How to Make app like Dailyhunt | How Much does it cost to develop?

How to Make app like Dailyhunt & How Much does it cost?

How Much does it Cost to develop a News app like Dailyhunt & Newshunt

Do you still remember the days, when our ancestors would early wait for daily newspaper every morning and begin their day with a newspaper in one hand and cup of tea in another. Literally gone those days, with the technological revolution, electronic media has arrived and flooded the world by providing live news 24/7.Yes,the advent of News mobile apps have overtaken the printed media industry. So now, let us analyze how news based apps playing a key role in transforming the readership into global audience, what are its important features and app development cost.

In this blog we have taken an example of famous news app that is Dailyhunt, and have given a brief about this app.

About Dailyhunt (NewsHunt)

DailyHunt, India’s #1 News application that provides news,videos,viral cards by aggregating in 17 Languages (Hindi,Tamil,Kannada,Telugu and many more) Founded by Virendra Gupta, based in Bangalore, India. The application is loved by more than 150 million users, as it update the news/ videos instantly and effortlessly on your fingertips.

Working Model of DailyHunt

DailyHunt News Features

  • Personalized headlines through a stream of videos, images and photos.
  • Search by topics, where you easily access your favorite topic and get updated.
  • Obtain local news in your language from various Indian districts and towns and get latest updates about world news, entertainment news, employment, defence, weather.
  • Share the news over whatsapp, Facebook or any other app.

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    Key Features of Newshunt / Dailyhunt

    Daily TV

    This feature provides a local information where you will be updated with videos, news, politics, sports and other news videos.

    LIVE Cricket Score

    Get the cricket live score updates, match highlights and exclusive sports news coverage

    State and City news

    Where you can watch news based on specific states and cities.

    Share Daily Greetings and Funny Memes

    A trending feature where you can greet your loved ones with daily greetings and can share funny pics and memes.

    Read Local Newspaper and Watch Video

    • Hindi News

    Get hindi news from leading newspaper such as Live Hindustan, AajTak, Amar Ujala, Punjab kesari and many more.

    • Tamil News

    The Feature provides updates for Tamil news from newspaper like Dinamalar, Dinakaran, Dinamani and more

    • Malayalam News

    Read news in Malayalam from Mathrubhumi, Mangalam, Madhyamam and more

    • Kannada News

    Popular Kannada news updates from Kannada Dunia, Kannada Prabha, Udayavani and more.

    • English News

    Leading English news from leading newspaper like Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, The New Indian News, India Today and more.

    Similarly we get the live news from your favorite channel and local language.

    News Based Apps Category

    Before we go deep into the app development cost of news apps, lets us give a picture about the news based app category so that you can get an idea about which kind of news app you want to develop.

    News Aggregator /Headline App

    • The app covers every aspect of rational, international or regional arena
    • The most downloaded app among the users. Within a few mins the app provides the updates and awareness about what’s happening in world.
    • The choice of news content to be displayed on app extremely depends on you, as per our knowledge it should be something interesting and interactive, as it grabs user attention instantly and spontaneously.
    • It also update the user with information related to live events and exhibitions around the cities and world
    • You can also include the feature which provides the inspiring news that gives positive thoughts and motivate the people.

    News Resources App

    • The most advantageous app for the owner of newspaper and web media.
    • Where you can develop a newspaper app version of your daily news and increase the rate of readers across the globe
    • The app provides the breaking news immediately and brief the incident in real time.
    • In Election point of view the most downloaded and rushed apps.

    Do You have an News app Idea?

      How Much does an News app like Dailyhunt cost?

      Now, let us discuss about every aspect of how much it cost to develop a newspaper app.

      Revenue Generation App

      If you are looking to develop a news app like Dailyhunt from top mobile app Development Company in India, you may have hesitation about investment.Rather than worrying about investing on app, you should know about its advantages which it can bring in future as a good return of investment. It can be your Revenue generating app.


      From the latest reports, most of businesses and industries spent more than billions of money on mobile advertising. A news app can bring a great source of income and owning a personalized app for your businesses can initiate more things.


      Previously, readers were paying for getting newspapers, similarly you apply a feature of subscription of monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual plans where users have to pay for content or updated news.

      Sponsored Campaigns

      A best idea for enhancing the income and revenue by sponsoring a campaigns such event tickets or show tickets on your news mobile app .This can be initiated for specific location or users with similar interest.

      High Readership engagement

      No doubt, Mobile app brings a great opportunity in reaching the loyal audience And with the presence of features like push notifications and touch points users get more attracted towards the app.

      So,it all depends on how you want to develop an app? What kind of features and technologies you want to add.

      DxMinds the best mobile apps development company in India, have a hands-on experience in developing a news app with smooth and attractive user experience. As per our knowledge in developing the news app the cost to develop an app like Dailyhunt (Newshunt) may range between $5k-$50k depending on various factors such as app platform, app features, app design and app technologies.

      If you are looking to hire mobile app development companies in Bangalore, India for developing a news feeding app like Dailyhunt, kindly reach out us at, we are here to assist you with a free demo and estimation.

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