Top 7 Android App Development Companies in Dubai, UAE

Top 7 Android App Development Companies in Dubai, UAE

Mobile applications are transforming various verticals of Dubai. Apps developed by top Android app developers in Dubai is playing a key role in digitalizing the entire ecosystem of the city. With its high impact on a large number of customers, businesses in Dubai are making the best use of mobile applications in their internal frameworks. Apps have turned out to be the buzzword among businesses in Dubai. The popularity that has been gained by smartphones is one of the major reasons that led to the wide usage of mobile apps. And the rest is just history.

Mobile apps- Transforming businesses

The number of businesses that get transformed into a digital platform leveraging mobile applications is high and the list is still going high. One can find a straight downfall in the adoption of conventional methods and practices right after mobile apps have been introduced. Apps are the sum of technologies and features that get integrated into it. A perfect mobile application is just enough for a business to reach out to potential clients. This feature facilitated by mobile apps is widely been used by mobile apps. There are many other advantages as well.

Entrepreneurs in Dubai are keenly focusing on developing top-end mobile apps for their businesses. The main challenge they face is to find the right developer for giving life to their app idea. The search for the perfect Android app development agency in Dubai can be tedious as there are numerous app development agencies based in Dubai and everyone claims to be the best. So in order to make this search more easy and productive, we have come up with a list of top Android app development companies in Dubai. We are sure that this list is going to be a benchmark that enhances the productivity of your search.

List of Top 7 android app developers in Dubai, UAE

DxMinds Technologies Inc

DxMinds Technologies Inc is the fastest-growing digital transformation and apps Development Company in Dubai, UAE. DxMinds develops apps that are capable of challenging real-world problems and act as the perfect solution for the same. DxMinds Technologies are the master in delivering exemplary services to the end customers. These services are unmatchable that they are developed leveraging cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking solutions. The apps developed by DxMinds Technologies are robust and highly engaging. Team DxMinds comprises highly talented engineers, designers, developers, and project managers who are passionate about developing high-end mobile apps. User-centric apps developed by DxMinds not only help businesses to grow exponentially but also assists end users in making their lives less complex. DxMinds Technologies is the most economical Android app development company in Dubai. Various services offered by DxMinds Technologies include

· Native app development

· Hybrid app development

· iPad app development

· Web app development

· Artificial Intelligence

· Machine Learning

· Blockchain Technology

· IoT

· Augmented Reality/ Mixed Reality/ Virtual Reality

· Chatbot development etc


Utility is one of the finest app developers in Dubai constantly trying to eliminate all frictions from real life through the best use of technologies and their related application. This fast-growing app development agency in Dubai was founded by Mr. David Cohen and Mr. Chris Cuddy. The prime aim of Utility is to enhance the digital ecosystem in Dubai, thereby making it a much more stable infrastructure leveraging digital transformation. Utility helps companies varying different sizes and industries to design and develop enterprise solutions, iOS and Android mobile applications, and various other digital transformation services. The utility is one of the prominent Android app development companies in the UAE. They charge around USD 150 to USD 200 per hour for the digital services they are delivering.

Dayone Technologies

Being the leader among Android and iOS app development companies in Dubai, UAE, the prime aim of Dayone Technologies is to develop high-end mobile applications that Are loved by the customers and enjoyed by the users. What makes the app developed by Dayone Technologies great is the effort they put into designing the UI/UX. Outstanding designers at Dayone Technologies make sure that the app possesses a top-notch design that is quite appealing and eye-candy to the end customers. Thus they are being called the market leader among other smartphone app development companies in Dubai, UAE. They are well-versed and have hands-on experience with various trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology, etc.


S-PRO claims to be the innovation technology partner, where in develops an explicit and outstanding mobile application that precisely focuses on achieving organizational goals and enhancing customer engagement rate. Team S-PRO comprises 150+ highly talented professionals who are capable of developing high-end solutions and digital products leveraging which the customers can boost their sales and revenue. S-PRO, the best app developers in Dubai, UAE focuses on partnering with consumer-oriented clients thereby on-boarding digital innovation. They have proven track records of successfully delivering numerous projects and assignments. They build solutions to empower businesses with the best industry practices and use cases.


7EDGE is one of the most popular Android app development companies in Dubai, UAE. Their core focus is on developing custom software solutions for their prestigious clients. They masters and have well-versed knowledge of various programming languages such as Angular, Node, Java, Ruby on Rails, Native Android, iOS, and AWS. Their customers can make use of this expertise to avail of top-notch web and mobile applications. If we take a look at the portfolio of apps and solutions developed b 7EDGE, we can find that it is enriched with top-end technologies and best use cases. 7EDGE is commonly known for developing solutions to real-life challenging problems.


Mobulous is one of the famous Android app development companies in Dubai, UAE. They have profound mastery in developing high-end iOS, Android, and Enterprise mobile applications. The number of successful mobile applications developed and deployed by Mobulous is more than 250 and the list still skyrockets. The team at Mobulous is trained in such a way that 50+ highly skilled professionals keenly focus on delivering impactful technology solutions. Apps developed by Mobulous are a perfect example of how innovation can be customized in developing mobile applications that meet and greets customer requirements. The quality of the services they delivered has made them one of the fastest-growing app developers in Dubai.


Techugo is a customer-centric, bespoke, iOS, and Android mobile app development agency in Dubai, UAE. This digital transformation company keenly focuses on solving the real pain points the customer faces. The mobile application developed at Techugo is the perfect example of this. They come with a tagline of We think big, design smart, and develop fast, which they strictly follow throughout the development process. They believe in massive innovation leveraging the best use of the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain technology, etc. Their expertise in the area of mobile application development is more than 7 years.

DxMinds Technologies- the best Android App Development Company in Dubai, UAE

We hope you find the list of the top 7 Android app development companies in Dubai, UAE resourceful. All of the companies listed here are well-known experts in their domain. However, if you ask us to find a top mobile application development company whom you can trust blindfold, who have the entire mastery over various technologies, we will suggest you associate with DxMinds Technologies, the pioneer app development company in Dubai. For more details on how the mobile apps developed by DxMinds Technologies can transform your business, drop a mail to

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