How much does it cost to develop a file sharing app like Xender? Want to develop an app like Xender and to know the cost of development then you are right place.

Mobile apps come in different sizes and types. there are gaming apps, productive apps, entertainment apps, enterprise apps, educational apps, fintech apps, etc. the main purpose behind the introduction of all these apps is to enhance the user’s life in such a way that no conventional practices are going to be a barrier to their lifestyle. A mobile app is a boom that comes in a smartphone.

Xender is one of the popular file-sharing mobile applications that help users share files with bulk sizes that too in just a matter of seconds. It helps users in getting rid of those days where they used to spend hours doing the same. This facility offered by Xender has made it popular among all smartphone users and led to the app becoming a massive hit. Xender hit the markets in the year of 2011 and was founded by Mr.Peter Jiang. The main purpose of the app was to eliminate all the hassles and bustles involved in the process of file sharing. It works for Android smartphones and has desktop software as well. However, due to the recent happenings and violation of rules amended by the government, the app got banned in India. This has created a potential business opportunity for business owners in coming up with highly successful and scalable business opportunities.

How Does it Work Working model of Xender mobile app

Xender is a file sharing mobile application using which you can transfer files such as music, images, movies, applications, and even documents. The files that took hours of time to transfer using the old age practices just consumes seconds, when it comes to using Xender. This has made the app a huge success. Xender makes us of Wifi to seamlessly transfer files from one device to the other. No additional tools like Bluetooth or the internet are involved in the process of the file transfer. It makes use of the hotspot created by the devices. Xender has played a major role in breaking down herculean tasks that cannot be simpler than ever.

How to use a file-sharing app like Xender?

First of all, the user needs to download and install an app like Xender on their phone. Even the buddy phone also needs to have the same. The user who needs to share the file is the sender and the one who consumes it is the receiver. While the sender press the send files option, the app starts searching for the nearby users. It scans and figures out the receiver and create a connection with it. Right after the successful pairing, the sender can share the files he wants to and the paired device is able to receive it seamlessly.

Features Unique Features of Our Xender Like App Development Services

· User registration

The user needs to create an account on the app to start sharing files. He can provide a unique username and password to complete the registration.

· Profile setup

The app has a unified feature that allows users to personalize the app. Users can customize their profile by choosing their user name, uploading their images, linking the account with Facebook, and much more.

· User search

For sending the files to the paired phone, a file-sharing app like Xender should have features that enable auto scanning nearby phones which have the same app-enabled. This is made possible using the mobile hotspot feature. Right after scanning, the users nearby will be visible and the sender can choose them based on the requirement.

· Sending and receiving option

The app needs to have a send/ receive option that can be used by the sender and receiver respectively. They have to make use of both the buttons based on their purpose and next will be the seamless transfer of files takes place.

· Themes

The app allows users to change the themes based on their choice. The app showcases a multitude of eye-catching themes in the gallery such as default green, fashion blue, fiery orange, sky blue, purple grapes, mint blue, sweet pink, green apple, and Lake Teal.

· Set connection password

The app permits its users to set a password prior to establishing a connection with the buddy phone. This helps them to stay away from scammers and strangers.

· Connect PC to Phone

The app offers seamless ways of connecting your phone to the system. All you need to do is download Xender for the PC and you are all set to go.

· Share Xender to another phone

Users can also transfer the Xender app to other phones which do not have it. This helps them to save time by skipping the download.

· Shake device to send

This is a prestigious feature of the app. Users can send the files to the users just by shaking the phone. This feature has played a major role in enhancing the popularity of the app.

· File sharing options

The app offers a wide array of options that allows the users to share the files. There are options like photo, music, video, file, etc, choosing one which allows them to perform respective actions.

Our on-Demand App Development Services

We are DxMinds, the fastest growing digital transformation and on-demand app development company India. With our wide range of experience in the digital transformation industry, we initiate mobile applications that are meant to scale your business like anything by exposing it to the right set of audiences. These apps are capable of adding up values to your business that are significant and potential. Our typical approach towards developing on-demand mobile applications is to leverage cutting-edge technologies throughout the entire process. We have a team of highly talented experts who are able to accomplish any preset goals by meeting deadlines. Their in-depth expertise in the domain of mobile app development has very often helped them in coming up with innovative products and solutions.

Our demand app development services for various industries At DxMinds, we find it very easy to come up with building high-end mobile applications. We cater to a wide array of enterprises, small scale businesses, futuristic start-ups, and even global fortune companies, regardless of its size or industry, by providing them with futuristic yet, unmatched digital services. Here are some of the major industries we offer our on-demand app development services.

Advantages of our on-demand app development services

• Disrupts conventional ways of processes and practices

• Add more transparency and streamlines business operations

• Eliminates all the hassles and bustles

• Offers multiple ways of digitalization

• Cutting-edge technologies

Cost analysis of file sharing app like Xender Factors determining the app development cost of file sharing app like Xender

Though there exist a multitude of factors that determine the app development cost, the aforementioned are the primary ones. Based on these, the cost to develop Xender will range from USD 15000 to USD 50000. It may also vary based on your requirements and additional integrations. DxMinds Innovation Labs, the best app development company in Bangalore help you come up with full-fledged mobile applications like Xender in the least possible rate that too at the earliest time possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Their failure in meeting the norms and guidelines put forward by the Government of India has led to the ban of Xender in the country.

Xender was successful at meeting user requirements to its fullest and has turned out in being a massive hit.

Yes. Still there exists a huge demand for an app like Xender in India. Its ban has created a potential gap, filling on which can help you build your emporium.

DxMinds Innovation Labs, a US-headquartered digital transformation and mobile app development company is the best pick when it comes to developing a file sharing mobile app like Xender.

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