Ultimate Guide on e-Learning App Development Cost and Features

Ultimate Guide on eLearning App Development Cost and its Features

As the world is revolutionizing with emerging technologies, every industry is looking ahead to adopt the magical digital transformation journey to embrace new heights. With smartphones becoming an integral part of our lives, eLearning apps have taken the education sector to an advanced level.

Changes in learner’s behavior based on technology trends and updates have made various schools, colleges, universities, and educational businesses around the globe reach out to the eLearning app development companies in India for building a powerful online educational app to be ahead in this wave.

Before planning to develop E-learning apps the basic imperative query that pops out in one’s head is how much does it cost to develop an e-learning app?

Of course, it’s necessary to know about the cost of an e-learning app so that you can plan your goal accordingly.

So are you ready to hook up with this informative guide designed by DxMinds experts that explains to you all the important aspects of online learning mobile applications from benefits, categories, and technologies to the cost of developing an eLearning app?

What is Elearning?

E-learning or electronic learning is the way to deliver knowledge which can be through training or courses through digital resources.

In other terms, it is a formalized learning furnished through electronic devices, especially from Mobile apps. This sort of digital medium makes it easy for users to gain knowledge anytime, anywhere without any barrier.

Although the courses are accessed in the form of online learning, users can still interact with students through live sessions. Due to the comfortable and creative learning methods, learning has become more popular in recent years

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    Rise and Demand of Educational Mobile Applications 

    E-learning apps have become more demanding in a couple of years and disrupted the complete scenario of the traditional educational model for educating students or learners

    With the emergence of smartphones, drastic changes have occurred in the educational industry.

    It has made learning easy and more interesting by providing an engaging way that allowed the learners to access knowledge quickly and comfortably with no bounds on location and time

    Mobile apps are the main catalyst for fuelling the demand for Online education as a high percentage of people are more addicted to leveraging the services from apps rather than website services or offline services.

    Mind-blowing stats that reveal the growth of the eLearning industry

    Asper Research the global e-learning market is estimated to reach around $325 billion by the year 2025

    64% of Learners embrace the training content from mobile devices

    43% of Online Mobile learners enhanced productivity levels when compared to non-mobile users

    Out of 89% of smartphone users download apps, 50% is installed for learning purpose

    27% growth has been witnessed in mobile users and downgrading the desktop users by 14%

    65% of digital content is watched on smartphones

    72% of educational institutes are providing online programs by noticing the employer’s demand and 71% of the schools on the other hand embedding online courses and lessons as per the student’s interest

    77% of the eLearning industry consists of self-paced learning models  

    92% of the Global audience are owning a smartphone

    E-learning apps have been admired by parents as well as students from all over the world for bringing up captivating methods of learning.

    Different kinds of e-learning apps from top educational app development companies are built with different kinds of instruction styles according to the preferred teaching style liked by students. Based on your educational business goal you could decide what kind of style you would like to adopt.

    Advantages of E-learning Apps over Traditional Model

    Access education anytime anywhere 

    Traditional education has some restrictions when it comes to time and location constraints where E-learning apps are serving the students 24/7 through mobile devices.

    Now without Offline education, people can still leverage the needed skills, expertise, and knowledge with certificates and degrees

    Cost-effective learning 

    One can get a quality education without spending a wholesome of money. Yes, the e-learning mobile solutions provide you an opportunity to get a similar or very good education at a lower rate when compare to the traditional way of education.

    Unlimited learning

    You can accelerate your technical career or improve your skills in the domain you like as infinite learning features you could get from the e-learn library.

    High retention rate 

    Elearning apps provide higher retention and completion rates as they take pride in presenting the content in a crisper manner. In this way, learners fastly learn and dive into the next one.

    Flexible learning 

     This app provides flexible options to learn the course whether in the form of podcasts, videos, or any other attractive methods.

    Complete Satisfaction 

    Parents are now glad that their kids are utilizing the phone for the right purpose rather than playing games or watching funny videos.

    Main Categories in E-learning App-Based Business

    E-learning apps are divided into three main types let’s discuss them in detail 

    E2C e-learning-Education to customers

    This type of app is mainly focused on students who are aiming to gain productive educational knowledge. Students from institutions, schools, colleges, or universities are highly obsessed to pursue studies through e-learning mobile apps.

    If you are running an institution, school, or any educational business rolling out the courses in this sort of digital application could turn out to be more profitable for both students and educators.

    Internet today is truly loaded with different types of online courses and helping the creators to earn huge chunks. They engage with popular universities and colleges to present their worthy online courses to as many students as possible.

    They helped lakhs of students who were lacking financially to educate themselves this kind of app includes fascinating features: 

    Textbook lessons are presented in an interactive form of Video and audio lectures 

    The online payment process for making payments easily and effectively

    Courses catalog, blog, and forum 

    Online quizzes for encouraging students to assessment

    E2B e-learning Apps-Education to Business/Corporate training

    Companies looking to train new candidates about operations or skills could shift to e-learning platforms more productively and smartly than classroom training.

    In this way, you could be benefited in terms of efficiency and advancement as it helps to save money, time, and effort.

    E2E-Education to educators 

    Elearning apps have not only been a boon for students but also brought immense benefits to teachers and educators as well.

    As there was a rapid shift in the way of teaching with the rise of educational apps. Teachers have changed the complete style of teaching with the acceptance of virtual online classes.

    Pros to teach through e-learning mobile apps includes

    • Real-time tracking of the progress of students for the assigned task and work 
    • Scheduling the class according to their convenience
    • Easy Communication with students as well as parents
    • Integrated Push notifications for updates
    • E-learning Business apps for different institutions 

    Working on an e-learning app

    The eLearning apps have 4 participants’ students, teachers, parents, and super admin. The working and operations of apps are completely different for all the users


    These sorts of e-learning apps are specifically focused on students. The entire business model is structured and framed for them.

    A student needs to sign in to the application by providing all the personal information. Then by choosing the required course, they go ahead with the app. Based on different criteria there will be multiple courses to enroll some might be paid and some others are free to access.

    Besides, the students can even see the progress of the subscribed course and can get take materials and notes attached to that course.


    For being connected to children’s performance and all the updates parents make use of these e-learning applications.

    Moreover, if the students are too young to understand and know about these apps then parents can enroll the suitable courses for them.


    Specially designed for teachers. They can avail of numerous benefits from this kind of application.

    The apps facilitate them to sell and upload the courses drafted by them for students.

    They can make a strong profile by including all the history (certificates and other things) and tracking each activity and could even engage with their subscribed students.

    Super Admin 

    An admin is a person who is responsible for every activity happening in the app. From managing users’ operations which can be students, teachers, or parents to viewing the statistics such as income, active users, number of courses, and other things.

    The Admin has all the rights to add, remove or suspend the users disobeying the rules of the e-learning apps

    Who can invest in E-learning applications?

    The idea for E-learning applications is mainly introduced for the benefit of students, colleges, coaching institutes, and more.

    The reason is very simple for making the boring or conventional way of education interactive, practical, and more interesting. Trust us the concept is admired and cherished all around the globe 

    This educational business can make use of this platform for making learning easier and more accessible 

    Basic Features That Makes An E-learning App 

    Basic Features that Makes An E-learning App

    Student Panel features

    • Signup/Login 
    • Profile creation 
    • Browse the courses with the subscription plan 
    • Pick the suitable courses
    • Search and filter the tutors 
    • View and Select the teacher
    • Communicate with a tutor through video chat, text chat, or posting a question 
    • Students can post questions and doubts
    • Ratings and reviews for subscribed courses and tutors 

    Teacher Panel Features  

    • Registration 
    • Creation of a detailed profile
    • Manage the account settings
    • Plan and schedule live classes
    • View ratings, notifications, and reviews 
    • Communicate with students via video, audio, and chat
    • Payment integration 
    • View the posted queries and can answer them

    Parents Panel Features 

    • Signup and log in via email
    • Monitoring and Tracking student performance 
    • Tracking course progress
    • Interacting with a teacher via chat
    • Integrating the assignments and test results
    • Managing and editing the subscription of courses
    • View student leaderboard 

    Super Admin Panel 

    • Manage users (Students, Teachers, and Parents)
    • Managing chats
    • Student information system
    • Manage credits and payments
    • Manage locations 
    • Manage subjects and courses
    • View reports of earnings and user engagements

    Advanced Features 

    The above-mentioned key features must have to be integrated for building a normal e-learning mobile application. However, for making it more advanced and user-friendly you need to go with some new-age features highlighted with technologies.

    Let’s know what features make it a more advanced and state-of-the-art app


    Making the platform competitive by showcasing the student’s or learner’s performance is a way to motivate them and leaderboards are implemented for that purpose itself.

    AI (Voice commands)

    The implementation of Voice commands makes the process of searching easier and more effective.AI and assist the student to select the desired course through the voice command features integrated with the system.

    Real-Time Analytics 

    The amazing Real-time analytics functionality empowers you to track the app performance and user behavior with the app. By integrating this magical feature you can track and monitor online assessments, learner progress, course completion, and other internal operations of the app.

    CMS Integration 

    CMS known to be a Content Management system empowers you to manage the content of mobile learning. Posting new content or editing the existing ones in the app is taken care of by the Content Management system. For managing or running the contents smoothly it is important to add a CMS feature.

    Audio and Video Streaming

    This functionality is highly impactful, it is the main feature responsible for user retention and interaction with your app. As it enables the users to stream the classes or live classes interactively with audio and video functionality.

    Push Notification  

    In the e-learning app, it is very essential to alert or update the users about the class schedule, the material available, new course availability, and a lot more other things. Thus by integrating this push notification functionality, your app could perform this kind of operation effectively.

    CRM Integration

    Customer relationship management is an essential feature of the e-learning application that enables your app to build a strong bond with its users (students and learners)

    In-app chat 

    The functionality helps the students to communicate or interact easily with the teachers via chat. Also, the students can interact with each other within the app and can talk over topics or other course-related aspects.

    Quizzes and assessments 

    Make your eLearning apps appealing by including quizzes and assessment features. Build and deliver a variety of quizzes to students frequently. Through this, it is easy for a teacher to track the performance of every student.

    Document or material sharing 

    This functionality assists the teachers to share the course material or documents online. When the documents, PDFs, presentations, and spreadsheets have been shared they can be easily assessed by students anywhere, anytime.

    They can prefer to open the documents from a mobile browser or can download and access it offline

     Multiple payment options 

    By integrating the multiple payment options your app can help users to pay at their convenience in a hassle-free manner. Multiple payments include Paypal, Stripe, Debit/Credit cards, UPI, and more.

    Essential Tech Stack for e-learning mobile apps

    Mobile SDK-Android and iOS

    Push Notification-Twilio,Push.io

    SMS, Voice, and Phone verification-Nexmo, Twilio 

    DataStax-Data Management

    Database-MangoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Mail chimp integration

    Cloud environment-AWS

    Mandrill-Related to emails

    Streaming media system-Helix Universal server, Nimble streamer, Wowza streaming engine

    Real-time analytics-Spark, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM, Bigdata

    Let’s Talk With the Experts

      A team is required for building e-learning mobile apps 


      Project Manager

      Android/iOS developer

      Back end developer

      Front end developer

      UX/UI designer

      QA testers

      Delivery Manager 

      Cost of developing an e-learning Mobile app 

      The cost to develop an e-learning mobile app depends on various factors 

      Complexity or size of an app 

      The cost of developing an e-learning app depends on the kind of features you want to integrate into e-learning apps (Advanced or basic features)

      The platforms you want to develop your apps decide the e-learning app development cost. The app developed for a single platform would cost you lesser than one developed on multiple platforms

      No of Platforms 
      App Development location 

      The e-learning development cost also varies from one region to another region.

      For example, the development cost in the USA is $150-$250, in Eastern Europe, it is $80-$180, and in India, it is affordable ranging between $25-$50.

      However, the cost of developing an e-learning application might range between $40K-$90K but if you want to include advanced features the development might get increased 


      Through this blog post, we have reflected on all the factors related to eCommerce app development costs.

      Nowadays it has become very essential for educational businesses to step into the digital age for providing the ultimate benefits for learners or students. Also if you are looking to build a successful app then approaching the right E-learning app development companies in Bangalore India turns out to be a beneficial one. Because Indian companies are known to provide affordable costing for high-quality educational apps when compared to any countries in the globe.

      Want to transform your way of education into an Online Mobile app platform? Then connect DxMinds your desired Educational app development company having the best e-learning app development team that helps you provide smart educational solutions that definitely deliver an amazing learning experience to your end-users.

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