Top Chatbot App Trends of 2019 - Future of AI Bots in Business

Top Chatbot App Trends of 2019

Top Chatbot App Trends

Chatbot apps have seen a lot of innovation in the last five years. The reason is apparent; the customer is the king of businesses. Every year, businesses target more customers. The new set of customers comes with its own needs. Chatbot apps have to be redesigned and updated to meet ever-changing customer needs.

The trends in chatbot app development change very rapidly as customers are open to new technology. Around a decade ago, it wasn’t easy to imagine bots helping customers with their queries. But, chatbots responding to voice queries are commonplace now.

And, voice-based chatbots are not all! Now artificial intelligence-powered chatbots are smarter and better than their predecessors.

Customers are more demanding now, and it is essential for chatbot app developers to match up with their expectations. Awareness of emerging trends and technologies helps the developers build up-to-date, chatbot apps that can keep customers satisfied.

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    So, here are some Chatbot app development trends that are driving the future of AI in business!

    1 – Personalized Chatbots

    The most crucial problem that businesses were facing with chatbots was that the chatbots were too mechanical in their dealings with customers. This indifference to their preferences offended the customers and made them feel neglected.

    Needless to say; each disappointed customer is a significant loss for the business.

    Gradually, AI and machine learning technologies have started replacing conventional chatbots. Now, the new chatbots can understand the customers well. The Chatbots now are quick learners, so, they can deliver personalized responses to customers.

    Furthermore, as research continues on natural language processing for chatbots, the resulting chatbot apps are allowing customers to interact using their natural flow of language. The bot can not only pick up the naturally flowing language of the customer but also respond similarly.

    So, the user perceives it as if he is interacting with a human. Customers love personalized interaction as they feel valued.

    A personalized chatbot is the most exciting app trend of 2019, ultimately becoming a norm!

    2 – Human-Like Chatbots

    The biggest hurdle in the way of chatbot apps was the absence of a human in them. Many customers were initially apprehensive or not comfortable dealing with chatbots. They felt that only a human, and not software, will be able to solve their queries.

    Chatbots have fought the notions against them well over the last few years. Moreover, AI has made them more intelligent and human.

    Chatbot apps are also more effective, unbiased, and proficient. They can also support the customers well. The chatbots now have a high emotional quotient; even better than humans.

    The human-like interaction offered by the new and improved chatbot apps increases customer engagement. So, what more do you want?

    A good human-like chatbot app can outshine humans in customer support. So, the chatbots, though not human, will be even better!

    3- Multilingual Chatbots

    Businesses are going global. All of us want customers from across the world. But, catering to customers from different parts of the world requires knowledge of the region-specific language. Particularly when it comes to chatbots, if the customers are not able to converse in a familiar language, the whole interaction will be meaningless and frustrating.

    Chatbot apps are now a step further with multilingual proficiencies. The bots can now detect the language of the customer and reply to him in his language.

    Gradually, the chat support function is migrating to voice-based chats. Customers are getting more and more comfortable with voice assistants.

    But, to reach out to the world in large numbers, understanding of local languages is more crucial than just voice-based chat. The business earns the reputation of being customer-centric if the customer gets support in his language.

    Every business craves to be in the good books of its customers. And, in the competitive market, the business which is liked by the customers is sure to grow!

    As the trend continues, voice-based multilingual chatbots are replacing text-based ones. As chatbot app developers are also going global, developing multilingual chatbots is achievable, especially when the AI is supporting voice recognition and translation.

    Multilingual chatbots are now the most prominent emerging trend in the chatbot app development industry. The use and popularity of chatbots are expected to grow manifold when the bots have started conversing in the language of the customer!

    4- Chatbot Analytics

    Big data and analytics have helped businesses grow and capture their targets through effective customer segmentation. Analytics is now spreading to chatbot apps as well.

    The reason is simple; personalized chats speak volumes about customer preferences.  So, if the chatbot data is collected and analyzed, it will be easier for businesses to do customer segmentation and personalized marketing.

    Chatbot analytics is an emerging trend, as now customers are comfortable discussing their queries with chatbots.

    Big data and machine learning are contributing to chatbot improvement through pattern recognition. And,  chatbot analytics can be further used to improve chatbot behavior.

    So, it is not just analytics that is gaining from the chatbots, but the chatbots are also learning from the data generated by analytics. Symbiosis is what makes chatbots and analytics go hand in hand, making it an interesting app trend!


    The Chatbot app development industry is growing day by day. More and more businesses need chatbot apps to improve their customer services day by day.

    The trends in chatbot app development have undergone persistent changes over the past few years. So, chatbot app development is not hassle-free; there are various challenges that the developers are facing.

    With the growing demand for chatbots, fighting the hurdles of app development is just worth the effort! And, the technology is persistently evolving to support the developers in combating the challenges.

    I have mentioned some trends that will help you build an excellent chatbot app. However, if you are looking for the best chatbot app developers for your next project, contact us now!

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