks so attractive and is much appealing to the users. The designs, animation, logo, and images of the app is in such a way that it delivers an exemplary experience to the end-users.

Features Unique and must-have features of an app like Helo

  • Account Registration

To continue using an app like Helo in a seamless manner, users need to create an account on it. The account registration can be done leveraging mobile numbers, social media handles, and even email ids. Right after the registration, the users will be provided with username and password, which they can be made use for logging in.

  • Interactive dashboard

The app has to have an interactive dashboard, where the users can explore news feeds, find highly engaging content, news, music, videos, and much more.

  • Search tab

There should be a search bar associated with the app for users to find out people and the content they are looking for. It enhances their user experience and helps them deliver a personalized experience. A search bar has to have various filters with a wide range of filters integrated to it that allows the customers to perfectly land on what exactly they are looking for.

  • Notification Bar

Having a notification bar integrated to the app allows the users in staying top of all notifications and updates. The notifications can be regarding the latest news, information regarding the app, introduction of new features, and much more.

  • Connect with users

In order to make the app more engaging, it should allow users to connect with each other. Each user registered on the app will have a unified profile that other users can visit and send connection requests, so they can stay connected.

  • Chat and communication

The app allows its users to execute hassle-free communication among users. They can share content, videos, news, and even instant messages by making use of the chat feature.

  • Action on posts

In order to make the app more engaging, it allows the users to make relevant actions on posts such as like, comment, share, etc. It also has features that allow the customers to download the post they wish to.

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Cost Analysis of a social media mobile app like Helo Factors determining the development cost of an app like Helo

App development platform

The platform for which an app gets developed plays a key role in determining its development cost. There exist multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and windows. Selection of which purely relies on the hands of the app an owner based on various user data and analytics. The proper selection of the app platform is so significant that it determines the success of the app.

Technology used

A wide range of technologies is available in the market that can be used to enhance the user experience of the app. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big data, blockchain technology, etc. are some of them. These technologies are widely adopted to outpace the competition and to make the app a stand-alone. Integrating any of these can increase the app development cost as it requires more skillset and expertise.

App development team

It is mandatory to have a team of highly talented professionals for developing a full-fledged mobile application. The cost to afford them depends on their proficiency and expertise and is charged accordingly. Hiring the right resources can be costly and it is a key factor when it comes to determining the app development cost. The ideal number of the team for developing a top-notch mobile app is:

  • 2 — Requirement analyst.
  • 1–2 Web developers.
  • 2 — QA engineers.
  • 2 — Android application developers
  • 2 — IOS application developers
  • 1–2 UI/UX designers

We have clearly seen the factors that are bound to the cost of developing a mobile app like Helo. Depending on the aforementioned factors, it will cost you around USD 10,000 to USD 50,000 to develop a mobile app like Helo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular mobile app Helo got banned in India, because of not meeting the guidelines provided by the government of India.

There is a huge demand for an app like Helo in India. The app Helo was a massive hit and it was able to get millions of users. However, the app got banned in India and its users are actively looking towards having a similar platform like Helo. This has increased its demand and entrepreneurs are looking for how to develop a mobile app like Helo.

You can undoubtedly hire DxMinds Innovation Labs as your digital transformation partner for developing a mobile app like Helo as they have the caliber and potential to come up with a similar app that helps you gain huge customer traction.

The approximate time for developing an app like Helo ranges from seven to nine months. It may also take up to ten months based on its complexity and technology integrations. Best mobile app development companies in India like DxMinds help you build economical mobile apps that too in limited budgets.

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