Top Mobile App Development Companies in Abu Dhabi

Today mobile apps have taken over the world, people are seriously considering mobile apps to generate additional revenue and solve business problems. Mobile apps have an immense impact on every part of human life including ordering a meal, getting our house cleaned, and even booking a cab ride.

In the Middle East region, Abu Dhabi is one of the most attractive IT markets with greater investment in mobile app development. Abu Dhabi going digital with high-speed communication networks, a critical mass of smartphones, open data portals, as well as digital sensors. Like any other country entrepreneurs from the Middle East region business also have taken the mobile app as one of the best tools for business. Let’s have a look at the Top Mobile App Development companies in Abu Dhabi.

List of Best Top 10 mobile app development companies in Abu Dhabi

DxMinds Technologies

DxMinds Technologies is the leading Mobile App Development Company in Abu Dhabi provides a high-quality wide range of mobile app development services across the globe. Mobile App Development, Automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), AI, Machine Learning & Data, Blockchain Development, Chatbot Development, and AR / VR / MR are the main services offered by DxMinds.The company has a proven track record of successful app development on all mobile app platforms with updated technologies.

Founded- 2018

Number of employees – 150+

Global presence – UAE, India, USA, and Australia


Mobiiworld is a custom software and Mobile Application Development Company in Abu Dhabi that creates mobile apps for big and small businesses. This is the only Apps Development Company in Abu Dhabi have won the Cannes Lions Festival 2016 and also has won numerous Dubai Lynx mobile apps awards, SL Magazine mobile apps awards, etc. The company offers the services like mobile strategy consultation, UI/UX design, mobile app development, mobile marketing strategy, M-commerce development, mobile gaming, and many more.

Founded   – 2010

Number of employees -50 – 249

Future technologies

Future Technology is one of the dedicated Android App Development Companies in Abu Dhabi that creates quality app development services as per the client’s needs. The company holds a skilled team that brings an ample amount of technical and business experience on board to help our clients from concept to code. The company specializes in artificial intelligence, Big Data analytics technology trends for a better app experience.

Number of employees -50 – 249

Adequate LLC

A top–notch iOS App Development Company in Abu Dhabi always guarantee you the best solution for your big idea. A creative and experienced team helps your business to stay ahead of the competition by using trending technologies within this brief span of time. The company offers Mobile App Development, SEO, UI-UX Design, web design, and Web Development services all over the world.

Founded   – 2007

Number of employees – 2-9


DeviceBee is the Best Mobile apps development Company in Abu Dhabi that brings life to your mobile app idea. The company is recognized as a global leader by providing unique, cost-effective, customized solutions to its clients.

 Founded 2011

Number of employees 10 – 49

Global presence Dubai, Kuwait, San Francisco


Apphitect is the best developer in the Middle East region specializing in Android and iOS mobile app development since 2008. The Company is an expert in Augmented Reality, Wearable, Hybrid, M-commerce, and messaging/chatting solutions. For better and more effective app development with less time and cost Apphitect uses the app development tools like Basecamp, XJIRA, Soup UI, develop, bit bucket, and many more. The company has more than 1000 clients all around the world including Mahindra Rise, Dr.Reddy’s, The World Bank, cbazaar, and many more.

Number of employees 50 – 249

 Founded 2008

IWA ltd

IWA Ltd is the best software firm among the List of App Development companies in Abu Dhabi that helps your business plan, design, and develop innovative and high-performing mobility solutions for your business. The company has more experience in real estate, cleantech, fintech, and blockchain.

Founded   – 2009

Number of employees -50 – 249

Cronj IT Technologies pvt ltd

CronJ is a globally connected company having its own pace in the Middle East app development industry. The company successfully completed 120+ projects with the help of a team of talented and qualified app developers, designers, and project managers. Being one of the best Apps Development Companies in Abu Dhabi Cronj offers an extensive range of result-driven IT solutions for businesses to obtain maximum contentment with our global clients. 

Founded   – 2012

Number of employees -10 – 49

Global presence – Netherlands, India, Dubai, and USA

Vision18 Technology

Vision18 technology is a proven competency in the mobile app development sector in Abu Dhabi and has created successful apps like Mather Builders, emirates tours and Safari, national environment Day, AESGC, and many more. From Startup to enterprise level the company collaborates with enterprises and provides services like user experience designs and cross-platform development for both web and mobile.

Founded – 2008

Number of employees -2 – 9


INGIC is one of the known Mobile Application Development Companies in Abu Dhabi that specializes in mobile app development services for various industry verticals. A talented team who are well versed with the latest technology trends and developing high-quality mobility solutions that make businesses enhance their client base which in turn increases their numbers. 

Founded – 2012

Number of employees -50 – 249

Global presence – USA, UAE, KSA, Singapore, and United Kingdom.

Dow Group

Dow Group is the best Mobile Apps Development company in Abu Dhabi having outstanding app development capabilities and world-class developers. The company offers the services like web development, mobile app development, CRM development, SEO services, etc.

Founded 2002

Number of employees 10 – 49

Global presence – Dubai, Lebanon, and UK

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app in Abu Dhabi?

Mobile apps allow people for more empowered and connected now than ever before, so for any business now it has become the need of the hour for all businesses to stand out from the crowd and also it opens a new and effective way for money making. It is impossible to give the fixed app development cost in Abu Dhabi, it involves many factors including the experience of the Mobile App Developers in Abu Dhabi you are going to choose. Let’s have a look at what are the different factors which affect the app development cost.


The platform you are choosing android, iPhone is one of the main factors which affects the app development cost. Each platform is different and has its own development complexity, which demands different time and cost. Instead of Android or iOS if your app demands both you can choose cross-platform app development. Today apart from Android and iOS you can see virtual assistants, messaging, IoT products, and even cognitive technology platforms.

UI/UX design of your app

The cost for design depends on your design complexity, if more complex designs like custom elements and animations., the more money you have to spend. In the success of an app the user experience is more important; it should be up to the mark with the features like simplicity and user friendly.

Paid app, free app, or e-commerce app

Free apps have a different way of revenue generation, it will not make upfront money through downloads. Free apps allow you to increase your consumer base and you can sell to them later.

The paid apps will generate revenue based on the downloads, customers can simply pay for it and get all the features immediately.

E-commerce apps are selling their own products or earn commissions from sellers listed on the app.

Functionalities and features of your app

This is the core factor that holds a massive influence on app development costs. The more features mean obviously the higher the price, the more complex features like including animations, 3D objects, or complex visuals, and then it can hamper a limited budget. Let’s have a look at some of the basic features of every app

  • Login
  • Profile creation
  • Push notifications
  • Chatbots
  • Social Integration
  • Geo-positioning
  • Payment options

When comes to the functionalities of the app, there are three types of functionalities for the app,

A List App

 A list app has less app development cost it lists out various categories, and all the information.

A Dynamic App

A dynamic app needs to connect to a server to gather the information from the app, its APIs and complexity can result in great variations in terms of cost.


This is the most expensive app type, using trending technology like Artificial Intelligence and 3D environments and advanced physics makes them costly.


Deployment of the app is not the end, if you have to go ahead in the competitive app market you should have a maintenance plan about new features and functionalities that will be introduced and keep apps up to date with every new release etc. from the beginning.

DxMinds Technologies is the Best Mobile App Development Company in Abu Dhabi provides high-end app development services from analysis to design, development, testing, and further updates. Using trending technologies like AI, ML, ChatBot, Blockchain, IoT, etc. The app development cost at DxMinds varies from $5000 to $50000 depending on what your app will do.

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