Top Mobile App Development Companies in Mumbai

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Mumbai

Mumbai is the economic capital of India where potential organizations have settled across various verticals of the city. Due to the rising demand for digital transformation and futuristic technologies, there is a rapid growth for iOS and Android apps development companies in Mumbai, India. This resulted in having a healthy competition among mobile app development companies in Mumbai.

The business world has already on-boarded digital platforms and now, to attain a prior position amid the competitors businesses have to attain higher visibility on various online platforms. To make a winning move entrepreneurs based in Mumbai are actively looking forward to hiring the best mobile app developing agency in Mumbai, India as they have realized the true potential of an app to globalize their business. The increased number of apps development firms has created a sense of confusion among entrepreneurs in figuring out the best app development agencies in Mumbai. So we have come up with this article. This blog is a result of continuous effort and research carried out to index the top 10 mobile app development companies in Mumbai. This is exclusively designed for all the aspirants and experienced entrepreneurs who are struggling to figure out the right app developers for turning their app idea into reality.

Mobile app development firms in Mumbai, India

DxMinds Innovation labs have grabbed a prominent place in the list of top mobile application development companies in Mumbai, India. The company is active for the past decade and is continuously being preferred for android app development and iOS app development. The clientele of this company is expanded overseas and is increasing with an exponential count. DxMinds has covered various segments of business industries and is relentlessly serving prestigious clients to cater to their business requirements. We intend to employ a strategic app development approach that truly complements your business niche and help you play as a leader.

Mobile app development services we offer

iOS App Development

Start with a buzz of a superlative iOS app development compatible with various screens using the same platforms. Being one of the leading mobile app development companies in Mumbai, we help you in taking a huge leap in the ioS app market and become a prevailing brand with the most creative mobile solutions that expedite your sales and help you empower your business by serving imperative solutions.

Android App Development

Android is one of the most prevailing and opted mobile platforms with a maximum number of users. Also, it is one of the most opted mobile app development platforms with a million apps for various businesses. We help you to develop an engaging app with a tinge of creativity helping you stay forefront of the existing competition. Our mobile app development team in Mumbai is renowned for developing a cutting-edge app with innovative designs.

Hybrid App Development

We harness the potential of the latest app development tools and technologies to develop a cross-platform mobile app that offers the highest performance just like a native app. We have top mobile app developers in Mumbai, hand-picked after rigorous interventions ensuring only top professionals on-boarding our team to offer the best android apps.

Progressive Web App Development

Our developers are highly skilled with the progressive web app development technologies and dependencies and can help you develop a prominent web app and are latent to work effectively on every mobile regardless of the operating system it is working. We ensure developing an app that is compatible with the various mobile platform standards and can run effectively using the browser.

Why choose a mobile application Development Company from Mumbai?

Mumbai being the one-stop destination for all the big and small-scale app development organizations has already tempted most of the talent heads to join them, making their organizations prominent and proficient in catering to various business industries. The prominence of Application development companies in Mumbai, India has crossed the shores and has built an unmatched level of services offered. The mobile application development agency in Mumbai is renowned for developing the most customized and user-centric apps. They profoundly penetrate deep into the business objective and derive the best strategy that can cater to your business-specific requirements.

Why choose DxMinds as your technology partner to develop a mobile app?

For developing an innovative and intuitive app, experience and futurist approach both are required. Our application development team in Mumbai possesses both the qualities backed up with the profound knowledge and master hand on the latest technologies used for app development. Right from the simple to the most complex app development requirements, our developers are proficient to serve with world-class solutions for each type of requirement. DxMinds has carved a benchmark for itself of creating the better than the best solution every time we are working for app development. We serve end-to-end mobile app development solutions right from the ideation till the effective deployment of the mobile app. We have worked with different business niches and are renowned for serving various business verticles with the highest quality apps using a technology-driven approach. The company was incepted in the year 2008 with an idea of bringing a major transformation in the business world with the powerful drift of technology empower the widest range of businesses to leverage the technological advancements. In the past years, we have created an unbreakable record of developing more than 1000 apps for various business domains. We have been accredited as the most trusted partners for businesses worldwide.

  • Rich portfolio with a plethora of mobile app development
  • Innovative solution
  • Top professionals at your assistance
  • Meeting deadlines
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Affordable prices
  • User-centric solutions
  • Agile development approach
  • Proven track-record
  • 100% transparency
  • 100% source code confidentiality

Technologies mastered by our professionals

Machine Learning

Nothing is static in the world, not even the business trends. To match the pace with the frequently changing business trends, we help you with the business apps boosted with the power of machine learning that incorporates the ability in the software to upgrade the offered solutions based on the latest business and end-user requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

Do you wish to automate your business operations with an enhancement of productivity and efficiency? Our mobile application programming team in Mumbai can cater to your business requirements with an effective and technology-driven approach. Our professionals are deep-rooted with artificial intelligence and can help you leverage the technology by developing a futurist business app. We ensure carving out the best mobile solution that offers unmatched quality attention-seeking interface,

Chatbot Development

Connect with your customers round-the-clock to serve them better. Does resources are becoming an issue in serving your customers effectively. Employ our app development team to develop chatbots coded and customized with high-end algorithms to interact with your customers giving them an apt solution for their requirements without any manual assistance.

IoT app development

A huge network of software and devices is becoming a hurdle in your effective business management? The professionals of DxMinds, the best mobile app development company in Mumbai help you developing software scaled up with the power of IoT technology helping you to operate and manage various devices and software from a single platform and giving automated access to all the devices.

AR/VR app development

You can enhance the visual experience of your users with the potential of AR/VR. Both the technologies can be used to bring a virtual world to the vitality and our application developers in Mumbai are highly skilled and deep-rooted with the technology to develop an engaging and tempting app for various business sectors, especially for the gaming sector, media, and entertainment, and e-commerce.

Blockchain Technology

Do you wish to develop a decentralized ledger to keep your data secure from any type of breach or amendment? Our mobile app developers in Mumbai can help you develop a robust Blockchain by leveraging the latest technologies and giving extra mileage to your business. Our resources hold hands over the technology with which we can code the best algorithm customized for your business requirements.

It’s a bit tedious job to figure out the best mobile app development company in Mumbai as everyone claims themselves to be the best. Yet, we have categorized the top 10 mobile app development companies in Mumbai based on several criteria. The companies that are included in this list has been filtered and sorted out based on their experience, portfolio, expertise, and rate of customer satisfaction. We hope this list helps in serving your purpose.

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    Which are the top mobile app development companies in Mumbai?

    1. DxMinds Innovation Labs

    DxMinds is a leading Mobile app development company in Mumbai that delivers quality services for platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. DxMinds is a global digital transformation leader having corporate offices located in India, the USA, UAE, Australia, and Peru. They have got a wider range of highly satisfied client databases spread all across the globe. The company is consistently providing creative, unique, and impressive mobility solutions to all enterprises in Mumbai regardless of their size and industry. This team of expert mobile app Developers in Mumbai offers an advanced, innovative, and customized solution for their customers that make their company’s growth seamless and effortless. Services offered by DxMinds include Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Hybrid Mobile App Development, Enterprise App Development, Blockchain Solutions, iOS App Development, Android App Development, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain Technology, Chatbot, etc.

    Areas of Focus:

    • Custom Software Development

    Mobile App Development

    • Hybrid Mobile App Development

    • Enterprise App Development

    • Blockchain Solutions

    • iOS App Development

    • Android App Development

    • Augmented Reality

    • Virtual Reality

    • Mixed Reality

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    • Internet of Things (IoT)

    • Blockchain Technology

    • Chatbot etc.

    2. Hyperlink InfoSystem

    Hyperlink Info system is one of the leading mobile apps development companies in Mumbai offering a wide range of digital transformation services. They are popular by developing technologically advanced eye candy mobile apps. The company was established in the year of 2011 and offers its prominent services in India, New York, the USA, and Dubai. Major services offered by them include

    Mobile App development

    • PHP Web Development

    • Blockchain Development

    • AR/VR

    • Wearable App Development

    • Dedicated Resources etc.

    3. Allerin Tech

    Allerin Tech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the prominent iOS and Android app Development Company in Mumbai. Other than mobile app development, Allerin tech is into web app development as well. They position themselves among the best mobile app development companies in Mumbai. Other than Mumbai, they have their corporate offices in West Christchurch, New Zealand, and New York. Their major areas of services are:

    • IoT

    • Big Data

    • App Development

    • Digital Business etc.

    4. April Innovations

    April Innovations is a leading Android and iOS apps development company in Mumbai. Established in 2016, they have advanced designs with affordable prices with a creative team with promising on-time delivery of the product with quality assurance and quick response. They are passionate, knowledgeable, and committed to providing our customers with the best possible services and solutions. Their services vary from the web, android, iOS, and database app development.

    5. Richestsoft

    Richest Soft Technologies, a mobile app development company based in Mumbai which was founded by Mr.Ranjit Pal Sing back in 2009 has got extensive access to the latest resources and pulse of the technology market. High-end engaging apps developed by the experts at Richest Soft help businesses in generating more revenue and fruitful business.

    Area of Services:

    • Android App Development

    • iOS App Development

    • Website Development

    • UI/UX Designing etc.

    6. Finoit

    Team Finoit Technologies are an expert in designing and developing mobile applications for different platforms. They are among the best mobile app development company in Mumbai. Their services in custom software, Mobile App, Web, and IoT development are unparalleled and top-notch. They work with international brands with their creative and innovative ideas. They deliver services in various digital transformation services such as

    • Mobile App Development

    • Software Product Engineering

    • Technology Consulting etc.

    7. Intelegain Technologiest

    Intelgain Technologies is one of the top mobile application development companies in Mumbai helping start-ups and businesses to build software products since 2004. They develop high-end mobile applications leveraging various technologies and come up with advanced solutions. The list of various services offered by them includes:

    • Web App Development • Mobile App Development • Software Product Development • Big Data • IoT etc.

    8. Mobisoft Infotech

    MobisoftInfotech is one of the top-notch mobile app development company in Mumbai, India. It is founded in 2009. They are expert in mobile, android & iOS app development along with inventive and Market specific product development. It has great customers such as Samsung through its integrated solution and more than mobile app growth.

    9. Fruitbowl

    Fruitbowl Digital is the finest mobile application development company in Mumbai, India. They offer an expansive of services including experiential marketing, branding, and online reputation management in addition to mobile app development.

    Services Offered:

    Mobile App Development, iOS App Development, Android App Development, AI App Development in Mumbai

    10. Indglobal

    Indglobal is one of the specialized mobile apps development companies in Mumbai and across the globe in the field of app development. Indglobal offers to its clients the development of android, ios, and Windows mobile apps. Our clients are from multiple industries, with a good team of mobile app developers.

    Services Offered:

    Mobile Application Development, iOS Apps Development, Android Apps Development, AI App Development in Mumbai

    Figuring out the top app developers in Mumbai, India

    As we have mentioned, entrepreneurs find it hard to figure out the best mobile and web app developers in Mumbai, India. As an entrepreneur, one cannot just blindfold towards mobile apps, as it would be the worst thing he will be going to his business. That has been said, the need for mobile apps is skyrocketing, as every business owner out there has understood its true potential and the impact it can have while determining the success of a business.

    Hiring the top mobile app development company can be a tedious task, and if it is in a leading city like Mumbai where technology is growing at a tremendous pace, it can be more tedious. Endless numbers of mobile app development companies are located in Mumbai offering a wide range of technological services throughout the lengths and breadths of the city. An entrepreneur has to do a tremendous amount of research to find out the top mobile apps development agency in Mumbai if he has a plan to develop a high-end app for his business.

    The purpose of this article is to make an entrepreneur aware of the factors that need to be considered whilst hiring the best mobile application development company in Mumbai. This blog will take you through the nitty-gritty aspects of an ideal mobile app developer in Mumbai, whom you can hire for your app development project.

    Below are the factors that every business needs to consider before hiring an Android app development company in Mumbai.

    Filter the leading app developers in Mumbai first

    Sit down, search for the top app development companies in Mumbai on Google, see the results, sort, and filter the relevant ones among the list.

    Top mobile app developers in Mumbai have top-rated customer reviews

    Yes! A customer will never ignore giving a good review for a mobile app development company that has met his requirement to the core. Chances are there that the same customer might give a negative review if any app developers in Mumbai have pranked them out. So review matters. From the list of filtered companies, find out who has got the least and most reviews. Arrange it in ascending order and filter the current list based on this. The utmost mission of every business is to make their clients happy and to meet their requirements. Have a detailed review of the rate of customer satisfaction in the services offered by the mobile app development company you are about to hire. Go for the best among the list of such companies.

    Have an in-depth analysis of their portfolio

    Find out the previous works of the best app developers in Mumbai to have a deep evaluation of it. These works speak for them. Check the quality of the work and if you are satisfied, you can try considering the same.

    Experience and mastery over technologies are a must

    Refer in detail to your vendor’s previous experience. This can add more to your app. You might end up troubling yourself by hiring an android or iOS app development company in Mumbai that has the least experience. Also, consider their proficiency in various technologies before hiring them. Enormous technologies like artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology, and all are the latest trends in the technology space. Hire an app development company that not only provides reasonable customer support but are capable of making your business stay ahead of the competition. Top mobile app Development Company in Mumbai, India builds mobile apps with innovative strategies that shift your business to the next level.

    Quick delivery is the key

    An app can be delivered as fast as a rocket or as slow as a tortoise. Either way, it has to be delivered to you at the right time with the right features integrated without compromising a bit on its quality. Find those kinds of app development companies in Mumbai and that is your tribe.

    Maintenance and support

    No compromise on app security and maintenance App security plays an important role in determining the success of a business. As mobile apps are the interference between your business and its users, it should possess a high degree of security. Make sure that the mobile app developer you hire in Mumbai offers you an app that has high-level security. Proper app maintenance is also a key factor. Top iOS and Android App development companies in Mumbai have to offer proper app maintenance.

    Hands-on Experience

    Check out the level of expertise and experience the mobile app development company holds. The quality of the developer you hire will get reflected in the quality of the app they develop. One should be pretty much aware of this fact as mobile apps tend to be an index to the company.

    App development cost

    Budget is one of the important factors that need to be considered while hiring a mobile app developer in Mumbai, India. Have an in and out picture of the features your app needs and allocate the budget accordingly. After prior researches and studies, hire an app developer whom you feel has quoted a reasonable price. Never compromise a bit on quality to save some penny.


    We are pretty sure that we were successful in bringing out the list of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Mumbai exclusively for you. We have spent quality time on various researches before the publishing of this list. This list was made based on the reviews and research done among various mobile application development companies in Mumbai. By conducting a detailed analysis of the companies mentioned above one can easily figure out and hire the best app developer in Mumbai.

    dxminds innovation labs- best mobile app development company in Mumbai

    If we are asked to filter out the best mobile app developers in Mumbai from this list of top ten, without any second thought we would prefer DxMinds Innovation Labs. DxMinds Innovation Labs alias DxMinds Technologies is the market leader in delivering quality services in the field of digital transformation. Team DxMinds is comprised of unexceptionally talented engineers, project managers, and developers that they offer unparalleled and unimpeachable services. DxMinds provides the best mobile app development services in Mumbai.

    Associate with DxMinds Innovation Labs for experiencing a digital transformation

    Hire DxMinds Technologies, the top app development company in Mumbai to enhance your sales and revenue and to streamline your business operations. The mobile apps developed at DxMinds are creative, innovative, and rock stars in their respective app stores.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    DxMinds is a popular app development company in Mumbai having in-depth proficiency and hands-on experience in developing high-end mobile applications. For more details on how the app developed by DxMinds can digitally transform your business, drop a mail to

    The approximate cost of developing a mobile app in Mumbai ranges between USD 10,000 to USD 50,000. However, the costing part is all bounded to various factors and it may get variations based on several factors.

    It will take about four to six months to develop a full-fledged mobile app. Hire DxMinds for getting your mobile app delivered at the least possible time.

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