Top 5 Editors for React Native Mobile App Development

Facebook uses React Native for their app development.

Pinterest and Skype leverage it for enhancing their app features.

Indeed, Tesla, Walmart, and Uber do likewise.

What do these sounds like?

Is React Native turning out to be everyone’s cup of tea? The answer is simply a Yes!

A mass heap of designers leans towards React Native over other app development platforms, soaring its demand in the market.

React Native been this popular, we will acquaint you with its top integrated development environment through this blog.

Best React Native Code Editors


Atom is one of the prevalent React Native Code editors. The application is backed by a strong solid network which is having access to a wide scope of resources. As a free and open-source code editor for Windows, Mac and Linux OS, Atom gives the engineers a chance to fabricate high end React Native applications. Moreover, it is moderately outstanding amongst other React Native code editors. Atom features both light and dark themes that users can choose based on their intrigue.

  • In-Built Package Manager
  • Smart Auto-Completion
  •  Smart File Browser
  • Multiple Panes etc.


Nuclide offers a world-class experience to its users. It possesses the best react development environment. It is built with the aim of offering seamless hackability backed by various tech communities. The initial purpose of Nuclide was to support the engineering team at Facebook. Be that as it may, step by step it turned out being one of the broadly utilized Code editors. The various services offered by Nuclide are

  • Language Services
  • Hack and Flow Language Servers etc.
  • Debugging
  • Source Control
  • Code Insight Features
  • File Manager
  • Find, Replace option, etc.


Having a Python API, Sublime Text is an open and the top editor for React Native mobile app development. Sublime Text hosts various modules, mark up and programming languages that can be added by the users themselves. Right now, Sublime Text accompanies 23 distinct themes. It very well can be tweaked further with various third-party integrations. The various features offered by Sublime Text are:

  • Column Selection
  • Multi-Select Editing
  • Auto-Completion
  • In-Editor Code Building
  • High Contrast Display
  • Go To Anything
  • Snippets etc.


In a recent overview done by Stack over Flow, it was discovered that almost half of the developers utilize Visual code Studio for achieving their everyday objectives and suggests it as the best React Native code editor. It is an open-source code editor owned and developed by Microsoft. It was released on November 18, 2015. Over the current features, users can add furthermore by installing various third party APIs. The various features of Visual Code Studio are

  • Debug Support
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Intelligent Code Completion
  • Code Refactoring
  • Git Commands etc.


In charge of the Graphical and Command-Line UI, Spacemacs is an open-source programming software released by meeting the parameters of GNU General Public Licence Version 3.  It is embedded by various configuration files, plug-ins, and commands. Its improved highlights let the developers in having a refreshed approach towards ergonomics, wherein they can update various layers accordingly. As of now, Spacemacs comes as 3 different modes. They are

  • Emacs Mode
  • Vim Mode
  • Hybrid Mode


We DxMinds, the leading mobile application development company in India among the List of Top Most Trusted App Development Companies, have done various researches to figure out the best IDE for React 2019 and have ended up in figuring out the above-mentioned list of platforms. These platforms are the best and are cherry-picked based on various aspects and you are definitely going to get benefited out of this.

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