Bangalore leveraging technologies to fight against the invisible enemy, Corona Virus

Bangalore leveraging technologies to fight against the invisible enemy, Corona Virus

The role played by digital transformation companies in containing Covid-19 in Karnataka, India

Epidemics, Pandemics, and severe viral infections are always a big threat to living beings. Outbreaks of it cannot be predicted as it can happen anywhere, anytime. Latest of them all, the Covid-19 is a pure example of this kind. Science has grown to that level where it is able to treat diseases of any kind. In an event where the outbreak of new viruses like Corona, it will take time to invent vaccinations as researches have to be carried out aggressively. In such cases, exploring all possibilities to contain the virus spread is as important as treating the infected ones.

Many global countries failed miserably at containing Covid-19 while few successfully did it. Leveraging the latest trends in technology, they have come up with innovative solutions that add more value to the containing process. Karnataka, one of the most digitally advanced states in India has followed the pathways of technology to successfully defeat Corona, the pandemic that showed its teeth in other states of India, but not Karnataka.

With the arrival of various digital transformation practices and solutions, the state of Karnataka was successfully able to contain the global pandemic Covid-19 effectively when compared with the worst –affected states in India. They have put forward several measures and solutions that ease the containing process, which we are going to see in detail along with this blog.

Karnataka- Best digital ecosystem in India

If you have an in-depth analysis of how each state in India is responding towards building a start-up ecosystem, you can find out that no other states support the same than Karnataka. The state has turned out to be a digital hub of India. Hundreds and thousands of start-ups with innovative and futuristic ideas are spread across various verticals of the state. Technology giants have their corporate offices running in Karnataka in a seamless manner. The digital infrastructure of the state is so advanced that it meets international standards and parameters. Investors spread across the globe are keenly focusing on to the futuristic ideas born from this state as they are willing to pump hundreds and thousands of crores of dollars. Having a digitally advanced landscape has helped the state effectively fight against the pandemic Covid-19.

Digital Ecosystem in Bangalore, Karnataka

What has made Karnataka the best digital ecosystem in India?

Before discussing much how the state was able to successfully contain the pandemic, we have to discuss what were the factors that led to the same. The digitalization of Karnataka doesn’t take place overnight. It’s a result of continued efforts that took place over the years. Why only Karnataka has got the title of the best start-up ecosystem in India? Several factors exist backing the statement. Some of them are:

  • Geographical features of Karnataka including its climate, greenery, and lush is a major factor that prompted companies to set up their workplaces in Karnataka
  • Ease of running a business in Karnataka is very high as the government is upholding flexible business policies and rules. This is also a key factor.
  • Access to a large number of resources including workforce, infrastructure, and technology has increased its demand among businesses.
  • Technological institutions like the Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Management, and various other prominent and well-renowned organizations in Karnataka is also a factor that leads to the sudden growth of digitalization in the state.

Digitalization and contain of Covid-19 in Karnataka

We have seen how come the state successfully creates a digital ecosystem compare to other states in India. Now we are going to discuss in detail how digitalization and its impact have helped the state to contain deadly disease Covid-19, which is showcasing its worst versions in other states of India. Karnataka would also be no different than any other state in India if they have not defended the spread of this pandemic by the best use of technology. The measures adopted by the state has become a revolutionary role model and is imitated by various other states like Haryana. It has become a global benchmark of India’s fight against the invisible enemy. Let us see the measures the state has put forward to effectively contain the disease.

Karnataka leveraging technology to fight against the invisible enemy, Corona Virus

The very first step the Karnataka state adopted to fight against coronavirus is that they have taken initiatives to set up a Covid-19 war room. The purpose of the war room is to collect and coordinate all the activities related to Covid-19. The war room clears all doubts of the common man and assists them to fight against Coronavirus throughout. It operates twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. The Karnataka Covid-19 war room has gained huge appreciation because of its efficiency and clarity. Also, the state has made use of multiple mobile applications in the journey to contain the virus. Let us see that in detail.

Proper usage of Aarogya Setu

The state has prompted its people to be regular users of the Aarogya Setu mobile app which was implemented by the Government of India to fight COVID-19. The app allows its users to take the self medical assessment, which will be accessible to the nearby users. The app covers the details of all Covid-19 patients within a range of 10 km of radius and shares it with the Aarogya Setu users so that they can be more vigilant and alert.

Contact tracing mobile app (Android and iOS)

The contact tracing mobile app developed by the best Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore, Karnataka has taken over the major responsibility in containing Corona Virus. The app offers multiple ways to the government of Karnataka in tracing and identifying Covid-19 patients and their contacts. This app is first of its kind in India and has gained huge appreciation even from the global community. The advent of the contact tracing mobile app has become a prominent milestone in the state’s fight to contain the deadly pandemic. The app makes use of the database and provides real-time updates in accordance with it.

Quarantine Watch (Android and iOS)

This app put forward by the government of Karnataka in order to contain Covid-19 provides in and out details of the travelers who are quarantined within the state. This helps the government in precisely monitoring these individuals, to check if they are properly following government norms regarding quarantine.

Yatri app (Web)

The purpose of the Yatri app is to collect all details regarding the international travelers who land within the premises of Karnataka. The collected data will have in and out details including their day of arrival, co-travelers if any, symptoms shown if any, and send it directly to the Quarantine watch mobile app. The government officials then can have an in-depth analysis of their quarantine process.

Health watch app ( Android and iOS)

Health watches mobile app allows the officials to track the health status of nearly 1.6 crore people in the entire state. It helps them in having a continuous assessment of the health of each individual. The details of the individual who are prone to Covid-19 is then passed to the officials, where they can have regular follow up.

Dr Dx
Critical Patient Tracking System (Web)

Critical Patient Tracking System is another initiative by the state government of Karnataka to put an end to the spread of the Corona Virus. The system allows the government to track the details of patients who are in critical condition and to monitor them effectively so that their lives can be saved.

Data Analytics and Reports

Reports and analytics offered by the app developed by the government help them to visualize the data as charts and graphs. The report includes details like the number of people infected, cured, deceased, recovery percentage, mortality rate, and much more on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Daily Rail and Air Passenger Arrival Tracking

The aim of on-boarding this app is to coordinate and streamline the complete data of the travelers arriving in the state via train and domestic flights. The data thus collected is filtered and sent to various departments for follow up and other actions.

Corona Watch App

The Corona Watch App allows the people in Karnataka to have their hands on top of the entire corona cases in the state. It operates the same way as the Aarogya Setu app deployed by the government of India. This allows the users to be more aware of the disease and help them prevent its spread.

“Prevention is better than cure” policy

The above listed are some of the main initiatives by the government. They are highly effective and result-oriented. The government of Karnataka is taking all the possible remedial measures to fight against the spread of disease. Yet the officials are working hard to come up with more advanced measures to backslash the spread of disease. It is better to stop the disease spread rather than curing it. So the duty of eradicating the disease from the earth lies within the hands of each citizen. As responsible citizens, it is our prime duty to be a part of this war against the invisible enemy.

Our technology solution offerings for governments to prevent Corona spread

The efforts put forward by the Karnataka government are highly appreciable and every state should come forward following the same. As a leading digital transformation and digital transformation company, we, DxMinds Innovation Labs are in the front-line to fight against coronavirus by offering technology solutions for both state and central governments. We have been serving various government bodies over the years. Our team of highly experienced professionals comes up with solutions that help prevent the spread of coronavirus and contain it effectively. High accuracy and quick delivery are our keys and all the mobile apps we come up with are highly customizable.

Our Covid-19 business solutions

We are at a point where our lives can be classified as pre-COVID and post COVID era. Our lifestyle got changed, workplaces got transformed, ways of running a business also changed drastically. To help businesses survive this Covid-19 pandemic and to make it run more profitably and productively than before, we, DxMinds, the best Mobile Application development company in Bangalore, India is offering end-to-end solutions for businesses. All of the solutions we deliver are highly customizable, scalable, and disruptive. They are:

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